The Male Inspector

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“Crap. That was Judi on the phone.” Judi and my girlfriend Leigh had made plans to go out, but it seemed there was a problem and the plans had changed. “Judi invited me to an all male review tonight, but something has come up and she can’t go. Now I’m half way ready to go out and I was really looking forward to it.”

“So finish getting dressed and I’ll take you out,” I volunteer. We go out a lot and I always love our time together. We have incredible fun no matter where we end up.

“Uh… well, I was really looking forward to the male review. I doubt you’d find it to be as fun and interesting as Judi, but I don’t want to go alone and everyone is busy. Would you really go with me? I don’t want you getting angry or jealous — that would really spoil the fun. Besides, you might learn some new moves you can do for me when we get home AND I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits of me getting all revved up at the club,” she teased.

I wasn’t sure how badly she wanted me to go with her, but it was obvious that she wanted to go. If the tickets hadn’t been purchased she might have rescheduled, but she hates it when tickets go unused. I have always been comfortable with my sexuality and I had no problem going. I thought it might be interesting to see what women do and what they are like at their version of a strip club. So, to Leigh’s relief I replied, “Sure, I could always use a few new moves.”

We went out for a very nice dinner and Leigh seemed to be a bit anxious. I noticed because she’d had her typical couple of drinks with dinner, but she’d also had a few more. After dinner we seemed to linger at the table. I guess Leigh was a bit nervous about the evening. Whatever the reason, the longer we delayed, the more she drank. Finally she was ready — or perhaps sufficiently plowed — but we were headed for the club.

The club was filled with women of every size, shape, age, color, and culture, but I didn’t see another male patron in the place. I was the only guy in the audience, and we were the only couple. If you haven’t been to a club as a couple, it’s a fun and strange experience. You will be noticed. The patrons, the dancers, and the service people all seem to spend a little more time with you, give you more attention, and better service. This club was no different. I could see the heads turn and the eyes fall on us as we were led to our table.

The first dancer came out dressed like a cop. He was a well built guy in his mid 20’s with red hair. He quickly shed his outfit and danced around the room in a thong. The scene was a riot. The women hooted, hollered and whistled as he danced. He moved from one woman to the next and ground and danced with many of them. Eventually he made his way around to our table.

As “the cop” danced for my girlfriend the crowd cheered him on. There were whistles and lots of laughter and cheering.

The dancer turned my girlfriend around and stood behind her. He grabbed her hips and positioned her so she was bent over at the waist with her head towards my lap and her ass facing him. He began thrusting against her as he simulated fucking her while her head rested on my fully clothed cock.

The DJ played it up and all the women showed their approval with a roar of hoots and hollering. They all yelled and screamed encouragement for the well built dancer and me to pretend to double team my girlfriend.

After a few moments the dancer backed away from my girlfriend. She handed him a hand full of singles. The dancer leaned in and kissed my girlfriend on the cheek just as he did all the women he visited.

Then it was my turn.

I’m a straight guy — not mostly straight or not part time straight. I’m not a closet bi-sexual and I’m not a latent homosexual. I’m a straight guy that loves women. Men have never been any form of an attraction for me so having a nice looking guy in a thong dancing inches in front of me was kind of a weird moment in my life. I tried to smile and I waited patiently for him to finish so I could tip him and let him move on.

After a few seconds of dancing he stepped back and pulled the elastic of his thong out so I could slip in my tip money. As I reached out he turned towards my hand Pendik Escort and he let the thong close over my hand. Once again the women in the place went wild with noise. I released the ones, withdrew my hand, and leaned back in my chair. “Officer G-string” had a beaming smile on his face as he gestured for the women to show their approval. They responded with even louder cheering. Then he moved on to the next table. I’m sure I looked like I’d just eaten a bug. However, Leigh was laughing so hard I thought she might need oxygen. All I could do was shake my head.

Well, at least he didn’t kiss me.

A few more dancers made their rounds. They would stop at the table, shake their junk, take their tips and move on. I made sure Leigh had plenty of tip money and I made sure her drink was always full. She seemed to enjoy her evening.

The next dancer was a matador — cape and all. It didn’t take him long to lose the costume and get down to his gold sequin thong. Like the others he began visiting the tables and racking up the tips. At some of the tables he would disappear under the cape with a lady from that table. You could see the outline of their heads moving very closely together. The audience was to assume that he was giving away passionate kisses beneath the cape — which he might well have done.

One of the women sitting near Leigh leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Leigh leaned back and said something back to her. Then another did the same and a third did it too. Each time Leigh would laugh and respond accompanied by a shoulder shrug, shake of her head or, a nod. The level of noise made it impossible for me to hear anything other than the music and the crowd.

I leaned over to ask Leigh what was up. She leaned over to listen to my question. At that same moment “El Matador” arrived at our table, draped the cape over both of us, and thrust his sequin thong towards our joined heads.

I had a hand full of dollars so I reached up to put some in his elastic waistband, but as I was pulling it away he pulled his hips away and his cock and balls sprang from beneath the skimpy cloth. I was shocked by this turn of events and let go of the elastic which instantly snapped shut leaving his package exposed. He then thrust back in and his escaped member collided squarely with Leigh’s cheek.

I must have looked stunned and shocked — not because he had a “mighty sword,” but because I couldn’t believe I was the one that let his cock out of the thong right in front of my girlfriend. I was imagining the police raiding the place and finding me under a cape with my girlfriend — apparently both of us blowing a matador. I don’t care how you phrase it; I don’t think anyone would really see this as “just a misunderstanding.”

Fortunately, Leigh had the sense to restore his limited modesty by return his cock and balls to the thong. She took the money from me and once again pulled his elastic out. She placed the money in the thong and then grabbed a handful of cock and balls to stuff them back into the thong. “El Matador” must have been pleased with this because he was doing his best to stroke his cock in and out of my girlfriend’s hand. I think it was at this point that Leigh realized she had a handful of a strangers cock in a crowded club and not more than 3 inches from her boyfriend’s face — because she paused for a second and then stopped what she had started to do.

She didn’t release the thong over his cock. Instead she pulled his cock back out and allowed him to continue to thrust at her hand. My eyes had been glued on what was happening and it took a couple thrusts for me to register all that had just happened. Then I realized that she was watching me. When I finally looked up at her, she broke into a smile — a devious smile.

She began to lick her lips and pout like there was something she wanted really badly, but couldn’t have. I’d seen her do this before when she was blowing me and I would pull my cock out of her mouth and keep it just on the edge of her lips. She opened her mouth as if she was going to take it in on the next thrust, but she turned away at just the last moment and let it slide through her hand Kurtköy Escort and along her cheek or along her chin. She was having a great time playing up her role, all the while her eyes never left me.

After a couple of strokes she placed his now semi hard cock back in its gold sequin thong. Then she did something that I never would have expected. She opened the hand that had just been fucked and kissed it; then she gave me the deepest kiss she’d ever given me.

While we were kissing “El Matador” whipped the cape away and shouted, “Ole!!!”

Again the noise rocketed to a deafening crescendo.

When the kiss ended we both stood up and waved to the crowd. The crowd stood and cheered back. They didn’t see what had happened, but they were more than happy with their imagined events under the cape.

We played it up for the crowd with smiles and waives. Leigh slipped in behind me grabbed my hip with one hand and my hair with the other and began to hump me from behind. Again the crowd went nuts! And I was starting to think Leigh might have had just a little too much to drink.

She had quite the grip on me and was going at me like a crazed ass fiend. Before I could turn around one of the dancers approached her and said something to her. She released my waist, but yanked my head by the handful of hair and said that the women at the next table had bought her a private dance and that she’d be back in a couple of minutes.

I sat down and watched her walk away with a dancer. They went to the back of the club where couches were lined up against the wall. They sat down together and talked while they waited for the song to end so he could begin his private dance.

One of the women that had spoken to Leigh from the next table moved over to the seat next to me. She leaned over to speak to me. As she leaned closer she placed a hand on my thigh and slowly stroked her finger tips in a small circle and said, “I hope you don’t mind that we bought your wife a private dance. She seemed to be enjoying the dancers very much and we thought she should try the whole experience.”

Leigh and the dancer were laughing about something. The next song began and the dancer got up and began removing his clothes. Leigh was smiling and her eyes were glued to him.

“I don’t mind at all. I think she is having a great time. In fact, all the women here seem to be having a great time,” I replied. I didn’t bother to correct her about Leigh not being my wife or that this wasn’t our first trip to a strip club.

“Are YOU having a good time?” she asked and I felt the movement of her hand go higher on my thigh.

“I’m enjoying Leigh’s enjoyment,” I said as I nod towards my girlfriend. By then all the private dancers were completely naked. The quick pounding beat of the music stirred the dancers into a rhythmic movement that had their cocks swinging and swaying as they ground to the sound.

“We told the dancer we’d pay him an extra $100 if he could get her to take her shirt off. My friends and I would love to get a look at your girl’s tits while the dancer rubs his cock on and between them. That would be so HOT!” Again, her hand moved up my thigh and was now knocking at door of trouble.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll be paying out on that one. She’s unlikely to lose any clothing.” Leigh had been to a few clubs and although the dancers always try, they have never done anything more than loosen a few of her buttons.

The private dancers were all moving closer to their customers. Many of them would lower themselves so that their balls and/or cock rested on or slid along the thighs of the women that owned them for this dance. Leigh’s dancer was straddling one of her legs and had moved very close to her. His cock had to be rubbing against the front of her blouse or just inches from her face.

“Do you want to know what we asked your wife?” She asked with a slight air of teasing in her voice.

“Sure” I replied as if this were a typical conversation someone might have with a complete stranger.

“My blonde friend asked if the two of you came here for her or for you. Your wife said it was mostly for her, but it would ultimately be for both Ümraniye Escort of you. My other friend asked if you were both bi-sexual or just your husband.” As she said it her caresses had reached my cock and balls. I admit that having her rub my cock through my pants felt good, but I was also uncomfortable about it. I didn’t know this woman and I didn’t think Leigh would understand so I shifted in my seat and moved around out of her reach.

She stood up and leaned down close to my ear and said, “I asked her if she ever dreamed or thought about bringing someone home to play with the two you.”

“She’s a beautiful woman. Believe me, I KNOW that men find her attractive, but we don’t play with others.” I said with a bit of pride in my voice.

“But you enjoy watching her watch other men. You said so yourself.”

“I said I enjoy her enjoyment.”

“Exactly and she is enjoying watching another man, isn’t she? I bet you’d enjoy watching her with another woman too. Do you think she would find it interesting to watch you with someone else?” Having said what her piece the woman squeezed my arm, gave me a wink and a smile and then left. She returned to her friends at their table. I could see they instantly wanted to hear what had happened at my table.

I had to admit Leigh was enjoying her private dance. This was clearly evident by the smile on her face and her complete fascination with the cock swaying before her eyes.

The song finished and I watched Leigh sit with her dancer while he dressed. Once he was clothed he took her hand and led her back to our table. He then kissed her cheek, thanked her for the dance, and then had a few words with the women that paid him.

“How was your dance?” I asked.

“That was HOT!” Leigh said breathlessly. “I’m ready to go. Let’s leave — NOW!” She led me out to the car but not before stopping and thanking the women that paid for the dance. I saw one of them hand her a business card.

When we got to the car Leigh had already unfastened her pants and had them off before she got it into the back seat.

“Wow! You are really worked up!” I said with surprise.

She slid her fingers through her pussy and put them to my lips. She was soaked and they tasted wonderful. Exactly the way I like.

“I can’t make it home. You’re going to have to get back here and fuck me — right now!” Leigh was on fire. I’d never seen her like this before.

In a flash I was in the back seat, my pants were undone, and my cock out. I rubbed it over her dripping pussy and then slid it in to the hilt. As soon as it was in she began to buck and fuck me like a wild crazed animal. In a matter of minutes we had both cum and lay in each other’s arms.

While I was catching my breath she did something I’d never seen any woman do. She dipped her fingers into her freshly fucked pussy. She then took her cum covered fingers and licked them clean. She did this several times and asked me if this bothered me. I let her know that it didn’t. She leaned in and gave me a very deep passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss she said, “I love you.”

“I love you too. I’m glad you had a great time tonight.” I said with all honesty.

Then she asked, “What I did tonight — did it bother you?” I let her know that it didn’t.

Actually I thought it was a fun night. I realized that I had — against all expectations — really enjoyed myself. “Baby, I love you. I know that you were just having fun and that what you were doing wasn’t going to hurt either of us. I hope you had fun tonight,” I said and I meant it.

With that Leigh pushed me onto my back and straddled my face.

“Lick me!” she demanded. Gravity began to bring the remainder of our juices out of her pussy and onto my lips.

I licked her very wet pussy and she seemed to love it! Once the dripping slowed, my tongue was free to move about and spent more time flicking on her clit. She came again even harder than just moments ago.

When things settled back down we pulled on clothes and climbed into the front seat of the car for the drive home. She said, “Thank you for being such a good sport. I’m really glad you came with me tonight.” I loved teasing you with those men. I knew you were surprised by my behavior, but you really did a great job of just letting me have some fun. I love you!

“I love you too and if it makes you this hot I will gladly go with you anytime you want!” I replied as we headed for home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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