The Medallion – Chapter 11

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Tuesday afternoon – part 2

“What the fuck is going on”, said the man again. He had just entered the room to find Jack about to ass fuck his wife, Amanda. Amanda had her face buried in Emily’s pussy and Mia and Maya had just finished licking their mother’s asshole, preparing it for Jack’s dick.

Jack sighed and looked at the twins. “Keep licking your mom’s anus. I want it slick and ready for me.” They immediately obeyed, much to the astonishment of their father. Jack turned to the man and held out his hand. “I’m Jack. Tell me your name.”

“I’m Daniel”, the man said as his eyes flashed green and he shook Jack’s hand. “To answer your question, I’m currently having an orgy with your daughters, your wife, and my niece”, Jack said. “Mia and Maya are coming to live with me and this is their way of saying goodbye.”

Daniel grew angry again. “The hell they are”, he said firmly, but there was a distinct tent in his work slacks. That gave Jack an idea. “Not only are you happy about the twins coming with me, but you want to join in on the goodbye party.”

Daniel’s face changed quickly. “You’re right. They’ll be happier with you. But before they go, can I confess something?” “Sure”, Jack said. “I’ve wanted to fuck them for the last few years”, Daniel said.

Jack smiled and turned around. “Mia, Maya, come over here and free your father’s dick from his trousers. Then use those sexy mouths of yours to bring him the pleasure you should have been bringing him all along.”

There couldn’t have been a sexier sight than seeing the two barely legal, nubile girls crawling across the floor and freeing their father’s dick. Then Mia quickly began sucking on it while Maya licked and sucked on his balls.

Daniel groaned as his secret fantasy began coming true. And while Maya and Mia worked on their father, Jack walked back over to Amanda, whose face was now covered in the cum of three barely legal cunts. She lifted her head up, but he pushed it back down.

“Just keep pleasuring Emily. Your daughters are busy saying goodbye to their father.” She happily began slurping at Emily’s teenage cunt and Jack lined his dick up with her saliva coated anus once more. He pressed against the sphincter and his dick head popped inside, eliciting a moan of pain from Amanda.

But Jack ignored that and started thrusting, using sikiş izle small thrusts to go deeper and deeper inside the women’s asshole, until he was buried to the hilt. He pulled back until he was almost all the way out and then he thrust forward again. He did this several times until he felt her relax and her groans began to be moans of pleasure.

As he started fucking Amanda’s ass faster, he looked over and saw Daniel cover his daughters’ faces with his cum. Then he told them to come and lay on the bed and, to Jack’s surprise, they quickly obeyed. “Maybe they become more submissive as I give them more commands”, he thought as he pounded their mother’s ass next to the sexy teen twins.

Daniel arranged them so that Maya was laying on her back and Mia was laying on top of her. The two girls began cleaning each other’s faces and then making out, their wet cunts rubbing against each other. Daniel lined his dick up with Maya’s pussy and thrust inside his barely legal daughter.

From the look on his face, Jack could tell that Daniel really had wanted this for a long time. It wasn’t just a command from Jack, it was genuine. But he remembered reading somewhere that every father thinks about their daughters at some point.

Daniel alternated between his daughters’ pussies, thrusting into one and then the other. Maya and Mia loved how it felt to have their own father fucking them. Needless to say, it didn’t take long in their tight, teenage cunts for Daniel to lose it.

He pulled out and shot his cum, the same cum that made them, all over the two girls’ pussies. At the same time, they climaxed, their juices squirting out and mixing with their father’s jizz.

The sight of that, combined with how Amanda’s ass felt on his shaft, pushed Jack over the edge. He thrust deep inside her bowels and exploded, filling her anus with his seed. He pulled out and cum leaked down to the mature women’s cunt. “Emily, come clean my dick with that sexy mouth of yours. And Mia and Maya, come and clean your mother’s asshole and cunt”, Jack said.

All three of the teens quickly sprang into action, their tongues cleaning every inch of Jack and Amanda. “Now, Mia and Maya, kiss your mother and father goodbye.” The twins went to their father first. He kissed each of them deeply, tasting Jack’s cum on their tongues. Then they kissed brazzers their mother, loving the woman who gave birth to them. “Now, let’s go home”, Jack said and three nubile, satisfied teens followed him to the car.


That night Jack slept between Alicia and Emily again, Maya and Mia asleep on the couch after another evening of fucking. As he slept, he dreamed again.

This time he stood in a room that was empty, except for a canopy bed. On the bed lay a woman in a sheer white gown. She sat up and looked directly at him and beckoned. “Come and sit down, Jack Winters”, she said.

He walked closer and sat at the foot of the bed. She moved closer and looked him directly in his eyes. “I’m glad I was right about you”, she said, a smile on her face. “What are you talking about? Who are you”, Jack said, confused by what was happening.

The woman stood up and stripped off her robe. She walked over to a claw foot bathtub that appeared out of nowhere. The water was warm and bubbly and overflowed onto the floor as she got in. “Come, sit”, she said and motioned to a chair that appeared from nowhere, right next to the tub.

“Not before you tell me who you are and what’s going on”, Jack demanded. “Calm down”, the woman said and the words had a strange, soothing effect on Jack. Despite his reservations, he sat down, his eyes drawn to the women’s body.

Her hair floated on top of the water, but would have hung down her back had it been dry. It was a reddish blonde color and appeared to be wavy. Her eyes were a silverish-blue and her lips were perfectly plump. Her face was the perfect shape, not too pointy and not too round.

As his eyes traveled downward, it was as if the water knew what he wanted and the bubbles disappeared, giving him an unobstructed view. Her breasts were roughly a C cup and perfectly perky. Her stomach was toned, with just a hint of muscle definition, like an athlete.

Her pussy was completely bare of hair, the lips looked as if they’d never been fucked. As his eyes traveled back up her body, he saw her smiling. Then she waved her hand and his clothes disappeared. She nodded as she looked him up and down. “Impressive, especially for a mortal”, she said.

“What do you mean, mortal”, Jack asked, but then he noticed the medallion was missing. “You’re not wearing fake taxi porno the Eye because you are in it, in the deepest parts that even my daughter doesn’t know about”, the woman said as she washed herself. “I’m in the medallion”, Jack repeated, then he realized something.

“Wait, you said your daughter? Does that mean you’re Aphrodite”, he asked. “I am”, she said as she sat up and washed her breasts. “What do I have to do to prove my worth to the stone? I want to keep its power”, Jack said, remembering what Helen told him about the stone testing him.

Aphrodite laughed at this. “The Eye is just a conduit. The power was always in Helen. I just didn’t want her to realize how powerful she could be. Just look at what she did with the little power she knew about. She destroyed an entire nation. As for the test, it’s I that am testing you. And I think you may be worthy of the power.”

Jack perked up when he heard this, excited at the thought that he might be able to keep this power he loved so much. “What about this final test Helen mentioned”, Jack asked. “It’s simple really”, Aphrodite said. “All you have to do is enter the realm of the Eye where Helen is trapped and subdue her.”

“That’s it”, Jack said, chuckling a little. “That shouldn’t be any problem.” “Oh, it won’t be as easy as you think”, Aphrodite said. “You won’t have the power of the Eye on your side. You’ll have to overcome her through sheer force of will. And if you fail, she will trap you there for eternity. She will take possession of your body and wreak havoc on the earth.”

Jack took a deep breath as he realized what was at stake. “And what if I decide not to take this test?” “I will not wait forever”, Aphrodite said. “If you choose not to test your will against Helen’s, I will cause the Eye to seek out a new master.”

“But I hope you will. In the three thousand years since I trapped my daughter, I haven’t met someone who I thought could handle the power. Every one of the men who gained possession of the eye tried to use it to destroy and hurt others. You may manipulate the minds of the women around you, but you use that power to bring them pleasure”, Aphrodite said.

Jack looked at the goddess as she stood up and wrapped a robe around herself. She walked overto the bed and sat down on the end of it. Jack stood before her, weighing the options before him. “Alright, I’ll do it”, he said. “Send me to her.” The goddess nodded and suddenly there was a flash of light and everything vanished.

To be continued…

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