The Pharmacy

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From Behind

It was a cool autumn night, Fridays had always been special for Mike hanging out with his friends. While at the local tavern they decided it would be a good idea to visit a nearby club, you could say a local meat market. They decided to meet in the clubs parking lot at about 11:30, the time the club began to hop but wasn’t over crowded yet.

While driving to the club Mike realized he was out of condoms, something he hoped he would need this particular evening. Seeing a pharmacy he pulled in, it was near 11pm he hoped it was still open. He rushed to the door, just as Lynn was approaching to lock it. “We’re closed,” she said, mike explained he only needed to get one thing, she agreed to let him in.

After he entered Lynn locked the door, ensuring no other customers would be coming in. Mike looked up at the signs on the isle, Lynn asked what he needed. Embarrassed he said condoms, giggling she said isle five. Quickly he went over to the rack, looking over the selection he couldn’t find his usual, well beggars can’t be chooser’s he said to himself. Selecting another brand he brought it up to the counter.

Lynn was in the last isle trying to move some boxes the stock boy had forgot to put in the back room. Mike heard her trying to move the boxes and walked over and offer her a hand, it was the least he could do seeing how she had saved his night. Mike picked up the box and Lynn told him to follow her, Mike noticed she was an attractive woman, with firm breast and a nice ass, that belied her 43 years. The reached the back room and Lynn instructed Mike where to put the box. While he put the box away Lynn climbed a small step stool to reach a small safe up at the top of the shelf. Sliding the envelope thru the night slot, the task of putting the money away was complete.

As Mike turn to walk out of the storeroom, he noticed Lynn’s ass being hugged by her tight jeans, about face high. He could feel his cock growing in his trousers, this woman was really turning him on and he didn’t know why. As she climbed down the ladder Mike put his hands on her waist, explaining he didn’t want her to fall. It was a long time since a man put Travesti his hands on her and it felt good. She climbed down and turned around her breast grazed Mikes chest, braless, her nipples strained against the fabric of her sweater. She looked up and gazed into his eyes, without thinking she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, Mike seeing this pressed his lips to hers and kissed her longingly. Running his hands down her back, verifying his suspicions that she was braless, slowly his hands reached her ass, caressing her cheeks pulling her hips to meet his growing hardness.

Passionately he kissed her, moving his mouth from her lips, to her neck, then to her ears, back to her neck. He could feel her warm breath as she gasped with each nibble. Although they were strangers she wanted him badly, needed him to take her. Mike removed her sweater revealing the her breasts, her nipples were erect mostly from her excitement, a tattoo gleamed from just above the right one, he plunged his face between them, running his tongue over her nipples, she could feel her pussy began to get moist. She could also feel the excitement build in Mikes pants. Reaching down she began to stroke his cock thru his pants. His hips pushed hard against her hand. She undid the button on his slacks, unzipped his pants and removed his erect cock. He undid her jeans button then slid his hand into her jeans gripping her ass cheeks. He could feel she was wearing a thong, this excited him even more. He massaged her ass cheeks as she stroked his cock. Bringing his lips back to hers he kissed her deeply. Letting his tongue entwine with hers. Mike worked her jeans over her hips as he continued to massage her ass, slowly he worked his mouth down over her breasts, pausing at her navel he gently kissed her stomach. Working his mouth lower, she leaned on the ladder, allowing her legs to part slightly, he could smell her wetness through he panties, working his mouth over the wet fabric, he began to kiss and suck her pussy through the material. She grabbed his head gently guiding him to her sweetness. Slowly he slipped her panties down, revealing a neatly trimmed bush, Konya Travesti her swollen pussy lips already wet, glistening in the light.

He removed her jeans and panties, she stood there, naked and excited, he kneeled before her, worshipping his newfound goddess. Spreading her pussy slightly, Mike brought his tongue to her clit. Her sweet smell was intoxicating to him, knowing how much she was turned on excited him even more. Leaning on the ladder, she put one leg over his shoulder, exposing to him her wet pussy, moisture squeezing out from the involuntary muscle spasms his tongue was creating. Mike sucked her clit into his mouth, holding it between his lips, he flick his tongue around and over her clit. Releasing her clit from his mouth he ran his tongue to her pussy, tasting the juices that were flowing from her warm hole. Pausing he began to lick her pussy lips, slightly teasing her, her eyes closed as she began to moan. Begging him to continue, he teased some more, gently kissing her inner thighs, rubbing her ass cheeks with his hands. She thrust her pussy towards his tongue, he responded by putting his tongue deep into her hole. Pulling it out he replaced his tongue with his finger, slowly sliding it in and out until it was completely buried, her muscles clamped hard on his fingers, licking her fingers she began to rub her own breast, working her hands to her nipples. He moved his tongue back to her clit, gently kissing it, stroking it with his tongue, she gasped in ecstasy. Nearing orgasms she began to moan, he inserted a second finger, her juices ran down his hand to his arm, wetting his sleeve on his shirt. Lynn began to rock her hips driving Mike’s fingers deeper inside her pussy. She grabbed his head guiding it as he tongued her clit. Deeper she moaned as she drove her hips into his fingers. Suddenly a wave of orgasm rushed through her body, her pussy muscles convulsed, clamping Mike’s fingers, his tongue still on her clit. Slowly the orgasm subsided, Lynn leaned up against the ladder catching her breath, Mike withdrew his fingers.

Standing he brought his lips to hers, tasting her own juices excited İzmir Travesti her even more. Lynn knelt before him taking his rigid cock in her hands, admiring it, stroking it slowly. Softly Lynn licked the head, removing the precum that was forming. Slowly she took his manhood into her mouth, little by little, letting her tongue explore his cock as it slid between her tight lips. She could feel him grow even bigger as she sucked hard on his cock. She would slide her hand down his shaft following it with her mouth, making it wet. Expertly she would his cock, Mike leaned back against the shelving, enjoying the moment. Mike began to moan, Lynn knew that he was close to orgasm, wanting to have her pussy filled she did not want him to come, clamping down on the base of his cock, she allowed the feeling to subside a little. Opening the package of condoms he had picked up earlier, mike pulled one out and opened it. Lynn took it from him and placed it on his rock hard cock. She stood and placed one foot on the ladder, he stood behind her. She grabbed his cock and directed between her swollen pussy lips, still moist from her orgasm. Slowly he inserted his stiff cock into her pussy. She was tight and warm and it felt like a velvet glove sliding up and down his shaft. Grabbing her hips he pulled her towards him, controlling her movement with her hips. Driving her on to his cock. Leaning forward she could feel his ball hit her clit. She flexed her pussy muscles hard around his cock, squeezing it. To mike it felt as if her pussy was sucking his cock, begging for him to cum. Suddenly his cock pulsated and cum spilled into the rubber. Not wanting for it to end, he continues to pump her as his cock slowly softened. Reluctantly he withdrew, she leaned back, he passionately kissed her lips grabbing her breast as he did so.

He removed the condom as she got dress, he stared at he admiring her curves, not wanting it to end, but knowing it had to. Straightening his clothes he moved towards her, fully dress she was still beautiful. Her eyes were still seductive, embracing her they kissed. Walking him to the front door, he said he had to pay for the condoms, “don’t worry about it”, she said. They’re on the house. At the front door the kissed one final time. What story would he tell his friends why he was 1 ½ hours late. They would never believe what happened. This was a store he would surely visit again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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