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Ever had a girl say she would do “anything” for you if you would do something for her – and mean exactly what you hoped she meant? I did once. It was back when I was going to college and back when a little unprotected sex wouldn’t kill you and every girl on campus was on the pill…

I first met Kelly in a class during the spring quarter but had never dated her. Now she was taking a few summer classes and I had taken the summer off. I took the summer off partly because I needed a break from classes and partly to make enough money to keep taking classes the next quarter.

I met Kelly again at a party thrown by one of my college buddies during the summer. She hadn’t come with a date and I didn’t have one. I had arrived before Kelly and unfortunately was hitting on another girl. I say unfortunately because I thought I was getting somewhere with this other girl, but got the usual results – I struck out. Kelly was looking hot tonight too, wearing a short skirt, dark nylons, at least three inch heels, and a tight fitting blouse. As the party wore down later that night Kelly came to me and asked me if I would give her a ride home. The girl she had come with, Brenda, her roommate, had the hots for some guy she met at this party and wanted to go home with him. That left Kelly with either having to have her girlfriend drop her off first or getting her own ride home.

“Tom, could give me a ride home when you leave?” she asked. “I don’t live too far, but I really don’t want to walk there either.”

As good looking as she was, if I was her, I wouldn’t walk around late at night either. “Sure. When do you want to go?” I asked. I was about ready to leave, but if she didn’t want to stay ’till dawn I was more than happy to stay a little longer and give her a ride. Kelly was one girl whose pants I would love to get into. I didn’t think it was going to happen tonight, but this was a nice opportunity to get to talk to her a little more and have some time completely alone with her. I jumped at the chance.

“Oh, anytime. I’m ready to go when you are. This thing looks like it’s about over.”

We went to find the host but were told that he was in the bedroom with a girl so we skipped saying goodbye and just left.

“Are you taking any classes over the summer?” she asked as we left the parking lot.

“No, I took the summer off to work.”

“I’d like to but I took a light load last quarter so I need to get a few classes in over the summer if I am going to graduate on time. Unfortunately I also need to work more to get the money for the fall classes.” She told me when to turn to get to her place as we talked. “Did you ever take Intro to Ethics?” she asked as we got to her apartment’s parking lot.

“Yea, I thought it was pretty easy and aced it.”

“Really? You aced it?” she asked, sounding pretty excited.

“Yea, it was mostly writing bull-shit papers. I had a ball with them. It’s the classes with the multi-guess and the fill in the blanks tests that kill me.”

“Want to come in for a few minutes?” she asked. “My roommate should be out for the evening with some guy she met at the party.”

I said sure and parked the car. We got out and went into her apartment. “You really aced that class?” she asked again as she closed the door behind us.

“Yea, I didn’t think it was all that hard.”

“Must be nice. That class is killing me. Was your instructor Frank Fabian?”

“That’s the one. When he announced at the beginning of the class that he was a preacher at some local church on the weekends and in the evenings, I thought it was going to be a real bitch, but at least I knew how to slant the papers. Especially if the subject of sex or abortion came up.”

“Yea, that preacher part worried me too. I really thought about dropping the class when he said that. Want a beer?”

“That sounds good. Thanks.”

Kelly got two out of the fridge and handed one to me. “I’ve got to do a two page paper on a movie we saw about a woman who gets pregnant and then is diagnosed with cancer.” she said taking a sip of her beer. “You probably remember it. From what I hear they use that damn movie in every class. She didn’t tell her husband right away and all that. It got really ugly in the end.” She turned the stereo on low.

“I remember that one.” I said opening the beer and taking a sip. “In the end the doctor was going to get sued by one party or the other. He was screwed no matter what he did.”

“Would you help me write my paper on that film, or just write one for me? I would do anything for you if you would. Just anything!”

I smiled when she said that. The “anything” she had in mind was probably making a bunch of brownies or a home cooked meal. The “anything” I had in mind was more like her nude, in bed, giving me the fuck of my dreams.

She must have read my mind. “I mean it. I’ll do anything for you if you will write the whole thing for me, or give me enough so that all I have to do is just finish it off. I need it by Sunday night. Anadolu Yakası Escort My papers haven’t been too hot in that class so far and I need a good one to bring my grades up. I just don’t seem to be writing what he wants to read. You can even have me in bed if you want.”

She didn’t even hesitate on that last sentence, and I just about choked to death on my beer. “You serious?” I finally managed to get out.

“Yes. Dead serious and I don’t mean just laying there with just my panties off and saying ‘okay, go ahead and fuck me’ either. I’m talking about a nice hot time in bed with me. Look, if you say you’ll do it, I will even give you a blow-job right here tonight as a down payment. I need a good paper that bad. Besides, you’re kinda cute and it might be fun.” she said with a grin. “If you get that paper done by Sunday night so I can turn it in Monday when I have that class, and I get a B or better, you can have me in bed any way you want me.”

I was too shocked to say anything. I had gotten an A on every paper I had written for that class, but no woman had ever offered to take me to bed if I would writer a paper for her.

“Just say yes.” she said with a huge grin. “One little word and you get a blow-job right now. I’ll even give you a slow striptease first and then blow you in the nude!” she said as an added incentive.

She had changed the offer a little by adding the caveat that it had to be a B or better, but I could live with that. “Uh…yea, sure, I’ll write one for you.” She must have been desperate for that paper, but I really wanted her in bed and this offer was too good to pass up.

“YES” she screamed. “Okay, get those pants off! Doing this in the nude is good. I want you to see my body nude so you will have a little motivation for doing a good paper. What you are about to see,” she said stepping up on the coffee table, “is you will get to play with. Now for a nice slow striptease by me to get you all nice and hard before you get your blow-job.”

I started to get my pants off. “It feels a little strange trading sex for a paper.” I said as my pants hit the floor.

“You wouldn’t think it was strange if I had offered you a hundred bucks for a paper. This works out well. You want to get in bed with me, I need the paper, I wouldn’t mind one little bit taking you to bed to get it, and I don’t have an extra hundred bucks anyway. Just think of it as barter system of economics in action.”

“I think the women’s libbers in your class would have a fit if they ever got wind your version economics.”

“Probably, but I don’t intent to tell anyone and most of them are so ugly that they couldn’t make this kind of deal if they had to. Now how about turning the stereo up a little. That’s a good song to take things off to.”

I thought she had a point about the libbers. I turned the stereo up for her and sat back down on the couch in my underwear. It still seemed a little strange trading sex for a paper, but if she was happy with the arrangement, so was I.

Kelly began to slowly and seductively dance around on the coffee table to the music. I could feel a stirring between my legs from just watching her dance fully clothed. “Get those undies off. If I am having the desired affect on you, I want to watch it happen.” she said with a grin.

She was having an affect all right. I slipped my briefs off and tossed them on top of my pants. I wasn’t hard yet, but I wasn’t completely soft any longer either.

She danced for a few minutes without taking anything off, then she, in a very erotic fashion, started to unbutton her blouse. She smiled at me and slowly undid one button after another. When they were all undone, she let her blouse slide down her arms revealing her black lacey demi-bra. She caught the blouse with one hand and tossed it onto the couch. Kelly didn’t have big tits, probably B-cups, but they filled the bra out nicely. I could see her hard nipples straining against the lacey material of the bra cups and the areola surrounding them was just peaking out over the top of the low cut bra. She bent over giving me a close view of her sexy breasts and cleavage. Now she twirled around so she was facing away from me, kept dancing, reached back, and slowly slid the zipper in the back of her skirt down. When she let go of the skirt, it stayed in place, but as she spun around again, it lost its hold on her waist and slid to the table, revealing her very french cut panties. With a quick flick of her shoe she kicked the skirt off the coffee table. These lacy panties were black and matched her bra. Damn she looked sexy dancing in nothing but her undies, dark thigh-high stockings, and heels! My cock was just aching to have her lips wrapped around it. I could see the pre-come leaking out of the end of it already.

“Looks like you are getting all nice and hard for me.” Kelly cooed as she danced on the coffee table in her undies right in front of me.

She was putting on one hell of a show. “Oh yea. You make Pendik Escort one hell of a stripper.”

“They make obscene amounts of money, and I wouldn’t mind getting a job as one,” she said as she danced, “but my parents live in town and if they ever found out they would have a royal shit-fit. Well, let’s see what this does for you.” she said as she undid the front closure on her bra. She didn’t take the bra off right away, but parted the cups a few inches, looked at me and grinned, then quickly pulled the bra all the way off and tossed it onto the couch too. She had fantastic tits! Nice small dark areolas and long sexy nipples. Her tits really didn’t need that bra. With the bra off, she danced around on the coffee table a little more before turning her back to me again. Now she hooked her thumbs in the top of her panties and slowly slid them down her long sexy legs, keeping her legs straight and bending over at the waist as she did that. I had the hottest view of her ass imaginable as she slid her panties down to her feet. Kelly kicked her panties off the coffee table and turned around still dancing. She had a nice furry but well trimmed little bush. “This is what you get to play with if I get a B or better.” she said running her tongue over her lips and slipping a finger into her furry slit. “Any way you want to play with it…well, as long as you don’t hurt me.” The finger came out very wet.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt you.” I assured her.

“I know you wouldn’t, that’s why I was willing to make the offer in the first place.” Kelly danced around very seductively a little longer before she got down off the coffee table. “Now why don’t you stand up and I will give you a little something to motivate to get that paper done for me. A little prelude of things to come; pun intended.”

I stood up with my raging hard-on pointing at her.

“Oh, I’m going to like this.” Kelly said smiling and reaching for it. “You really have a nice one Tom. I’m going to just love having this inside me and coming all over it when I get that paper back!” She gave it a few strokes with her hand and then sank to her knees. She didn’t take it into her mouth right away, but continued to stroke it all the way up and down the shaft, rubbing the pre-come over the head as her soft fingers came up to the end of it. “I can feel myself getting all wet just playing with it.” Her other hand was now caressing my balls as she stroked me and looked at my cock. Finally she licked the underside of the head a few times, then swirled her tongue around the head before taking about a third of the shaft into her hot mouth. She started running the shaft slowly in and out of her mouth and she licking the underside of the head when only it remained in her mouth. The whole time her soft hand continued to stroke the part of the shaft that didn’t make it into her mouth. Before long she was taking more and more of my cock into her mouth.

I usually don’t get off all that quickly with a blow-job, but I knew I wasn’t going to last long with her. Not the way she was going at it. Kelly just didn’t go through the motions of a blow-job, she really got into it. “You really do that well.” I moaned. “I’m not going to last long.”

My cock came out of her mouth. “Don’t come too quickly.” she purred and gave the sensitive underside of the head a lick. “After all, I want this to be a memorable one so you do well on my paper. If you think this is good, wait till you get me in bed!” My cock went back into her mouth and she took even more of it into her mouth this time.

Before long I could feel the tip of my cock gently hitting the back of her throat. She really knew how to deep-throat! This was going to be memorable all right. Very memorable, and inspirational too. “I’m going to come soon Kelly.” I told her. I thought I ought to warn her just in case she didn’t really want me to come in her mouth. It didn’t seem to phase her. She kept sucking on me like she really wanted all the come I could give her right in her mouth. Finally I couldn’t hold off any longer. I could feel my cock get even harder and the head swell. This was just too good. “I’m…coming Kelly, I’m coming!” I felt my first load of come start deep inside me and shoot up the length of my shaft and into her hot mouth, followed by spurt after spurt. She never broke her stride and took all I could give her, sucking and swallowing like she was starving. My knees were getting weak it felt so good. “Oh God you do that well.” I groaned as I continued to fill her mouth. I couldn’t believe how long this was lasting and how much come I was giving her!

When I had finally given her everything I had and I was barely able to stand she finally took my now softening cock out of her mouth. “Your come tastes pretty good.” she said. “A little salty, but very sweet. You really come a lot too. I almost couldn’t swallow fast enough!” she said giving the head a last few licks. “Was that inspirational enough?”

“Oh yea.” I whispered as Kurtköy Escort I sat down on the couch again, really unable to stand much longer. I reached for my beer and took a long swallow. My throat was dry from breathing so hard. I couldn’t remember having a come that good before. “Very inspirational!”

We talked a little longer after we got dressed. We had to get to work in the morning, so I left for home to get a little sleep featuring some very hot dreams.

Kelly had given me the two other papers that she had written for that class so I would know how she wrote. Writing her paper wasn’t hard and making it sound like she had written it didn’t take much effort either. I had it polished up and over to her Sunday afternoon. She read it over and was thrilled with it. Now all we needed was for her instructor to like it and I was going to get laid; something I was in dire need of by now.

“I’ll let you know as soon as I get this back, and that ought to be Wednesday if he runs true to form.” she said as I left. It was going to be a long horney three days for me.

Wednesday I got home from work and had just sat down on the sofa and opened a beer when the phone rang; it was Kelly. “You did it!” she screamed into the phone. “I got an A on it!” She was so excited that she babbled on for another five minutes about how good it was and read everything that the instructor had written on the paper. “Wanna get laid tonight?” she purred. “My roommate is out for the night again. Come to think of it, I think that’s what she’s doing. This A has gotten me really horney!”

“Getting a good grade got you horney?” I teased.

“Okay, it made me very happy and thinking about you got me horney. Actually I kinda wanted to take you to bed you the night I blew you. I got myself off twice that night just thinking about you and that nice cock of yours. After you left I thought I should have gone to bed with you anyway. I went out to try to catch you a few minutes after you left but you were already gone.”


“Yea, I kinda started to really like you when you drove me home. Blowing you really got me hot. I was so horney that night that I fingered myself off twice before I could get to sleep and I have been horney for you ever since. I have had a few dates in the last few months, but not with anyone I cared to take to bed as they turned out.”

“Twice huh?”

“I lay on the couch right after you closed the door and was about to get myself off then when I decided I might as well have the real thing. But like I said, by the time I got to the parking lot you were gone, so I went back in, lay on the couch, and got myself off thinking about you. I took a shower and went to bed but couldn’t get to sleep right away. I kept thinking of you and got horney all over again so out came the finger one more time.”

“I wish I could have seen that.” I sighed.

“What? Me getting myself off?”


“You’d like to see that?”

“Sounds pretty hot. As long as I got to have you after it.”

“Hmm…I’ve heard of other girls doing that for their boyfriends, maybe that can be arranged. I’ve never done that in front of a guy before. I didn’t know you would like that.”

“Of course! Christ, you’re getting me all horney just talking about this on the phone. I might as well come over and play with you in person.”

“Sure. I’ll even make dinner for you.”

“Great! I’ll be right over.” We hung up and I took a quick shower before going over to her apartment.

“Surprise!” she said when she opened her door. She was dressed in nothing but a very sexy and very French cut burgundy teddy. It was mostly lace and the only solid parts to it were over only the most intimate places. “Dinner is almost ready. I hope you like spaghetti with me for desert.”

It wasn’t exactly her great grandmother’s secret Italian recipe for spaghetti, more like something out of a jar. It was okay, but I was more interested in her for desert anyway.

After dinner, she led me off to her bedroom and closed the door behind us. “Just in case my roommate Brenda comes home early.” she said as she locked the door. “Normally I wouldn’t mind sharing, but not tonight, or not right away anyway.” Kelly came to me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me a long very wet kiss, her tongue and mine exploring each others mouths. “Let’s get you undressed.” she said as our lips finally parted.

“You share your dates with Brenda?” I probably looked like some teenager in heat getting out of my clothes I did it so fast.

“Sometimes. I have been thinking of this for three days now.” she said reaching for my already hard cock and slowly stroking it with her hand.

“Believe me, it has been thinking of nothing but you for the last three days too.” I slipped the shoulder straps of her teddy off her shoulders and then gently tugged on the top of the teddy until it fell to her waist. Her nipples were hard and ready. I leaned over and sucked one gently, but firmly, deep into my mouth. She moaned loudly as I began to flick my tongue over it. As I sucked on her nipple I slid the teddy over her shapely ass and let it slide down her legs to the floor. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her to me as I sucked even harder on her nipple.

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