The Old-Fashioned Way

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Going back to school at thirty was tough. All the other students were in their early twenties and I felt out of place. This was my dream, though. I had been planning on going back to school and getting my degree since the day I had dropped out of college at eighteen. I had been too young and not yet ready to be a college student back then. I never dreamed it would take me so long to make it back into a classroom.

My first class was astronomy and as I entered I saw the professor already up at the board writing something in chalk on the old chalkboard at the front of the room. I was instantly attracted to him. He looked about my age and wore slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. He had thick glasses, but they didn’t take away from the fact that he was insanely handsome. He made every man I’d ever been with look ugly. I stared at him, my pussy growing uncomfortably moist.

I sat through the whole class, unable to understand anything he was saying about astronomy. All I could do was hold onto my pen and pretend to write things down as he spoke. His voice was hypnotic and I enjoyed listening to it. When he finally ended the class I gathered my belongings slowly and waited for him to talk to each of the other students. I made sure that I was last in line and when it was my turn, we were alone.

“Hi, I’m Jeanine Apodaca,” I said and extended my hand for him to shake. He took it and as he did, something passed between us. It was a spark, the ignition of something. I held onto his hand a little too Beylikdüzü Escort long and then I looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” I said. “You’re just so attractive that I forgot what I was going to ask you.” I tried to think, but it was so fucking hard. He was that hot!

“You think I’m attractive?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I said reflexively.

“I think you’re attractive too. How old are you?”


“I’m twenty-nine,” he said, laughing that he was younger than me, but yet he was my teacher. I’d never felt so ancient. “If you weren’t my student I’d ask you out,” he said.

“I’m dropping this class,” I said with a giggle. “So we can hang out or do whatever we want,” I said brazenly.

“Is that so?” he said in a husky voice.

“Yeah, you’re way too hot to learn from. Unless the lesson is about sex.” I don’t know why I grabbed his dick through his pants, but I did. It was a move I never thought I was capable of, but I grabbed my instructor’s cock and I fondled it a bit before I leaned in and kissed him. I expected him to push me away, but he didn’t. He kissed me back and before I knew it we were making out. He unbuttoned my blouse and felt my tits through my bra. He pulled my bra down, baring my tits and he sucked on one and then the other.

“Lay back on the desk,” he coached me and he led me to it and helped me lay back across it. He made sure my mouth was at the edge of his desk before he shoved his cock into my mouth. His hand was on my Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan neck and he squeezed it gently as he fucked my mouth slowly with his above-average sized cock.

“That’s a good girl. You can’t tell anyone we are doing this, okay? I just got this job, I don’t need to be fired, but you’re just so hot. I need this,” he explained. He was fucking my face hard and I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying being used by my new astronomy teacher. His cock was really pounding the back of my throat and I could feel his balls slapping against my eyes as he pounded my face in. I was making noises as he choked me, making it even harder for me to suck his cock.

“Keep sucking, slut! That’s a good girl. Good, good girl. I’m going to cum all over your face. Would you like that? You want to walk out of here covered in your teacher’s spunk? Huh?” He let go of my throat so I could answer.

“YES!” I screamed. He pumped his cock down my throat faster and faster, his balls slapping hard against my face. I’d never been used this way before by any other man, and I was loving it. I could feel my pussy dripping but I didn’t touch it. I would get myself off while I was thinking about this experience for the rest of my life! He pulled his cock from my mouth and he took aim at my face.

“Open your eyes, slut! I want to see them while I cum on your pretty, little face.” I did as I was told and I could feel the cum splatter all over my cheeks. It felt warm and it meant that Esenyurt Escort I had gotten my way. I had seduced my astronomy teacher! He groaned as he sprayed the rest of it on my face, my blue eyes looking up at him as he did.

“Wow. I can’t believe we just did that!” he said with excitement. “Let me help you up. Wow. That’s a big load all over your face.”

“I love it!” I told him. “Maybe I should keep this class, after all, you know so I can earn my grade the old-fashioned way?”

“The old-fashioned way?” he laughed.

“Yeah, you know, with my pussy!”

“Trust me, I would love that. I just don’t want to get into trouble.”

“You won’t. I mean, the way I see it you teach astronomy and you just made me see stars, so I’d say so far you’re doing a great job!” He chuckled as he tucked his cock back into his slacks and adjusted his glasses.

“You make a good point,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind having you every day after class, but you still have to do the work.”

“Oh, I’ll do the work,” I laughed as I imagined all the “work” I’d be doing. “I’ll work hard to make you cum. Trust me!”

“Sounds like a done deal, then. I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

“Thank you, Professor,” I said as I buttoned up my blouse and grabbed my backpack. I never did remember the actual question I had to ask him, but I was happy with the answers I’d gotten anyhow. I walked out onto campus, my face covered in my teacher’s cum. I felt so slutty and I wasn’t sure, but I thought I heard people laughing at me.

“That slut has jizz all over her face,” I heard a guy say loudly as I passed. I don’t know why, but that only seemed to make my pussy wetter. I couldn’t wait to get to my car so I could fuck myself until I came. I knew exactly what I was going to be thinking of when I finally did.

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