The Masturbatorium Ch. 04

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It was a few months later that I went back to the Masturbatorium. These thousand-dollar sessions were seriously drawing down my savings, but I got a nice bonus at the end of the year and figured that this was a good way to spend it.

This time, I remembered what Kim had said about “group sessions,” which were usually held on weekend afternoons. When I arrived at the shower area, the other participants were already there. I saw fifteen men and eight women there, all naked. There was just about every body type there … chubby men, skinny men, women with flat chests, women with sagging breasts. They looked pretty much like the bunch you’d see at any nudist beach, except that all the men had hard-ons. Their cocks were of all sizes and shapes, from straight to curved, and they were all being stroked by their female attendants as the men watched the female clients being fondled by male attendants. The attendants all wore the usual mesh panties or cock cages.

I didn’t see James but, to my delight, Emma was there. She smiled at me. There was a different attendant with her, a man in his twenties with a lot of body hair and an impressively long and thick penis in his cock cage, who introduced himself to me as Peter. It was a name I remembered from my first session; he often worked with Kim, who was at that moment scrubbing down a portly gentleman in his fifties whose cock was pointed almost straight upward. Anita was there, too. She was the only attendant not already with a client, so she came over to me, pulled me under a shower nozzle, and started soaping up my rod until it was as hard as the other men’s. I also recognized Kim, Rita, and Andre from my previous sessions.

I heard a bell chime, and the attendants dried us off and led us to a large, open area, where two dozen tables had been set up. It was just as I’d imagined it, except for the lack of mirrors on the ceiling. I asked Anita about it.

“Oh, we got rid of those a couple of months ago. Now there are closed circuit cameras, and they project what they’re seeing onto the ceiling. It allows us to give you close-ups. We always record the sessions, of course, as they explained on your first visit. But with these new high-definition cameras, we can give you images even better than the mirrors. It makes everything so much more arousing than it was before. You’ll see.”

Well, I don’t know how it was before, but I had nothing to complain about. Along with the usual orgy of GIF-like videos, the projectors were showing each of us clients, in our own section of the ceiling. As I lay in the table, I moved my hand, and the image did, too. This was all in real time. I could see all twenty-four of us, naked, aroused, and ready for action.

The actual session proceeded much like the previous ones did, with the exception that instead of each client having his own attendant, the attendants circulated freely around the room. First it would be Anita masturbating me, then Kim, then a woman I hadn’t met, then Rita, and then two more women I hadn’t met. Then Peter came by. “Do you want to add me to your list of attendants tonight?” he asked. “Or would you prefer just women?”

I thought for a minute. Well, Andre had done a hell of a good job last time, so I told him that he and the other men would be welcome to service me. And that’s how it went after that. The women were giving us not only hand-jobs, but tit-jobs and full body contact massages as well. No attendant stayed with each client for more than a couple of minutes.

After Peter, I was attended to by a Black woman with the most amazing puffies I’d ever seen. She could play my cock like a piccolo, and within a minute I was firing my first salvo of spunk into the air, where it splashed onto her tits and dribbled down her belly. She laughed and said, “I’m not going to wipe that off! You’d be amazed at how that turns on the guys and gals when they see it!” (It turned out that she made it her business to get as much sperm aimed at her nipples as possible; by the end of the afternoon, there would be at least six ejaculations to accompany mine, gleaming on her tits and running down to her mons.)

Within the first fifteen minutes, all the men had cum, and a couple of the women, as well. (When I asked one of the new attendants about that, she said that some of the women had been highly aroused when they got there, and didn’t require much stimulation.) After that, it was pretty random for the next three hours, without much attempt to synchronize orgasms. It wasn’t really necessary; with all those people getting wanked, it was inevitable that somebody would be cumming at the same time I was. In my refractory periods, there were plenty of people to watch. Cocks jizzing, women squirting, faces contorted in the throes of orgasm … it was every bit as erotic as Kim had said it was.

The images of my fellow clients stayed on the ceiling instead of fading out after the orgasms, as the videos did. So I got to watch several görükle escort bayan men and women as they were massaged, and they got to watch me. It was interesting to see the men’s bodies being oiled up, and their dicks being coaxed back to hardness, but I was staring more at the women. There was one lady with enormous breasts that seemed to have lives of their own as her body shook from the force of her orgasm, but I found the flat-chested Asian woman, with her fuck-me smile, equally erotic. And I must confess that I kept glancing at Emma almost every minute. Was it my imagination, or was she paying more attention to that area of the ceiling where my own image was projected?

Well, it didn’t take long for me to get hard again. For one thing, I had never seen so many naked people in one place getting wanked. For another thing, I had the pleasure of being tit-fucked by five women in a row, each one clambering on to the table and wrapping her breasts around my cock. After a minute or two, she’d be replaced by another woman. The fifth one wouldn’t let me cum between her breasts, though. Instead, she sat up suddenly and finished me with a hand-job. “Sorry,” she said with a smile. “I know you wanted to cum between my tits, but we had to make sure everybody could see you cum! That’s part of the deal here, you know.”

“I understand,” I said, just as the man on the table next to mine pump his own load of semen into the air, an act I could watch directly or on the ceiling overhead. “We’ve got to give ’em what they paid for, right?”

“Right!” she said as she got off the table. And then it was Rita giving my cock its post-orgasmic tickle with her hands as she slid her small tits down my legs.

With so many attendants circulating, I couldn’t get a connection with any of them, but that wasn’t the point of this. It was all about sensation and sight. So many hands on my cock, so many tits pressing against me, so many orgasms happening all around me. This session exceeded so many of my wildest fantasies, fantasies that would have been unattainable even in the most frenetic of orgies.

In those three hours, I came four times, each from a different set of hands, and I still felt unsatisfied … not because I felt cheated, but because I wanted it to last longer, I wanted to cum and be watched cumming, I wanted to see more cocks squirting and women writhing in ecstasy. That didn’t seem to be a problem with the rest of the clientele, though. You could see by the dopey smiles, and the limp dicks of the men, that they all had that lethargy that comes after a lot of sex.

Because of the large number of people who had attended, and the fact that they were checking people out in the order they’d checked them in, I was one of the last to get out of there. I had just left the building when a car rolled up to the curb and a window slid down. It was Emma.

“Are you doing anything for the next few hours?” she asked. “How about getting some dinner with me?”

“I don’t have any plans for the rest of the day,” I replied. “I’ll be glad to.”

We went to an upscale restaurant uptown, and she insisted on paying. While we ate, we chatted. She told me that she was an assistant editor for one of those glossy monthly magazines that every big city has, where you learn about what the movers and shakers are doing and where the best restaurants are. Her blouse was just sheer enough to let me see that she wasn’t wearing a bra; her nipples made tents in the fabric, and she was obviously enjoying my reaction to the display.

“You don’t have to call me ‘Emma’ anymore,” she said. “It’s about time we really got acquainted. My name is Melanie. What’s yours?”

“Joshua. Or just Josh. I guess we are more connected now.”

She laughed. “Connected? I’ve seen you cum seven times now! And you’ve seen me cum, well, I’ve stopped counting. I’m glad to meet you, Josh!”

“The pleasure’s mine! My I ask if you’re a regular client at … that place?”

“The Masturbatorium? No use being coy about it! I think I’ve been there ten times. Eleven, counting tonight.”

“What do you like about it most? Watching, or being watched.”

“Oh, watching! And the orgasms, of course! I’m still buzzing from the last one! But it’s so fascinating to me, seeing how the expressions on people’s faces change when they’re cumming. And the fact that it’s safe sex. I never have to worry about getting a disease. They use some sort of disinfectant in the oil, I’m told. What about you, Josh?”

“Tonight was my fourth time. The last time, when we were together, was the first time I’d seen a woman masturbated. It was all I could think about for days. And I was hoping I’d see you again tonight. What a happy chance!”

“That wasn’t chance!” she laughed. “I set it up! After our session, I asked Kim to let me know when you’d next be there, and what you were looking for. When I got the call that there would bursa otele gelen escort be a ‘gang bang’ … that’s what she called it … and that you’d be attending, I made my reservation right away.”

“I hope you weren’t disappointed.”

“Oh, I wasn’t! I loved seeing you squirt before, and I wanted to see it again! And I did! Four times!”

“And I watched you, too. You were the hottest woman there, Em … Melanie. I never wanted it to end.”

“Well, I enjoyed it, too. And I’ll tell you something else. It doesn’t have to end, does it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, are you clean? Do you have any diseases I ought to know about?”

“No. How about you?”

“I’m good. And I’m on the pill.”

“Where are we going with this, Melanie?”

“I mean that I want to take you home and fuck you. Do you have any other plans for the night?”

“What plans?” I said, and we laughed. I followed her back to her place, and we undressed each other in record time. Here were those inviting breasts with their slight sag and gum-drop nipples, now ready for me to lift and kiss and suck on. When I slipped her panties off, the crotch was soaking wet.

“Do you want me to jack you off first?” she said. “I notice you want to cum pretty quick the first time.”

“Well, since this’ll be my fifth one of the day, I think we can trust it to take its time.”

“Well, I can’t wait.” She grabbed my hardening cock and dragged me to her bed. And then she spread her legs. “Get inside me. Now.”

My cock was still rubbery as I slid it into her, and I felt her Kegels gripping it, coaxing it into rigidity. We fucked like wild beasts. She was so turned on by the afternoon’s sport that she climaxed within minutes, her heels kicking into my ass, her fingernails scraping my back. Our sweating bodies slid against each other. I pounded her mercilessly, amazed that I wasn’t sliding closer to that point of no return. I was just on the brink of it, but she was way over the edge. It was nearly the match of that first orgasm that she had when Andre serviced her. She was gasping, she was breathing hard, she was laughing, she was grinding her hard nipples into my chest. She was an animal, a personification of female lust.

“Cum in me,” she pleaded. “I want to feel you cum in me.” At last, I felt my cock thrill with the same sensation it had experienced four times before that day. I just had to cum. I had to cum in her.

“I’m gonna … cum,” I gasped, as I gave her a final lunge that pushed against her cervix and lifted her butt off the bed. She responded by hugging me tight and squeezing my cock with the strongest cunt muscles I’d ever known. I unloaded into her as she shrieked, and then we both went slack. My cock had given up; it softened immediately and slipped out of her vagina. And we lay there for a while with our arms around each other, feeling each other’s chest rise and fall.

“Oh, my,” she said finally.

“Did I hurt you at the end?” I asked. “When I pushed in all the way?”

“No, no. It just got me off more. God, that was good! I didn’t know I could cum that hard with a guy!”

“Thanks for saying that! After I saw you cum the first time, I wondered if any man could satisfy you.”

“Oh, you did, you did! But my orgasms at the Masturbatorium are always pretty intense!”

“Better than with a guy?”

“Different. And after a rockin’ good orgasm, I want to be held, like we’re doing now. I can’t do that there.”

“You know, I don’t think I can get it up again. Five times in a day … I’m not Superman, you know.”

“You were pretty super just then! But no worries. Stay the night. We can fuck some more in the morning. I have a feeling we’re just getting started!”

“You planned all this from the beginning, didn’t you?”

“You bet! I’ve been looking a long time for a nice young man who could cum hard and recover fast. That’s why I went to the club all those times. When we had that first session together, I thought that you might be the one. After today, I was sure of it!”

And so we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. In the morning, I awoke to find her sucking on my cock, feeling it swell up. We were in a classic 69 position, and her curly pubic hairs, still fragrant from last night’s sport, were inches away from my mouth. I grabbed her by the butt and pressed her cunt against my mouth. There was plenty of juice there, both mine and hers. She shivered, and lifted her leg to expose more of her labia to me. I found her clit and flicked it with my tongue, and she responded by swirling her own tongue around the cap of my penis. We traded tickles like that for a while, but I told her that I couldn’t last long that way. With that, she reversed position on the bed so that we were facing each other, and she grabbed my cock and guided into her. We fucked slowly, and before long I felt my self-control slipping. bursa escort bayan My cock started pumping its seed into her. She purred with delight.

“I’m sorry I didn’t last longer,” I said. “I wanted you to cum, too.”

“I know. Don’t worry about it. I think I’m too hungry to cum right now. Do you want breakfast?”

When she said that, I became acutely aware that I was famished. We got up and hugged, and she cooked me a proper breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee. She had put on an apron (to protect her from the spattering bacon, she explained), and it so strange to see her naked back and ass, and a good bit of side-boob, as she cooked. Then she took off her apron and served the meal, which we ate in the nude.

“Are you ready for round two?” She said with a grin as she squeezed and lifted her left tit.

“Sure! You seem to have a way of getting me hard any time you want!”

“Well, take a piss while you still can! But let me in there first, so I can brush my teeth.” With that, she disappeared into the bathroom. She came back in ten minutes, kissed me and let me have a turn at the bathroom. I pissed, with the stream of urine tickling my urethra and exciting me as it had never done before. So that’s what it feels like to piss after cumming six times in a day, I thought. Seven times by the time we finish fucking. Maybe eight? She’d laid out a toothbrush for me, and I brushed my teeth.

When I got back to the bedroom, she was waiting with a bottle of oil. “I’m going to give a hand job,” she said. “I’ve watched you get one, and I want to know if I’m doing it right.”

“It’s hard to do it wrong,” I said. “You’ve seen the pros work. Just do it the way they do. But since I’ve just cum, it may take a while.”

But it didn’t. She knew what she was doing, and she also knew how the sight of her swinging, swaying boobs inflamed me. “You said you wanted to see them hang,” she reminded me. “Enjoy the view!” I was hard in ten minutes, and she slipped my cock into her and rode me cowgirl-style, her tits bouncing and slapping together. I grabbed them and squeezed them hard, as I remembered Andre doing, and she responded by gripping my cock with her cunt muscles until it hurt. I squeezed her tits some more, and pinched the nipples firmly. When I started shaking them and watching them wobble, her orgasm hit. And hit.

Her cunt became more slippery as her vagina gushed out its juices, her whole body shivered, and she gasped. Her eyes became unfocused. And then, with a shaking voice, she said, “Slap ’em!”

“Slap ’em?”

“My tits! Hit ’em hard!”

Of course! It was the rough breast play that she loved, and that sent her over the edge that time. So I swatted them and watched them swing back and force with the force of the blows. “Harder!” she cried. I hit harder. I saw them redden. I took one of her breasts into my mouth and bit on the nipple. It was as if she’d been tased. Her body spasmed, and went slack. Her elbows buckled, and her entire weight dropped onto me.

I wondered if she’d passed out again, but then I felt her cunt muscles gripping my rod again. “Are you OK?” I whispered.

“I’m in heaven,” she whispered back. “I think I just saw God!”

“I’m glad,” I said.

“I want you to cum,” she said. “But I want to see it. I want to see you spurt, like I did yesterday.”

“Why don’t we tit-fuck, so I can cum on your tits? From the moment I first saw your tits, I’ve wanted to do that!”

“Will you lick it off afterwards?”

“Every drop! I promise!”

She rolled off me, onto her back, and pushed her breasts together. I slipped my rod between them and pumped and pumped as she smiled at me. My previous orgasms allowed me to keep this up for some time, during which she had slipped her hand between her legs and was finger-fucking herself. “I’m almost there,” I said finally.

“Let me see it!” I raised myself up until my erection hovered over her chest, the pre-cum dripping from it. She reached for the oil and put a few drops on my cock, and I masturbated until I felt the cum starting to flow. There wasn’t much of it, but I was able to get a few gobbets of in on her tits. Then I licked it off and suckled on the nipple that I had just bit so fiercely, and she gave a final wriggle as a last orgasm swept over her.

We lay there on the bed, now wet with her juices, and cuddled. “I’m so glad you didn’t have anything planned for the night,” she said. “Tell me, Derek, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?”

“My God, Melanie! You’re going to wear me out! What sort of sex machine do you think I am?”

“The sort of sex machine that can cum three times in three hours, and still have some left over for the next day! One with a dick that’s a perfect size for me! And when we’re in bed, I’m Emma, and you’re Derek. Understand?”

“I get it. When we’re fucking, we’re the creatures of each other’s sex fantasies, like the people we met at the Masturbatorium. I can live with that.”

“Good!” she said. “Now let’s change the sheets and take a shower. That should give you a little time to reload. I want to give you a blow job and feel you get hard in my mouth. I want to see you cum again on me, and I want to feel you cum inside me. After all, we have all day, don’t we?”

We sure did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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