The Novelist Pt. 04

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Big Tits

Author’s note: This story contains themes of incest, BDSM and Dominant-submissive relationships. If these themes offend you, please stop reading now!

Please read this story from Part 1 to understand the story progression. This can’t be read as a stand-alone story.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

I encourage all readers to comment and vote. There is no better way to hone your writing skills than feedback—good or bad.


Alexis and Marie had shown up just a short time later. Tom was relieved that they hadn’t come home earlier. Marie tentatively walked in the door looking around for her sister. It occurred to her at some point on the drive back that she didn’t want to have to kneel down next to her son with her sister in the room. She didn’t know how she would explain it, but she certainly couldn’t endure another punishment when her last one still caused her discomfort.

Tom didn’t waste any time grabbing Alexis and heading right back out the door to meet Erik. It was 7:30pm and they wouldn’t have much time before they needed to head back to the airport. He left Marie in the living room mentioning that his aunt had come home feeling unwell and retired to her room.


It was only a short distance across town to the Starting Gate Bar and Grill on Ballston Avenue. Tom parked the car along a line of pine trees at the back of the parking lot, and headed inside to find his friend. Alexis hung back for a moment to fix her make-up. She’d heard him talk about various friends from time to time from his childhood, but none as much as he talked about Erik. She wanted to make a good impression.

Tom entered the front door and quickly spotted him sitting at a table along a wood paneled wall next to a row of flat screen monitors playing ESPN highlights. Erik was a tall, well-built guy with a personality better suited for a twelve year old. The only thing he enjoyed more than sports coverage was Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. He was brilliantly smart. He stood six feet three inches tall with a mop of dark brown hair. Erik owned a company that built railroad track. He managed the projects with track engineers and designers, but he was the type of guy that worked right alongside his crew when it came time for construction.

“Douchebag!” He shouted when he spotted Tom weaving through the tables. “How are you?!”

“What’s up, asshole!” Tom said smiling as he threw his arms around his friend giving him a rather overtly macho hug. “I’m good, man. I’m really good. How’ve you been?”

“Oh, you know, busy. There was a train derailment up north. So, we’ve been rebuilding a section of track for the last two weeks. It’s a good gig. Worth a bit of money, and I’m looking to get a contract to handle maintenance on the whole line. How’s the writing?”

“As good as always. Cranking out another one now.”

Erik knew about Tom’s career. He kept his friend’s writing discreet. He didn’t really know a whole lot about his lifestyle though. On occasion, Tom tried to tell him a little about it, but Erik always chalked it up to bragging and never took it too seriously.

“Dude! Do not turn around.” He whispered. “The hottest blonde just rolled in the door.”

Tom did his best ‘yawn/glance/just-lookin-around’ move and caught a glimpse of Alexis at the bar. She hadn’t seen them yet.

“She’s out your league.” Tom joked.

“No way. I stand as good a shot as anyone. Don’t go ruining it with your overly fake LA writing bit. Just sit back and watch me do my thing.”

“Good luck.” Tom laughed.

Erik headed over toward Alexis just as she spotted him getting up from their table. She smiled, and of course Erik mistook it for a flirtatious move. He strutted up to her in his most confident, appealing swagger. Alexis began to realize what was happening.

“Hey there.” He said. “My name’s Erik. My friend and I were just having a drink. Why don’t you join us. Can I get you something?”

Alexis gave him a dazzling, graceful smile. “Well it’s nice to meet you, Erik. I’m Alexis. Would you get me a Miller Light?”

“Sure. I love a woman that drinks beer.” He waved the bartender down and ordered two. He handed one to Alexis and then led her back to the table. “Alexis, this is my friend, Tom.”

Tom stood up extending his hand. “Please,” He said, “you can call me Sir.”

Erik scowled at him. “Don’t mind him he’s just trying to be funny.”

“That’s alright.” Alexis said. “He’s kind of cute too.”

Tom was amused by the coy game. Erik just tried to protect his territory.

“Ha. I guess. If you’re into that kind of guy.”

“Oh?” Alexis said looking at Tom. “What kind of guy are you, Sir?”

Tom smiled his easy smile. “He’s right. I’m only interested in girls that like to take it hard up the ass.”

“Dude!” Erik screeched at the inappropriate remark.

Alexis jumped right on the comment. “I love taking it up the ass!”

Erik whipped his head at her in surprise, gaziantep escort and Tom began to laugh. It was then that Erik realized he was being played.

“Wait.” He stammered. “You two know each other?”

“I’m sorry, man.” Tom said still laughing. “This is Alexis. My ho.”

Alexis laughed too. She looked at Erik who was visibly annoyed.

“It’s true. I’m his ho.”

“You’re an asshole!” Erik said still scowling. Then he turned to Alexis, “How did he land someone as hot as you?”

“You mean besides giving it to me hard in the ass.” She said enjoying the banter.

Erik was surprised at how cool she seemed. Then she got a little more serious.

“Actually, I’m always asking how I landed someone like him. He’s amazing.” She sat down on Tom’s lap handing him the beer and snuggling up to him. “I’m happy to finally meet you, Erik. He talks very highly about you.”

“Well we go way back.” Erik said turning his attention back to Tom. “So why did you fly all the way back home just for a massage appointment?”

Tom took the time to lay out the last two years of his life for his friend. He had tried to mention it to Erik in the past, but his friend never knew how to comprehend the portions of his stories that he didn’t believe could be true. Tom wasn’t one to boast either, so it was usually brushed over. It was different now. Tom had explained everything and it somehow seemed truer with the lovely blonde woman nodding affirmatively on his lap. He explained his father’s infidelity, the divorce, and his desire to meet the masseuse. Tom had left out a couple key points. He chose not to mention his mother’s submission. It didn’t seem like a necessary aspect to the story, and he didn’t want Erik to have too much to digest.

After a little while, Erik just sat back dumbfounded by the life of his oldest and best friend. They shared a drink, laughed, talked about old times telling Alexis stories of their youthful indiscretions. The time seemed to fly by, and Tom needed to leave to catch the plane back to Los Angeles.

“Come visit us!” Alexis said excitedly as they walked toward the door.

“Don’t bother, Alexis.” Tom said. “I’ve tried to get him to visit. It’s no use.”

“Well…” Erik said intrigued by all the new information. “Maybe I will this time. I think I’d like that.”

“Seriously?” Tom asked.

“For real.” Erik said. “I need a vacation anyway.”

Tom jotted down Alexis’ email and handed it to his friend.

“E-mail Alexis when you make up your mind. She’ll coordinate everything.”

Erik and Tom shook hands in the parking lot. Alexis leaned in and gave Erik a wet kiss on the lips catching him off guard. Then she and Tom climbed into their car leaving him behind befuddled.


Marie had been sitting quietly in the living room for about an hour reading her son’s book. She was enthralled by the descriptive passages. There was a different feeling inside her now. When she first began to read the book a few days ago, she was electrified at thought of someone submitting to a man. Now, she read these excerpts knowing how it felt to kneel and serve. She envisioned herself in the protagonist’s place, and reveled in the delight she felt at the mere thought of it. She finished the chapter and set the book down on the coffee table.

It seemed unusual that her sister hadn’t come out to greet her. She walked down the hallway arriving outside the bedroom door. She knocked lightly before speaking.

“Jane?” She said through the door. “Is everything alright?”

Jane was still seated on her bed with her legs spread. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed. She had been lost in a day dream. The voice outside her door brought her back to reality. She looked down seeing her legs spread wide and her pussy exposed. Her shirt was still raggedly torn open and she saw the small pearly buttons scattered about the comforter and floor. She could still feel the cum hanging from her chin and feel where it had landed on her breasts.

She cleared her throat quietly before speaking. “Oh. I must have fallen asleep. I’ll be right out.” She tried to sound cheery and excited. In reality, she felt entirely guilty at the thought of looking her sister in the eye after what had just happened.

Jane stood up removing her damaged blouse and looked at herself in the large mirror hanging over her dresser. She stared at the cum on her face. It excited her despite her guilt.

“Don’t do it, Jane.” She muttered under her breath.

She was fighting an urge that was overpowering her. She lifted a finger to her breast gathering a small bit of her nephew’s seed and brought up to her nose sniffing it before sticking out her tongue and cleaning it off. She shuddered softly at the taste. She stared at herself while she completed the act. Then it occurred to her that Tom might have been right. She wanted to be a slut for the right man.

Jane changed her shirt and made herself presentable. She took a deep gaziantep escort bayan breath and then walked out toward the living room to greet her sister.


Tom and Alexis were nearly back to the house. Alexis was talking enthusiastically about the day and her time with his mother. She wanted to ask about the massage appointment. She knew now why he came back home. He wanted to meet the girl that broke up his parent’s marriage. She withheld her curiosity and stuck to more banal, superficial topics.

Tom finally stopped her in the middle of her blathering. He smiled at her warmly.

“Lexi, what was it that you needed to talk to me about? We keep getting interrupted. Is everything alright?”

The change in topic startled Alexis. This entire day had been very special for her. It gave her plenty of time to consider the imminent nature of her problem. With everything going on, Alexis had decided to wait a little while longer. There was no need to add complications or emotions to an already tumultuous period in Sir’s life.

“Sir, I… everything is okay for now. I’ll talk to you about it later. It can wait.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

Something seemed amiss about the way she had first told him it was important and her current reluctance. He wanted to press her on the issue, but he trusted her. He knew she had good judgment when it came to things that personally affected his life. Whatever the issue, it would be discussed at some point.

“Yes, Sir.” She said.


Tom pulled into the driveway of his Aunt’s house. It was already 9:15pm, and they needed to leave for the airport soon. They walked up the slate walkway to the front door and entered the small foyer. Tom could hear the voices of his mother and aunt chatting. Alexis followed behind him as he made his way toward the living room and sat down next to his mother. Marie looked at him nervously. His aunt looked nervous as well.

Tom watched his mother very tentatively scoot toward the edge of the couch. He knew she was getting ready to drop to her knees, and he could see the absolute confusion and embarrassment etched on her face. Tom stopped her before she completed the act.

“Mom, we need to get going or we’ll miss the plane. Please go wait in the car, and I’ll be out in just a few minutes. I need to discuss a couple of things with Aunt Jane before we leave.”

Tom had never seen her so relieved to leave his presence. His dominant side took total pleasure in his ability to play with people’s emotions. It was a natural skill, but he had polished it over the last few years. Jane, on the other hand, was trying to pretend like everything was completely normal.

“Tom, aren’t you going to introduce me?” She asked nodding toward Alexis.

He admired her attempt at pretending nothing happened earlier. Alexis sensed something unusual in his hesitancy to respond. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor next to him. She immediately knelt on the ground in her submissive pose.

“Aunt Jane, this is my submissive — Alexis.” He said.

“I… uh…” She had no idea how to respond to this situation. Jane stared at the beautiful woman kneeling next to her nephew. The woman didn’t say a word. She just knelt there obediently and quiet waiting for instruction. “Tom, I’m not sure what you mean?”

Tom laughed and leaned back into the sofa cushions.

“You don’t?” He asked amused. “That seems odd considering you were so eager to hear about my life. I guess you’re trying to act polite or maybe you’re afraid to acknowledge the fact that I came on your face earlier. You missed some by the way. On your right cheek.”

Jane reflexively reached toward her cheek feeling the cracked, crusty remnant of her nephew’s cum. It was at that very moment that she realized her reflexive move confirmed Tom’s account of what happened between them. She saw the smile creep across Alexis’ face while hers turned a deep crimson.

“Oh no.” Jane squeaked. “I think that was a mistake. You can’t tell your mother. Tom, promise me.”

“What do you think about that, Alexis?”

“About which part, Sir.”

“The part about me making my aunt cum, and then jerking off on her face.” Tom said bluntly.

“I think it was inevitable, Sir.” Alexis stated softly. “I think she’s right about your mother, though. You can’t tell her.”

Jane trembled with a mix of emotions. She was horrified that her tryst with Tom this afternoon had been divulged to someone else. She couldn’t deny that she was intrigued and turned on by the submissive woman, not just obeying her nephew, but her lack of shock over his actions. It seemed like Tom’s life was coming into focus a bit more. He did live that life. This was the blatant confirmation of his ability. Her trembling became visible as she thought about the betrayal her sister would feel if she came through the door and heard this conversation. Tom knew his mother wasn’t coming. She had been all too happy escort gaziantep to escape their presence.

Tom stood up and walked over to his aunt. He took her hands in his and spoke in a very soft, concerned manner.

“Is that true?” He asked. “Was it a mistake?”

“Tom… I… you know it isn’t right. If your mother ever found out… oh god forbid! She’d never speak to me again.”

“That’s not what I asked.” He said a little more sharply. “Was it a mistake?”

“It can’t happen again!”

“Was it a mistake?” His tone was sharper still.

Jane shook in her seat looking from him to the blonde woman and back. She didn’t want to answer. She couldn’t believe that she allowed herself to feel so vulnerable. She spent most of her life perfecting her concrete emotional walls to defend against men.

“I…” Then she stopped nervously and cleared her throat. “No. Well… I’m not sure. Yes. I shouldn’t have let it happen.” Then she looked down ashamed and unwilling to make eye contact. “B-but I liked it. So… no, it wasn’t. But she can’t ever find out.”

She looked back up revealing the awful conflict in her eyes.

Tom smiled at her. She admired his wonderful smile.

“I know it wasn’t.” He said. “It wasn’t a mistake at all. Because I know what you are, don’t I? I know how you need to be treated.”

“Y-yes.” She whispered.

“And what are you, Aunt Jane?” He asked reassuringly. “It’s okay. I don’t want you to be afraid to say it. It doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“I…” She stumbled over her words. “It wasn’t… a mistake… because… um…”

“It’s okay.” He said softly. “Go ahead. Because, what?”

“Because I… I’m a needy… slut.”

“Yes you are.” He said. “But that’s not the way you should address me, is it? Why don’t you tell me again and address me properly.”

Jane panicked. It was bad enough that he made her say it. It was already hard for her to understand why her pussy was on fire at the terrible way he made her refer to herself. She felt the heat in her crotch. How did he expect her to respond? Did he want her to do it like the blonde woman? She knew the word. It wasn’t a word, she thought. It was a title. It was a title of superiority and dominance. If she used it what would that make her? Her heart pounded. She knew what it would make her. Her hesitancy wasn’t due to her inability address him properly; it was because addressing him properly would mean she was accepting a form of submission. She had dreamed about it. She’d fantasized about it. She just wasn’t sure she could do it.

The heat became overwhelming. She began to perspire along her forehead. Her pussy felt soggy as she nervously shifted her feet and squeezed her thighs together. She couldn’t help herself. It was very uncomfortable to feel aroused and demeaned at the same time.

The words slipped from her mouth. “I… I’m a needy slut, Sir.”

Tom pulled her forward from her seat onto her knees. He took his arm and swiped clear the coffee table. Magazines, remote controls and trinkets fell to the floor in a flutter. Then he leaned her forward bending her over it. Tom hiked up her skirt, wrapped his fingers around the fabric of her lace panties, and ripped them off breaking the material.

“Tom, please. You can’t. Your mother is outside…” She yelped.

He brought his open palm down hard on her ass. “That is not how you address me.” He said commandingly. He grabbed her hair pulling her head back until she was looking at Alexis. “Tell Alexis what you are.”

“But… Sir…”

He brought his hand down again striking her hard. She took the cue. With a frightful, embarrassed look she stared at the strange woman and stated, “I’m a needy slut.”

It seemed worse when she noticed the grin on the girl’s face. Somehow Alexis seemed amused at her embarrassment.

Tom quickly freed his cock and gripped it in his hands. He rubbed it along her slit a few times getting a bit of moisture on the tip and then he pushed into her. Jane groaned in surprise as he split her open. She felt awfully stretched. Tom bottomed himself out inside her then took the balled up panties in his hand and shoved them into her mouth. She was accepting of each of his actions. Once again she crossed a threshold and her will gave out.

“You’re tight.” He said.

Alexis kept her eyes locked on Sir’s aunt. Jane’s looked like wide, confused saucers. Alexis was incredibly turned on. She loved seeing the moment when a woman gave in to him.

“Sir, may I rub my pussy while you fuck the needy slut?”

Tom just nodded as he began to pound into his aunt while he held onto her hair. He listened to her muffled grunts. Alexis hiked her own skirt and drove her fingers into her pussy. Jane couldn’t believe the blonde woman’s actions. Her confusion had given way to pleasure while she was being used. It hadn’t even occurred to her until right then to think of it that way. She was being used for a man’s enjoyment. The feminist side of her felt ashamed for enjoying it. In that moment she let her feelings of women’s liberation fade into the recesses of her mind. Tom thrust into her in hard succinct movements while he methodically drilled her slit. He held her head back so she could watch Alexis enjoying the show until she exploded in orgasmic bliss. Tom pumped into her for another minute or two and then came inside her.

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