The Observer’s Bet Ch. 01

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This is a fiction story. All characters are 18 or older.

Also, I will stay adamant, unprotected insemination is un-advised and meant for serious couples that want to have kids. But this is just a fun fantasy that explore the erotic part of unprotected sex.
Author note: This is going to start out as a slow burner at first. For this particular story to work, I need to set-up quite a few things. BUT without fail, when it picks up sexy pace. It’s going to go for a wild ride. From Chapter 2 heats up quite a bit. However! Believe me when I say, reading their motivations, and getting to understand them will definitely enhance the sexy parts. So, it is advised not to skip to there from the start.


Chapter 01:

“Wake up!” A loud slam sounded and Mike sat up from his deep sleep.

“What were you dreaming about you loser?” A hand grabbed his hair and cringed at the sharp shock of the pain.

Mike looked up into the eyes of one of the many bullies that often chose him for their scorn.

He sighed. What was it going to be this time? The ever virgin route, or the you owe us loyalty, go buy us stuff. He couldn’t care less. There were five of them and he was one.

He thought that if he worked out hard, he could maybe fight back. But even after he buffed up, he couldn’t fight off five of them. He found that out the hard way.

“Look, the ever virgin has a hard on!” Larry said.

“Hahhaha! That’s hilarious. He probably was busy having a wet dream about a girl he couldn’t have.” Sean taunted.

“Probably should have just left him sleeping. He might have cum in his pants.”

The door opened, and the teacher came in. All five of the scrambled away, but a sneer followed each of them.

Mike just sighed again. If he was lucky he might get away from them today without a bruise.

He glanced over and saw the concerned face of his step-sister Cindy asking silently if he was okay?

Quite frustrated after having had a good dream and being rudely awakened, he nodded wanly. This, however, had the effect of not lessening her worries at all. Finally he groaned and put on a smile on his face for her. She was somebody he cared about. But this situation was fast getting to him.

A year ago, he had been sailing silently under the radar, with long hair and every just thinking he was a bit odd, but no two ways about it. But, the truth was, he had huge crush on the head the cheerleader, Julie. The blonde always made his sense go crazy when she was near. Finally, he found an opening where they were heading towards the locker rooms. There were very few people. But he felt like there were eyes everywhere. Still, when he called her name. Everything just came tumbling out in the wrong way.


She turned around, tossing her blonde locks over her shoulder.

“Yes, what do you want?”


Sadly, the moment he chose, they had just gone around a corner and the entire football team stood there to the side. Shocked, Julie recoiled and stepped back.

“Hey, Jules, is this sweating loser bothering you?” Larry said stepping closer.

Julie looked like her eyes were popping.

“Who are you, I don’t even know you!” Julie said looking straight at Mike.

Well, the rest ended up in half the football team beating him behind the gym. Worst was, his step-sister was looking on how he was humiliated. He didn’t mind that she was frozen in fear. He just didn’t want her to see him… like that… an outcast.

That night, he sat on Cindy’s bed as she tended to his cuts and bruises. Strange how a situation could make a bond stronger. She was a good friend. He was glad her family took him in. They were all over the world, but somehow he become friends with them since the big accident from a few years tore a hole in his life.

That was the story how the furious troupe of five started making his final year in school a complete nightmare. Something good came out of it at least, if he could call it that. Julie completely forgot about him within a week. So, at least his utter embarrassment was not complete.

His thoughts came back as the bell rung for the day. Thankfully, his boner from the quite inappropriate dream had disappeared.

“Okay, everyone. It’s summer break so be sure to do any outstanding homework and by all means don’t cause trouble.” The teacher said with a stern look.

One by one the students started leaving. Julie was talking one of her friends, but Mike had other worries.

As he walked towards the door, he was already making plans on how to dodge the troupe. He took his time, checking a book on the one shelf, fiddling in his backpack. But, he had to go. So, he walked through the door.

Man! The troupe was chatting in the hallway. But then he was saved from a different source.

“Mike, can I see you for a moment?” The voice of Miss Sangya called from behind.

His heart started thumping. Partly because he just dodged a bullet in almost walking out between the troupe. canlı bahis şirketaleri Although, his thoughts soon shifted to what on earth he could have done wrong for her to call him. He had been careful, especially since he didn’t want to give the troupe any additional ammo.

So, he tentatively walked back in the almost empty classroom. Julie and the other three girls were in the back of the room and didn’t even look back at him.

Miss Sangya, she was in her mid thirties. The woman was busy writing something in a small notebook when she lifted her face.

“I know you had, well a tough year. We have tried talking to the guys giving you a tough time. But, it takes time. I’m sorry about that. Still, I can’t help but feel you are missing out socially on a year where you are suppose to have fun mingling with other students. I always see you sitting alone.”

“Miss Sangya… thank you for your concern. I am trying.”

“I know you are.” She said with a warm smile. “You are a good guy. I see you go out of your way to help others. But, I want you to get out of your shell, okay?”

“I want to, I just don’t know how…” Mike said, frustration building in his voice, but he kept his voice down so the girls wouldn’t hear. “Not after my failed confession to Julie last year.”

Whoops, that one slipped out. But he just shook his head.

“You mean, Julie Glome?”

Mike hurriedly motioned for her to keep it down. He just nodded as Miss Sangya got a thoughtful look on her face.

After a moment she spoke up again.

“You know, there is an experiment happening this Summer break. And I happen to know one of the people involved. So I’m going to pull some strings. It is largely a test, but there is small part of it that is going to be a social experiment. I want you to take part. If it goes on longer than the break, I am willing to expand your teaching and exams to online. But you have take this opportunity and break down your fears of mingling with girls. Tell me that you will try your best?”

Mike just looked at her wide eyed. He had plans this summer break! Albeit it was getting with his few guy friends and having marathon lan parties. But still!

Miss Sangya was typing something and he readied himself to harshly protest, but she caught him by surprise again.

“It’s done. I just texted them and they said they are in need of someone. I’ll send you the details. So, I hope you enjoy your day. And really try your best.”

With that, she gave him a smile and motioned out of the room. Mike threw one last glance at Julie with her friends before stepping out into the hallway. He dropped his shoulders, still completely dazed.

“MY SUMMER!!!!” He cried into its empty reaches. Though still keeping his voice down.


It had been kinda difficult to imagine how to approach his family about going to a social experiment for a few weeks. But, somehow it had gone well, not to mention that it had turned into a quite heated conversation when Cindy found out he had plans to go help his aunt in Japan after the last term.

“You can’t go!” Cindy barked!

“I’ve already talked to her! She needs the help!”

“But… It’s across the ocean! Why would you go so far?!”

Mike was a bit taken aback. “Why do you care where I go? A year ago, you didn’t even talk to me at all.”

To be fair, that was a bit petty. Since then she had opened up to him in quite big leaps and bounds.

“I don’t know. But, I don’t like it.”

“Then come with me!” He barked, throwing up his hands. “What has gotten into you all of a sudden.”

Somehow, the wind disappeared out of her sails, as she pouted and said.

“Okay, I will.”

“Good! I’m going to go pack now, I leave for the experiment tomorrow morning.”

“Fine!” She said after him. But he could see some confusion on her face as he looked back.

After finishing his packing. Mike fell on the floor and did fifty push-ups. It was his way of dealing with stressful situations the last year. Perk of it, it got him in the shape of his life. But still, he always wore baggy clothing to make sure the troupe never found out and got another thing to bug him about. Better to leave them ignorant.

The next morning he threw on the backpack and moved towards the front door.

“I’m leaving!”

“Good luck! And have fun!” His step mom said from the door waving, before popping back out.

He looked at Cindy’s door and just shook his head. Not knowing how deal with her emotions right then. So, he just walked out of the front door.

But suddenly there were two pale arms around his neck and a crying Cindy with her face in his chest.

“It’s okay, Cinds. I’m not leaving for good.”

“It feels that way, okay…” She sniffed.

“I didn’t know you cared so much.”

“It’s just… you’ve been there for me for so long by now. I was just so stupid to realize how amazing you were. I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too.” With that, he kissed her forehead.

She canlı kaçak iddaa blushed, before hurrying back into the house.

“Be careful, okay?” She called.

Mike just smiled. She was a good person.


Mike came to the experiment building. Inside, after signing, there were several tests being done. Some, he found exceedingly embarrassing when a nurse asked him to swab the tip of his cock while aroused in the bathroom before placing it in a container. Still, he went ahead with it all. The next day, he was even more embarrassed as the cute nurse asked him with a smile that he had to fill a container with sperm.

He was shocked to say the least. But, at least he had no trouble completing the task in that small bathroom.

He handed the nurse the container and he blushed profusely as she smiled at him again. He almost ran off to his room. That afternoon. A nurse came into his room.

“Good afternoon, sir, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I am to administer a shot to you. But don’t worry, the Observer said it will help you, specifically.”

“With what?” Mike asked, curious.

But the nurse gave that same smile and Mike just dropped it. He turned, and stabbed the needle into his bum. A yelp burst from him, but the nurse seemed unperturbed. She had sadistic tendencies, quite sure of the fact. She left humming some song, and he sighed in relief.

That night, his door lit up and a message popped up.



Well, Miss Sanya said she would get him into the limited social experiment. So, he took a breath and clicked yes. Done.

He couldn’t imagine what it was about. But, he had come this far.

He entered through a big door before finding a table with two side by side chairs. There were two water bottles.

He sat down and took the one, sipping happily while waiting for whoever else the other water bottle was meant for. A few minutes later he started getting bored, so he laid his head on the table and tapped the metal in patterns. Fatigue slowly set in, it had been a long day. He slowly fell asleep.



“What do you mean you can’t come? I thought we were going to go do the experiment together?” Julie whined in the phone.

Frustration had really built up over the last two days. First, her very first intimate relationship felt like anything but that. Ever since prom, Larry Olskray had been her first and next five times. But he kept cumming in like a minute and it was driving her crazy. Luckily he had wore condoms each time. Ugh! Not even that was good! Condoms sucked! What was more she hardly had her own orgasm two of those times with him. She now liked sex… but being left high and dry like that… It drove her nerves up the wall.

Then from nowhere, Miss Sangya had let her in on a social experiment happening over summer break. It broke like dawn in her sexually frustrated life! It would be amazing to do a social experiment alongside Larry. Maybe it could break his brutish way of handling her and his lack of… well, thought in the bedroom.

This was suppose to be their time together. But then…

“Why is spending time with your buddies that much more important than your girlfriend, who asked you first! What…? What do you mean there will be other girls! Ugh! You dare! You know what… that’s it. Enjoy those girls. We are done!”

The gall! She wanted to throw her phone. But stopped at the last second, gritting her teeth. No use in getting even angrier. She trembled with fury already.

“Fine. I’ll do this on my own. Who needs that guy anyway. Why are all guys jerks!” She mumbled as she signed up for the social experiment, hoping to be one of the very few who got access to it.

The phone ringed again. But, it was her mom.

“Hi, Mom… yeah… I just signed. As I said, it might be a few weeks before I’ll be back… yeah I will take care. Love you, bye.”

With that she stepped into the building. Everyone was professional and so she relaxed a little bit, putting her now ex boyfriend far out of her mind. Somewhere in the proceedings, she was led to a room with a table and a single bottle of water. She sat down and drank it wondering why her life was so full of drama. She just wanted… A sigh escaped her. She hardly knew what she wanted any more.

Finally, after about ten minutes, a door opened on its own with nobody there. A bit curious she stepped through into a small room. There was a monitor with text on it.



It was strange to say the least. But, her anger from before reared and she smashed the yes button.

“Why not just go for it.”

Another door opened, revealing a circular room. As she stepped through, the big door closed behind her gently, but securely.

“So this is the social experiment?”

She glanced around and saw two quite open rooms facing each other, no doors anywhere other than the entrance she came through. Front and centre was a small table with two hard plastic chairs. On the one side of it, there was a single pencil and two blank booklets. On the other, a chess board. Behind the table there was a strange set of tiles in the one side of the wall in the middle between the two rooms, and to the right in the one open room a toilet between two very small half walls. To the left of it a shower head. All out in the open…

Her heart started pounding. No curtains, no walls… How would she shower in privacy!

No… she shook her head. That isn’t really a problem. Then she turned to the other door and her heart thumping in her chest returned. There was a boy sleeping in the double bed.

She didn’t know what she really expected of the experiment, but this wasn’t it.

With a frustrated sigh, she tried her phone, wanting to get in contact with the testers, but it became very apparent. There was no signal at all.

“Well, that’s just great.”

Finally curious about the strange boy, she crept closer. He had dark hair, and strangely a minute shade of dark blue in his hair. He wore a shirt and a pair of long chinos. They didn’t look very thick. She studied his face and it tickled her mind somehow… he looked familiar… but she couldn’t place it.

Though, she had bigger problems. There was a single bed in the entire place. And, from the message, it will be what they had for the next two weeks. Still, she was going to have to talk the guy and maybe get him to sleep on the floor.

Suddenly her attire made her bite her lip. She hadn’t really expected to come there without Larry. So she was wearing a low cut summer dress. At least she had not heeded him in going commando that time! Ugh, that two timing Larry!

Just that was enough that she threw out the idea of the mystery guy sleeping on the floor. She plopped down on the other side of the double bed and held her arm over her eyes. Tears started tumbling down her cheeks. The emotions of the last few weeks and that day finally claiming her.

She cried herself to sleep…



Mike was having such an incredibly happy daydream. He had lived it in his dreams so many times by then. And this time it felt better, quite more real than it had ever been. A soft warm breast filled his hand. A hard pointed nipple rubbed in his palm.

What was more, his hard morning erection was pressed against the gap between the thighs of a soft round ass. He gently squeezed the soft flesh of the breast in his hand. She mewled happily from his touch and snuggled up closer to his body, rocking her hips slightly against his erection.

Mike awoke slowly from his nap. He had sat at the table thinking of Julie… And his go to daydream had taken him once more. He smiled. So sad it was just a dream.

Coming to his senses, he recoiled to find that his hand on an actual breast.

It was dream!

Julie Glome, the one that had haunted his dreams for the last two years, was really laying snuggled into the front of his body. Where his erection poked just beneath her butt.

“No way!” Mike breathed.

There was just no way! His heart pounded in his chest. Nothing could have prepared him for this situation.

Then she moaned in her sleep.


Shocked to hear the name of his arch nemesis, who had bullied him the entire year, Mike came to his senses, better understanding her movements just then , he slowly slid away from her.

Julie looked insanely beautiful just then. Her lips cutely parted and breathing lifting her breasts under her sun dress. Mike blushed and looked away. He got up, pacing.

Last thing, he remembered was the table with the two chairs. But how on earth did he end up on a bed.

That be it as it may, he shook it off and ran to the toilet that caught his eye.

Hurriedly he pulled his impossibly hard cock from his chinos with immense effort. But he succeeded.

Problem was, he had to pee! But he had a crazy turned on hardon.

“Fudge! Um… how do I do this?”

Finally, after several attempts and quite awkward positioning, he relieved himself in the toilet.

From behind he heard a groan. He looked back, seeing Julie stir. He hurriedly tucked his boner back into his pants. Hoping she wouldn’t notice. As if…

He walked to her.

Julie seemed a little uncertain as she wrapped her arms over her quite full chest.

Mike breathed in before saying. “Hi… I don’t if you remember me.” He silently begged she did not. At least that time a year ago his hair had covered most of his face. Now he had a buzz cut on the sides, with slight curl of hair onto his forehead.

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