The Obsession Ch. 07

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Evelyn watched in shock, icy dread crawled over her as she saw Nick being dragged into the same type of SUV that tried to kill her a few days ago. The only thing she knew was if she let it get away, something bad would happen to Nick, so she quickly she ran down the street to her car, following it down the street.

She came around the corner and saw the SUV pulling away from the curb and heading at a fast pace towards the highway, Evelyn followed a distance and hoped she wasn’t spotted. Turning the corner, fear chilled her body as the car seemed to have vanished. Frantically, she looked down the almost hidden street and breathed a sigh of relief as the lights of the car crawled up the alley.

She knew this area, it was part of the warehouse district. A major fire destroyed parts of the buildings months earlier and was deemed a safety risk, a perfect place to hide, she thought. She drove further up the street and parked her car on the curb. Evelyn needed to find him and save him from this crazy person. Why did this person try to run her down and then hurt Nick? What had they ever done to her? Sitting in her car, she shook herself out of her thoughts. She needed to be proactive and help Nick.


This place was perfect for the scenario she had planned out. Nicola knew it was extreme for their first time together, but it had to be. She needed to make an impact on Nick, so he would know she was his perfect mate.

With some effort, she pulled Nick out of the car and carried him towards the rope restraints she had set out on the floor. Now she would get to play with his amazing body, and give him real pleasure. That bitch could never please him like she would. Ever since she’d seen him in all of his glory a few days back, she’d felt her need to have him grow stronger, and she groaned as she remembered the water shimmering on his chest, his big cock hanging for her to see.

“I know you’ve always loved me, but somehow that witch has cast a spell on you,” she whispered as she clipped the hook to the handcuff chain, and connected it to the pole she’d secured to the support beam hanging above her. Quickly, she pulled him up using the pulley system, standing back for a moment to inspect her work and grinned. He was amazing and he would look even better naked. She pulled a knife out of her pocket, reached up to the collar of his shirt to slice it open, and then tore his shirt off his body. She relished the feel of his taut muscles as she ran her fingers up and down his chest to his belt, pulling it open.

Evelyn watched from the doorway with mounting anger as the woman pawed Nick and pulled at his pants. She wasn’t going to wait docilely by and let Nick be taken advantage of by this psycho harpy. She sprung into action and yanked the other woman back from Nick, his pants hanging open. The bitch turned and snarled at her, arms flying, a knife gripped and poised for action

“I’ll take care of you for good now. You shouldn’t have interfered here. Nick is mine!” With a feral scream, Nicola lunged at Evelyn, furious insanity boiling in her eyes as she threw her to the ground.

The other woman’s breath slammed out of her as she hit the ground hard, the fingers of Nicola’s free hand dug tightly into her neck, strangling her, while she waved the knife above her head, ready to plunge into her flesh, and finally ridding Nick and her of this pest.

Evelyn pushed her legs under the psycho’s and threw her off, the crushing grip around her neck was released, and the knife was sent skittering across the floor. Bostancı Escort Evelyn gasped for air and then tackled Nicola to the ground. Adrenaline surged through her veins as Nicola’s fingers reached up and yanked the other woman’s hair viciously as she tried to throw her off. When she finally was on top of the psycho, she diverted her attention away from her writhing body on the ground to find where the knife had gone to.

“You’ll have to get through me, Nick’s mine you crazy bitch!” screamed Evelyn, as she picked up Nicola’s head and slammed it into the ground once, dazing the crazy woman.

Nicola shrieked in pain and screamed, “You filthy bitch! Nick’s always been mine!” She hooked her legs around Evelyn’s ankles and knocked her to the ground, trying to get her hands around Evelyn’s neck again.

Evelyn reached sideways, she knew the knife was close. She felt the ground with one hand, while, at the same time, tried to pull the psycho’s hands from her neck, the crushing grip making her dizzy.

Finally, she found it, the sharp edge of the blade against her fingertips. She moved her fingers to drag it closer, the blade cutting into her skin. When she could feel enough of it, she slid her hand up the blade and grasped the handle and gasped, “Bitch,” before she speared the blade into the psycho’s side.

Nicola screamed in pain, her hands slackening from Evelyn’s throat. Dizziness unsettled her as oxygen flooded back into her system and she rolled to her side coughing. The psycho stumbled to her feet and went for the blade. Evelyn twisted and plunged the blade into her leg, causing her to scream again and collapse to the floor. “Don’t move psycho,” Evelyn half growled, half coughed.

As quickly as possible, Evelyn got to her feet, looking around for something to secure the psycho lady so she didn’t have to deal with her again. She couldn’t believe she’d just stabbed someone, twice! The adrenaline was in full swing, she knew this was her time to act, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to protect Nick.

Hurriedly walking to the side of the room, she found some rope and moved to tie the other woman’s hands, not caring if it was too tight. She was just lying on the floor, her eyes closed, and Evelyn hoped she was just passed out.

Once she felt the woman was tied securely, she ran over to Nick, who was now moving around. “Nick, are you okay? Nick,” Evelyn shook him a bit. “Come on Nick, wake up.” She saw him stir more as he lifted his head, until recognition finally crossed his face.

“What the fuck?” his words were gruff and filled with pain. Nick tried to move his arms and legs and then realized he was restrained. He looked at Evelyn, “What the fuck is going on here?” He saw her eyes widen with shock, “Sorry baby, I…”

“Oh Nick, I’m so glad you’re awake. Are you okay?” Evelyn ran her hands across Nick’s chest and stomach, and then tried to pull his pants back together.

The minute she touched him, he hardened and groaned. “Baby, I do appreciate some fun, but…”

“Oh Nick stop it, this isn’t fun. Don’t you know what happened?” Evelyn moved away from him and that was when he saw a woman lying on the ground, tied up, bleeding. “Shit, who’s that?”

She turned back to him, “I went to the station to pick you up for dinner and I saw this woman drag you into the parking lot. Then I followed her here. Nick, she was going to rape you!” tears threatened to spill out of Evelyn’s eyes.

He wanted to hold her and comfort her, but he was still bound, “Baby, can you find something Kadıköy Escort to cut these ropes?” Shit, he figured she must be going into shock; she was just standing in front of him, staring, not moving. “Evelyn, is there something sharp around here?”

Tears flowed from her eyes, “I…I stabbed her…twice!” His heart broke for her, knowing she must be devastated at hurting another person.

“Evelyn,” he said sternly, “You need to find something to get me out of here.” He tried to get in her face, but being tied up didn’t lend itself to confrontation. “Evelyn!” he finally yelled, and winced at the sharp pain shooting through his skull, that seemed to snap her out of her stupor enough to get her moving.

“Oh…I’m sorry Nick,” she turned and looked on the floor, near where the psycho was lying, and saw the knife. She moved to it, picked it up, her hands now shaking so hard, she could barely hold it. Walking back to Nick, somehow, she managed to cut the rope off from one arm, after which Nick took the blade from her and removed the rest of the bindings. He immediately slumped to the floor with a groan. Knowing he was hurt and would need medical help, she found the ability to think clearly again. She needed to get help for Nick.

Nick turned his head and groaned as a sharp stabbing pain shot through him again, “Fuck… the captain warned… me about this, that’s Nicola… I work with her.”

“Keep your eyes open baby, you’ve got a concussion.”

She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone and dialed 911, “I need police and an ambulance at the Welgrove Industrial warehouse. There’s been a stabbing and I think the other person has a concussion.”

She closed her phone once she got the confirmation, and directed her gaze to Nicola, slumped on the ground. She had a desperate look in her gaze as she looked up at Nick, tears pooling in her eyes.

“You’ll be fine baby, did she… touch you anywhere?” she asked as she reached down and buttoned his pants.

“No… I only just woke to… see you on the ground with… a woman.”

Sirens wailed in the distance were getting rapidly closer.

“Rest baby, the police are almost here.”

# # #

A warm touch had his eyes flickering open. Nick groaned as the room wobbled in front of him. “Don’t open your eyes just yet Nick, you have a concussion.”

“Evelyn?” His voice came out weak as a wave of nausea speared him.

“Don’t try to speak, the doctors put you on some pretty serious painkillers, they told me that you’d likely need to stay for a few days for observation,” she said as she grasped his hand and squeezed.

“What happened… with Nicola?”

“She’s in the hospital too. The police are here guarding her room, they’re going to charge her with attempted murder and kidnapping.”

Nick squeezed her hand back, he groaned as another wave washed through him. “I’ll be here with you Nick, you need to sleep. You took a pretty hard knock to the head.”

Nick squeezed her hand again and rested back against the pillow, reassured Evelyn would be there for him when he woke up.

Two Weeks Later

Nick’s eyes flickered open as something brushed his ankle, “Good you’re awake, and just in time too.” There was a husky giggle coming from under the covers.

He lifted his head, a hot spike of arousal washed through him at the sight. Evelyn wore a sexy black leather corset, with scarlet red lace ties, and when he went to brush the sleep out of his eyes, he realized his wrists were tied to the bed posts.

“Surprise,” Göztepe Escort Evelyn giggled naughtily, as she ran long, sharp nails up his legs to his thighs.

A shudder ripped through him, “What’s going on?”

She grinned and said, “A little suggestion from my friend, Natalie. You know Christian tells her everything.”

Nick dropped his head back on the pillows and groaned, “Well, when I rescued you from that psycho, I felt your reaction to being tied up. Pity you were out of commission for so long,” she shrugged, “But now, here you are,” she said huskily, as she slowly dragged her long red nails over his abs and pecs, “exposed to my mercy.” Evelyn flicked his nipples with her talons and grinned as his body twitched, as if she’d shocked him.

“Don’t tease me baby,” Nick growled as he tugged on the ties again, cursing as they only tightened further.

“Would I do that?” Evelyn smirked as she licked the tip of a nail, then she slid on to the bed and grasped Nick’s already thick cock and stroked him. She reveled in the feeling of his cock pulsing in her grip. She leaned forward and licked his nipple then bit it gently. Nick moaned and arched underneath her.

Nipping and kissing the skin down his chest, she licked his abs while gently stroking his cock. He breathed heavily as she teased him, rolling her tongue over his abs, her other hand reaching under him to tease his balls.

Nick moaned as another shower of sparks ripped through him, “Evelyn you’re… killing me… here.”

She looked up at him, a devilish grin crossed her face, as she continued her assault. She let his cock go as she slipped her lips around the head and sucked slowly, grinning as his body went rigid. She slid her lips down his shaft, slowly devouring him. When she had completely engulfed him, she swallowed.

Nick pulled on the restraints again, more out of reflex, as sensations rocketed through his system. Being at Evelyn’s mercy was far hotter than he had ever imagined it would be. He moaned at the loss as she drew away from him. “Fuck, Evelyn, don’t, stop,” he panted, as she moved to straddle his hips.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m not done yet,” she grasped his cock and pressed him against her pussy, sliding down on him.

Nick growled roughly as her muscles squeezed him as she took him inside her. It took all his focus to stop himself from coming, Evelyn had wound him up so tightly, all her teasing had him ready to burst.
Once seated, she rode him with controlled, measured strokes, closing her eyes and leaning back, relishing the feel of his thickness sliding in and out of her.

Nick felt like he was going crazy, he wrenched at the ties making the bedposts rattle, as the searing heat scorched his nerves and his mind. He thrust his hips up into her, breaking her steady pace.

Evelyn grasped his shoulders and dug in with her nails, as she rode him harder, faster, looking into his eyes, which gleamed with feral intensity as he met each stroke. The fire burning in his eyes set her aflame, she screamed his name as the orgasm surged through her. Her release shattered her senses as she continued to buck on him.

Nick roared her name as his release violently exploded throughout his body, his hips bucked as he emptied himself into her. His body was on fire from the intensity of their love making. He panted harshly as Evelyn toppled on top of him, her heated skin melting to his, creating a soft warm blanket.
After a few minutes Evelyn gathered what remained of her strength and reached up to kiss him tenderly. She slid off and untied the silk sashes. Once undone, she slid back into bed and curled up against him, “Happy birthday Nick, I love you. We need to get going soon. We don’t want to make the others wait for the birthday boy, now do we?”

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