The Older Eagle

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This continues from an earlier story when I met Chris in ‘The Eagle Has Landed.’

It has been two weeks since I last literally bumped into Chris, when I say bumped… I mean she knocked me over. She’s an American ex-soldier. Since that first encounter, we had met up only once again. Yes, we had sex, was the only reason to meet.

And this was again for the same reason why I stood with a bouquet and knocked on her door. No answer, I knock again and this time louder just in case she didn’t hear me the first time.

Eventually, the door opens and it’s Chris’s mum, the old lady. As she opened it she said nothing just looks at me, so I speak first, “O… hello is Chris in?”

She seems to look at me blankly and says, “No, she’s gone out.”

I reply, “O… she asked me to come around today.”

The old lady says, “And who are you?”

I reply, “I’m Robert… Bob.”

The old lady says, “I remember you… she knocked you off your bike!”

I say, “Yes… that’s me… Chris asked me to come over today; we were going to go for a meal.”

The old lady says, “She’s already gone out, won’t be home till tomorrow.”

I say, “I’m sure she said today.”

I take out my phone and check her message, shit… I’ve made a mistake.

I look at the old lady and say, “I’m sorry, I misread the date.”

I thought the message read to go out on the sixth… but it says eighth! I confused the eight for a six.

The old lady says, “Are those for me… and you can come in… you know… since I do know you.”

Since Chris is not here, and the old lady has now embarrassed me about the flowers, I give them to her and say, “Thanks… I’ll get back to her.”

The old lady says, “I know you like coffee… want some in exchange for the flowers, I know they’re not really for me.”

Well, I didn’t have any other plans, since Chris is not here, the old lady says, “I can’t stand for too long young man.”

I remember the first time I saw this lady she was being helped by her daughter Chris into a wheelchair.

She walks back into the house, leaving the door open for me as an invitation. I walk in and close the door behind me.

The old lady shouted out, “In here young man!”

Following her voice leads me to her sitting at a table, flowers placed on it. She had a cup of tea in her hand and said to me, “Water is hot… and I think you know where everything is.”

I make myself a coffee and sit at the table with her.

She asks, “Not on your bike today?”

I say, “I had a ride earlier… this morning.”

Then taking me by surprise she says, “I bet you were hoping for a different sort of ride this evening!”

I don’t respond, just look at her and smile, and then comment, “I thought you were in a wheelchair.”

She says, “Still need one now and again, only if I’m going to be traveling for any length of time. I’m fine around the house.”

I say, “I don’t think I know your name.”

She replies, “Gladys.”

I take a sip of my coffee and almost spit it out when she says, “I’m sixty-two and still sexually active.”

I say, “O… okay!”

Gladys says, “I watched you both… you know… that first time.”

I say, “Watched us!”

Gladys didn’t seem to mince her words, “Fucking… you two… fucking.”

I suddenly remember, and say, “O… okay, I thought you were asleep… Chris said you had taken some medication.”

Gladys says, “I did, but the noise you both made… woke the fuckin dead.”

I reply, “I’m… sorry.”

Gladys says, “Don’t be, as I remember you gave her a good fucking… and smacked her around a bit.”

I do remember, I slapped her tits and arse, she slapped my cock and we did make a lot of noise, I say we, it was mostly Chris.

My face must have gone red as Gladys says, “No need to blush young man, as I recall you have a decent cock,” Gladys rubbed the palm of her hand on my crotch, right on my cock under the table.

That only made me go redder; she stood as she finished and asked, “Want any more?”

I reply, “O… no, no thank you.”

I stand and was about to say that I would be leaving when she says, “Any chance you fancy older women?”

I say, “I don’t have a preference like that I don’t think.”

Gladys says, “She’s not coming home tonight, and I bet if you go home now, not having fucked, you’ll have a wank before you put the lights out.”

She has a funny way of putting things, sort of just saying what she thought, and maybe just saying what is probably the truth.

I don’t know how to respond, I step slowly towards the door and say, “Thanks for the coffee. I’ll call Chris tomorrow.”

Gladys says, “Make that late tomorrow; she should be back here by then.”

I ask, “Is she out all day?”

Gladys replies, “My dear, you don’t know her. You’ve fucked her… but you don’t know her.”

I don’t know what to make of that, I say again, “Thanks for the coffee.”

Gladys says, “She’s a sex fiend. She’s out right now with two of her ex-army guys. I say guys… more gorillas… their cocks make your one look like casino siteleri a match-stick. They’ll be fucking till the cows come home… and that’s as I said, late tomorrow.”

Was not the sort of thing I wanted to hear but puts me in my place. Gladys walks past me and says, “If you want to get your end away… as I said, I’m still active. But, and this is the big but, I haven’t been fucked for over three years.”

I take a big gulp and watch her go up a few steps. She looks back down towards me and says, “I suppose it’s not the age hey honey… who’d want to stick their cock into this face.”

I stand frozen by her comment; she must have thought I was in two minds.

She says, “Look, young man, your night is free, and you’re free,” pointing at the front door, “That is your exit and a hand-job on yourself.”

Then pointing up to the top of the stairs at a door which I presumed to be her bedroom, “That door… well… that door is hands-free… which my dear means your cock will erupt hopefully more satisfyingly.”

What a choice! She was old; I say that like she was ancient. But as she said, she’s just over sixty. She looks to be slim, can’t see a lot of her as she is wearing a long dress. Her tits are not as big as her daughters’ but look to be a nice size.

She doesn’t seem to dye her hair like Chris but was straight, shoulder-length greying silver. Pretty enough face even though she commented on it like she was off-putting.

I must have been taking longer to decide than she liked, she says, “Can’t wait all night young man, need to sit… actually… need to lay down.”

She walks off, leaving me to think… shit… should I? Fuck it!

I walk upstairs and through her door. I stand just inside and as she sees me enter she says, “Good… I thought I’d be using my finger again. I have toys but they’re never the same.”

She beckons me over and pats the bed by her side, she says, “Clothes off and get up here.”

She stands, undoes a couple of buttons, and lets the dress fall to the ground. She’s naked underneath.

She turns to me, places her hands on her hips, and says, “What do you think… fancy fucking this!”

She does look nice, is very slim, light even tan all over, sweet tits… sagging a little, a nice hand full size. Her pussy is clean, she has a gap between her legs and I can see her pussy lips dangling just a little.

She says, “Don’t let the outie labia scare you sonny, and it opens up as much as you need it to.”

As I stand looking her over, she says, “Come on young man, quicker you get your clothes off, quicker our privates introduce themselves to each other.”

As I strip I notice she opens a drawer and takes out a few things and lays them on the side of the bed. I recognised them; they are her toys… toys for women.

I then join her on the bed. She has placed a couple of pillows down and rested her head, otherwise, she lay flat.

She says, “Here, sit next to me.”

She took a couple of the sex toys in her hand. Waving the first one she says, “This one is good for length, goes quite deep,” she then waves the other one, “As you can see… this one has the girth, is good for opening me wide, feels like I’ve got something between my legs… you know in my cunt.”

She looks at my cock, and says, “I don’t have a combination, that’s where that thing comes in,” she winked and says, “Literally.”

She picks up another object; she holds it in her palm and asks, “Know what this is boy?”

I look at it and shake my head, she says, “It’s for the arse, can be for you, but I think we’ll use it in me first.”

It looks weird, is shiny silver, and smooth. She put it to one side and then holds up a long tube. She says, “Lube, we’ll need a bit of this,” she looks at me and grins, then says, “Quite a bit of this.”

She takes hold of the first item again, the dildo… long version. She asks, “Ever used this young man.”

I say, “I’ve not used any of the things there.”

She says, “That’s okay… first for everything.”

She holds it up and throws me the lube, and says, “Smear me and this thing.”

I open the top and squirt some onto the palm of my hand, Gladys says, “Honey, you’ll need more than that.”

She took it and squirts three times what I already had in my hand, she says, “Lube this up and the rest down there,” looking at her pussy.

I smear up the dildo still held in her hand, she shouts, “Take the fuckin thing.”

And as I lube up that one, she throws me the other one and says, “This one as well, and your first lesson starts now.”

She closes her eyes and places her hands behind her head, she says, “Use whichever you like, don’t tell me, and switch between them… again don’t tell me.”

With her head on the pillows, hands behind her head, she lay flat on her back and legs apart bent at the knees.

I take hold of the long one first and ask, “How deep do I go?”

She says, “Fuckin hell kid, shove the whole thing in and fuck me with it like you use your cock.”

I slowly insert it and see her hips rise güvenilir casino slightly. I push it in and it goes in quite smoothly. I must have inserted about eight inches and she moaned out. I retract it just as slowly and hear her say, “That’s good sonny, now use it like your cock, hard and fast.”

I again insert and retract, getting faster and faster and soon she begins to moan and groan. She throws her hips up and down. After a while she got faster, shouting out, “That’s it sonny don’t forget to change.”

I must have taken a bit too long swapping to the other fat dildo, she shouts, “Fuckin hell son, you’re making me lose the moment.”

This other dildo is at least twice the girth of the first one, but a couple of inches shorter. I shove it into her as deep as possible. I got faster, not only in using the dildos in her but swapping between them. I tried to make it seamless.

While using one, I bend down and suck on her very large erect nipples, swapping from one to the other.

She is throwing her hips up and her vocal rants are more boisterous. I never stop even when she shouts out, “Cumming.”

I look at her face as she orgasms, her eyes sweetly closed, her mouth a gasp. A beautiful smile across her face and a low sexual murmur emanates from her lips.

She has raised her knees up and well apart. Her hips are in mid-air while I rapidly shove the dildo in and out of her.

She has two orgasms in rapid succession. My cock is hard, so hard I want to fuck her.

Still using the dildo on her I manage to squirt some lube onto my cock. And on her third orgasm I throw the dildos aside and jump onto her, I stick my slippery cock into her and she gasps, actually shrieks out loud, as I fully embed myself into her, she says, “Be gentle with me sonny,” then laughing says “Only kidding… fuck me senseless kid.”

She throws her arms around me and says, “Fuck… some warning would have been nice kid, that thing is bigger when you’re in my pussy than in my hand.”

She groans quite loudly but managed to say, “Fuck me… but don’t fuckin cum.”

She wraps her thin legs around my arse and grabs my head in both hands. She pushes my face onto one of her tits and says, “These aren’t big enough to smack around like my daughters’ boulders, but sonny I want you to suck the shit out of them.”

As I bang into her I am surprised that not only is she thumping her hips hard against me, but she also keeps going.

She says, “Is this how hard you fucked her, I can take a lot more, fuckin fuck me.”

She has an orgasm and shouts out, “Oh… fuck sonny that’s good.”

She pulls me off her tit so hard I thought I’d ripped her nipple off, and then presses me hard onto her other one, she says, “Suck that like your life depends on it.”

All the while she keeps up with me until finally, I say, “Nearly there.”

And at that instant, she stops, froze, pulls my head off her again, and says, “Get it out.”

I lift my hips and she pushes me off her, she bends down, grabs the base of my cock tight, and blows across my cock-head for a few seconds, makes the heat dissipate to cool my cock. She then licks and cleans me up.

She falls back onto the bed on her back, her breathing is heavy. She holds my cock softly stroking it, looking straight up to the ceiling.

She says, “Nice tool… as I thought a good combination of length and girth.”

I say, “Thanks… I suppose.”

She says, “You went too quickly, I didn’t get to appreciate it really, need a more slowed down fuck… a bit more sensual. I don’t suppose you’ve had one of those hey sonny!”

I didn’t reply, still stroking my cock she asks, “Your urge… has it gone?”

I say, “Yes… a while ago.”

She lifts her head and looks past my body, looks at the shiny thing she says, “Pass me that one.”

As I give it to her she says, “Remember this, where it goes?”

I say, “You said it was for you.”

Gladys says, “I didn’t say it was for me, I said, it could be used on either of us. It’s called a butt plug and right now you’re going to put it in me.”

She lays back and says, “Get the lube.”

I look around and see it, I offer it to her but she doesn’t take it off me she says, “Lube this.”

I coat the butt plug and make sure I still had some in my hand. Gladys places a pillow under her lower back and says, “Lube up my arse sonny.”

I smear what I have in my hand over her arse, and she says, “Make sure you stick some in the passage… about an inch or two should do it.”

I was a bit apprehensive of sticking my finger in her arse-hole but making sure I have plenty of lube, I push it into her. She wriggles her arse and says, “That’s it sonny now the plug… remember… easy does it.”

And I ease the pointy end into her, it slips in quite easily, can only see the large round stopper.

She says, “Get on your knees and slowly get in.”

I position myself on my knees, and my cock’s head at her pussy’s entrance is just right with the pillow under her.

She says, “Slowly… and all the way, don’t canlı casino pull out.”

As I ease in the head I feel her pussy lips close in behind the head’s gland. I push further and come to a stop in her, the root of my cock and her pussy lips now touch.

Gladys asks, “How does that feel?”

I say, “Feels nice.”

Gladys asks, “Did you feel the butt plug as you came in?”

I say, “A little… don’t know what to expect.”

Gladys with a slightly raised voice says, “Get out.”

I wondered if I had done something wrong, I retract and fall back onto my legs.

Gladys says, “Stay right there… don’t move.”

She gets off the bed and leaves the room. About thirty seconds later she comes back and lays back down exactly as she was before.

She says, “Take that one out.”

I pull at the butt-plug but there is some resistance to it. Gladys says, “Pull harder.”

And as I do, it comes out and Gladys holds up another one, this one is made of what looks like glass, but is almost twice as big on the part that goes into her arse.

Gladys says, “Lube and in.”

I lube it and it is much tighter going in, I ask, “Are you sure this fits?”

Gladys says, “It’s hers, but it will go in, push harder.”

By that, I presume it was Chris’s, her daughter who I fucked before but without this thing.

This is much tighter to get in and I can see her eyes tighten as the stopper hits her arse.

Gladys says, “Wow… I wasn’t sure myself if that was going to go in.”

Gladys had obviously not had this in her before, but she clearly knew Chris has this thing.

Gladys seems to bathe in either the agony or the ecstasy of it; she doesn’t speak for a minute. Then she opens her eyes, looks at me, and says, “Let’s try again young man.”

I position myself again. This time I tease her pussy, grasping my shaft I press my cock-head hard against her clit. Rub it down and back up along her slit, sweeping my cocks head hard on her clit; I can feel her clit getting harder, more pronounced.

The eye of my cock is visibly gaping; I align it with her clit and push on it. It must have felt as good for her as it was for me, I can hear Gladys as she moans and rolls her head from side to side.

As I still look down at her pussy and my cock in amazement, I hear Gladys say, “Fuckin get in you bastard.”

I was about to enter, she again instructed, “Slowly, inch by inch. Immerse yourself in the sensation.”

I push and it’s like I entered a totally different pussy. Is tighter at the entrance point and feels so nice. I stop as I am fully in again.

Gladys asks, “Fuckin hell sonny… how’s it for you?”

I reply, “I felt it all the way.”

Gladys says, “Now don’t fuck… well fuck obviously, but just slide slowly, sensually in and out.”

I do this a couple of times and Gladys says, “I can feel your depth in me, feels lovely.”

She holds out a hand towards my face, I lean in and she rests her palm against my cheek, a light touch. We both look at each other as we slow fuck.

A fast fuck will not give the same sensations, is so nice this way. Is the type of fuck we can go on with for a long… long time.

It’s about ten minutes, eyes locked together and smiling at each other, and then I see her eyes close, and her face transforms into her beautiful orgasm face, which is so delightful to watch.

She still has her hand on my face when she comes out of her orgasm. She opens her eyes and pats my face, she says, “I enjoyed that sonny thank you. You do what pleasures you now.”

I lean down and kiss one of her nipples, and then softly her lips. I push out my legs and she says, “Take the pillow out sonny.”

She lifts her back and I pull and throw the pillow to the floor. Her legs go into the air and she says, “Fuck me… just fuck me.”

Picking up the pace we begin to fuck each other, I push on my arms lifting me above her. I love watching her go through her orgasms. She goes through two beautiful ones five or six minutes apart and after her third, I lower myself down and she hugs me, I say, “Cumming.”

Gladys says, “Beautiful… was wondering when!”

I slow as I release my loads and that’s when the butt-plug comes back into play. It feels amazing to unload with that thing in her.

I keep in deep as I finish, Gladys holds me tight as I let go of my last load. I rest on her for a minute.

Gladys says, “That was wonderful… the time you take to cum makes me feel like I’ve had a good… well actually a great fucking.”

And as my breathing becomes more normal, Gladys speaks into my ear, “Your face sonny… as you blew… looked like a monkey with a banana.”

I’m not sure if that is a good look or not, but it made me feel great!

I roll off Gladys and she pulls out the plug herself. She says, “I’ll have to get one of these for myself.”

I say, “That was awesome… Cumming in you.”

Gladys says, “Men! Think you’re the only ones who enjoy blowing your loads. You do know us women enjoy the hot waves and eruptions of cum being pumped into us as well, it’s not just a one-way thing.”

I say, “Sorry… I didn’t mean it like that!”

Gladys replies, “Don’t be sorry sonny, what makes it more pleasurable is the loads… the amount, especially you… your load, I’ve not experienced that volume before.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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