The Parting Gift

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I had been dating Yvonne for about two weeks, when I first spoke to Diane, Yvonne’s best friend from childhood. They were both of Cape Verdean descent and their families had migrated to the US when they were children. Now, they were both in their early forties. They were so close that I soon found out that they had absolutely no secrets from one another. NOTHING was forbidden from their conversation. I remember the first time I heard Diane’s voice. She had a heavy French accent and her English pronunciation was perfect; almost polite. It was a very sexy combination. The French accent was from the Senegalese part of their heritage. As the weeks passed, I learned that she was yet another, gorgeous Cape Verdean. Cape Verdean culture is a blend of Senegalese and Portugese and most of the people speak fluent French, Spanish, English and Portuguese Creole.

That culture produces a variety of the sexiest women I have ever seen. Yvonne and Diane spoke by phone daily and Yvonne told her EVERYTHING that we did sexually and even had me tell her details sometimes. I remember speaking to Diane by phone one night, describing how Yvonne was sucking my dick, as she was actually sucking it! She even sent Dianne several pictures of my dick. I tried to get her to let me take a picture of her sucking or kissing it to send, but she wouldn’t go for it.

I used to tease Yvonne about having Diane visit and sit in the chair in our bedroom and masturbate while watching us fuck. She would cum so hard while I talked to her, but being a very jealous lover, she was adamant that she would not want me to screw Diane. I respected that and I was OK with that. As I said, Yvonne was DELIGHTFUL. Diane once told me that she had never been with a woman, but if she ever would, it would be with Yvonne. Yvonne swore she could never be with a woman, but I knew that, given the chance, I could make it happen.

Yvonne showed me pictures of her friend and she was a stunning, caramel hued, petite woman, with a wonderful smile and a beautiful personality. She was exactly the same height as Yvonne; 5’3″. I became more and more turned on by her as time passed, and I fantasized about fucking her nearly every time I was pounding Yvonne’s sweet pussy. That was a rare fantasy because Yvonne was so gorgeous herself. She was light completed, reflecting more of the Portuguese factor in her heritage. Her skin was flawless and her body was truly delicious! Her breasts were light, with the most beautiful nipples. In spite of having borne three children, they were not dark, but instead a reddish-light brown color. Her boobs were a size 34B and they were perfect on her frame. Her nipples were extremely responsive and they swelled to a perfect size when I sucked them.

One day when I arrived at the condo Yvonne and I shared, she called me to her computer, saying that Diane wanted my opinion on something. When I gazed at the screen, I was shocked to find myself staring at a picture of Diane, standing on her bed, in nothing but bra and panties! She was standing with one hand on her hip and the tip of the index finger of her other hand against her lips, as if she was shushing us. She had taken about 5 pictures with a tripod and she was asking us what we thought about them and whether she should give them to her husband. In some of the shots, she was on her knees and in one, she was on all fours and she was dressed in bra and panties on all of the pictures. Now, I really wanted to fuck the two of them together! I struggled to contain my desire to inspect the pictures closely because I didn’t want to fire up that jealousy in Yvonne.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Diane lives in Washington DC and we live in Florida. My dick is not quite that long. As time went by, I convinced Diane that she should send me more pictures, with less clothing. I said, “You are obviously an exhibitionist. I can see it in your eyes on these pictures and I can hear it in your voice. The one thing that a true exhibitionist needs is a discreet voyeur and I am the best. I will tell you what you need to hear about your luscious body and you will love our conversations.” Within a few days, the next group of pics came to me directly (and unbeknownst casino siteleri to Yvonne) and I found myself with a treasury of amazing pictures of Diane in various stages of undress. Diane and I became “secret cyber-lovers” and we shared many masturbation sessions over the course of a few years. She would call me, from her bathtub, in the middle of the afternoon, while I was in my office, and use the spray to get off. I had given Yvonne her first vibrator and her response was amazing! She was so impressed that she suggested that we send Diane one as well. In the months to follow, she used it on several occasions, while moaning into my ear through the phone.

So anyway, Yvonne decided to go to Rhode Island to visit her Mom and when I took her to the airport, she gave me a small, white box, with a blue ribbon tied around it, just before boarding. She said, “I have a surprise for you. Don’t open it until you are in your car and call Diane later and tell her what you got.” When I got to my car, I couldn’t wait to rip the tiny bow off and when I moved the tissue paper aside, I found the tiny, silky blue thong that I had watched her put on before we left the condo. I could smell her perfume and as I placed it against my nose, I could smell her personal scent as well. I found out later that it was Diane’s idea! As I felt the silky material, I realized that Yvonne was flying to Rhode Island, in a short skirt, with no underwear. She was going to get seriously fucked when she got back.

I was hard as brick and couldn’t wait to call Diane. After she and I spoke and I found out that she was involved in this torture, I sent her this email. The first part of the email tells what I actually did in the parking garage and the story is real until I get to the part where she hangs up the phone. What I did after the call is true. What she did is fantasy, but could very well be true also. This is literally the email that I sent:


You listen to me with your eyes wide open as I tell you how I opened my present in my car and I instantly became erect. As I feel the silky material and smell Yvonne’s delicious fragrance, I imagine the taste that I know so well,… and the sound of her voice repeating over and over, “Oh Baby,… you do that so good,… You lick me so good!” You can’t believe that I am telling you such intimate things and you part your lips to tell me to stop, but your instincts tell you that you really want to hear what I have to say.

Your breathing becomes heavier as you imagine what I am describing. Then I tell you how I looked around to make sure that noone was nearby and I unzipped my tan trousers and put my hand inside,… just to adjust myself because as I have swollen, my boxers have become quite restrictive. But as I touched myself, I realized that I had to feel the material of her beautiful, blue thong against my flesh. Diane, I feel as if I am there again, right now! I look around again and when I see noone near, I slowly extract my member, so I don’t scratch myself on my zipper.

As I free myself, I take a moment to feel how hard I am. It is like marble. It looks as if my skin will burst and it is long, hard and very hot in my hand. The head is so swollen that it looks like a big, milk chocolate colored, mushroom. I hold the silky blue material in the palm of my right hand and I hold the shaft of my penis with my left hand. I have very large hands, but when I wrap my fingers around myself, I still have about four inches extending upward, past my thumb and index finger. I take the silky fabric and rub it against the head of my penis and it involuntarily throbs.

I slowly rub the material around in circles over the tip and soon I see a little wetness on the fabric. I am oozing my lubricant. My little friend thinks he has work to do and he is ready for the job! Now, I wrap the fragrant blue fabric around my big, hard, thick, dick. The contrast between the blue fabric and the brown color of my skin is striking. The head is so hard that it is shiny. Just as I begin to stroke myself, I notice a little movement in the corner of my eye. As I look up, I see two blonde young women walking by the car next next to mine,… just barely out of the canlı casino line of sight that would allow them to see what I was doing.

I slowly, painfully put my friend away and zip my trousers and decide that I had better get out of there before I get myself in trouble! And so, Diane, I tell you, “That’s the end of my story.” I hear nothing but the sound of your breathing,… almost panting on the other end of the phone and suddenly, you say, “That’s It!!??” “That’s the end of the story?” I confirm that that is all there is to tell and that I was going to get out of the airport and head home to get ready for work. I can feel the dissapointment in your voice. I (jokingly?) ask if you need something more and you seem to catch yourself and say, “No. Uh,… I have to go too. I’ll talk to you later, Rik. I’ll talk to you later.” and you hang up. Your French accent makes my dick twitch.

Well,… after you hang up the phone, you are hot and bothered, to say the least, and you decide to take a cold shower to (hopefully) cool yourself off and to settle your own erotic imagination. You fix yourself a virgin Margarita and then decide to add a little citris rum just to help calm your nerves. You are wearing a long, floral colored silk robe with a sash at the waist and as you were listening to me read to you, the sash had become undone, exposing a beautiful black bra and panty set. You take your deflowered margarita and slowly walk into the bathroom, all the time wondering if what I had told you was true,… and wondering what I did next.

As you walk past your mirror, you allow the robe to simply drop from your shoulders and you take a moment to admire your image. As you survey yourself, you can’t help but be pleased with what you see. You slowly twist your torso left and right and then look at your self from the side. “Not bad for 41 years old.” You actually speak the words out loud, because this is one of those rare days when you will have the house all to yourself for the entire afternoon. As you look at your side view, your gaze is drawn to the long line of your spine as it descends down to gently curve out and form your ass. You are also pleased to see that your breasts look very nice in the bra you are wearing.

Actually, you realize you look really HOT! You begin to feel a familiar tingle, when you remind yourself that you were going to take a cold shower. You turn to face the mirror again and reach behind your back to unsnap your brassiere, and as you do so, you reflexively run your palms over your breasts, just to get your circulation going after wearing that bra. You are surprised at how stiff your nipples are and you actually pull them a little, just to feel the sensation. Your body shudders a bit as you run your hands over your breasts again. But this time you pause and squeeze your luscious, caramel colored orbs. They are a perfect 34B, with delicious, chocolate colored nipples. You realize that you are very wet and you are not going to take a cold shower after all.

You bend over at the waist as you slide your panties down your long, beautiful legs and you kick them off of your foot and you laugh a little as they sail across the room. You take a long sip from your margarita. With your eyes closed, you run your right hand down the length of your abdomen and belly and purposely slide your hand to the right to continue down your upper thigh. You are amazed at how good your hands feel on your skin.

An image of the scene I described to you earlier slides into your mind and you are suddenly very clear on your course of action. You turn on the shower and the water is warm, not cold. You step into the spray of the water and it feels incredible as it splashes your breasts, your tummy and even your special place. You involuntarily move your hips forward a little to feel that sensation for a second and then you take a sponge and pour a generous amount of jasmine scented body wash on it. You rub the sponge over your shoulders, arms, torso, your hips and legs,…your feet and then your breasts.

The slight rough texture of the sponge is delightful upon your nipples and you rub in slow circles over one and then the other,… back and forth. As you do so, kaçak casino you reach back with the other hand and gently squeeze your right cheek. You moan softly as you realize you have been swept into the sensations you are creating. Your eyes are closed again as you envision my big, chocolate bar in my hand. You see me stroking it, with the blue thong wrapped around my shaft.

In your mind (and in reality), am leaning against a wall in my own shower, a thousand miles away and my eyes are closed. I am slowly stroking my big, stiff dick. You can almost hear my moans and you slide your hand around to your sweet spot and your middle finger slowly slides to your clitoris. You begin to rub it in tiny circles,… in the same rythm that you are imagining me stroking my big dick. You take the shower head and aim the spray at your sweet pussy. You have the spray in your right hand, at full blast, as you continue to rub your clitoris with the middle finger of your left hand. You moan the words, “Oh Baby,… you do that so good,… You lick me so good!”

You are surprised and almost shocked at yourself as you realize where you heard those words before. You allow yourself to slide down into the tub in a sort of crossed-legged position, kind of like an indian. You unfold those long, gorgeous legs and you find yourself fully open to the stream of the warm water. You alternate between allowing the water to beat down upon you helpless clitoris and stroking it with your finger. It is swollen so big and hard and it is extremely sensitive. Your lips have relaxed and opened like a flower as you grab the shower head and spray all the way around your pussy and asshole. You slide your left hand up to your right breast and begin gently twisting and pulling first one nipple and then the other.

You reach back down and slide one slender finger into your honey and begin a gentle stoking motion as the shower tickles and teases you and then you completely surrender yourself to your task. Soon you add a second finger and as you stroke and rub yourself, you envision me standing in front of you, stroking my dick, a few inches away your face. You imagine licking and playfully sucking the tip, as I stroke the beast.

Back in my shower, I am wracked by my own climax as I empty myself into the brilliant blue cloth. I can’t catch it all as a thin rope shoots from my penis and flies into the air. My eyes are closed as my fantasy has shifted from Yvonne sucking my big, hard penis, to imagining you masturbating in front of me. As you feel the warm water splash upon your body, it is almost as if my cum could reach you. We don’t realize it, but we are having the exact same fantasy, at the exact same moment!

You have placed the shower head back in the clip and the water cascades down on your hair, face and body. You are overwhelmed with sensations and your mouth is open wide as you gasp for air and, just for a moment, as the water showers down upon you and into your mouth, it seems to have a slightly salty taste and you imagine me spurting my cum on your face and tongue.

It is at that very moment that your orgasm begins. You first feel it in the cheeks of your ass as they begin to clench. Then you feel it spread over your entire body as it intensifies in and around your sweet, sweet pussy. First you whisper-shout, “Oh! I’m coming!” as if there was someone there to hear you. The sound of your voice makes the orgasm even more intense for you as you moan,…”Uh, uh, uh” and you experience the most intense orgasm you have had in years.

As the intensity decreases, you experience a series of “after-shocks.” You just sit there a while and let the water stream over your body as you relax and begin to fantasize all over again. You rise from the tub and gently pat yourself dry, as you walk slowly toward your bed, on unsteady legs. You reach into your bedside drawer and extract the vibrator that I sent you. Your toy is about 8″ long, rather thick and purple in color and as you turn it on and feel the buzz begin, you experience still another tiny after shock from your massive orgasm. You have playfully named it, “Little Rik” and you imagine my dick as you gently touch your left nipple with the tip. You smile as you remember earlier in the afternoon (before our conversation) when you were thinking, “This is going to be a beautiful afternoon.” You smile because now you know, for sure, that you were absolutely right!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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