The Movie

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Cum Bukkake

It was coming up on 8 am when I arrived at the non descript Los Angeles building to make pornographic movies. As I entered the office the producer looked up from behind his mahogany desk and greeted me.

I’m 20 years old and I am a Transsexual male to female named Michelle. Estrogen therapy had actually begun for me a a young age. I was 18 and just out of high school when I had administered my first shot. Now, even in panties I can pass. My hips are 34 and breasts are 34 B. I have a 27 inch waist.

I had contracted to make two movies for Eden Studio. We would begin shooting before the day ended.

The set for the first picture would be a maroon and white floral pattern sofa, and coffee table. Cameras would be positioned to view the scene from each side. At least one was capable of extreme close up shots. The director sat in his canvas backed chair positioned along side an entrance.

I perused a copy of the script. Four of us were about to play roles in what would eventually become a twenty minute movie. Two were men. The third was a female.

It would be a few minutes before shooting would begin as the crew prepared the set with proper lighting, and camera angles.

I sought an opportunity to become acquainted with one of my co stars. I looked at his boyish face. He looked back smiling. He was broad shouldered with wide chest and narrow waste, dirty blond hair just to the base of his ears and blue eyes. He had to be the most handsome guy I had ever seen. Like me he was new to the porno movie business.

“Hey porno babe,” he said. “How are you doing. It looks like we’re co stars.”

“Fine thanks,” I replied.

“My name is Ryan Paul.”

“It’s nice to meet you Ryan Paul. My name is Michelle Jayne.”

“Is this your first film?”

“Yeah I just got in this morning a few minutes ago.”

“I made one a couple of months ago. It was a different cast.”

“Where was it set?”

“It was on a beach and by a rocky sea shore near San Francisco.”

“I’ll bet it was nice.”

“My co stars were gorgeous.”

I detected just a hint of an accent. It sounded British perhaps or maybe Australian.

“Are you from UK?”

“Actually I’m Australian. I come from near Sydney.”

“I grew up in Oregon.”

He looked briefly over at the other male co star.

“That boy is fucking hot.”

“Yes he is,” I replied. “Do you swing both ways?”

“Yeah I do,” he answered. “My last film was an all male cast.”

“Go for it.”

My other co star came by and introduced herself. Like me Sarah was also transsexual. A very attractive brunette whose hair rested on her shoulders, she looked to be my age.

“Hey there, I guess we’re working together.”

“Yes,” I said, “We are.”

“My name is Sarah.”

She had just introduced herself when the director told us that everything was ready.

As the story opens we see Ryan with a male lover played by actor Rudy York. Rudy was another of japon porno those irresistible, gorgeous men hired for porn movie roles. He stood five ten with an athletic build, sandy blond hair, blue eyes and full lips.

The scene began. Ryan and Rudy, secret lovers, are naked as they walk into the master bedroom. Not far from the sofa and coffee table a king size bed was positioned. Sarah, starring as Ryan’s wife, and I watch from just behind the camera.

In front of the camera the two men went at it. Rudy lay with his legs up on Ryan’s shoulders while Ryan, kneeling, pushed his seven inch man meat into the orifice. Rudy grunted and moaned softly feeling Ryan’s big balls smacked against his buttocks. After a few moments Ryan finished and cum dripped out from the condom as he pulled it off his member. Rudy’s cum made white droplets and thin streaks across his torso.

Our scene was coming up. In the following scenes Ryan’s wife would catch him with another man. For her revenge she would also cheat. I would be her partner.

Her scene begins. The jilted wife, still clothed at this point, comes home from a hard day at the office. Shocked and angered, she leaves to visit her best girl friend.

Sarah knocks on the door of Michelle’s apartment.

“Come in,” I answered.

“My beloved husband is cheating. But get this! He’s cheating with man.”

She breaks down at this point and is crying. I didn’t know from where inside her soul the tears came, but they were real.

“That lezbiyen porno sucks!”

In character, I hold my girlfriend close.

Removing our clothes, we begin to caress each other. She closes her hand around my dick and strokes it gently. I slip two fingers onto her clit and and rub it gently. She begins to moan softly at first then loud.

For the scene Sarah wore an artificial pussy like a girdle. Provided for her by the studio, it closely resembled human flesh in feel, texture and color.

By this time, having worked my member into an erection I eased my lover down onto her bed. The scene called for her to fake an orgasm. Within minutes she began to give a spectacular performance.

It didn’t take long to shoot the scene. As the cast walked off the set there was an opportunity to chat. She approached me.

“Where are you from?”

“Oregon,” I replied.

“Colorado,” She replied. “It was nice working with you.” “You too,” I said.

Another scene was about to begin. This time I went in front of the camera and played the scene with Rudy starring as my boyfriend. Cuddling up to each other I allowed him to stroke my cock. His open hand moved up and down gently while his other hand circled my left boob. I went onto all fours. My small cock was flaccid. Rudy’s big stiff meat hammered my asshole.

Naked and enjoying each other, Ryan and Sarah watched from behind the camera.

As the day ended I knew that I didn’t want to be alone in the city. My co stars were accessible. I approached Sarah.

“Would you like to go some place for coffee?”

“No,” she answered quickly, “but I’ll go out for a bite to eat with you.”

I knew that she had transsexual issues and concerns. So did I. We left the studio together.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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