The New Neighbor Pt. 04

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Authors Note:

Big, BIG thanks to my story editor oldnakeddad. The whole piece is so much more fluid, finally coming across the way I intended. I apologize about all the mistakes in the first three parts, I was just so excited to get this story out, I was rushing through it! I have many, many more chapters in mind…things are finally start to get heated up!!


The sun was just starting to set on that warm, summer evening. The vividly pink and orange sunset was dramatic as the crimson red and deep violet clouds kissed the horizon while the sun dipped farther out of sight causing the daylight to slip into dusk as it was getting darker by the second.

It was a little after seven PM when Ms. V., Amber, and Raphael made their way through the winding neighborhood. Amber was staring out of the car window as Raphael brought the car to a stop in front of the driveway of her Aunt and Uncle’s house.

“Amber, you can go inside, first. Raphael will take your bags in and wear one of the sexier dresses that you like, with any of the new lingerie underneath, tomorrow,” Ms. V. instructed.

Apparently, Raphael would phone her with any further instructions before it was time to go. They said their goodbyes and Amber took a deep breath before exiting the car. Amber was still practically naked, wearing only the expensive lingerie Raphael had picked out earlier. She hurried along the driveway, over fifty yards, her eyes darting between every neighboring house. She saw some lighted windows and wished she’d been dropped off closer to the door.

For a variety of reasons, Amber had a feeling Ms. V. liked putting her in these uncomfortable situations. Amber had wondered, if anyone had happened to be looking out of their window and seen her, surely, the black lace lingerie would have looked like only shadows from a distance. She could feel her nipples starting to jiggle free from the small bra as she ran.

Her DDD breasts were heavy and bouncing uncontrollably. Since they had kept her shoes, too, she tried to run lightly because she was conscious of her breasts bouncing and the sound of her bare feet slapping against the pavement.

She looked over her shoulder and saw Raphael dutifully following behind with multiple bags on each arm. Ms. V.’s car window was halfway down and she was clearly watching. Amber decided to slow down and walk the rest of the way to the front door. For some reason, she had the urge to put on a little show for Raphael and Ms. V.

Her long curls were rhythmically tickling the dimples on her back with each step as Amber was feeling good and bold. She had been given a little more champagne on the way home and wasn’t quite as embarrassed anymore after being given a wet-wipe to clean Raphael’s cum off of her face.

Amber could still feel little crevices of skin that held bits of his cum, though. She was electrified, she couldn’t believe the encounter she had with those people. All of them were considerably older than her, yet they had such intense, youthful energy. They made all of the events seem normal.

Amber danced up the final steps of the lighted driveway, unhooking her bra as she went. After she crossed the threshold of the front door, she twirled around all of the way, looking towards the street, completely topless. She held the dainty bra in her left hand which hung by her side.

She lifted her right hand up for an enthusiastic goodbye wave to Ms. V., her tits bounced from the motion. Amber was happy to see a small smile spread across Ms. V.’s face and Raphael grinning as he followed closely behind.

“Where would you like these?”

Raphael lifted the bags slightly. Amber didn’t say anything but turned towards the stairs, seductively beckoning Raphael with her finger. Her hips and ass dramatically swayed with each step. Raphael followed behind, his eyes glued to her body. Amber made her way into the bedroom and pointed to the bed

“Right there would be perfect.”

Raphael sat the bags down on the bed and turned towards the door.

“You don’t have to leave, yet.”

Amber wasn’t sure what was coming over her, she was normally very shy but maybe it was her earlier encounters, or maybe it was the fact she could feel the bits of his cum hardening on her skin. Amber felt very comfortable and tried to get him to stay for a little fun.

“Maybe you can help me take this off, too!”

Raphael bit his lip as she gestured towards her panties, the only thing she had on at that point. You could tell he wanted to take her up on the offer but he slowly started to back up towards the door, his eyes staring into Amber’s.

“I’m sorry. Ms. V. would not be happy if I stayed. I do hope, very badly, that we get our time together, though. Have a good night and enjoy yourself. Remember, I’ll call you tomorrow before its time to come over.”

On that note, he turned around and disappeared into the hallway. Amber could hear his footsteps going down the stairs, the opening and closing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of the front door and, eventually, she strained to hear the car driving off. She was still standing in the same spot, like a statue. Amber had never tried to initiate sexual encounters so she was having a little difficulty processing this rejection.

What just happened? She was so overwhelmed by everything from that evening, she couldn’t make sense of any of it. But did she need to? She stripped naked and threw herself onto the bed, without showering, Amber tried masturbating but couldn’t get herself to cum. She eventually fell into a fitful sleep on top of the covers.

Amber awoke bright and early, much earlier than she normally did. She snuggled under her covers upon waking and stared at the ceiling. After a lot of over thinking about the past couple of days and stressing over what today might hold, she finally got out of bed. She blasted music and danced around the house in her underwear while spending the day cleaning and trying to keep herself busy.

Amber found herself giving silent thanks to her Aunt and Uncle for giving her this opportunity. She loved spending time with them, though they didn’t get the chance often, but she was sort of wishing their work would keep them out of the country longer. Amber was enjoying living the lavish life but was enjoying having Ms. V. for a neighbor even more.

It was around three PM when the phone rang. Amber practically dove for it, answering at the end of the second ring.

“Hello?” she breathed heavily.

“Good afternoon, Amber. It’s Raphael. Are you still wanting to come see Ms. V. at six this evening?”

Over the phone, Raphael’s deep voice was warm, sweet and so smooth, like melted chocolate or caramel. Amber could practically taste him. She closed her eyes and remembered his cum spraying over her face.

“Of course, I’m so excited! She told me what to wear, is there anything else I should know?”

“Well, first of all, Ms. V. wanted me to tell you to wear some sort of sandals or something over here, she will provide you with shoes for this evening. You need to be well groomed, with minimal make up or perfume. Wash thoroughly, shave everything except your bush, Ms. V. said she likes it. She would like you to trim slightly around the edges. Just make it look neater overall. She will explain her expectations and payment for the evening, I will come to your house at six and escort you. You can discuss anything further with Ms. V. Does this all sound ok to you?”

Amber was smiling wide, her eyes were glossed over and staring into the distance. Her heart was pounding so hard she was sure Raphael could hear it.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Amber continued smiling wide, she had barely been able to respond. Raphael didn’t say anything else, only hung up.

Amber was so excited, she decided to get into the shower. She had no idea what was going to happen but if she was given instructions on shaving and grooming, she was pretty sure she was going to be getting naked, again. Amber took her time in the shower as she scrubbed herself thoroughly, reaching every inch. The detachable shower head was very helpful and, when Amber was washing her vagina, she found herself playing with it.

She turned the water function to massage as it was a hard, steady stream of warm water and held it right over her clit, the water pulsing heavily. Amber’s free hand was teasing her entrance, her index and middle fingers barely touching her inside walls as she used her thumb to rub circles over her clit. She started thrusting her fingers inside of herself. Amber found herself thinking about what Ms. V. might have in store for her this evening.

The warm water was so relaxing, Amber’s eyes closed as her body vibrated, her thighs tightening and squeezing. Her pussy was throbbing around her fingers as she kept going in and out of herself, gaining speed, until she had her release. With all of the water running down her body, it was impossible to tell how much juices came out of her but Amber knew she was squirting again. She smiled to herself, she enjoyed her newfound talent. She wanted to squirt more. Amber made herself cum a couple of more times and then finished showering with Ms. V.’s grooming standards in mind. Washing away all her juices.

Amber gave herself plenty of time to dry, walking around the house naked while eating some fruit, veggies and a little junk food she found in the pantry. She decided to smoke a joint to help calm her nerves. It was almost four, twenty PM. She had to laugh to herself because it had been a few months since she had last smoked and not at all since staying at her Aunt and Uncle’s. Her hands were slightly shaking but she sat on the bed while rolling a joint on top of one of her favorite books.

Amber smoked on occasion, usually by herself, whenever she had enough time to unwind and really relax. She got her medical marijuana license two years güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back for her twenty-first birthday. That’s how she celebrated, instead of going out to a club like many young adults. She had made her proper doctor appointments well in advance and had the final visit and paperwork done the day before her birthday.

While she enjoyed drinking a few glasses of wine some nights, or a couple of beers, and maybe something a little heavier on rare, special occasions, Amber wasn’t a big drinker. She had been happy being sober, lately, but she still brought more than enough medicinal weed to last for her time house-sitting. She figured those couple months would be the perfect time to indulge. She finally graduated college that summer and wasn’t working a job, so her responsibilities were minimal.

The joint she rolled ended up being perfectly cone shaped and tight. She sparked it up while sitting on her bed. The music was still blaring. Her Aunt and Uncle had a surround sound system for the whole house that Amber’s phone was plugged into. Heavy bass was bumping. Amber could feel the vibrations through the mattress. She was still naked and sitting with her legs crossed.

With each deep inhale, Amber felt herself relax, letting her worries go with each cloud of smoke. She started to dance provocatively around the room. She rubbed coco butter into her skin seductively, as though someone was watching her. She nodded her head to the music, one hand holding the joint, and the other rubbing the lotion.

By the time five, forty-five PM came around, Amber was ready to go. Everything about her looked, felt, and smelled perfect. She was wearing a navy blue lingerie set, fancy lace boy shorts with a matching push up bra. It was one of the simpler, less revealing sets but it made Amber feel the most confident.

Her large breasts were spilling out of the V-neck of a dark-purple dress, which barely covered the lingerie. The dress was subtle velvet-like material and had sleeves to the elbow. It was tight and clung to every inch above her waist but the skirt softly swung around her thighs. Amber’s curls hung heavily and were beautifully tamed. Her blue eyes looked bright in the evening light. She looked down at her size six feet. Her toes were painted a pale pink, standing out against the black flip flops she was wearing. She had paid lots of attention tending to her toes, the paint looked professional. Her feet were soft and clean.

A few minutes before six, Amber caught a glimpse, through the window, of Raphael walking up. She walked outside, greeting him in the driveway before he had a chance to get to the door. He chuckled lightly and smiled.

“Good evening, Amber,” he slightly nodded and then gestured her forwards.

“Hello, Raphael,” Amber smiled while walking the familiar path towards Ms. V.’s house.

“It seems like you followed the instructions well. I hope you enjoy your time today.”

After that, Raphael was silent. Amber expected to go into the backyard again but, instead, Raphael gestured her towards another direction. They passed the kitchen and he ushered her into a living room of sorts. There was a large, marble fireplace and multiple skylight windows. Some of the windows on the ceiling had stained glass and cast colorful shadows from the evening light onto the few inches of the rich mahogany wood floor that was otherwise covered with rugs.

Ms. V. was sitting on a dark leather couch among a variety of couches, loveseats, and chairs scattered around. Ms. V. was wearing fitted black pants, a fashionable black jacket and black boots. Her jet black hair, and slightly darker than caramel skin, seemed to shimmer in the flickering flames. She looked like something out of a spy movie. Ms. V.’s manicured hand patted the seat next to her and Amber went to sit there.

Ms. V. turned to face her, her brown eyes staring deep into Amber’s. Her lovely scent was almost overwhelming, though not overdone in the headachy fashion of some elderly women, not that Ms. V. was anywhere near elderly. If Amber were to guess, it was somewhere between forty-five and fifty-five.

“Amber, I have been so happy to get to know you. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I live a different lifestyle than most. I am connected with many people and have many different friends. I mentioned before that I’m new to this area but I’ve actually lived here before. I have multiple houses all around the world. I tend to come and go. I like to keep a few consistent people around me when I’m staying at each place, usually, depending how I see fit. Raphael has been with me for many years, however. Since you’re already staying next door, house-sitting for your Aunt and Uncle and without work, it’s only fitting you help me out. You have been so willing already. You seemed to enjoy the payment earlier and all the clothes I purchased for you.”

Amber smiled nervously. Ms. V. continued staring into Amber’s eyes. Her sultry voice sounded like güvenilir bahis şirketleri a purr, matching her cat eyes. She was so exotic and beautiful.

“Amber, spending money on you has made me so happy and I have many more plans for you. As I said during one of our earlier meetings, you can say ‘no’, at any point, and end our relationship but if you do, that will be the end. I have many people that need help with a variety of things. You see, Amber, I try to help people find themselves. It’s ironic but people usually need someone else to tell them it’s ok to embrace their true nature. Often times, people need help with their sexual side. People tend to have a hard time accepting that side of themselves. I need healthy, capable people that will be obedient to me. You have already proven to be submissive in nature so I have a proposition for you this evening, what are your thoughts?”

Amber’s mind was racing. Her stomach swirling. She felt as light as a feather and also like she could be sick. She smiled in nervous excitement.

“What’s the proposition, Ms. V.?”

Ms. V. leaned closer to Amber, their thighs touching. The leather slightly squeaking from the movement.

“You are such a good girl.”

Beaming at the compliment, Amber lifted her face up towards the taller Ms. V. She was eager to hear more.

“Amber, I have an interesting request for you tonight. I will pay you $1,000.”

Amber nodded in anticipation. She wanted to jump around with joy, that was a lot of money, but she sat patiently and let Ms. V. continue.

“I have a friend coming over tonight. She is newly single and I have found out that she has never been with a woman. After talking with her, she seems very dominant at heart but was submissive to an arrogant man for a long time. She needs to explore a new side of herself.”

Ms. V.’s eyes were gauging Amber for a reaction. Amber smiled pleasantly, nodding along. Listening intently, she was having a hard time hiding her excitement as she tried to seem casual.

“Would you do anything she asks? I will be there in the beginning, mostly to help her get started. Are you willing?”

“Yes, Ms. V.”

They smiled at each other.

“Excellent. You are such a good girl!”

Ms. V. pinched Amber’s cheek, making them both smile a little bigger.

“Now, go sit on that chair. She will be here soon. Raphael will bring you shoes and I’ll have some more sent over for you. I’m guessing you’re a size six or six and a half?”

Unfortunately, the shoe selection at Candace’s Boutique, the place they went for the clothes, was lacking in Ms. V.’s opinion. Ms. V. pointed to a matching leather chair in the corner of the room. She stood and guided Amber into the chair. Once Amber was sitting, Ms. V. leaned over the back of the chair, her hands grazing Amber’s hair and collarbone.

“She’ll be here soon. Remember, whatever she asks. I will be watching. You will make me so happy if you’re a good girl”

Amber tried to nuzzle into Ms. V.’s neck, her scent was intoxicating, but Ms. V. had disappeared as soon as she was finished whispering. Amber could only hear the sound of Ms. V.’s heels clicking towards the front door. Raphael magically appeared with shoes, bent in front of Amber and slipped them onto her feet. They were a simple, but elegant, nude pair of open toe heels that made Amber’s legs look longer. Raphael lightly massaged her feet as he strapped her in.

Once the shoes were on, he silently disappeared again, taking her flip flops with him. Amber’s heart was pounding and she could feel sweat springing up in her palms as she took a deep breath and looked around. She was still a little high. The fireplace gave off a soft, fuzzy glow as the flames danced seductively. Amber felt like she was melting into the cozy chair.

She was very aware of her thighs slightly sticking to the leather, though. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen but she felt kind of weird. For a split second, she had the urge to get up and run but her body wouldn’t move and her ears were slightly ringing. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Amber didn’t know what to do. She wanted to at least stand up but she was frozen. She could hear Raphael’s and then Ms. V.’s voices. Amber strained to listen but their voices were muffled and far away. Soon, Raphael was rounding the corner and bringing someone else into the room. He extended his hand, directing the woman towards Amber, and then turned to leave.

The woman was hovering in front of the sitting area. She had chocolate brown hair that was barely wavy but covering a good bit of her face. She had a thick body, she looked strong. The black dress she was wearing helped enhance her feminine curves. Her full lips were parted, having an open mouth for far too long. She looked like she was about to say something but no words were coming out. Ms. V. suddenly appeared from behind the woman and introduced Amber in her sultry, purr-like voice.

“Sonya, this is Amber. Amber is a wonderful new friend of mine and a very good listener. Isn’t that right, Amber?”

“Yes, Ms. V.”

Amber gulped. Her voice had sounded a little shaky. She tried to sit upright a little more. She felt like it was too late to back out and she couldn’t help but want to see what was going to happen next. Ms. V. smiled.

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