The N-Addiction

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Nicole was a single sexy, independent woman. She had very distinctive features. She stood at 5 ft 11, medium hair. She had deep dark brown mysterious eyes. She had perfect round breasts, a small waist and very special long legs. She was special but very simple. She chose to be a tutor. She loved her work. All these changed, when she could not get the image of the mysterious man. She could not get him out of her head until she finally got to know him “better.”

It was a regular Friday evening when Nicole’s friends’ dropped in to spend time together like they always did every Friday. They had a couple of drinks and decided to go out dancing. She was very reluctant to go, but they told her it was time she went out and met someone. She changed into her party clothes and grabbed a cab.

They all ended up in one of the classiest, yet considered sleazy club. She was very hesitant about it first. Once they were inside, her friends so used to the place were saying their hellos here and there, for a moment she felt like it was a big mistake going out. One of her friends, Kelly introduced her to Nigel. She did not pay much attention to him, since it was dark and she could not see his face but she wanted to see how he looked like. Kelly was so busy with Brian, whom she had met and was planning to take home and she managed to take the him home. So they all left.

On the way home, Kelly and Brian shared a cab with Nicole. They were all over each other; Kelly almost undressed not even concerned about Nicole’s presence. Nicole was so uncomfortable with the situation and started wondering Nigel. The cab pulled in front of her apartment, and Nicole rushed off, saying her byes to both of them.

When she got home, she was horny whenever she thought about Nigel, still. She jumped into the shower. While she was in there, she began touching herself. The next thing she had her fingers were rubbing her clit, thinking of Nigel. The more she tried to remember how he looked like, the more she got excited. She caressed herself. Her heart was pounding hard, her clit was erect and her nipples were so stiff and hard. She buried her index finger deep into her cunt and rubbed her clit with the thumb. She was so excited, the warm shower, the mysterious man and her horniness gave her an orgasm she had never experienced while masturbating. She did not want to stop. At this point she slowly pulled out her finger from her hot and very wet pussy. S

he had an enormous urge to cum and she did. She could see her cum blend with the water in her black tiled bathroom floor cubicle. She then reached up and grabbed the shower hose. She adjusted the water pressure and sprayed her clit with it. It felt so good. It was so pleasurable, that she had to control her moans from turning into screams of pleasure. She arched her back and leaned against the wall. It was a challenge for her, trying to please herself and controlling the shower hose. She felt her pussy contract every time she was about to cum. It was wild. She could not remember how many times bahis firmaları she came that evening. She rinsed herself up and decided to go to bed. While in bed she could not get Nigel out of her head. She tried to sleep but could not. She pulled out the drawer and took out her “joystick”. It was a candy pink, realistic vibrator; she used when she got so horny.

She dimmed the lights and lit some scented candles by her bedside. Massaging the vibrator with one hand, and rubbing herself with the other, she got hornier thinking of Nigel despite the fact that she was not really sure how he looked like. She felt some sort of connection towards him. The more she thought of him the more wet her pussy got. Her clit was so sensitive from masturbating with the shower hose and her womanhood was very ready to receive. She slid the vibrator in her love cave and felt the urge to pull out but she didn’t. The vibrator was not on yet. She did not want to cum yet so she just teased herself with it. She got too excited and started fucking the vibrator and out of the excitement, she accidentally switched it on. She lost control and cum was running down her ass. There was cum everywhere. The accident caused so much pleasure, that she started moaning so loud. She did not care. She only cared how much she wanted the Nigel. The thought made her thrust the vibrator in her faster and faster, increasing the speed. She thought of what his arms would feel like around her. She wondered was he gentle or was he rough. For her it did not matter. She just wanted him. She was so exhausted after the last orgasm and decided to stop. She fell asleep with her vibrator beside her. She was happy but still wanted him.

In the morning, she decided to go down to shops. She walked into a shop, picked up her supplies and headed to the cashier. While standing there, waiting in line, she felt something very different, something attracting her. She turned around, and saw Nigel standing there. She looked at him and he looked at her. She knew what she had to do. He also knew what he had to do. She looked shocked but she was excited. She remembered, what she wondered about this man. How he smelt and how it would feel having his arms around her. She soon realized that she could not resist him. She walked straight up to him and placed her head on his chest. He took her in. His arms were cool but not cold. He had the freshest smell. They stood there, his hands around her and hers around him. People in the shop did not understand what was going on. They had found each other and they knew it without saying anything to each other. They just belonged.

Nigel stood at 6 foot 2, dark hair, light brown eyes. He had short hair. He was very tidy and from his clothes she could tell he liked perfection. His fingers were long. He had the sexiest eyes, beautiful lips. He was very handsome. “Finally, I know exactly how he looks like,” she thought to herself. She was addicted instantly but could not admit it to herself. She wanted to kiss him so much but was not sure at first. kaçak iddaa She lifted her head and right there and then kissed him so passionately, her tongue playing his tongue, his hands all over her back, caressing her while she ran her fingers on his hair gently massaging his head. She could feel that he wanted her too. His manhood was hard. She felt herself wet almost instantly. She wanted him.

He led her out of the shop, with his arms still around her and hers around him. They walked into the parking lot, he opened for her the door to his car and both of them sat in there for about a minute or maybe more. Time did not matter at all to both of them. He told her in a deep, lazy voice, how much he wanted to fuck her the night before when they were introduced to each other at the club. He confessed to masturbating while thinking of her. He went on saying to her how he could not get her off his head. After hearing his confession, she told hers to. She told him how she did it and he got excited listening to her describing in details. Nigel went on telling her how he wanted to fuck her. Without hesitation, he put his hands on her thighs and started to caress them. He worked his way up in between her legs, gently spreading them. Nicole was moist. She just leaned back and just enjoyed it. His fingers were soft and he was very gentle touching her. She placed her palm on his crotch and she could feel how hard he was.

Nicole was so wet by now and when Nigel slipped his finger into her lovecave, she was letting out quiet gasping moans. He felt her for a while and then withdrew his finger. He then leaned over to her and with his gentle hands behind her neck, drew her closer to him and kissed her like she had never been kissed before. She kissed him back and climbed on his lap. Sitting on him, kissing and caressing. He took he breasts in his palm and gently squeezed her nipples. She was grinding on his hard cock. He started sucking her nipples gently biting on to them. She was moaning and gasping. With one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth, he teased, occasionally, looking up at her. Licking her neck gently and nibbling on her ears. He took her hands and held them firmly against the dashboard while teasing her with his mouth. She was moaning and trying to get free. She could not take it anymore and so couldn’t he. Suddenly he stopped. She was so horny, her juices were on his pants and his was leaking precum. They had to fuck soon. He told her that he lived very close by and they should to his place. She said yes. He started the car and drove off. The drive was short but it felt like forever. Along the way, they came by a wooded area, and Nigel drove towards it. He parked his car in the woods and started all over again.

He asked her to come with him. She followed. He asked her to sit on the hood, pulled out her g-string and unsnapped her short denim dress. He then started eating her pussy. He sucked on her clit and licked her and fingered her. She went wild, dripping with cum. She moaned out so loud and he kaçak bahis got more excited as she went on cumming. It was so intense, she almost felt like passing out. Her hands were holding firmly on the hood. He was going crazy. Teasing her. Driving her to multiple orgasms. Her juices were running down her ass and on to the hood of the car. She could see his cock so hard poking onto his pants. Seeing his hard cock made her cum more. She almost could not speak only whispers and gasps, in her faint voice she said

“I want your hard dick in me, I can’t take anymore. Your hard dick is driving me even more crazy, fuck me!”

He looked up and said to her “I want to give you my mouth and my fingers then I will fuck you, you are so hot.”

He went down on and she went crazier, sweating and gasping for air like a fish outside water. Her nails were on his back and the more she came, the deeper her nails dug onto his back. He enjoyed doing whatever he was doing. Without Nicole, expecting it, Nigel unhooked his belt and his hard cock sprung out, leaking with precum, so excited about where his hard cock’s destination was. He pulled her down from the car and turned her around and slid his throbbing cock into her wet and swollen pussy. He did don’t move much, just seemed to enjoy the warmth of her pussy lips on his dick. She wanted to be fucked so bad and hard. He took off his T-shirt and leaned onto her back, with his arms wrapped around her. He caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples gently. Her body quivered and she came again and again. He started thrusting deeper and deeper, getting faster and faster. He was moaning, and she was moaning even louder and soon the moans turned into screams of pleasure. He got so excited too and took her arms and pinned her on to the hood and started ramming her harder and harder. She was enjoying it so much and he was carrying on. His cock was so hard in her and her pussy contacting against it. Her cum was running down her thighs.

She was trying to get free from his grip and he was not letting her go. Just the feeling that he had control even made her lovecave cum more. She enjoyed this kind of sex.

He turned her around and carried her on to the hood facing him. She wrapped her long legs around him. Nigel took her hands and spread them on to the car and thrust his throbbing dick in her again, this time really ramming her, biting on to her neck and kissing her lips so passionately. He went on faster and faster and she felt his cock get even harder as he shot his hot cum right up into her love canal. He went on after unloading his load in her. He lay on top of her reducing his thrust to much slower thrusts. She could not ask for anything more and neither could he.

He pulled out and they sat on the hood for what seemed like hours. Enjoying the warm sun in the woods. Both of them so content with each other got dressed and headed to Nigel’s place as they had planned. They took a bath together and in the bath getting to know each other better. All these went on for days and they really got to know each other even better. They finally found each other…

They were addicted to each other.

Only Nicole and Nigel

Know for how long they were addicted…

Or maybe they still are!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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