The Misty Valley Cooperative Ch. 01

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I have written three stories that parallel each other. They are “Our Secret”, “Jason’s Journey” and “The Airplane Ride Home”. The first two take place in or around the fictional California town of Misty Valley. They mention the corporation MVC Enterprises.

This story is a crossover, bringing the disparate characters together. It will also attempt to resolve some of the issues in unfinished stories. What happened to Jamie and Sam from “The Airplane Ride Home”? What about Jason and his rapidly expanding family in “Jason’s Journey”?

This crossover will answer those question and expand their stories. Oh! And it’s kind of long. Bear with me!

After this story, the characters will populate a new multi-part opus called “The Misty Valley Chronicles”

Your comments and votes are what drives me. A story line that gets low participation, low votes and/or low or no comments, I drop assuming no interest.

All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years old. This is a work of fiction.

Chapter 1

Accompanied by Keith, Sam strode confidently through the terminal. He had been gone a little more than 60 days. Yet it seemed a lifetime. College and the exposure to Angie and Keith Cocohran’s life style had changed him, matured him.

He waved when he saw his mom and dad standing by the baggage claim. As usual dad was dressed like he was going to a board meeting, suit, tie and well shined shoes.

His mom looked sleeker. She obviously had loss some weight. The yellow sleeveless sundress showed off her sizeable cleavage while draping nicely over her slimmer hips and ass. It did not diminish her curves, just made them more pronounced, more delectable. She was tanned. It gave her warm earth mother glow.

Sam warmly embraced his mother. Their bodies pressed together. They fit together like two parts of a mold. He felt the subtle pressure of her mons against his crotch. They were at once mother and son and lovers, comfortable with how their bodies felt to each other. He resisted the temptation to let his hands slide down and cup her ass. He turned to his father and warmly pumped his hand.

“Mom, dad, this is my friend Keith Cocohran I told you about!”

“Welcome, Keith, we hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Albertson” Keith eyed Jamie critically. She was all that Sam said she was. He could detect the shy sultriness Sam mentioned. He suspected there were unplumbed depths to her sexuality.

John Albertson was ambivalent as he eyed the two young men. When Sam called to say that they were invited to spend Thanksgiving with the Cocohran’s his business antenna popped up. Tom Cocohran was the CEO of the fastest growing IT company in the state, MVC Enterprises. It was an international company with branches worldwide. An alliance with this behemoth would be a natural fit for his export/import business.

On the other hand, the company’s compound in Misty Valley, California was rumored to be a throwback to the 60’s hippy free love days. He heard tales of casual nudity and sex.

He was not sure if he wanted his wife in such a permissive environment. Jamie was different since she began her affair with their son. She was more concerned about how she looked. She started working out and taking walks. He had to admit she looked sleeker, sexier. She had spent a small fortune on new clothes. All of which complimented her new body.

Sexually she was insatiable. He was having difficulty keeping up. There were times when he wished Sam was home. He mentally shook himself. Those kinds of thoughts filled his mind lately. It was worse since that evening in the campground.

His cock stirred as he is recalled for the countless time the salacious memory of the young man fucking Jamie. He recalled him cumming on Jamie’s back. He could still hear her surprised groan. Then he fucked her while John held her head to preventing her from seeing who it was. He was ashamed of that act and the arousal it still caused in him.

He trailed behind as they walked to pick up the rental car. The plan was to spend the night at home then drive to Misty Valley. It was a five hour drive. They would arrive late on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

* * *

Jamie woke early Wednesday morning with a barely suppressed excitement. Her baby was home! She never thought she could miss anyone this much.

Her body reacted on two levels. At one level she was the mother whose child had returned to the safety of her bosom. At another the nipples on those same breasts ached for his mouth. The womb that nurtured him for those nine long months now wanted to feel the head of his cock pressing against. The same pussy that was his birth canal ached for his cock to fill it.

Her baby was home. And so was her lover.

She rose on one elbow and looked at her soundly sleeping husband. Affectionately she ran her hand over his shoulder. They had come a long way since the days they fucked on his office desk. She shivered fetiş escort in remembered excitement of the construction workers watching them through the office window. That had been twenty long years ago.

Somehow, as the business grew, their love of exhibitionism waned. If the truth be told, it was John who ended their practice of high risk sex. His concern about their reputation and the reputation of the business put the kibosh on high risk sex.

Shortly after that they found she was pregnant with Sam. They went from sexually adventuresome twentysomethings to staid and conventional parents. It stayed that way until that fateful night on the airplane. Jamie’s hand found its way to her pussy as the memory of illicit sex with her son flooded her memory. In truth, it was never far away.

Fucking Sam at 30,000 feet with John drunk and sleep next to them rekindled her love of sex in risky places. It was supposed to be John fucking her. She convinced her husband to join the five mile high club. In the confusion caused by the fog of alcohol Sam, her sweet baby, took his father’s place. That incestuous coupling rekindled her exhibitionism.

Then John walked in on her and Sam fucking in the Infirmary. The row they had was epic. But the entire time his cock was hard. He was aroused watching she and Sam fuck.

Then, in the campground, he would not let her look while a total stranger fucked her. Her husband held her head so she could not see who it was. She could still feel that strange cock sliding into her. Anyone could have seen them. Jamie shivered at the incredible kinkiness of that moment.

Jamie turned and sat on the edge of the bed. She stared at the closed bedroom door. Sam was just down the hall. Sam and his friend Keith slept not ten feet away.

In their phone calls Jamie sensed Sam was changing, maturing. She knew he was having sex with the coeds. She felt the twinge of jealousy that any mother feels when her son discovers there are other females besides his mother.

Additionally, she felt the jealousy of a lover who fears losing out to another woman. She would go one step further, push pass one more limit to preserve her place in his life. She knew that someday he would find his mate. She also knew there would always be a place for him in her home, in her heart and between her thighs.

She figuratively shook herself out of her reverie. She stood. Her reflection in the mirror caught her eye. She raised her gown above her breasts pirouetted slowly. She had been going to the gym twice a week since they got home from dropping off Sam. She had lost 20 pounds and it showed. She would never be svelte but she had tightened things up a little. A word from an article she read popped into her head, zaftig. That’s what she was. A mature woman with a full rounded figure.

She started down the hall and slowed as she passed Sam’s room. She looked in at the sleeping college students. They added a cot for Sam’s friend when he told them he was bringing a friend home.

Sam was on his back. Her pussy flooded as she saw the tent his morning wood made in the sheet. Her tongue moistened her dry lips. She thought of her son cumming in her mouth. Dear god she loved that! The musky, salty taste of Sam’s sperm coating her tongue and mouth and then sliding deliciously down her throat, filling her belly was orgasmic in itself.

And the volume! The sheer mouth filling quantity of his ejaculate was mind blowing. She felt so wanton when it overflowed her mouth and ran down her cheeks and chin. A tremor shook her body.

She glanced over and saw that Keith was awake. He was on his side on his elbow smiling at her.

“Good morning, Mrs. Albertson.”

Keith surveyed the woman he heard so much about. He expected to see Melissa McCarthy. In fact, Sam’s mother was more a Samantha Morton. She was a big woman but shapely.

“Uh…good morning, Keith. I…uh…was just checking to see if you guys were up. I’m on my way to start breakfast.”

The sheet was around Keith’s waist. Jamie could see he was a shorter slimmer version of her son. As her eyes moved down his body, she could see his morning wood tenting the sheet. He was not much smaller than Sam there. She unconsciously licked her lips.

“Here, I’ll use the bathroom and keep you company while you cook, if that is ok.”

Keith threw back the sheet and stood up. He was naked. Jamie’s eyes widened as they trailed down from his naturally hairless chest past his flat abdomen to his shaved pubic area. His cock was shorter than Sam’s but much fatter. It reminded her of a 7″ club with its thickness.

“Good morning, mom!”

Jamie was so entranced looking at Keith’s nude body, she did not realize her son woke up. She watched as he stood, his 9″ morning wood slapping lightly against his belly. His chest was hairy. She saw that he filled out. He was no longer her chubby baby. She could see the tall heavy set man he would gaziantep fetiş escort become.

She squealed as Keith brushed past her on his way to the hall bathroom. His cock brushed her thigh, leaving a wet streak of pre cum.

“Good morning Sam. I was telling Keith I was going to make breakfast.”

Sam smiled as he witnessed the scene between his mother and Keith. He took the few steps across the room and embraced her. Jamie returned his embrace and kissed him lightly on the lips. She felt his hands grabbed the hem of her gown and robe, pulling them around her waist. She groaned as he cupped her still ample ass.

“Mom, you look great! You have been exercising, haven’t you?”

Jamie blushed. “Yes! I just wanted to…look..!”

“I understand! And I appreciate it.”

“Baby, I have missed you so much,” she moaned into his mouth. Their tongues began their familiar caress, moving easily from inside her mouth to inside his. She was not surprised when she felt a third hand caress her ass.

“Sam, she is all you said she was.”

Embarrassed but enjoying the attention of the two young men, Jamie pushed her son away. Sam’s hands dropped to her waist. She could feel Keith’s hand gently caressing her ass.

“Sam, you weren’t supposed to talk about…about what…you know!”

“You mean about you being the greatest mom and best lover any man could have? I wish I could tell the world! Anyway, Keith and his family have a similar arrangement.”

Jamie was shocked and intrigued. Her reading told her that family sex was not unheard of throughout history. One writer suggested that Oedipus knew the woman he married was his mother. After reading that, she rode poor John until he asked for a break. She felt herself getting gooey wet.

Keith walked past Jamie. His naked hip brushed hers as he passed. He went to his back pack. Jamie gasped as he bent at the waist to retrieve a pair of jeans. His balls were the size of hen’s eggs.

“Well, don’t tell your father. And maybe we should agree not to be…mmm… to wear clothes.”

She stroked her son’s face with the back of her hand. “I know you told me on the phone, but are you sure you are over the concussion?”

Sam smiled and nodded his head. “The doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

* * *

Sam’s memories of that fateful day in the infirmary were vague. The doctor told him that some memory lost was possible. He likened it to a football player who gets his bell rung. In a lot of cases, he will continue to play but have little or no memory of playing.

Short blurred scenes randomly popped into his head. In one scene was he was in a whitish room and mom was giving him one of her excellent blowjobs. Another scene was mom riding him while dad watched. To the best of his knowledge that could not have happened. Then loud voices followed by him watching mom suck off dad.

He tried to ask his mother about it in his weekly phone calls home. Strangely, his father always seemed to be there. He could never get a chance to query her about that day on campus. His cock got hard as his one clear memory crystalized. He fell out of the RV and got the concussion because he walked in on his mom giving his father a blowjob. It was incredible to see her big tits hanging out while her cheeks were concave from sucking.

He smiled as he shook his head recalling the moment. It was a month to Thanksgiving break. He could ask her then. He rubbed his open hand over the bulge in his jeans. The girls on campus were great but they could not compare with his mother.

“Hey, if you are going to jack off here, I’ll leave and come back.”

Sam turned and looked into the smiling face of his roommate, Keith Cocohran. Keith was a trust fund baby. His parents were living but saw a trust fund as the best way to teach him the value of money. He got a small income from the trust. His parents lived in a central California town called Misty Valley.

The stories Keith told about growing up there strained credulity. It seemed everybody was fucking everybody else. He even claimed his father was his mother’s son.

“I would but I don’t want to embarrass you by letting you see the size of my cock.”

Keith made a pretense of looking intently around the room. “Wait a minute while I find a magnifying glass otherwise I won’t be able to see the little thing!”

They both roared with laughter. Keith plopped down in the wooden straight back chair by the desk. He wiped the tears from his eyes and then folded his arms across his chest.

“By the way, you will get a chance to meet my older sister, Angela. She is coming down for the weekend.”

Angie was three years older than Keith. She was the one who awakened him to the mysteries of sex. For the year prior to Keith leaving for college they shared a close intimate and exclusive relationship.

Now she was coming to visit.

“Look, I can bunk somewhere else if gaziantep fetiş escort you want some privacy!”

Keith smiled broadly. Although he had told his friend about the open sexual life style at home, Sam was having trouble wrapping his head around it. “Sam, I’m more concerned about how you react. It’ll be a lot different than me fucking a coed or us sharing one, this will be my sister!”

“Sharing one,” Sam exclaimed, “You mean you would share your sister with me?”

“That will be up to her! But you are the best friend I have! I would definitely share her with you!”

* * *

Angela Cocohran stepped from her new 1994 BMW 325i. She wore a short faded jean skirt and powder blue shirt with her clunky black sandals. As usual she wore no bra or panties. Her black air was pulled back in a ponytail that swished fluidly at shoulder length. Her large breasts swayed gently as she walked across the campus of Cabrillo College. Her long slim legs were bare and tanned. There was a glow of health and sexuality about her. The oversized sunglasses covered her eyes. She reminded people of Christy Turlington with tits!

She was aware of the sensation she created as she made her way to the Student Union to meet Keith. At 21, she knew the effect she had on men… and a lot of the women. However, despite her outwardly serene appearance, she was in turmoil. After two months of not seeing her brother and lover, she realized she needed to see him. The mores of the Misty Valley compound said that all things were possible. But society rejected the open life style to which she was accustomed.

She wanted to have Keith’s babies. Her parents, Tom and Chrissie Cocohran were son and mother. They encouraged her to pursue her life but admonished her about carrying that life outside of the compound. Yet here she was.

Her heart jumped when she saw her brother waving at her to get her attention. He looked so like his father. Tall, rangy with a shock of unruly black hair. His brown eyes had a slightly almond shape, his skin a soft nutty brown like her own. He wore camo pants and tee shirt with his sandals

Standing next to him was a large muscular boy with penetrating blue eyes. He was half a head taller than Keith’s 6 feet.

“Hey, sis,” Keith said embracing his sister. The kiss they exchanged was definitely not one siblings usually gave. Their tongues played briefly

“Hi Baby! I have really missed you!”

Keith wrapped his arm familiarly around his sister’s waist, his hand resting on the upper portion of her butt. “This is Sam, the guy I told you about!”

Sam took the soft tanned hand that Angela offered. “It’s good to finally meet the woman that your brother talks so much about. I just have one complaint!”

Angie raised a well-shaped eyebrow while puzzlement crossed Keith’s face.

“Keith will be a great lawyer one day but he fell real short in describing you! You are a knockout!”

Despite herself, Angie blushed. “Flattery will get you everything,” she laughed!

“Well, why the sudden visit,” Keith said?

Angie’s eyes smoldered as she gazed at her brother. “I missed you, Baby! And I don’t mean just the sex! I miss seeing you, holding you, feeling you touch me!”

Sam blushed deeply at hearing such a searing declaration of love from a brother and sister! What he felt for his mom was different. He loved having sex with her and he loved her as his mother, but he was not sure he loved her so unconditionally outside of those relationships. He felt a twinge of jealousy. What Keith and Angela had was unique and special! “Look guys, like I said, I can bunk in another dorm room to give you guys some privacy!”

Angie pushed her glasses up on her forehead. She turned her liquid pools of deep blue eyes on Sam. “Sam, we don’t need privacy. We just need each other. Love is sex but sex is not always about love!” She reached out and slid her open palm over Sam’s crotch. “Besides, I hear you are a hell of a cocksman! I want some of this cock later!”

* * *

The three friends lay in the bed in the boys’ dorm room. They were naked and chatting about their lives. Angie sat between the boys with her legs crossed. She idly stroked each cock in turn.

Sam was struck by the casualness of the scene. He and Keith sat with their backs against the head board. He could see the puffy wetness of her pussy. Her juices hung on her vaginal lips like dew. Her nipples were hard and rigid.

The three of them knew they were going to have sex, but there was no rush. They were savoring the moment. Letting the tension build.

“How did you and your mom start fucking, Sam?”

Sam related the airplane ride six months previous. How his mother and father were drinking waiting for a delayed flight. He related the confusion about the seats and how he fucked his mother’s pussy and her ass.

“Mmmm, that sounds so hot! Was she reluctant from then on?”

“Not actually! She seemed to really want it. Her only concern was that my dad might catch us. But the more we had sex, the less she worried about it!”

Angie held each of their cocks in her hand. She went back and forth. First licking Keith then Sam. While she licked one, she stroked the other.

“But my father may have caught us. I’m not sure what happened after I got the concussion. But everything seems okay.”

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