The Loving Husband Ch. 12

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The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.

This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, I first described my night with Mary, my personal assistant who was leaving, and her friends Sandra and Carrie at a pre-bachelorette party. After the party, I got to have a threesome with Sandra, the bride-to-be, and Carrie, the maid of honor, and then fuck Mary. Ann loved hearing about that and had wanted a new movie to watch of me and another woman, so Ann made arrangements for her to film a fantasy fuck she envisioned between me and my secretary. She called Carrie to act as the secretary. Amazing, that’s all I could say.


When we got home after the event at the office, Jo and the kids were just getting back from their museum trip. The rest of the weekend was normal and as we prepared for the new week, Ann had some instructions for me.

“You are not allowed to cum after Tuesday night this week. I have a special weekend event planned next Saturday and you need to be primed and ready.”

“I don’t need that long.” I was already running through what kind of scenarios she had in mind. Our friend Maria was still in Spain, and the other women I had played with had mostly moved on.

“Well, in any case, if you want sex from me and Jo, make in Monday and Tuesday nights.” She paused. “Also, Robert has a birthday party next Friday at 3pm. Do you want to do something with the girls?”

I thought about that. I had not spent as much time as I desired with my daughter and I knew that Jo’s daughters were having some trouble getting settled and were missing their father. “Yes, I think I do. I’ll let you know later, but things are going to be slow at work this week, so I’ll take Friday afternoon off.”

We left it at that and on Monday night, my wife rode me reverse cowgirl while watching the movie we had made last week with Carrie. She loved describing the action and it turned her on to talk about it as well as watch it. She must have had four orgasms in the 15 minutes we fucked. On Tuesday night, Jo wanted some cock, so Ann kept the kids busy while I feasted on and then fucked her pussy. She was a beautiful woman, a great person, and a good mother. It was great, but I was wondering if this was becoming too easy for her and would make it hard for her to move on.

On Wednesday, Ann reiterated that I had to abstain from any sex and not cum until Saturday. Of course I asked why, but she would not explain anything. She just said I would love it.

On Friday, with Robert having all his friends over for a birthday party and it being the boys and the moms, I took my daughter, Amy, and Jo’s daughters, Beth and Carla, out for an early dinner. I had celebrated with Robert for a while before we went so he wouldn’t miss me. We went to a pizza place and then I took them to the movies. They wanted to see the latest animated feature. After it was over, I noticed that Beth and Carla were much more relaxed and animated than when they first arrived. Things were starting to settle down for them after their parents’ separation.

On Saturday, Ann and I got up and she told me to wear a coat and tie. She pulled out a dress. Jo came in and giggled when I asked what was going on. She obviously knew what was happening. I went along without much of a fight because I figured my wife had something special in mind and she was great at arranging something special for me.

We left the house at 11am and Ann drove. She grinned when I asked where we were going. We were not heading toward anything that I knew, but I figured it had to be good if I couldn’t cum for the last few days. She was making me save it up for something.

We drove for about 30 minutes and then we pulled up in front of a nice house in the suburbs on the other side of our town. There were a few cars parked around it and a limo out front. I looked at Ann quizzically. She just grinned and we got out.

We rang the doorbell and it was opened by Carrie, the maid of honor in Sandra’s wedding that I had had quite an encounter with in chapters 10 and 11. She was wearing a robe and had on heels and all her makeup. Not sure what she had on under the robe, but I wanted to find out. Tuzla Escort She grinned. “C’mon in. We’re all in Sandra’s old room.”

I figured that meant that this was her childhood home and her parents lived here. “Where are her parents?”

Carrie grinned. “We told them to get the hell out because they were hovering. They went to the church to meet us there.” She continued to lead us up the stairs to Sandra’s room and I finally figured out that this was Sandra’s wedding day.

Just before we got to Sandra’s room, Ann stopped me while Carrie stood there and listened. She put her hand out and held me back. “When we get in there, just let me take the lead, okay? Carrie tells me that Mark likes the idea of Sandra fucking other men. I think he gets off on it. So when I give the commands as to what we are going to do, just follow along. Please? Trust me?”

I stared at her and looked at Carrie briefly. Carrie just nodded. “Okay, Ann. I trust you and will do what you say.”

When we went in, Sandra was sitting on the bed in a robe as well, and appeared to be waiting for us.

“We have a little time before I have to put my dress on and head to the church. I was hoping you could help me out.”

“With what?”

Sandra looked at Ann. “So I guess your wife didn’t tell you? I teased Mark saying that I was going to go to the altar with another man’s cum in my pussy, and he got excited by it.” She grinned evilly. “Carrie told me about your last little get-together, so I figured you’d be up for it, so to speak.”

Ann spoke before I could get started. “Absolutely.” She turned to me. “Take off your pants and get ready to fill Sandra’s slutty little pussy with cum.” Ann apparently had gone into dirty talk mode, which was becoming more prevalent. Then she turned to Sandra. “Take off your robe.”

Sandra grinned and stood up. She dropped her robe and was standing there in a white garter belt, white stockings, white thong, and white bra. She grinned and sat back down.

Ann looked at her. “Really? White?” She chuckled and Carrie laughed. Sandra took it well; she grinned and shrugged. Ann turned to Carrie. “Okay, get Sandra ready.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Carrie knelt between Sandra’s legs and Sandra leaned back onto her elbows. Carrie kissed Sandra on each thigh and Sandra inhaled sharply at each teasing nip. Then Carrie pulled Sandra’s thong aside and lavished attention onto her pussy. She licked and kissed and sucked.

While she was doing that, Ann came over and stroked my hardening cock. She turned toward the women. “Sandra, we have something to discuss while Carrie is eating your pussy. I have been thinking about this and I have a deal for you.” Sandra looked up at her and tried to listen while Carrie was servicing her pussy. Carrie was obviously very good at this.

Ann seemed to decide that she couldn’t get Sandra’s attention this way so she tapped Carrie on the shoulder. “Move aside and get your phone.” Carrie popped up and retrieved her phone while Ann pushed me between Sandra’s legs. She looked down. “Nice, shaved pussy you little slut.” Ann was definitely pushing Sandra.

Ann turned to me. “Rub your cock up and down her slit, but don’t fuck her.” Ann turned to Carrie. “Ready?” Carried nodded. “Okay, take a picture and send it to Mark. Tell him to call when he gets it.”

“Wait!” Sandra realized that something was going on that she didn’t prepare for.

“Just lay there and listen slut.” Ann was getting pretty demanding and controlling. More than when we played with this kind of thing before. “I’m going to push your husband into letting John fuck you first after you are married. I think he likes seeing you get fucked and I’m going to push for that.”

“But I don’t think I want to go there.” Sandra appeared concerned by this.

“Too bad. That’s where we are going. And just to make sure, you are not going to get fucked by my husband, he’s just going to cum in your slutty pussy. He’s not going to fuck you until tonight.”

Sandra stared up at Ann while I rubbed my cock along her slit. She seemed to be in shock. Then Carrie’s phone finally rang.

Ann took the phone and answered it. “Hello, this is Ann.” Pause. “Yes, that’s my husband rubbing his cock along your little fucking slut’s pussy.” Longer pause. “Yes, I know. She said she told you that she was going to walk down the aisle like a hotwife slut with a pussy full of cum from another man. You like that idea?” Pause. “Well, I don’t know. If you want a blowjob from another woman as reciprocation, then that’s up to you. I’m only here to deal with your future wife.” Mark talked a little longer. “So I think you get off on seeing your wife getting fucked, right?” There must have been a hesitant pause. “Mark? I know you do because Carrie told me that you admitted it when she was sucking your cock during your threesome.” Ann smiled at whatever Mark said. “Well, like I said, whatever you work out after this is between you and Sandra, but I think you and Gebze Escort I both know that you like hearing and seeing Sandra get fucked. I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s a hot little slut and really enjoys sex. I can see why you would like to watch her as she gets pleasured by another man, your own personal porn star.” Ann stared at me as she listened to Mark’s latest response. “Okay, this is how it’s going to work. I’m going to let my husband fill this slut up with cum, but only if you agree that he gets to be the first to fuck and fill her up once she’s your slut wife later tonight. Agreed?”

I couldn’t believe how much Ann was pushing this. I couldn’t understand her motivation here. I knew she liked to see me fucking other women, but what did she get out of pushing Mark’s buttons? What was the idea here?

I was pulled out of my reverie by Ann talking again. “Okay, good. Call us when you leave the reception and we’ll be at the hotel, in the bar, waiting.” She hung up the phone.

Ann came over and stood next to me. “Carrie, get in there and suck my husband’s cock.” She turned to me. “When you are ready to cum, John, just shove your cock into that wet cunt there and fill it up. For now, just rub her pussy and clit and keep her excited.”

Sandra started to say something on protest, but my wife slapped her on the thigh. “Just lay there and get ready, slut.” Sandra closed her mouth and continued to stare, seemingly shocked by this turn of events, and yet doing nothing to stop it.

And so we did as Ann commanded. And she was definitely making it seem like a command. Carrie started sucking my cock and I took my right hand and rubbed Sandra’s pussy, making sure to include her clit. Sandra stared at me at first and then began to get into it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. I think maybe she was also getting used to and getting turned on by what Ann was setting up here.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about what Ann was preparing, but I was definitely enjoying Carrie’s cock-sucking. She was excellent and pretty soon I was ready to cum.

“Here it comes!” I pulled out of Carrie’s mouth and plunged my wet cock into Sandra’s pussy. She groaned, I moaned, and Carrie reached between my legs from behind and rubbed my balls. I emptied them into Sandra. I mean really emptied them. I kept cumming and cumming. Maybe I was turned on by the idea of taking a bride on her wedding night, too.

“Fuck!” I let out that exclamation as I finally felt like collapsing on top of Sandra. Ann was standing next to me and held onto me, keeping me from doing so.

Carrie stood up next to me and looked down at Sandra. Sandra was laying there basking in the sex she had just received. Her legs were limply hanging over the edge of the bed and she was breathing hard and had a light sheen of perspiration on her. Carrie reached over and ran her left hand over both of Sandra’s tits. Sandra moaned.

Carried giggled. “What a slut!”

Sandra smiled and opened her eyes. “What have you guys gotten me into?”

Ann looked down at her. “I’ve gotten the two of you exactly what you want. You want to be a hotwife and your husband likes watching you get fucked. I’m not saying he’s a true cuckold because it sounds like he wants to swing with you, but he definitely likes watching you get pleasured.”

Sandra watched Ann closely. “Kind of like how you like to watch your husband fuck other women.”

“That’s not really the same. I have no desire to fuck other men, but I love watching John fuck and cum in some pretty little slut.” Ann patted me on the ass. “I like it even more if I can control it. It’s a bit different than you and Mark.”

“I can see that.” Sandra looked at me.

Then Ann called a halt to all our fun and said we had to get out of there so that Sandra could get married. We did and Ann drove us home. We were going to wait there until about 9pm, then head to the bar at the hotel where they were staying before the newly married couple took off for their honeymoon in the Caribbean.

We relaxed and I played a few games with my kids and then about 9pm, Ann and I got in the car and headed for the hotel where we would meet Sandra and Mark. I was a little apprehensive and told her.

“Don’t worry about it.” Ann seemed nonplussed. “After discussing it with Carrie and Mark, I knew all would be okay.”

“Wait. You discussed this with Mark before today when you called him from Sandra’s house?”

Ann grinned. “Yes. Mark and I had this planned and he went along with making it look the way it did for Sandra’s sake. He wanted it to seem like he was a little forced into it because he didn’t want to fess up to Sandra about his feelings yet.”

I shook my head. “You are a pretty sneaky one, aren’t you?”

Ann kept smiling. “You don’t seem to mind as long as it gets you laid.”

“And you don’t seem to mind as long as you get to direct the action and see me fuck someone.” I reached over and ran my hand up her leg and she sighed.

“Don’t Aydınlı Escort worry, you are going to owe me a good hard one tomorrow.”

At this moment we had reached the hotel so as soon as Ann parked she turned directly towards me. She wanted to talk some more before we got out. “I admit I should have read you in earlier, but I thought it would be fun to see how you took it. I’m sorry that I did that. I didn’t think you’d mind once you found out.”

I stared at her for a second. “I don’t mind, but you could have told me ahead of time.”

“I know.” She placed her hand on mine. “Is this okay?”

I put my other hand over hers. “Yes, it is. I love you. I’m just surprised at some actions you will take sometimes.”

Ann chuckled a little. “Me, too.” She opened her door. “Ready?”


We went into the bar and sat down and ordered a drink. It was almost 10pm by now, but we knew they planned on getting here about 11pm. They had a 7am flight to Miami for their Caribbean cruise. We had just ordered our second drink when Carrie showed up with a backpack over her shoulder. I was a little shocked, thinking she wasn’t coming.

Carrie kissed us both on the cheek and sat down. I turned to Ann. “I didn’t know Carrie was going to be here.”

Ann shrugged her shoulders and winked. “Who else is going to hold the movie camera?”

I looked over at Carrie and she gave me one of those conspiratorial grins.

“You guys are dangerous.”

Ann reached over and grabbed my hand. “That’s why you love me.”

“Yeah, right.”

They both giggled at that.

Finally, about 11pm, Ann’s phone rang. She grinned and answered. “Yes?” Pause. “Okay, we’ll meet you at the elevators.”

We walked toward the elevators and this is the first time I got to see Mark. He was young, about my size, and pretty good looking from what I could tell. He shook our hands and seemed to blush a little, but otherwise appeared to be okay. Sandra looked flushed and hot, even in her wedding dress.

When we got to the room, Ann immediately took charge.

“Carrie, set the camera up here for the first part.” Carrie scrambled to put the video camera on a tripod and we all just watched. “Okay, Mark, get undressed. Carrie, help Sandra out of her dress so that we can get that hung up.”

Once Mark was undressed and Carrie and Sandra had hung up her wedding dress, Ann turned to Carrie. “Okay, handcuff him.”

Carrie went to her backpack and pulled out two pairs of mink-lined handcuffs. Ann pulled a chair from the desk over right next to the bed and told Mark to sit down. Then Carrie handcuffed him. She took his arms and handcuffed them to the bottom of the arms of the chair so that his arms were outside the arms. His dick was already hard. It was a little shorter and skinnier than mine, but he wasn’t small.

Ann went over to Sandra and held out her hand. “Panties.”

Sandra took off her panties and placed them into Ann’s hand. It was apparent that they were raunchy from the mix of her and my juices from earlier. She had on dirty panties all day.

Ann walked over to Mark. “Open wide.” She grinned lewdly as Mark realized what was happening. Ann was going to put those cum soaked panties into his mouth. He hesitated for a moment so Ann slapped him on the thigh. It wasn’t hard, but it was effective. He immediately opened his mouth. Ann wadded up the panties and put them into his mouth. “Enjoy!”

Ann turned to me. “Okay, strip.” I did immediately. While I was doing that, Carrie went and picked up the camera. It was running to capture the opening, but now it was time for the sex and Ann wanted her to move around and capture the action.

“Right over here.” Ann pointed to a spot directly in front of Mark’s chair, indicating where she wanted me. “Sandra, get over here and show Mark how you like to suck cock.”

Sandra hesitated and then looked at Mark. He didn’t seem mad or upset, just excited as his dick continued to stick straight up. Sandra looked at it and then decided that it was okay. She came over right in front of him and grabbed my cock. Sandra looked at Mark as she first lowered her head and started sucking my cock. She was a good cock-sucker, so I enjoyed it. I also kept looking over at Mark and he stared as his wife sucked my cock. She seemed to really get into showing off for him and started to lick and suck as she kept looking over at him. She even made sure to slurp and come off my cock with a pop a couple of times. But then Ann decided it was time to move on.

“Okay, Sandra. Lay back on the bed with your ass right at the edge.” Sandra scrambled to comply. “Scoot over here so you are close to hubby.” She did. Ann had her scoot over so that her left leg was almost right at the front of Mark and his chair, but left enough room for me to get in there and fuck her. Ann then turned to me. “Okay, honey, warm her up a little. Run your cock up and down her slit.”

I stepped forward and did so. Sandra was still propped up on her elbows watching me and Mark. As I rubbed my cock through her slit and thrust my hips so that the head went up and over her clit, she leaned back more and more until she was flat. I looked up at Ann and slowly eased my cock into Sandra’s pussy.

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