The M Chronicles Ch. 02

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(Recap: Hannah and five friends have created a contest to see who can write the best masturbation story. They will read their stories at a get-together at Alexis’ apartment. Those whose stories are voted “Worst” must then masturbate in front of the others. So far, Bart, Emily and Will have read a story. Now, Liam, Alexis and Hannah will have their turns. )

After Emily’s story about her attachment to Darth, her vibrator, we decided to take a break. We munched on some of the remaining Chinese food, refreshed our drinks, and tried to talk about anything other than the stories we just heard. Liam was the next up to tell a story.

I was sitting next to Will, and asked him if it was awkward sharing his story since he and Liam worked together. “I thought about that,” Will said. “But, we all admitted to masturbating, and he’s going next. I guess we’ll each be in the position to have heard private stories. I’m sure we can still manage our work without embarrassment.”

I nodded. “What was it like reading your story to the rest of us?”

“At first I was uncomfortable, but as I got into it, I sorta’ lost myself in the story.”

“Looked like you were aroused,” I said.

He grinned. “You noticed?”

“I’m sure we all did. It was, well, noticeable.” We both laughed. I said softly, “Too bad it was such a good story. I think I’d like to see you doing it.”

“You know,” he replied. “There’s no rule that says we can’t do something on our own.”

My mouth dropped open. “You mean you’d like to…”

“If it doesn’t make you think I’m a super-creep, yes I’d like to have a mutual session with you.”

I felt my eyes drop to his crotch. The bulge was obvious, just as it was a few minutes ago. I recalled seeing that shape under his white underwear the night we prepared my story. It looked like it could be a nice dick. My already damp panties got much damper at the thought of the two of us in a bed, naked and playing with ourselves.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted by Alexis’ voice calling us back together. She said, “We certainly had a couple really good stories. Sorry, Bart, that doesn’t include yours. Now, we’ll hear the final three, and we can vote. If the rest were as sexy as Will’s and Emily’s, this is going to be a tough assignment.” We all nodded in agreement.

“I believe Liam is next,” Alexis said. He shifted in his chair, picked up the papers sitting on the table in front of him, took a deep breath and began to read.

Liam’s Story:

This is mostly a true story. I have changed some names, but the events pretty much track along what happened. I debated if I should tell it, because it could open me up to some weird looks. In the end, I decided to go ahead since this is my sure-fired way to get me turned on so I can have a really good cum.

In senior year, my roommate was a guy called, Dylan. He was a basketball player. I was a wrestler and we lived in a “sports” dorm. Of course he’s six feet six and I’m five-seven. Yeah, a lot of people made fun of us. We didn’t give a shit since we both were comfortable with who we were. We did have one other roommate, since we had a triple suite. He was Sammy, a golfer.

In the middle of the fall, Sammy got mono and had to drop out for the rest of the semester. The funny thing was his girlfriend, Carrie, still liked to hang out in our suite. Dylan and I didn’t mind because she was cool and fun to be with. She already had the code for our door, so it wasn’t strange to come home to find her studying in our common living room. She even slept in Sammy’s room some weekend nights, especially if we all were drinking.

One Saturday Dylan came home from practice. The team had lost the night before, and his coach made them work their asses off. I was still in bed, even though it was close to noon, when Dylan stuck his head in my room to tell me he was going to shower. He asked if I wanted to go downtown to catch lunch. I told him sure.

I was sitting in the living room playing a game on my laptop when Dylan came back in from the showers. He had a towel wrapped around him and flip-flops on his feet. His long hair was dripping, running down onto his shoulders and back. He pulled the towel off and dried his hair. We had seen each other naked enough times that I didn’t make anything of his nudity. His head was still covered by the towel, and my face was glued to my laptop screen when we both heard a voice.

“Holy fuckin’ shit.” We looked up to see Carrie standing in Sammy’s doorway. Neither Dylan nor I knew she had slept over. I looked up to see the shocked expression on her face. I followed her gaze that was focused on Dylan’s dick. I have to say that it’s proportional to his size. In other words, it was a big dick. I had seen it enough times not to be freaked out. I admit the first time I saw him nude, I felt the unfairness of the Cock Gods when they passed out dicks.

“Uh, hi, Carrie,” I said. “We didn’t know you were here.” She said nothing.

“Yeah, sorry,” said Dylan. He pulled his towel from his head and started to wrap casino oyna it back around his waist.

“Stop,” said Carrie. Dylan froze. She continued to stare at his exposed dick. “That is awesome, dude. Sammy never told me you were hung like that.”

I could see Dylan’s dick twitch. We both thought Carrie was not only a nice person, but she was also cute. I’d say most things about her were average, like height, weight, even looks. But the whole package was really attractive. Right now she was wearing a cropped tee shirt and red boy shorts undies. She had left cute far behind at this moment, and traded it for hot. Her nipples pressed against the cotton of her shirt. In her belly button, she had a simple gold ring that caught the light. Her tight tummy looked quite yummy.

“Thanks, I guess,” said Dylan. “Liam and I are going downtown for lunch. Wanna’ join us?”

Still staring at his member, Carrie nodded. “Then, I’ll get dressed,” Dylan said.

“If you have to,” said Carrie. I couldn’t help but laugh. Dylan cracked up next, followed by Carrie, releasing the tension in the room. Finally, Dylan walked to his room. Carrie’s eyes tracked him every step of the way. Her lips made a little “O” as she admired his tight buns.

“Maybe you should get dressed, too,” I said. Carrie took a second to clear her mind. She looked down at what she was wearing, and said I was right. She went back into Sammy’s room. Ten minutes later we were waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to town.

“Hope I didn’t embarrass you,” said Dylan. “I totally didn’t know you were there.”

“Don’t sweat it,” said Carrie. “As you might have noticed, I kinda’ enjoyed it.” We got to town, and hit our favorite deli. Over lunch Carrie filled us in on Sammy’s status. We also just talked about school and the usual college bullshit. After walking around, and getting chilled in the late fall afternoon, we caught the shuttle back to campus.

Walking back to our dorm, I asked her, “Are you staying over tonight?”

“If you don’t mind, I think I will.”

Dylan and I assured her it wasn’t a problem. She offered to buy pizza, and we stopped for a twelve pack of Stella, Carrie’s favorite. When the pizza arrived later, we sat in our living room eating and drinking.

After we finished the pizza and each had three beers, we were feeling quite laid back. Carrie pulled her sweatshirt over her head, revealing the cropped tee shirt. Her nipples still looked hard and tempting. She caught us staring.

“Sometimes they have a mind of their own,” she said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” said Dylan as he adjusted his crotch.

“I did that?” she asked.

“Well, it’s kinda a holdover from this morning,” he said. “That was unexpected, but, I gotta say, sexy.”

“You liked me looking at you naked?” she asked.

He colored a bit, and nodded. “But you didn’t get hard,” Carrie said.

“Not there, but in my room I was like freakin’ iron. I had all I could do not to stroke off.”

“Now, that’s something I’d like to see.”

“You’d wanna see a guy jerk off?” I asked.

“Definitely.” She looked at me, “In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing two guys jerk off.”

Dylan and I shared a look. “Really?” he said.

“Yep.” She replied.

“Uh, what about Sammy?” I asked.

“Sammy’s not here. I’m here. And, it’s not like we’re fucking or anything.”

“It still sounds kinda’ strange,” I said.

“Let me put it this way,” said Carrie. “Would you like to watch me masturbate?”

If both of us weren’t hard already, I knew we were after that statement. Dylan chuckled and said, “What guy wouldn’t want to watch a pretty girl get off?”

“Exactly,” she replied. “So what makes you think a girl wouldn’t want to watch a guy—or guys—get off?”

We all remained silent, looking at each other. Carrie stood. “I’m going to pee. When I’m gone why don’t the two of you talk about letting me watch you jerk off?” She walked toward the half-bath we had in our suite.

“Is she serious?” asked Dylan.

“She sounds like it,” I answered. “What do you think?”

“I think it’s insane. I mean what would we do? Just strip and jerk off?”

“Pretty much,” I said.

“Would you really do it?” Dylan pushed.


“If what?” he said.

“If Carrie does it, too.”

We shared a fist bump. When Carrie returned, she looked at both of us. “Well?”

“Here’s the deal,” I said. “We’ll do it on one condition.”

“That I never tell Sammy?” she said.

“Uh, then make that two conditions.” I replied. She waited for me to continue. “Dylan and I will strip and jerk off, only if you do the same.”

Carrie sat back on the couch. We could see her mind turning. Finally, she grinned and said, “Deal.”

The three of us sat there for a bit. Finally, Dylan stood up. “Fuck it, y’all seen it already.” He stripped in seconds. His long dick was half-hard. After staring at him for a minute, Carrie shifted her gaze to me. I stood to pull off my clothes. By this time I was fully canlı casino erect.

Carrie smiled and said, “That’s also very nice. I guess it’s my turn.” She pulled off her top revealing her small, round boobs and those hard nips we’d been eyeing. She ran her hands over them. She quickly unzipped her shorts and pulled them and her underwear down to the floor, before stepping out of them. Dylan and I admired her smooth mound.

The sexual tension was thick in the room. We just looked at each other. Then, Carrie turned to pull a chair over until it was directly in front of the couch. I admired her cute butt. She turned to say the guys would sit on the couch and her on the chair. In that way, we could see each other.

“Do you guys need anything?” she asked. Dylan ran his hand along his growing shaft. “Yeah, I need some lube. I’ll be right back.” He went to his room. When he was gone, Carrie said, “Jesus, he’s both a ‘shower’ and a ‘grower’. That must be at least eight inches.”

When he returned, he was fully erect, and his dick bounced with every step. He and I sat on the couch, while Carrie settled on the chair. With a wide grin, she opened her legs, and draped them on the arms of the chair. Her exposed pussy glistened in the light. She ran a finger along her swollen lips. “Obviously, I don’t need any lube.” She inserted a finger, moved it around, then withdrew it. She looked at it before taking in her mouth. Both Dylan and I groaned. He started pouring the lube into his palm. I took the tube and did the same. As we were rubbing our shafts, Carrie played with her nipples.

“God, it’s so sexy watching you guys rub your dicks. I can’t wait any longer.” She started rubbing her slit, covering her lips with liquid. I could now smell her scent. My hand automatically began its familiar pattern. As my pleasure increased, I used my other hand to cradle my balls.

I felt Dylan’s movement. I shifted my eyes to see him making long slow strokes on his cock. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought it looked even longer than before.

Carrie now had two fingers inside, while she pushed hard on her clit. Next, she began to move in a circular motion around her clit. Her chest was heaving as sweat broke out, covering her boobs with a light sheen.

“How you guys doin”?” she asked.

“Fuckin’ great,” said Dylan. I nodded in agreement.

Suddenly Carrie stopped and dropped her legs to the floor. As her knees closed, she bent forward.

“I’m real close, but there’s something else I want.” Dylan and I had slowed our stroking. The ache in my loins was almost unbearable. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to see her cum, too. She moved to kneel in front of us. He hands rested on a knee of both Dylan and me. “I want to see you guys stroke each other.”

My hand froze in place. Dylan also stopped his hand. “What?” he said.

“I want you to rub Liam’s cock, and I want Liam to rub yours. It’s simple.”

“Carrie, I’ve never done that,” I said.

“I’m not asking you guys to fuck each other, or give a blow job. Just rub it until each of you cums. I’m going to do myself, and hope we reach the end together.”

“That wasn’t the plan,” said Dylan.

“You guys are both athletes. Sometimes you have to change plans. This would be one of those times.”

“If we say ‘no’,” I asked.

“Then, we get dressed.”

“But I’m really wanting to cum,” said Dylan.

“Me, too,” replied Carrie. “Do this and I guarantee you it will be the best ever.”

Dylan and I looked at each other. I never had a desire to do anything sexual with a guy. I did have to admit that Dylan looked erotic with his big erection and muscular body.

“What do ya say?” I asked.

“Man, I wanna get off so bad. If we do it, it’s gotta remain with just the three of us. Agreed?”

Both Carrie and I promised.

“What the fuck,” he said. Carrie moved back to her chair, respread her legs, and began plunging her fingers in and out.

Slowly I moved my hand until my fingers grazed Dylan’s base. He reached over and grabbed me. I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft.

“Fuck, man, this is huge,” I said. I ran my hand up and down. I was more than familiar with what my cock felt like. This was so strange. It obviously felt like a cock, but at the same time it was so different. It was not just the size of it, but the texture was foreign to me. I began moving my hand faster.

Then, Dylan started pumping me. I figured a hand job is a hand job, whether it’s a girl or a guy. But knowing it was my roommate made it ten times more erotic and forbidden. I couldn’t stop my hips from moving up with every stroke.

“Jesus, that is so fuckin’ hot,” said Carrie. She was now using three fingers in her cunt, while rubbing hard, big circles on her clit. “I am at the edge. Are you guys ready?”

The pressure in my balls told me I was seconds away. Dylan’s cock was throbbing in my fist.

Carrie stood and raced to us. She reached out and took our two cocks, one in each hand. She pushed our crowns together kaçak casino so as we stroked each other, our cocks rubbed against the other’s. She pressed the tips to her right breast. “Cum on my tits. Cum on my tits,” she yelled. I pushed Dylan’s cock to one of her boobs, rubbing the tip on her nipple. He did the same.

Carrie straddled my leg and began humping it. “Oh, here it comes,” she cried out.

Dylan gave me a hard stroke and I started erupting. A second later I felt him pulsing. We kept stroking as our orgasm splattered Carrie’s boobs, chest, chin and cheeks. She kept slowly rubbing her pussy on my leg, but seemed to have passed the climax.

She took a long breath. Sneaking a peek up at both of us, she licked the tips of our dicks. Our hands were still holding each other’s cock, though they were rapidly deflating.

“That was the hottest fuckin’ thing I’ve ever done,” said Carrie, as she crawled back to her chair. “I can’t wait until the next time.”

My hand tightened around Dylan’s soft shaft. “Next time,” I thought.

The end.

There wasn’t a sound in the room. I had my eyes closed for the last part of Liam’s story, trying to envision what he was describing. I noticed my friends. Will had his hand inside his shorts, and Bart had undone his zipper. His erection was clearly visible behind his briefs. Alexis was rubbing the crotch of her shorts, while Emily had one hand under her blouse and the other inside her jeans.

“So, where there other times?” asked Emily.

“Yeah,” replied Liam. “She got her roommate to join in. That got really wild.”

“Do tell,” said Alexis.

“Nope. This is a story about masturbation. We went way beyond that.” The rest of us used our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

“I don’t know about you guys,” said Alexis, “but I need a break before I can tell my story.” We all agreed.

Will and I found ourselves once again on the deck, beers in hand.

“I think Liam’s story will win,” he said.

“It’s not who wins, but who loses,” I said. “I’m pretty sure Bart will take the booby prize.”

We drank in silence. Resting my head on Will’s shoulder I said, “Did you ever do that?”


“You know, jerk off another guy.”

“I’m straight, Hannah.”

“I know you are. But I think so is Liam. I don’t think it’s gay to think about sexy people of your own gender.”

“Like you and Emily getting off together?”

I sipped my beer. “We did more than watch each other,” I said.

“Sorta’ like Liam and Dylan?”

“Yeah, with a little of Emily and Marsha thrown in.”

“Would it bother you if I said I find that insanely hot?”

“You just said it, numbnuts. And, no, I’m not upset. Bothered is another thing.”

“Like in turned on?” he asked.

“Like I keep thinking about what you said before. You know, about us maybe having a private session. I think I’d like to hear some more of your stories.”

“And, I want to hear about you and Emily. Are you saying we could really do this?”

“Well, I’d like to know if you ever did anything with a guy. What do you say?”

Before he could answer, Alexis called us back to the living room.

“Just two more to go. My turn is next, and we’ll finish with Hannah. Then comes the voting.”

“It’s what comes after the voting that I’m looking forward to,” said Emily.

Alexis smiled. She pulled her phone out and began reading what was there.

Alexis’ Story

This is a true story. It happened when I was temping, before I found my full-time job. I was doing administrative work at an insurance company. Mostly I staffed the front desk, answered phones, did filing, that sort of stuff. It was boring, but I was getting paid.

I was there about a week, when this really good looking guy came in. I asked if I could help him. He smiled and said he worked here. He was returning from vacation. He looked tan. Well, he looked awesome. He’s about thirty. I figure he’s over six feet tall, has a trim bod that looks good in his tailored clothes, and has sandy, curly hair. Oh, he has a killer smile. I hoped I wasn’t licking my lips as he talked to me.

As the days went on I looked forward to him coming in every day. He always stopped at my desk to say hello and chat. He had a relaxed manner, and could make me laugh. About two weeks later, he asked me if I could come to his office. I got one of the other girls to cover the desk.

He was standing by the window. He told me to take a seat. For the first time since we met, he seemed uneasy.

“Alexis, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. I can tell you have a lot of smarts and probably won’t be temping for long.”

I thanked him, wondering where this was going. He paced back and forth. Finally, he stopped and moved to the front of his desk, and sat on the edge, a few feet in front of me.

“I want to ask a favor. Before I do, please understand you can totally turn it down. There will be no hard feelings, and it will not reflect on your job. This is a personal favor. I sense you are sensible and self-confident.”

I looked at him and smiled. “Well, here goes,” he said. “I’ve been dating this woman for a number of months. We’ve become quite close, and, well I think she may be the one.”

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