The Massage: A Woman’s Pleasure

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The room is aglow with candle-light, the scent of orange and spice is in the air.

As I lay on a comfortable bed wearing nothing but a robe, a man – a stranger – approaches … clad only in shorts. The room is warm and he invites me to take off my robe … he offers a full body massage by way of a bribe. Looking at the strangers’ strong hands, shoulders & arms, I wet my lips and agree.

As I remove the robe, letting it fall to the floor, he turns to pick up a bottle of oil. I lay back down on the bed, this time on my stomach, and close my eyes waiting for my treat. I am anticipating his hands, but I still shiver when he touches me – I hear his deep chuckle … that’s when I know he’ll enjoy giving as much as I enjoy receiving.

His slow, strong strokes relax me and I feel myself starting to sink into a mindless state. As he nears my buttocks, I start to get wet. He quickly moves to my legs, and I experience a brief moment of regret. But his fingers are magic and I am putty again. He kneads his hands down my legs to my feet where he focuses his attention for a while. Mmmmmm … it feels so good.

He Bostancı Escort has me roll over onto my back. I’m almost drifting away, but I do as he asks keeping my eyes closed. I am enjoying the feel of his hands on my body. He continues rubbing my feet, then up to my ankles and my knees. I squirm a bit as he gets to my hips, but other than a light kiss just below my navel, he ignores my wet heat.

He straddles my legs to massage my stomach & chest, that’s when I feel his warm balls resting near my mons. I’m not as sleepy anymore. As he slowly massages up my torso in firm, widening circles, I can feel my breath start to come out faster.

Slowly he moves up to massage my breasts … taking care to avoid the nipples aching for his touch. It is almost torture … I arch my back trying to get him to take me in his hands. Finally! He rubs his oiled hands over my sensitive nipples, gently tugging and pulling on the peaks until they are hard for him. He leans forward and licks one, then blows over the wetness he’s made – I moan. He repeats the treatment on the other breast and I moan again.

To Anadolu Yakası Escort make the treat last, he moves to my arms and hands trying to make my body relax again. As he stretches over me, his erect cock rubs against my stomach. My wriggling to get closer alerts him – he chuckles as he scolds me and moves to the side of my body. Now the only touch is that of his hands again. My body releases some tension, and the muscles loosen. It’s a sensual roller coaster & I’m anticipating the grand finale.

As he finishes with my hands he asks me to roll over again. I am confused, a little disappointed, but excited – who knows what might come next. As I move I can smell my own musk – as he is near my feet he must smell it too, and I can’t help but wonder if it excites him to know he’s had this effect on me. That thought excites me.

I’m on my stomach again, my hands over my head as he requested. I feel languid & liquid all over, but especially slick between my legs. Then I feel his warm hands lightly caress my calves – his thumbs make a line up the center back of my Pendik Escort leg from heel to buttock. My ass lifts to meet him, but he moves down to my feet and repeats the move. Over and over he strokes my legs like this … I want him to touch me and he continues to tease.

Finally he begins to massage my ass … mmmmm it feels good. His strong hands knead the muscle & flesh, he pulls and rolls as if he were molding me to a new shape. I softly moan with his moves. This feels like heaven.

Without warning he spreads my legs and he uses both hands to massage my sex. I gasp. I writhe. I moan. Within minutes my primed body cums hard. I am panting, but he doesn’t stop. He wants me to come for him again. He uses my juice to massage me, paying extra attention to my clit. He likes to be thorough, so he puts two fingers inside me to massage me inside and out. I groan as my hips rock with the movement of his fingers.

Then he pulls out and tells me to roll over – I do so and spread my legs wantonly for him. His mouth covers me, he uses his tongue, his teeth and his lips to make me cum for him again … and again.

As I lay exhausted but sated, he lightly strokes his hand across my breasts. He leans down to kiss my cheek and murmur praise in my ear. Then he covers my body to prevent a chill and walks away. I want to complain, but I’m so tired. Next time it will be his turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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