The Moment it Almost Ended

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Ryan could not believe it. After 6 weeks, his life was on the floor. His new client project was struggling. One of his daughters had crashed into a car and was in a cast. His wife was angry for being passed over for a promotion. And now, his relationship with Summer was probably gone. Emotion rolled over him. Not since his mother died, Ryan shed tears. He was glad he was along in his hotel room.

Just 24 hours before he was lying in bed. Happy as he could be. In his arms was his panting lover Summer. They had just had another epic round of sex. He was content. He was exhausted.

They had started with dinner at a new sushi place in downtown Birmingham. Over sake and chopsticks, they had caught up since the week before. Here, they were two friends meeting after work for dinner. But anyone who watched them for a while noticed something deeper. A connection. That look in her eyes when he said something witty. Her laugh was from the heart. This was a couple playing a match of tennis. Back and forth. Flirtatious statements meant to amuse. The next statement to up the previous one.

After the great food and banter, they both walked to their cars in the parking lot across the street. Ever the gentleman, Ryan opened her door and helped her in. A hug and a kiss on the cheek. And they both drove off. What those watching didn’t realize is that they were both headed to the same place. The Renaissance was just a few miles away. While Ryan gave Summer that hug at her car, he had also slipped his room key into her jacket pocket. The kiss on the cheek hid the whisper of the room number.

30 minutes later, they were in the room together. Summer had barely entered the room and she was already on her knees. His cock in her mouth. This was a couple in desperate need of each other. Pure lust. Passion. Summer loved the feel of his cock in her mouth. As she bobbed up and down, she felt his balls. They were heavy. She could feel the weight of his cum. She wanted it. She sped up. His hands on her hair. He never forced her, but she loved the feel of his hands on her head. Guiding her. Encouraging her. His moans told her what she already knew – she could feel the head of his cock swelling. He was going to cum. The first time never took him long – hence the blow job fully clothed. He loved it. She loved it. She heard him tell her he was going to cum – and there is was. It has been a week – it was a big load. She loved the taste. She loved knowing this was hers – no one elses. She looked up into his eyes and winked. She loved the control, the power.

Swiftly, Ryan picked her up to her feet. He kissed her deeply. Summer knew no man who would kiss her after a blowjob. But his passion never stopped him, no matter the taste. After a few minutes, he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He slid her jacket off, pushed up her skirt, and pushed her panties to the side. It was now his turn. Summer loved that Ryan has no qualms going down on her. He would lick and suck and play and pleasure for as long as she wanted. She felt his tongue slide up and down her lips. The tease at her clit. The penetration of a finger. God – this man was good. He turned her on. Drove her wild. And made her feel things she hadn’t for years.

Swiftly, he moved up and kissed her. Ryan then flipped her over, got her on her hands and knees. And he slide deep inside her. Not rough. But strong. Not forceful. But deliberate. A single long stroke until his cock was buried all the way. She purred and moaned, relishing the feeling. Ryan was a great man. Warm, gentle, passionate, strong, confident. She was in love with him – but she also loved that Ryan was an incredible lover.

Very quickly, their sex became swift. Passionate. He reach down and wrapped his hands over her breasts. Pulled her back. And started to say naughty things into her year.

“I love fucking you Summer.” Faster.

“I love how warm and tight your pussy feels on my cock.” Deeper.

“I love knowing you are mine. All mine. Your pussy is mine.” Faster.

“I love filling you with my cum …” and in a moment of passion – she felt it. He came. Ryan was not like others. He did not thrust a few times, cum, and then pull out and be done. Ryan continued to fuck Summer. Long deep thrusts. And he didn’t stop. He kept going knowing Summer would follow. Just as he finished a last thrust, he reached down and slid his finger over her clit. After just a few touches he felt her begin to cum. He could tell – her pussy clamped down on his cock. She let out a guttural moan. And she threw her head back and closed her eyes. Only when he felt her body relax did Ryan slow down. Stop.

Ryan slowly slid out and stood up. He grabbed two bottles of water and two towels from the bathroom. As he turned to go back into the bedroom and there she was. Getting up, slowly undressing. Flashing that smile that made him melt. She continued to walk to him and said ‘Get undressed. I need a shower. And you are my shower buddy.”

Over the next 15 minutes they Anadolu Yakası Escort undressed, showered, and washed each other. After slow teasing by moth, Ryan lifted Summer up and pushed her against the walls. He slide inside as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. They kissed as Ryan slowly made love to Summer. Not like before – his was all about two people, living separate lives, coming together. That moment where career, family, and responsibility feel to the wayside. The came together, with Summer burning her face in his neck. No words this time. Just that look into each other’s eyes.

It wouldn’t be long before Summer had to leave. They dried off and curled up together on the bed. They talked about their day tomorrow. They had become more than lovers, but best friends. They listened to each other. They offered advice. This time had become precious. The pressure was gone. No competition. No need to be perfect. Just two equals, in love, sharing.

Noticing the time, Ryan decided he would give Summer one more opportunity. Pulling her close, he began to kiss her neck. Summer could tell immediately his plan – both the move to her weak spot and the growing cock under her. Ryan spun her so she was on top of him and moved his mouth down to her breasts. He loved how she responded as he began to suck her nipples. She squirmed on top of him. He could feel her getting wet again. Her wet pussy was rubbing against her thigh. Without moving his mouth, he guided her hips so she was right over him. Summer knew what he wanted. She reached down and began to stroke his cock. God she loved it. Not too big, definitely not too small. Thick enough to make her feel full, but not hurt. Quickly, she moved over, lifted up, and slide down on his cock. So full. She loved the feeling of his cock. The first time she saw it, she was shocked. It was hair free. Ryan waxed his cock and balls. It was so smooth. So soft. And when it entered her, it felt so raw. Ryan now had both of her tits in his hands, his mouth on her right nipple. She was bouncing up and down on his cock. Not her favorite position, but the power and control suited her. She looked straight down at him and the words escaped her mouth.

“Oh Ryan, I love your cock.” Up. Down.

“You fill me up so good.” Up. Down.

“I am fucking you. This is my cock.” Up. Down.

“Don’t you dare come until I tell you!” Up. Down.

She heard him grunt and felt him expand. He was about to come. She was going to let him – and got a devilish idea. “If you come now I will punish you!” she screamed. And he couldn’t hold back. She felt him quiver and explode inside her. A few strokes and she took control. She quickly lifted off his cock, slid up his body, and planted her pussy on his mouth. Grabbing his hair she said “You came to soon – so make me come” knowing what this mean. Ryan didn’t hesitate. He slid his tongue and tasted the mixed taste of their sex. Quickly moving to her clit, he began to suck on it. Using the trail of liquid on his chest, left by Summer, he wet his finger. And slowly, while still sucking on her clit, pushed his finger into her arse. Summer instantly clenched her thighs tighter around her head and grabbed two fistfuls of his hair. She rode his mouth and tongue until she came as well. It was a strong orgasm for her as well. She felt her cum soak his face.

As Summer began to slow down, she rolled to the side. Ryan’s face was wet – and he pulled her close and kissed her. She could taste both of them. It made her weak. She loved that this man had no rules with her. They were so uninhibited.

Quickly, she jumped back in the shower. She had to dress and get home. She hated leaving Ryan – but they didn’t risk overnights in her home town. But soon, they would both be in Miami for work. That work was being extended a few days, but it was work.

She kissed him deeply and told him they would see each other tomorrow. And Summer quickly made it to her car and headed home.

Ryan was worn out. A shower of his own and then he headed down to swim a bit. He needed to stretch out his muscles. Get his mind off Summer. A quick text of ‘I hate it when you leave me like that ;)’ – but the ‘ 😉 ‘ part was a second line. It didn’t go through. Not realizing this, he got into the water to swim.

45 minutes later Ryan exited the pool. As he dried off he looked at his phone. Summer had texted him a few times – and she was clearly angry. ‘Oh shit’ he said, noticing he forgot the wink. So he hit send. By the time he got to his room, Summer was even angrier. He as laughing at her reaction? She felt used. Like this was just about a fuck. He felt like she was overreacting. He tried to explain his mistake. That just made her angrier. She quickly shut down her phone and went to bed. But she couldn’t sleep. She was seething. Was this just sex to Ryan? Was he just taking advantage of her?

Ryan was shocked. He had no idea how their communication got so out of line. Their relationship was passionate. Emotional. Like a bullet train. He went to be knowing he had to fix this. But he was not aware of just how angry she was.

Ryan woke up and sent a text early. He wanted Summer to know he was sorry. She didn’t write back. Not until his second text of the morning, after his first meeting. Her response was short. He tried to pry, but was shut down. Back and forth they went all morning, with his anger now building. When she final told him how angry was she was – he felt ashamed. He never wanted Summer to felt used. No this was not just sex. This was so much more. But as the texting continued, it got out of hand. Now Ryan was angry. He was so not focused all afternoon. He had a presentation not go well. He realized he had to fix the content and do it again in the morning. He told Summer ‘We might have to cut tonight short – I have a lot of work to for tomorrow’ and Summer stopped in her tracks. He was going to time box her? Now their intimacy had limits. Summer’s text back was ‘OK. I am busy too. Let’s just skip tonight’ and Ryan’s heart stop. They had never cancelled. They had worked side by side in bed together. They had met at 11 PM after a late work dinner. But this was something else. He tried to back peddle with text, but she didn’t respond.

Ryan sat in his room. It was 7 PM. There was a barely touched hamburger on the bed from room service. A bottle of Jack Daniels he got at the CVS across the street was beside him. He knew he had fucked up. The one thing that made him feel alive every day, he had torpedoed. Ryan connected his phone to the speaker next to the bed, selected one of his playlists for the gym. It was aggressive music. Heavy. Dark. Slayer. Pantera. Overkill. Megadeth. And he began to write. Being in the creative business, Ryan found that writing was therapeutic. He wrote. His glass was empty. He refilled it. The playlist had ended. He restarted it. Another drink. Another restart of the playlist. The words flew on the page. Pages later, he realized that he could not let Summer get away. He looked at the clock. It was 3 am. He called down to the front desk. How early would someone be in that could do errands? 5:30 am. Ok please send them up.

Ryan pulled a Thank You card out of his laptop case. He still believed in writing hand written thank you notes. It was personal. And he wrote


Thank you for your time. I look forward for the opportunity to work together in the future. I have sent my proposal to the email you gave me.

Best – Ryan”

Ryan knew Summer would understand. They had set up email addresses for each other. To share thoughts and messages. To that, he sent an email:


I apologize for what took place the last 24 hrs. I tried to make a funny joke and that clearly backfired. I love you and never want to take you for granted.

I know we have to be careful, but I wanted to do something. To show you how I feel. How much I care. How much I love you. How much I want you in my life. There is a messenger who is going to be at your car at 11:30. Please be there.

Love – Ryan”

Ryan took a shower and waited until the knock on his door. He handed the gentleman the card and a set of instructions. Plus two one hundred dollar bills. Ryan then got to work on his presentation for the day. He head was focused. He purposely did not look at this phone. He knew there could be something from Summer. He wanted to wait.

Summer got up and looked at her phone. No text. She was still angry – but she also knew she had overreacted. Ryan never took advantage of her. Even when she was spread eagle, tied, and blindfolded, she always trusted him. And then the back and forth. And the plans about tonight. Sigh. A busy day, but she needed to fix this.

She got to work, got to her desk, and heard her assistant come in. She had something from a messenger. This early? They were waiting for us when the first person got here. It was an envelope. The address – local. She opened it. She saw a small envelope. And there is was. Her name in his handwriting. What had he done? She opened it, worried it would be too personal. At work. She read it and she smiled. But noticed the subtle hint. Check your email.

Off to her laptop, she pulled up gmail. Opened another window and entered the address she had created for him. And there was his email. 11:30? She looked at her calendar. She could do that. She wanted to text him – but decided to wait.

At 11:25, she got up and walked out to her car. Already waiting for her, a gentleman with flowers. A dozen roses. Red, pink, white, yellow. And another card.

“Love, friendship, trust, inspiration

My deepest apologies.

I love you”

The gentleman spoke after she finished reading. “Ma’am, I am to ask you what you want to do with these. I can give them to you. I can deliver them everywhere else. Or I can return them to where they came and you can see them later.” Summer’s heart soared. This man, only knowing him for around six weeks, loved her. He knew they had to be discrete, but he also wanted to be romantic. To apologize as a man should, but without taking too big a risk. She smiled, knew what to do, and told the man he could take them back and she would see them later.

Back in her office, she took out a piece of paper. She wrote

“Thank you. I apologize too. See you later” and left a large impression of her lips under it. A quick photo, sent as a text, and she put it into her shredder.

Ryan felt his phone vibrate. He checked the time, 11:52. That could be her. He looked and smiled. He sent a note back.

“Room service. 7 PM. I just want to hold you.”

A few hours later, Ryan walked out of the bathroom. He saw Summer curled up under the covers. The dinner cart was on the side of the room. They had eaten. They had just cuddled. And then Summer had pulled out a scarf from her purse. She had wanted to play. He was going to have the marks on his wrist for a day or two. He had both of his hands over his head. She had teased him. Played with him.

She had stroked his cock slowly. She told him all the naughty things he had done. How he was going to be punished. She licked up the length of his cock. He so wanted his cock in her mouth – but no. She was in control. This was her time. She ran her tongue over the head. It was rock hard. She could feel him trying to lift his hips. ‘No No’ she said … and softly smacked his cock. You do what I say.

She knew what she was going to do. Ryan loved her ass. He teased it. Touched it. Loved to slide his finger inside. He wanted more of it, but they hadn’t gone there. But she decided that before he got more, she wanted a piece of his. This was that time. She slowly grabbed his cock harder … and began to tell him how she could not wait to suck it. Slide it down her throat. And with her other hand, she slide inside herself. She was wet. She ran her finger over his lips … and told him to lick it. He did and moaned. He licked. He took the finger in his mouth as she pushed it between his lips. Ryan was leaking precum. More than she had ever seen. She used her finger so she could taste it. She ran it along his lips as well. She was feeling so naughty. Slowly, she lifted his cock so it was vertical, and began to run her tongue around the head. She took the head into her mouth. And she decided it was time. Again, her finger entered her. She slid it in and out. Got it very wet. And as she took half of his cock in her mouth, she slowly lifted his balls. And slid her finger down until it teased his arse. She rubbed it around, and at the same time – took his entire cock into her mouth while sliding her finger inside his ass. His entire body stiffened. He cried out in shock. Summer used the saliva on his cock for more lubrication. Her finger entered his ass easier. She got deeper. She was looking for something they had talked about. A move to the back. Pushed deeper. There is was. It felt like a small rubber ball. His prostrate. And from what he said, the male version of his gspot. She let his cock slip out of her mouth as she began to rub it. His cock jumped. A river of precum. And Ryan looked right at her. She knew what she was doing. This was his greatest weakness. A flick of the tongue on his cock. A push deeper. His body tensed. Minutes later she felt his ass clench her finger. And she held his cock straight up as he came. It was explosive. It launched all over his chest. Some landed on her. She continued to coax his ass and cock. She began to slow down and let him complete his orgasm. Ryan was breathing heavy. As she slid her finger out of her ass, she reached up and untied the scarf. The passion and fire in his eyes was unmatched. Within seconds he had picked her up, carried her to the shower, and put her on the bench. Swiftly, he grabbed her ankles, lifted her legs high, spread them apart, and slide his semi hard cock deeply inside. Ryan put the legs on his shoulders and he fucked her with abandon. She had never seen this. He was pure lust. No words, just grunts and moans. It didn’t take long for Ryan to explode inside her, nor long for him to turn off the water and carry her to the bed. He took her from behind and became verbal. ‘So you think you can take my ass do you … maybe it’s time I take yours’ as his fingers rubbed all over her. ‘No, I will save that. For when you least expect it. When you are tied up and all mine. Right now, I am just going to fuck you silly’ and proceeded to fuck Summer harder, faster, and deeper than ever before. She felt every inch of her body on fire. She felt herself ready to cum. She felt herself pass out.

His memories behind him, He smiled and went to her. Happy this was past. Happy that they had worked through it. Happy they were so comfortable with each other. Happy he found her. He went to wake her up. She smiled as she opened her eyes. Ryan told her the time – time to go. Summer pulled him close and said ‘No, I am out of town for a meeting tomorrow morning. I am not going anywhere. So come hold me close.’ As Summer drifted off in his arms, Ryan told Summer ‘I love you. I am sorry. Let’s not do that again’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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