The Neighbour’s Daughter Pt. 08

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I could tell that my wife was asleep. She had rolled over on to her side and was facing away from me.

Man, I felt horny. Earlier today, Rose, the neighbour’s daughter, had coerced me home. I had received a phone call where Rose told me she had tied herself my bed, the same bed I was in right now with my wife.

Rose had set me up. She had tied herself naked to my bed and begged me to come home and fuck her. When I eventually got back, I saw Rose lying flat on our bed tied spread-eagled to the corners. She had discovered my old set of leather bondage cuffs and used them to tie herself up.

Rose has a fantastic figure. I drank in the sight of her before she realised that I was staring at her. Rose has beautiful firm tits which stand up proudly on her chest, but most of all, I loved staring at Rose’s long thin legs that had been held wide apart by ropes and bondage cuffs.

Remembering back to earlier that afternoon made my cock raging hard. I thought about Rose’s delicate pussy lips. I remembered seeing her slightly parted pussy lips with remnants of my cum oozing out. I grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking it. I don’t regularly masturbate in bed when my wife is asleep. She doesn’t approve of me playing with myself.

I remembered the light sheen of Rose’s juices on her smooth white skin. I remembered how wet Rose already was when I discovered her on my bed.

We’d had a conversation about Rose shaving my wife’s pussy smooth. I looked over at my sleeping wife. We hadn’t had sex for such a long time and knowing that her pussy was smooth and hairless was driving me to distraction. I remembered hearing from Rose that she thought my wife could be bisexual.

I teased my nipples as I stroked my cock. My nipples are extremely sensitive, and I love them being played with. Rose has hard nipples with puffy, swollen areolae. I had eaten Rose out as she was spread wide open for me to use.

I remembered the lustful look on Rose’s face as I placed the tip of my hard cock gently into the folds of her labia. I have the image of the expression on Rose’s face etched into my mind as I plunged my cock into her virginal pussy.

I gripped my hand tighter around my cock, but it felt nothing like the excellent vice-like grip of Rose’s pussy. I could almost casino oyna imagine hearing Rose exclaim “Yes s s s . . . Oh, Fuck! That feels tight,” as she felt a man take her for the first time.

Just then, my wife stirred. Was she awake? Damn! I thought.

I stopped stroking my cock. My wife rolled over to face me. I lay still for a while, as I tried to assess whether my wife was awake. I kept squeezing my cock. I could hear my wife’s gentle breathing, but I couldn’t figure out how deeply she was sleeping.

My hand gripped the head of my cock, and I was stroking it with the slightest of movements. I hoped my wife would roll away.

My breathing stopped when I felt a hand gently touch my nipple. ‘Keep playing with yourself,’ was whispered in my ear as a pair of fingers gently pinched one of my nipples.

I tentatively started stroking my cock again. The picture I had in my mind was of Rose straining at the restraints while she cried out “Oh, Fuck. I’m cumming” over and over. I could still visualise Rose staring up at me with slightly crossed eyes in the ecstasy of her first cock-induced orgasm.

I felt my wife’s other hand reach across and start pinching my other nipple. I have always had very sensitive nipples and feeling both my nipples being pinched as I stroked my cock was an exquisite distraction. I was unsure as to my wife’s intentions as she had not shown any sort of sexual interest in me for years.

I was wondering whether it was wrong of me to be thinking of fucking the neighbour’s daughter while playing with myself as my normally frigid wife teased my nipples. My conscience was not so troubled by these thoughts as I felt my own orgasm building up.

I remembered Rose saying “cum inside me” as I had fucked her only eight hours earlier. She pleaded for me to cum inside her. My breathing slowed down, and I tightened my grip on my cock. My nipples felt rock hard as they were gently teased.

My orgasm crept up, and finally, I erupted with my cum splattering all over my chest. One spurt even landed on my neck. I kept pumping as the orgasmic pulses subsided. I have learnt not to make any noise when cumming near my wife, and this was no exception. It was apparent, however, that I had cum as I eventually stopped pumping my cock as I canlı casino slumped down in euphoric bliss.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ asked my wife in a soft voice.

‘Yes,’ I replied with caution as I remembered thinking of taking Rose’s virginity. It felt good to be responsible for introducing her to the joys of sex with a man.

‘Can you reach over and get my vibrator?’ asked my wife.

Oh, God! I thought. Her vibrator was in the toy draw of my nightstand. It hadn’t been cleaned since I had used it on Rose earlier in the day. I leant over and opened the lowest draw of my nightstand. At least it was on top of all the other stuff especially the four leather bondage cuffs that had also been used earlier in the day.

My wife had rolled away from me, and I slid the vibrator over to her under the blankets. I touched her skin for the first time in ages. I discovered that she was wearing a one-piece thong suit in bed. The swimsuit design that my wife was wearing in bed was such that it was almost entirely backless. Two thin straps went across her shoulders that merged in the thong. It was extremely high cut in the waist and low cut around her boobs. I wondered whether it was the blue swimsuit I had seen her try on a few days ago.

My wife took the vibrator from me, and I could feel her wiggle around as she parted her legs. A gentle hum started up from under the blankets. I heard my wife moan the slightest ‘oh . . .’ as I presumed she had inserted the wiggling, vibrating tool into her pussy. I reminded myself, again, that her pussy was hairless.

As my wife moved about, her arse backed up to my hard cock. My hands were under the blankets, and I ran them down the bare skin from the sides of her rib cage to her arse cheeks. I ran my hands back up to the sides of my wife’s tits. She had teased my nipples just now so I decided to reciprocate. My fingers explored the skin of her side boobs.

I remembered gazing at my wife a few days ago as Rose had shaved her pussy. My wife really did have a fabulous figure. I knew she had lovely tits. She usually wore a D-cup bra as my hands brushed her amazingly hard nipples.

I find hard nipples to be highly erotic, and I remembered gazing at Rose’s swollen pink areolae. In my mind, I could imagine Rose’s dark pink nipples kaçak casino and areolae that had stuck out beautifully. They were such a beautiful contrast to her beautiful fair skin.

As I brushed my wife’s nipples, I heard her moan ‘oh . . .’ ever so softly. I wondered whether my wife was thinking of Rose as well. My wife’s tits weren’t as perky as they used to be, but it was nice feeling her as she lay next to me in the sheerest of one-piece swimsuits. My mind drifted back to the image of Rose’s impressive, youthful tits.

‘Oh . . .’ moaned my wife once more.

I remembered laying my wife’s vibrator on Rose’s sweet young pussy so that the vibrating pearl beads rested against her pussy lips. This was just after I had tied Rose back up to my bed – this same bed that my wife was sharing with me tonight.

My wife twisted around as I thought of Rose turning her body after I applied pressure to the vibrator. Rose had pulled at the restraints when the pearl beads teased her clit.

My wife’s twisting caused the head of my cock to slip into the small of her back. It rested in between her skin and the thong string of the one-piece suit. The pressure on the sensitive glans of my cock felt exquisite.

‘Oh . . . Oh . . . Oh . . .’ moaned my wife as I remembered Rose crying out “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” as she had had a massive orgasm from the same vibrator.

I used one hand to reach down to grasp my wife’s wrist. I used my other arm to pull her tightly against my body. I managed to hold the vibrator deep inside my wife as she squirmed against me. I managed to squeeze my wife’s hairless labia against the vibrating pearl beads. She must have been able to feel my hard cock pressing into the small of her back as she writhed around.

In the low light of the room, I could just make out that my cum had become smeared all over her back. I felt quite feral to be marking my wife with my scent in such a way.

‘Oh . . . Oh . . . Oh . . .’ moaned my wife louder. ‘Please stop, please stop,’ she cried as I continued to hold the vibrator deep inside her. Hearing a woman in the throes of orgasm usually sends me over the edge, and my cock erupted once more as my wife moaned loudly during her orgasm.

‘PLEASE STOP’ shouted my wife and I knew we were back to reality once more as my fantasy bubble burst and my cock’s twitching subsided.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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