The New Me Ch. 02

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That first night is mostly crystal clear to me, even now, and sure it was intense enough to remain in anyone’s mind for a long, long time, but it has probably been imprinted so deeply because firstly I spent so long replaying what had happened in an effort to work out what had changed me, and secondly because Mikey and me mentally relived certain moments a hundred times during the weeks that followed pretty much every time we had sex. Together or alone, come to that.

On the surface there was obviously no question about whether I could still be called in any way prudish, but this is where it got weird for me. Fundamentally, my day-to-day values hadn’t changed at all – I still kept myself covered as I went about my work and my shopping and my nights out with Mikey or my girlfriends, and didn’t have any urge to show off at all. But…

But there was an urge to get wild again, to explore the new sensations that the Jess from that night with Lucas had tasted. It’s real hard to explain, even now, but it was like I had discovered an alternate ego, a hidden identity. Jessica Julie Jameson had found out that she was also Batgirl – or rather, Sexgirl.

That’s another thing, you see? At first I would have used a name like ‘Slutgirl’ or ‘Tartgirl’ but after a period when I had started to think of myself as a covert slut, I realised that nothing had fundamentally changed – that I was still the same old Jess – but that I was simply tapping in to a highly sexual part of me. Mikey referred to it as tapping in to the male part of me – one memorable comment he made was that it was “good to see you getting in touch with your masculine side”.

Like all good scientific approaches, experimentation was the key to understanding what was going on. I kept thinking about what had happened that night when Lucas had visited, and, when I’d stopped humping my hand or my boyfriend, I realised that there was a particular trigger, a threshold which, once crossed, opened up a whole new side of me. Or my puss, anyway.

I had let the little dress edge down my breasts and that had stirred excitement within me, but the big step – the difference between day and night, even – was the transition from a lot of cleavage to bared nipples. Once Lucas’s eyes had taken in the rigid pink buds – once my entire breasts were exposed – everything changed. Jess became Sexgirl and my inhibitions disappeared. Even my breasts changed, becoming ‘tits’. A door opened to my innermost desires and yet… and yet, my love for Mikey was heightened as well, and it was as much him I wanted to please in that state as it was me.

Not only that, but I knew without any shadow of doubt that I couldn’t make that transformation without him.

In a very real way, it was this last fact that I knew without any deep thought, and that was the starting point for all of my introspective naval-gazing. And my naval-exposing. The experimentation itself began just a week after the night with Lucas.

Mikey had prescribed a weekend in Brighton of all places, somewhere neither of us were known, and somewhere that was renowned for the wildness of some of its clubs and their patrons. Bless my lovely man, because even at the hotel before we went out that evening he was still trying to ensure that I wasn’t bout to embark on anything that was outside of my comfort zone.

“You’re really, really sure about this, princess?”

I adjusted the top of my new summery dress, ensuring that the neckline was sufficiently low to make me wonder how I’d even step up a kerb without my boobs falling out of it. “For the last time, Mikey, yes!” A laugh was added to make sure he knew I was taking his concern as affection rather than a nuisance.

“Well… good. And you do know that I would love you just as much if everything went back the way it always was before…”

“Before that night with Lucas, you mean? And yes, I do. Just as long as you know that I genuinely don’t want it to go back that way, that I need you to tell me honestly if I go too far the other way, and that your erection is ruining the cut of your new chinos.”

“I guess a hard dick never lies, huh, princess?”

I laughed, a shivery sense of delight and something close to power washing through me. I allowed my features to settle into a more serious look, “Mikey, I want to find out if that night was a one-off, and… I just know, deep down, that I want to experience that feeling of wildness at least one more time. Tonight’s the night,” I reached down to his bulge and cupped it in one trembling hand, “and I guess I don’t need to add ‘if you’re sure yourself’ to that?”

“Oh princess, as long as you don’t think this is all I want from you now that we had that one-“

I squeezed a little and laughed “Shut it, buster. I may look all eager and ready for this, but my nerves are ragged and I don’t need any more pressure.”

“Oh, princess! I didn’t mean-“

I gave another laugh and squeeze, “Joke!” My breathing was coming faster as the enormity of the night ahead began to make itself known to me, “But I think a pre-club fuck might güvenilir bahis do us both good.”

Mikey’s eyes widened in surprise before narrowing in delight, “You know, princess? I think you’re right.”

He gave me a light shove, sending me giggling onto the surface of the bed. His hands pushed the bottom of my dress up my thighs in a – so to speak – flash, before he let out a whistle. “Nice knickers, if something so small can be referred to that way.”

I lifted my head and made a show of looking down at the tiny white, silky thongs, “Do you approve of my other item of clothing then?”

Mikey nodded as he undid his chinos, “The dress is good, the thong even gooder.”

“Is my poor baby getting his words all wrong in his excitement?”

Mikey stepped out of his chinos and boxers, his engorged cock pointing to heaven (in more ways than one). “Can you me blame, Jess?”

His hands ripped the tiny knickers down my legs and he was inside me inside a second, a litany of ‘I can’t believe you’re so sexy, so wild’ stirring my already racing blood.

“Oh, buster,” I managed, “I love it when we make love, but sometimes all I need is a good fuck!”

As I said it, Mikey thrust hard enough to make me squeal like the stuck pig I gloriously felt like I truly was, and somehow I managed to add, “Now show me what you want someone else to see!”

My guy’s animal-like thrusts took on a new urgency as he grabbed the front of the dress and pulled it down, exposing my breasts – my tits – and he leaned back until only his cock obscured any part of me at all. “All of you, princess,” he gasped.

“Oh, buster, you got it. Anything you say, anything you want…” In that instant, any last vestiges of resistance or embarrassment washed away, and I meant those words with every fibre of my being. I felt empowered beyond anything I’d ever experienced before – and hornier. Way, way, way hornier. The whole paradox of giving Mikey – and some other guy – anything they wanted, was what I wanted. And the realisation took me by surprise and by storm. “Oh my fucking… Oh Mikey!”


“Fill me, Mikey! Buster, do me now!”

The hour-to-orgasm queen was turning into a one-minute man, apparently, but the well-versed, ever-ready to please Mikey was more than flexible enough to give me exactly what I wanted, “Oh, princess, you mean you want me to fill you, huh? Fill you now?”

“Just. Fucking. Do. It.” I was thrusting hard, panting harder.

“You want the first cock in you tonight… to explode now?”

“Oh you.. yes!”

“Fuck, Jess I was going to hold on for… oh my god! I can’t… Jess! Princess!”

Mikey exploded inside me, and at the first sensation of his cum touching so deeply I let out a howl of delight. Mikey thrust deep – deeper – and my howl spiralled.

“Oh princess, yes! Wake up the whole fucking town!”

At his words, as my climax shook me, the very last barrier evaporated and I let every repressed, hidden, tied emotion free in a high-pitched, high-volume wail, “Mikey!”

My brain took a break.

Three or four minutes must have passed before any semblance of reality returned to me – or Mikey, for that matter – and even then it would have been longer were it not for a knock at the door of the room.

Mikey grinned and freed himself from my limp grip, “I wonder what they want? Some noise complaint would be my guess.” He walked to the door, hoisting his chinos and paused, glancing back, “You might – note the word ‘might’ – want to cover up a bit.”

He nodded at my dress which was bunched around my waist, my breasts and pussy exposed. I sat up, “True, I might.” The bottom of the dress fell across my thighs, the top simply slipping lower. I shrugged.

Mikey rolled his eyes and grinned wider, reaching for the doorknob, “Ready?”

“Oh yeah,” I returned his grin. Sexgirl was now in residence.

The door swung open to reveal a young guy wearing a black leather waistcoat, tight black leather jeans, and a lot of silver jewellery. He glanced past Mikey and gave me a small nod before returning his attention to my boyfriend – or more to the point to my shock. The cause was soon explained.

“So sorry to disturb you young lovebirds,” he began in an accent that could only ever be described as ‘camp’, “but do you think you could keep the top notes down by a couple of decibels, lovey?”

“Sure thing,” Mikey assured him, stepping back, “I think we’re done for a while now anyway.”

“Sounds like you’re done for a week, but good luck to you.” The guy smiled at Mikey and glanced back to me, “Nice tits, darling, but I don’t suppose you have a cock under that frock, do you?”

“Thanks and sorry,” I laughed, not sure whether to be flattered by a gay guy admiring my boobs, shocked that I was sitting there exposed to anyone, or disappointed that the effect was not more telling.

“Oh well, perhaps I’ll get lucky later at ‘Thais are Us’,” The guy gave my boobs an appraising look which was oddly asexual, and then smiled at Mikey in way that positively dripped desire, “If türkçe bahis you think you might like to join me, you’d be more than welcome.”

“I think,’ Mikey assured him, “that we’ll give it a miss tonight, but you never know.”

The guy sighed, nodded and left, Mikey closing the door before a fit of giggles took me.

My guy crossed to me and helped me to my feet, pulling my dress up, “‘Nice tits, darling’,” he mimicked.

“Well at least they got you all horny.”

“True. Now let’s see if we can find another guy to agree with that opinion. If you’re still sure, I mean, I wouldn’t-“

“Shut it, buster! My only doubt is whether you’re ready for it.”

“Oh, I am princess.”

“Or whether you’d rather pop along to Thais are Us-“

The sharp smack on my butt had me giggling again, and also had me lodging another idea I’d just had in the suddenly exposed recesses of Sexgirl’s filing system. Under ‘s’ for ‘spanking’. With a delicious, albeit unexpected shiver, I grabbed Mikey’s hand, “Let’s go buster.”

He nodded to my white thong, hanging silkily from one of the handles of the chest of drawers, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

I giggled again and grabbed them hopping ungainly from foot to foot as I pulled them on, “Maybe next time I’ll leave them behind, but I’m starting slow for now.”

“This is slow?”


“Oh, princess,” Mikey laughed, “I have no complaints at all.”

It had been a warm evening and the temperature hadn’t dropped as full night crept across the sky. Even with my skimpy dress on, I was more than comfortable sitting outside sipping at an icy drink, soaking up the admiring glances.

It was those looks as much as anything else that had both Mikey and me more or less wired by the time we chose a club and slipped inside.

The music was loud but not painfully so, and the atmosphere was just right for us – laughter everywhere, with a strong undercurrent of sexuality. People went there to meet other people and to have fun, and if that didn’t match mine and Mikey’s aims, I don’t know what would.

I wasn’t drinking much, being high enough already as it was, and wanting to make sure that nothing diluted my experiences that night in any way. Mikey, too, was being circumspect when it come to his own intake, but was soon being more generous with other people.

After an hour or so of sipping at drinks between brief tours of the club’s dance floor, Mikey and me managed to get Nick talking to us in a relative quiet corner of the bar. At Mikey’s insistence I had pointed out a handful of guys that met my ‘Depp’ criteria – fit-looking, slender, young, fanciable (and please note I didn’t mention ‘with a nice butt’, but only because that’s a given, okay?). Nick was one of the ones I had pointed out a few minutes before, and he turned out to be a great choice. He certainly fit all of the characteristics I had outlined, but was, by way of a bonus, engaging to talk to, obviously a visitor to Brighton looking for a nice time, and very, very clearly impressed with my looks. He was maybe a year or three younger than us, and no pale band of skin on his left hand fingers suggested that he was either unmarried or at least never wore a ring.

It was approaching midnight when I returned from an interminable wait at the ladies to find Mikey and Nick laughing uproariously, looking like nothing more than old, old friends, out for a good night.

“Hey guys, sorry I was so long, but it looks like you’re having enough fun without me anyway,” I grinned mainly for Mikey’s benefit.

“Hardly,” he grinned back, “We were just saying how cute you were compared to the other girls in here, and how lucky we were to be in your company.”

“Oh, really?” I turned to face Nick, “You were taking a chance calling my boyfriend’s girl cute.”

He shrugged, “Hardly much of a chance. He seems like a nice guy, and certainly smart enough to know how cute his girlfriend is and how much any red-blooded male would agree with him.” His earnest gaze was fixed on my eyes, even when he mentioned ‘cute’ – so he just scored a dozen brownie points.

“Nice answer, and thanks.”

Mikey put his arm along my shoulders, “Not wrong, princess. Nor were you, Nick. I am officially the luckiest guy alive to have such a cute and sexy girlfriend.”

“I never mentioned sexy,” Nick smiled, “But you’re right…”

It was a tester if ever I’d heard one, “Thanks again,” I said with a half smile.

Mikey’s hand gripped my shoulder more tightly as the atmosphere began to crackle with hints of what I might be feeling, “Yep, you’re not wrong there, er, Nick, but I guess I thought that was a given even if Jess doesn’t display everything very openly. Her sexiness, I mean.”

Nick laughed, ‘If you say so.”

This time he did risk a glance at the top of my dress and I threw him an immediate lifeline, “This is as sexy as I get when it comes to dressing, but dressing is not all that makes up a woman.”

Mikey pressed up against my side and my heart lurched as I felt his erection pressing against güvenilir bahis siteleri me through his chinos and my dress, “Is it me,” he said, “or is it extremely hot in here?”

“Suddenly I think it is,” Nick said, “They have a roof garden though, if you don’t mind paying.”

“Shall we, Jess?”

“Sounds good to me – do we need to get a drink to take with us?”

Nick shook his head, “There’s not many go up there but there’s a small bar, and the music is audible even if it’s not very loud.”

“Sounds perfect…” Mikey and me said it in unison and laughed.

When Nick had said that not many go up there, he hadn’t been exaggerating. The twenty pound entry fee probably kept a few at bay, and the drinks were twice the price – but for us it was perfect. There were only ten others dotted around the rooftop garden (as far as I could see) and by the time we had bought three bottles of some vodka-based stuff and retreated to a small table amid the shrubbery, we couldn’t even see anyone else.

“This is nice,” I said to the guys, sipping my ice-cold drink.

“Perfect for you, I would have thought, princess… And an extra twenty pounds means that this table and the little patch of surrounding garden is ours and ours alone for a while, Perfect for a night when you’re…”

Mikey was starting into one of our rehearsed scenarios, and my heart-rate started to accelerate. “That was a one-off,” I admonished, laughing all the same.

“Sounds intriguing,” Nick said.

Mikey nodded, “That’s certainly one way of describing it.” He laughed and squirmed as I pretended to try putting my hand across his mouth, “I think the term ‘sexy’ suits it better though, What was it, princess? Something to do with ‘nature and the natural order’?”

“Shut it, buster!” I pretended to be alarmed, but laughing.

“Do tell,” Nick grinned.

“I remember Jess saying something about the triumph of man, re-establishing nature in an alien environment, before telling me that it gave her the urge to get back to nature…” he dodged my hands again, “And that was just an ordinary ornamental garden, so what effect a garden on a roof will have-” “Mikey! You’ll give Mike a really bad impression of me!”

“I think,” Nick assured me, “That the word you’re looking for is ‘good’, not ‘bad’. ‘Great’, even.”

Mikey sat me back down and grinned, “It was a one-off thing anyway,” he said, “She’s too uptight for that sort of thing without a few-“

“Don’t you dare start that again!” I laughed, but there was an element of seriousness about it – the ‘she’s a prude, really’ ploy from that night with Lucas was not what I wanted to re-visit or experiment with again.

“Sorry, princess,” Mikey picked up my look and his eyes glowed in the dim light, “But you have to agree that you keep things pretty private like that.”

I shrugged, “Maybe it’s the company.”

Nick was watching us as if he was at a tennis match. And had gambled his house on the result.

Mikey looked deep into my eyes, “I know you always say that getting back to nature would only ever be possible if the right people-“


“The right person was present. But I always thought that was one of your jokes.”

I sat back, “Sure you don’t mean one of my ‘teases’?”

Mikey feigned offence, “Hey, princess, that’s not fair. I have never accused you of teasing!”

“Maybe, buster, that’s because it’s you who is secretly the prude, not wanting me to do anything that might upset you.” I didn’t look in Nick’s direction, but I could almost sense his eyeballs straining against the ends of their optic nerves.

“No way, princess. Like I said to Nick earlier, I think your sexiness I obvious, but if you ever wanted to prove the point, so to speak, I’d be an ever more proud man.”

I looked down at Mikey’s lap, “Hard to believe you could get more proud than that.”

“Like I said,” he shrugged, “You’re so sexy.”

“But you wouldn’t object if I proved that point to another guy?”

“Oh… no.”

I think if I’d picked up my drink just then, steam would have poured off it. I turned to Nick whose jaw was hanging slack, “I wasn’t joking about the effect that nature in an unreal setting can have on me. Nor about others. Are you easily offended, Nick?”

He glanced behind me at Mikey and could barely cover a gasp when he must have received some sort of signal from my boyfriend, “Um… n-n-no, Jess. I’m not easily offended at all…”

“That really is a relief,” said, controlling a tremble in my vocal chords, “Only…. This garden really is having that strange effect on me… and I don’t think I can control it for much longer.”

“Then…” Nick took a deep breath, “Don’t try.”

I gave a single nod and turned to face Mikey, “Got it, buster? Free will, and the real me.”

He nodded and mouthed his reply inaudibly. I love you.

I turned back to Nick and stood. With only the slightest of pauses I reached behind my neck and undid the ties of the dress. I glanced around. I could see over the tops of the shrubbery, but unless anyone was looking my way at that precise moment, no one would see what I was doing. Luckily for me, two guys by the edge of the roof, a fair distance away, were staring. I turned back to Nick and let the dress go, my blood pounding in my ears.

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