The Magical Silent Bed

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A while ago, I was dating a woman who had a roommate. This was a new thing for me, but it never ended up being a big deal. One of the main reasons for this is that none of us were assholes. The other was that her roommate was in graduate school and worked at the school library. This meant that at least twice a week, she wouldn’t be home until 10:30-11:30pm. So we could always schedule my visits around what days she would be late. We would always have time to hang out, make dinner, fuck like wild, and then watch a little TV or go to bed.

The thing that sucked most about staying there was that she only had a single bed. A fucking single bed… What are we children? In most ways it was just as shitty as you’d imagine. I always ended up getting pinned against the wall at night, couldn’t twist or turn, had to crawl over her to get out. However, it did have one thing going, it made absolutely no sound. I swear, you could have three hyperactive six year olds jumping on it, and you’d never be able to tell. I have absolutely no idea why this was, it had box springs, and I’m sure that it was the cheapest out there. It was just the magical silent bed.

Her roommate has a twin sister that lives in the same area. As it turned out, she was moving to a new apartment but the lease for her old place didn’t quite line up with the new one, so she’d be staying with them for several weeks. She’s a nice person so this didn’t bother me much, but it was going to throw a wrinkle into our schedule.

As it turned out, she was out late most nights and we never had any awkward moments. Now, one more thing about the setup of the apartment. The living room couch sat against the same wall that the head of her bed butted up against. So we were actually extremely close to anyone who happened to be on the couch. If you could reach through walls, you could be lying in bed and reach out and touch the ear of someone sitting on the couch. You could hear the TV in the living room clear as day, and if anyone was on the couch, you could hear any conversations they might be having. This was occasionally irritating if you wanted to go to bed and someone was still up, but it didn’t happen very often so it wasn’t something I thought much about.

One night everyone was home. Her roommate and sister were in the living room watching Netflix and we were on her bed watching stuff on her computer. I believe we were watching Battlestar Galactica and they had on Curb Your Enthusiasm, as I could plainly hear Larry David and hear them laughing. It was getting late and we decided to call it a night. Or at least I thought we had decided to call it a night. She got up, turned off the lights, tossed the extra pillows off the bed and got in. Normally I sleep naked, but with an extra person in the house, I had been sleeping in my boxer-briefs. I draped my arm around her and expected us to drift off into sleep. Almost immediately she kissed me, which wasn’t unusual, but this wasn’t a “peck before bed” this was a long, deep, and wet. Still this wasn’t completely surprising, but after the first, there was a second, then a third. At this point, my mind (and my cock) were starting to wonder what was going on. My god, they were literally inches from us. I could hear they started up a new episode, so they were going to be out there for another 45 minutes or so. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing.

Now, not only were these two unbelievably physically close to us, but they were also pretty hot too. They weren’t identical twins, but looked very much alike. Both were pale, lanky blonds with tiny tits (a look I love). A regular fantasy of mine was her roommate watching us as we had sex, my girl narrating me sex hikayeleri fucking her, and she playing with her pussy until all three of us came together. I had actually saw her tits on numerous occasions. When she would get home, she would always change into sweats, an oversized t-shirt, and no bra. What she never seemed to realize was that if you’re small, wearing a giant shirt, when you bend over, it’s going to flop open show the goods to anyone looking. Every time she would play with my girl’s Yorkie, I’d end up getting a nice long look. It took about a week before the same thing happened with her sister. I guess it ran in the family.

She continued kissing me. We were keeping our breath low but it was obvious that she was already super-hot. I couldn’t believe what had got into her. Her body was already writhing against me and we starting touching. Because the bed was so small, it was impossible at this point to conceal the fact that my cock was now rock hard. It was warm so she was only in a loose t-shirt and thin shorts. I started to kiss her neck, collarbone, and chest as I rubbed her up and down. Her head was tossed back and she was obviously enjoying what I was doing. This continued for several minutes, kissing and petting, petting and kissing. Still, I was a little reluctant to be overly aggressive and I kept my hands off of her tits and pussy. Again she took the lead and pulled my cock out for the first time. I would have groaned out loud if I could. She gently stroked my shaft and swirled her fingers around the head of my cock.

Finally, I turned and propped myself up on my arm so I could position myself partly over her. I could kiss her deeply now and had much better access to her body. My fingers kept wandering over her torso and hips, and I kept kissing her neck, chest, and lips. At this point, I could also see the full-length mirror that she had hanging on her door. Ostensibly, it was for dressing, but it also pointed straight at the bed and gave a perfect view of everything going on. I really loved this, watching us making love was amazing. Seeing our bodies thrusting together was so fucking hot. So now I had three streams of information coming in, wow, it was great.

Now I was getting more aggressive. I pulled her shirt up and starting kissing and sucking her tits. She had incredibly sensitive breasts and I knew this drove her wild. Her body was turning and writhing but thankfully the magical silent bed was doing its job. Despite my nervousness, we must have been keeping it down too, as I could hear laugher from her roommate and sister a couple times each minute. I don’t know how they couldn’t hear us; to me, it sounded like they were in the room with us. After a short time of heavy petting she started tugging at my cock, and basically pulled me by my dick so that I was completely on top of her.

I ground my cock into her still covered pussy for a minute as I kissed her. I took another peek to the mirror, then she pushed me off and I went to a kneeling position between her legs. She slipped off her shirt and pulled off shorts and panties. I slipped off my own underwear and finally we were completely naked. My god, it was so hot. Absolutely thrilling! She put her hands behind her head and her body was splayed out for me to take. I could tell her pussy was soaking wet before I even touched her. I spread her lips with my finger and gently pressed on her clit which made her reflexively arch her back. My cock was so swollen and hard it seemed bigger than usual to me.

She apparently was done with foreplay though and aggressively yanked me down close to her. Both our mouths were open and we were trying to breath as deeply, yet quietly, as sikiş hikayeleri we could. Without using my hands, I maneuvered my cock to her pussy. I could feel her pressing against my head, she was burning hot and I could feel her wetness on me. I only kept my cock here a second. We looked into each other’s eyes and I slid my cock deep into her. There was little resistance and she took me all the way in. Oh god, that moment! Both of us were trembling. Finally together, yet having to keep ourselves absolutely silent, it was crazy. I stayed like this for a long time, trying to savor every moment of it. We broke eye contact and we held each other tight, still barely moving a muscle.

After what seemed like forever, I raised myself up and we made eye contact again. Her eyes had such a yearning in them, it was nuts. I slid my cock almost out then slid back into her slow and deep. I did this about three more times before her head thrashed back. She gnashed her teeth and her hands were balled into fists. I was quite pleased with myself sending her into such a state and I remember smiling with pride as I pumped my cock deeply inside of her.

I dropped back onto my elbows, gently squeezed one of her tits, and kissed her neck. She gripped me tight and I kept slowly thrusting deep inside her. At this point I heard the sisters laughing again. I raised my head so it was facing the wall. I could hear them so clearly I could tell who was on what side of the couch. I wondering if either one suspected what we were doing. It didn’t seem that way but the thought made my cock surge even more than it already was.

I looked to the mirror again and watched us. I started moving my hips in a circular motion, I always thought this looked super-hot, and sure enough, it did. I watched us for a little more, then started taking turns brushing and pinching each of her nipples. Again she was arching her back. She looked in pain, I’m sure both of us did, but it was only from the torture of having to keep so silent. I could tell on the inside she was going out of her mind.

I started to pound into her harder and deeper. I had to be careful to avoid making slapping sounds but was doing a pretty good job. My mind was going wild at this point. I imagined her roommate and sister quietly listening to us, stroking their pussies as they got more and more excited. I looked into the mirror and imagined it was them watching us in the throes of passion. In reality, they seemed no more aware then they had, despite the fact that I was all out plowing her.

My body was on fire and I was at near hallucination. I was snapped back to reality though when her breathing because noticeably louder. I was fucking the bajesus out of her, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. I didn’t want to blow the whole thing though. I pushed deeply into her, grabbing her hands, which were over her head again, with my left hand and clasping my right hand over her mouth. Her eyes had been shut tightly, but this opened them up as wide as pie plates. She looked at me with an almost panicked look. I know she wanted to moan out as loud as she could. I whispered, “Shhhhh” as quietly as I could. I kept her hands pinned down as I started pumping my cock back inside of her again. With my hands holding her down and quiet, almost all my weight pushed down onto her pussy, still I was still able to keep myself thrusting hard and deep inside of her. Her back arched, her face was bright red, her shoulders trembled, my god, it was almost more than I could take.

I took my hand off of her mouth and held her tight as I slowed my pace just a bit. She was smiling, still uncontrollably arching her back, and thrashing her erotik hikaye head back. I heard the two of them laughing in the other room and knew we were still safe. I smiled and buried my face into her neck. But now, I was reaching the point of no return. She was still incredibly wet, my cock glided effortlessly inside of her. My pace had been slow, but it started to pick up again. I could feel a surge beginning from deep inside my body. It took everything I had not to moan out. I started fucking her harder, harder, harder. Now my head was thrashing back, my teeth locked. Honestly, with my orgasm building to the breaking point, I wasn’t paying the closest attention to my girl. She however must have been paying attention to me because she reached up and grabbed the back of my hair and yanked my head back. Oh my god, I nearly lost my shit. For a moment, every muscle in my body hit pause. I was as stiff as a board. I could barely move my eyes enough to see the devilish grin on her face. You devious bitch! I had nearly lost it!

After this there was no turning back. The fuse was lit. She let go of my hair and our eyes met again. I held her close and she did the same, wrapping her legs around me too. My thrusting was more erratic with each movement, my body started shaking. I knew I was about to fill her with cum but somehow I would need to keep absolutely silent. I buried my head into her neck, and with her arms around me, she gently stoked my hair.

The wave hit. Everything that had been building up was let loose. Every muscle was locked and I ground my head so hard into her that I saw stars. Orgasmic electricity raced through my body. I shot rope after rope of cum, it didn’t seem to want to stop. I trembled, then locked, trembled then locked. I could feel her grinding beneath me, milking every drop. Our bodies were pressed tightly together, squeezing each other with all our might. We stayed like this long after my cock had stopped draining my life into her, the pleasure was still too overwhelming to let go. It seemed like forever, but finally we both sort of just collapsed into a heap. I was still inside of her, but my brain had started to function again. I tried raising my head but was still to overcome with orgasm to move.

Nothing can last forever though. It took all the energy I had left in my body but I managed to pull out and flop next to her. She was still on her back and I lay half against the wall, half against her. We just lay there. It was only now I wondered if my climax had been too loud. Sure enough though, I heard them laughing at whatever the next punchline was. Relieved, I let my mind wonder off into a sex-induced haze. We probably stayed like this for 15 minute or so, until finally the sisters show was over.

“Do you want to put on another one?” one asked.

“Nah, I think I’ll head to bed,” the other replied.

I smiled to myself. It still amazed me that we managed to stay so silent. As they got up and started to move around, we repositioned ourselves and pulled up the blanket.

“That was unbelievable,” my girl finally whispered.

“I know. I can’t believe it,” I said.

She got close to my ear. “You made me cum twice.”

“Really?” I said, a bit surprised. “Wow.”

She could come cum from sex, but typically only with her on top. It was a rarity that she could cum once, let alone twice, in missionary.

“I lost it when you were holding me down. I can’t believe I didn’t scream. Oh my god, then the end…” She squirmed. “When you went over, you took me with you.”

“Ummmmmm…” was all I could manage. I smiled as I squirmed a bit myself. I could feel a surge in my loins and I could have probably fucked her again had we been alone.

As was, we just held each other close and were still. She was sleeping in minutes. I listened to her roommate’s sister mill about in the living room for a couple minutes more before passing out too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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