The Perfect Gentlemen

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A long day at work had me beat, nothing like meetings and coding to drain your mind. I turned the key in my house and entered; wanting nothing more than the throw down my coat and clothes, and take a nap. As I entered the living room I saw the stunning blue eyes of Megan staring up at me from the lazy-boy as she looked up from her book.

‘Hey sweetie, how was work’ she asked in her innocent voice with a slight Southern twang.

‘Ugh, beat. Just wore me out, I need a nap.’

‘A nap? I have something else that’ll help relax you, lay on the floor’

I removed my shirt and lay down on the floor. My beautiful wife straddled my back and began kneading my shoulders. I loved the feeling of her soft warm hands on my skin. As they covered more and more of my back I felt a tingling start to flow throughout my body. I felt her hair slowly drape across the nape of my neck as she lowered her head to kiss the back of my neck.

The feeling of her body against mine was really starting to drive me wild. Feeling her 36D breasts through her teaching blouse caused my cock to start to move. I slowly turned my head to the side and kissed her on her full lips as she lay her head next to mine. A few more kisses and out mouths started to be more and more open eventually our tongues sliding in and out of one another’s mouths for a deep french-kiss. Once we started kissing we knew there was no stopping. I rolled on my back and we hugged close gerçek sex hikayeleri and continued our exploration of one another’s mouth and tongues.

I rolled her off me, took her hand, and got up leading her to the bedroom. Down the hall we went anticipating the intimacy ahead. We entered our bedroom, and I quickly discarded my pants and underwear. As Megan slowly undid the buttons to her blouse I had to catch myself from drooling as her pinkish see through bra was exposed encasing her wonderful tits. She unsnapped and lowered her pants to revel her equally sexy and equally see through matching panties.

She turned around facing the bed allowing me to unhook her bra. I immediately reached around and grabbing and rubbing her tits.

‘Oh, that feels so good honey’ She moaned. Having trouble controlling my patience I pushed her forward a bit as I slowly lowered her panties. I could smell her wetness as I lowered them seeing the folds of her cleanly shaved pussy.

I kneeled behind her and ran my tongue from her clit all the way up to her asshole and back. I repeated this tongue stroke a dozen times and decided I needed more direct access. I stopped, and she took the hint right away, rolling over, she moved up the bed and spread her shapely legs.

Her innocent face with dirty-blonde hair and a wide smile kept my gaze for a while. I continued my adventure down her body pausing sex hikayeleri once again, this time to stare at her buxom breasts. Her nipples were standing straight up, as they always are when she’s excited. Not being able to resist any longer I moved my face in-between her legs. I was met with her completely shaved (save a ‘runway’ in the middle) pussy, which was already dripping wet with anticipation.

There is nothing in life as intoxicating as the first deep breath you take with your face in a pussy. And this wasn’t just any pussy. Megan’s is the sweetest you can imagine. I’ve eaten out other women, but none as sweet as my lovely wife. It has the consistency is slightly watered honey with the most erotic taste imaginable.

Drunk with sexuality, I slipped my tongue in-between her pussy lips. I left out a quiet gasp as my tongue made contact with her soft outer lip. As my tongue moved up to her clit, she began moaning.

‘Oh God honey, it feels so good, so fucking good’. She gasped, not even fully aware of what she was saying. It is always a joy to watch my quiet schoolteacher of a wife become a wild woman in bed; To watch her go from using perfect grammar, to begging me to shoot cum in her slut asshole. ‘Suck my pussy’ she cried as I continued my ministration of her cunt. I love every minute of running my tongue up and down her slit, sticking it in her, and sucking up all the cum. My eating sex hikayeleri of her pussy seemed to have only lasted a few moments, but before I knew it, I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing it down, and I knew what she wanted.

I lowered my head a little lower and began giving her a juicy rim-job. Like her pussy, her ass is kept shaven; giving me perfect access to her asshole. I don’t know where my fetish for assholes came from, but I could never get enough of hers. I continually ran my tongue around her asshole, periodically sticking it in.

‘Honey, I need you in me!’ and with that I moved up on top of her, moving my cock to the opening of her pussy. Looking into one another eyes, I slowly slid my cock into her hot, tight, and now absolutely soaking pussy. No matter how many times we make love, it has always amazed me how tight her pussy is, from our first time when I took her virginity to now.

‘I’m CUMMMINNG’ she yelled as her first orgasm hit causing her velvet pussy to squeeze my cock.

‘Oh baby, I love it when you cum. I love making you feel so good.’ I gasped still pounding my cock in and out of her pussy.

‘Oh it feels so fucking good, pound your huge, erupting manliness in my cunt. Don’t you fucking dare stop fucking me!’

That familiar buzzing feeling began in my balls. ‘I’m getting so close baby, I’m about to shoot.’

‘Do it, do it, do it!!!’


I could feel the pulsing in my cock as stream after stream of cum shot into her pussy filling it up. Holding one another close again we began to slowly kiss and caress one another as we came down from our wonderful lovemaking session. ‘Oh baby, you are the perfect gentleman’ And I get this every night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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