The Meeting in Alaska

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You were a complete stranger that I have never seen, but I had had many emails from you and our conversation were beginning to become quite intimate, but through these emails I felt that I had begun to get to know you really well.

We decided that it was time we met in the flesh.

I was nervous about meeting you, you knew how long it had been since my last relationship, but at the same time I was eager to see you, and to get to know you, to see if all that chemistry from our correspondence reflected in our meeting.

As the nature of your working condition was very stressful and not very pleasing to the eye, we wanted to meet somewhere where we could breath the fresh air, and feel the openness of the area, the destination was decided, it was to be Alaska.

The hours were drawing closer, and our first meeting was to become a reality. Nerves from me were paramount; I hoped my shyness would be endearing to you.

We had arrange to meet in the local national park, where the smell from lush green trees was intimate, but yet in the surrounding area you could see the snow peaks in the distant, the view was outstanding. It made the location of our meeting perfect.

Whilst I was looking around the surrounding area, a tall dark haired guy caught my attention, the strapping physic of him was outstanding, as you became closer towards me, a saw a glint in your eye, and you were holding a bunch of tulips, could this be you?

Sure enough after few Kurtköy Escort moments, you greeted me with a huge smile on your face, this longed for meeting was overwhelming with excitement, desire, lust, and yet at some shyness.

After a few moments, of pleasantries we decided on walking along the trail, just chatting and glancing at one another, trying to suss out each others feelings, a playful banter began throughout our conversation, and each time I felt your hand touch me a surge of emotion swept through me, I wondered if you felt the same. My lust for you was beginning to control me.

Shortly, after our stroll viewing the landscape we paused near a huge tree to rest, it was here you gazed into my eyes, your hand move some hair that had fallen into my face, the sheer excitement and intensity of the moment was electrifying.

Sensing this, you leaned forward and kissed me, to which I responded, the urgency and need of the kissing became extremely intense and desire and need outweighed any inhibitions and fear of being caught. Our hands began tugging at each other’s clothing, the coldness of the mountain air became apparently as the loosening of clothing began, but that didn’t stop us.

You positioned me against the tree, your hands and fingers roamed down my body feeling my ample breasts, your tongue eagerly explored my very erect nipples from the excite ness of your touch and briskness of the cold.

Within minutes, you were fully aroused, Maltepe Escort an outline of your large cock was apparent in your jeans. I wanted you, and you knew it.

You noticed a broken tree trunk, pulling me towards it, you thrust me round and lifted up my flimsy skirt, revealing a lacy thong, your hands slipped inside my thong and your fingers moved towards my wet pussy, eagerly waiting for your touch. I can hear the excitement in your breathing at my cheek and feel your bulging cock against me.

Whilst your hands are probing inside my pussy, leaning up against you, I move my hands and start grasping at your jeans, undoing the button and zipper, waiting to release to your cock. Your cock falls from the jeans; you don’t have any boxers on.

We both are fully turned on, removing one of your hands from my wet pussy, you push me forward, dropping to your knees, I can feel your breathe against my bum. I feel your part my pussy lips, your tongue enters my pussy, no teasing, no messing, straight into my pussy, wanting you so much as I have desired, I feel I am going to cum in one licking motion, without a care in the world, my moans echo though the woods. Your tongue explores deep inside my pussy, flicking at my clit, and going back deep inside me, tasting the very wet juices that are seeping between my lips and onto my thighs.

Just after a few moments of you licking and exploring my clit, I let out a loud moan you know I am about to cum, with vigorous Tuzla Escort movements from your tongue flicking on my clit, my juice begin to flow as my orgasm explodes in your mouth, your mouth tries to suck up each and every drop of my juices. Easing off with the intensity of your tongue your hands grips hold of my pelvis, I drop to my hands and knees.

I can feel your cock jabbing at my cunt, using your hand you guide it into my moist pussy, you thrust hard into me, your hand returns back to my pelvis, pulling me towards, you being to pump me. I can feel you deep inside my pussy, still heavily turned on, your thrusting and throbbing inside begins to turn me on again, now and again your hands moves up my back and grabbing at tit before returning to my waist. I hear your grunting, the heavy breathing the feel of you fucking me. After several moments of hard firm desiring needing fucking, I feel you’re cum pour into my heavily wet pussy.

You slow down, lift me towards you, at a sideways angle our mouths find each other, our tongues darts in each others mouth, my hand reaches up towards your neck, for further support, whilst your cock is still inside me, you move one of your hands and began to masturbate my clit, within a few short moments of your fingers on my clit, I begin to moan with intense pleasure whilst still kissing you, I cum again.

The initial desire satisfied, you remove your cock; we rest on the ground pulling some initial clothing back onto us, as the cold is really noticeable now, before resting and laughing at what just occurred.

After being there for some minutes, we gather up the rest of our clothing and walk back towards the entrance of the woods where we decide to go for something to eat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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