The Photo Shop Ch. 45

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The Photo shop by Candyman666©

All characters participating in sexual activity in the stories are 18 or over. Please don’t be afraid to let me know what you think of my stories. This story is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

To help you keep track of the different characters in the series, a list can be found on my author’s page in order of their appearance in the stories.

Chapter 45: The trip to London with Grace

Thursday, December 10, and I still hadn’t been able to print Hellen’s magazine. Jada still needed to add the final touches and present it to her teacher Sunshine. I urged her to finish everything by the time Grace and I come back from London, perhaps excluding the approval of her teacher who I really wanted to meet. The worst was that I had to call Hellen and inform her that we would be slightly delayed.

“Hi Hellen, I’m afraid we’re a bit delayed with the final steps, but by the time I come back from my London trip, Jada will have it finished and hopefully vetted by her teacher, ready for printing, so I expect we’ll have everything ready for you by the 15th.”

“That’s OK Lew, it is meant as a Christmas present for my husband so don’t worry.

“Thanks, dear, I absolutely want this thing to be just as you want, and it is also a project Jada is doing for school and that’s why we had to involve her teacher.”

“Oh I see, that’s great for her, I sure hope the teacher won’t make problems with all the nudity and stuff.”

“I doubt she will, her nickname is Sunshine, from the musical Hair, she’s supposed to be an overaged hippy according to Jada. I haven’t met her yet so I’m also very much looking forward to that.”

“Don’t you worry, and enjoy your trip to London with Grace, I’ll see you when you get back.

“Thanks, Hellen; by the way, did I tell you Tanja wants something similar for the club, but with fewer pages and only pictures of things that have happened in the club? Of course, she’ll have it printed in much larger quantities by one of the members who owns a print shop, but she wants us to prepare it for him.”

“Great, I’m happy to hear that my idea finds more followers: tell Tanja if she wants a copy of mine I’ll want a copy of hers.”

“I will, cheers now.”

Friday, December 11 had finally arrived, the day Grace and I were going on our weekend trip to London. As we wanted to make the most of it we had planned a very early departure. The Eurostar train departed from Brussels at 08:52. To be on the safe side, we had to catch a train at our local train station a little over an hour before, so I got a taxi to pick us up at 7 at Grace’s home. Despite all the horror stories we heard about the train service, everything went smoothly, and about ten minutes before departure we were seated in our Business Premier seats onboard the Eurostar, which left on time. For me, it would be the first time I had gone through the Chunnel on a passenger train. I’d done it dozens of times when I visited my colleagues in the UK but then with my car on the shuttle train.

Once I even had a grand tour around the terminal in the UK including a visit to the well-protected control room and everything: one of the perks of working in the logistics world and meeting people also working in that business. I also got regular requests from acquaintances to visit the production line in the plant where I worked, which I gladly arranged, and then sometimes they gave me an inside view of their workplace. But I’m digressing, back to my story. We arrived at St Pancreas station just before 10, an hour younger than when we departed thanks to the time difference. We got ourselves a day card on the tube and proceeded to the hotel. Check-in was only from around 3 pm, but we could drop our bags and start our visit to London immediately.

With all her cruising and traveling, I presumed Grace had been to London before, so I was surprised to learn this was her first time in this wonderful city. There was a time I used to come at least once a year, aside from some business trips, so I did know my way around, which was much appreciated by Grace. The first destination we went to was Leicester Square, to the famous half-price ticket booth, to see which play we could see that evening. We were lucky, they had some great seats for The Mousetrap, the longest playing theatre performance in the city and probably in the world. I had seen a version in Antwerp a few years previously, but never the original. That covered us for the first evening.

That’s unfortunately where it ended because London was no more the London I used to visit when I saw numerous plays like Pyjama Tops with a full-size see-through swimming pool on stage where girls came to swim in the nude. I loved it when I could see a play featuring one of the actors from the British bursa escort comedy series perform live on stage, like in ‘Let’s get Laid’ with John Inman, who played the part of Mister Humphries in ‘Are you being served’ or ‘Indian Ink’ where Felicity Kendal from ‘The Good Life’ did a full frontal. But the absolute top in that genre for me is still ‘Oh Calcutta’.

Those were the days, and I only mentioned the plays with nudity in them, but none of that anymore, even Raymond’s Revue Bar was gone. I’ll probably have to settle for Grace performing a striptease in the hotel room, but enough reminiscing about the good old days, back to our London visit. After we bought the tickets we had a very traditional fish and chips in one of the eateries around Leicester Square.

From there I took her on a leisurely walk via Piccadilly Circus to Regent Street with all its wonderful shops. I promised her we would visit Harrods the next day and maybe a few museums as well. I already knew that by the end of this weekend I would be knackered, and as it turned out, I was.

We returned to the hotel by 5 in the afternoon and checked in. As I was still a gold card HHonors member they gave us a queen superior room. A nice spacious room with two queen beds giving us ample space for some horseplay which didn’t take us too long to engage in. As soon as we closed the door behind us, Grace took me in her arms and kissed me as she had never kissed me before.

“Wow, what brought that on?”

“I’m so happy that you brought me here Lew. It has been on my to-do list for so many years and I never found the time nor the opportunity to actually do it, and here we are. Nancy was so jealous when she heard.”

“Well you took me on a cruise, something I had been dreaming about for a long time as well, and then the trip to Florida to visit Jeff and Rachel…”

“Speaking of which, I’ve got a date when they will be coming to Belgium, they’ll arrive the third week of January on Saturday the sixteenth. They will stay one week and then continue on to Rome to visit with Gina and Victoria.”

“Sounds good, I’ll need to make a note in my agenda to keep some time available to take them to the touristy places in Belgium.”

“I’m sure they’ll appreciate that greatly; they mentioned they wanted to see all the things they’ve been reading about.”

“I’ll give them all the info I had prepared for Gina’s visit a few months ago.”

“Great, but now I need some TLC, please…”

“Your wish is my command, my lady,” I replied taking her again in my arms and tenderly kissing her. She opened her mouth, willingly engaging in a slow tongue tango while she rubbed my back. My hands were already busy with the zipper of her dress, taking it slowly down.

“Who said you could undress me, sir!”

“I’m so sorry my lady, but I hoped that you would be willing to give me an appetizer before we go to dinner.”

“Oh an appetizer hey, yes that is possible, but then I want one as well.”

“Can be done, but I go first!” Upon which I pulled her dress over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, leaving her in her bra and panties. While we were traveling I had seen she wore black nylons that I had presumed were pantyhose, but she had a nice surprise for me: she was wearing a coordinated suspender belt and sheer black stockings.

“Wow, Grace this takes it to a totally different level.”

“You like?”

“Absolutely! I just love a woman wearing stockings, you never cease to amaze me, love.”

Knowing I always had problems with unclasping a bra I saw her hands already disappear behind her back undoing this hellish piece of female clothing and setting her gorgeous boobs free, pushing them out. I restrained myself and did not grab them immediately but tenderly took her wrists and lifted her arms above her head, putting her tits fully on display. I then slowly slid the tips of my fingers over the inside of her arms towards the objects of my admiration, but bypassed them at the last moment, going further down over the side of her ribcage just to where it ended and then tickling my way up again.

This move had the desired effect on her nipples which I saw getting harder and enlarged as my fingertips got closer and closer to the underside of her tits. That’s when I made my move with my mouth directly onto the nipple of her right boob, first giving it a tender kiss after which I sucked it hungrily into my mouth. From the moaning, I knew I had made the correct decision to not attack her fun bags directly but tease them first. The left side was not forgotten but got a different treatment with my tickling fingers ending with the precious nub between my thumb and index finger giving it a firm squeeze which resulted in a squeaky little moan.

With my hands at the top of her panties, I slid down to the floor taking them with me and uncovering the most interesting part of her luscious body, her enticing playground. It was still nicely devoid of pubic hair and already slightly moist, bursa escort a clear indication I was making all the right moves on her. I could hear it silently sending out a mating call, but before I performed the traditional in and out dance, I first wanted to do an oral assessment of her female juices. I blew on her little wonderland to get them flowing a bit more, which sent shivers throughout her body.

She grabbed my head and pulled it in the direction of that magical place where her legs meet. Again I took it slow, with a quick kiss on her slick womanhood. I could feel that was not entirely to her liking as she pulled a bit harder making my nose touch her little pleasure point. I didn’t want to keep her in suspense any longer and gave a good strong lick with the flat of my tongue from the bottom of her snatch all the way to the top and back down again. I was rewarded with more of her tasty juices and some growling and grumbling deep in her throat.

“Oh my God Lew, I almost forgot how good you are at this,” she whispered above me while she slightly bent her knees and opened up a little more. As she was standing next to the bed I gave her a little push and she dropped backward on it. This allowed me to grab her ankles and spread her legs wide opening up her playground completely. Now I could really start nibbling at her labia, pulling at the tender flesh with my lips and teeth. After painting her outer and inner labia with my saliva, my tongue went in search of the small bundle of nerves still hiding under its hood at the top. It almost felt like I was drawn by a magnet to the magic little appendage which immediately came peeking out ready to be toyed with.

I immediately went to town on her prized jewel, licking it and pulling at it with my lips and ultimately my teeth. They always say that only women can do multiple things at the same time. I was determined to prove the opposite, that males could too, by using my hands to bring pleasure to the rest of her body, especially her beautiful, firm boobs. Also, there were these little nubbins, very much like her clit that loved to be squeezed and tickled. By doing just that I could feel I was sending tremors rippling down straight to her clit.

All of a sudden I felt her body tense up as she orgasmed and squirted a flood of girl juices directly into my mouth and face. I just love this kind of appetizer!

“Yes!… Yes!… Oh my Gawd!… fuck!… fuck!”

“In a minute dear, when I can get out of these clothes!” I replied.

“Yes you did it again, I’m naked and you are still fully dressed!” she said while she came off the bed and got busy undoing all the buttons and the zipper of my clothing. She had me naked in ten seconds flat, probably a new record. My cock stood proudly at attention, waiting for whatever she had in mind. I didn’t have to wait very long to find out, as she dropped to her knees in front of me and went to town on my love pole.

First, she licked the bulbous head and when she was satisfied it was nice and wet she moved her lips teasingly slowly to the bottom, all the while working her tongue on the sensitive underside and driving me crazy. I had to keep my wits about me and not immediately fill her hot mouth with my sperm. She expected me to satisfy her glory station with my rod and I had every intention of doing just that, so after she had encouraged it to grow some more and made it hard as steel, I pulled out of her mouth. I grabbed her hands, turned her around, and made her sit on all fours on the bed.

“Oh, you want to play doggy?”

“Yes dear, that’s the caveman in me.”

“Yes, let him out, I love it,” she replied while she stuck her bum out enticingly.

“Better not go to my backdoor, I’m afraid I didn’t prepare for that.”

“No worries dear, I love to take your front from behind as much as I do your back, we’ll pleasure your backdoor another time.”

I slid my fuckpole, which she had managed to get even harder and bigger than when it came out to play, in one go into her already extremely wet cunt, and began the mating dance. Notwithstanding that she had orgasmed just minutes ago, she immediately responded vocally, letting me know she appreciated the different friction she was experiencing. I took my time, pistoning away at a steady pace while I milked her tits. I just love the way tits feel and look when a woman is in this position, especially when they are crowned with rock-hard nipples as Grace’s were.

“Oh my God Lew this feels soooo goooood, I could have you go on like this for hours.”

“If I do that dear we will miss our dinner and our visit to the theatre.”

“Oh yes, the theatre, I had completely forgotten we need to go out again, so you better make haste and fill me up with your delicious juice. You probably won’t believe it but my pussy confided in me that it likes…what am I saying that it craves your sperm.”

“You have conversations with your pussy?”

“Yes, don’t you talk with your dick sometimes?”

“Yes, bursa eskort but that is mainly to keep it at bay if it decides to get all stiff at an inappropriate time.”

“Oh, I had no idea that there was an inappropriate time for it to get hard?”

“Believe me, sometimes there is, you hussy!”

“Are you calling me a hussy?”

“Yes, since you walked into my studio, you’ve been insatiable, not that I mind but admit it Grace, you thought your days of having wild sex were over before that visit.”

“Yes that’s true and I’m ever so grateful that you shook me awake and convinced me that I could still be attractive to men, even younger men, like Rache’s husband Jeff.”

“Yeah, you loved it when we were both inside you.”

“That was a mind-boggling experience and I hope to be able to repeat it when they come over at the beginning of next year.”

“How about right now?”

“Not as mind-boggling as then but still in the top ten of our joint experiences, so stop talking and let me enjoy my orgasm.”

When she said that, I also felt I was close to boiling point and when her cunt started to contract around my cock I knew I wouldn’t able to hold off much longer, but she had something else in mind. She quickly pulled off my cock, turned around, and opened her mouth wide, inviting me to fill it with my juicy sperm, clearly also eager to get her own special appetizer before dinner. Even if I would have wanted to deny her, it was impossible, as I had reached the point of no return and squirted rope after rope of cum into her eager mouth. When I was done, she licked the last drop off of the eye, closed her mouth, and made noises as if she was tasting the most expensive wine before making a big show of swallowing.

“Oh my God Lew, I love your taste, I never in my life thought that I would become a cum slut, but you turned me into one.”

“I most certainly did no such thing, I’m sure you were a cum slut long before we met.”

“I can understand that it’s hard for you to believe this but I never swallowed cum before I met you.”


“Yes really, if you don’t believe me, ask Nancy.”

“She knows?”

“Yes, we have no secrets whatsoever for each other.”

“Hang on a second, did she also tell you I had sex with her when she visited me the first time in the studio?”

“Ueh, yes, and when you had dinner with her.”

“And it didn’t bother you?”

“No, do you remember that Nancy walked out after you proposed that she pose in the nude with Emelia, and she came back half an hour later?”

“Yes, she came back and said she had changed her mind and would go for the nude photos, which at the time did surprise me a bit.”

“Well, she came straight to me to get my opinion and explained what you proposed. I advised her to go for it. Remember she hadn’t had sex for about a year and a half and from what she told me I concluded that such a nude photoshoot, might lead to her having sex again, something she desperately needed at the time, and from what she told me about you, you seemed like a decent guy.”

“Thanks for the compliment, but why did she invite me to dinner then, when she had already had her sex in the studio?”

“She called me when she got home and told me she invited you for dinner because the sex was so good and she wanted more. That’s when we discussed the possibility of me having sex with you as well. I had been going without for far longer than Nancy at the time and that’s when we decided to set up this scheme with me posing for you. We wanted to see how you were going to get me naked in front of your camera and potentially have sex with me – thank God you fell for it.”

“So it was all fake, lies, a setup? You actually made me believe I was the one who talked you out of your clothes?”

“I’m afraid so dear, except for the fact that I had gone without any sex for a couple of years. That was not a lie at all, and after what she told me, she convinced me I would be able to get you to fuck me or whatever…I hope you’re not mad?”

“Mad, I am furious!… though I absolutely love what you did. When we get back home I will definitely take you to the club and give you and maybe Nancy too the spankings of your lives for deceiving me…taking advantage of a poor innocent photographer, you should be ashamed,” I added with a big grin on my face.

It was high time we went to have our dinner in the hotel restaurant if we wanted to make it in time for the play we had booked for the evening. The pre-booked 3-course dinner was not really special but it was OK. The Mousetrap we had booked was fantastic, it’s always great to see live actors on stage, even if there are none that you know from television. It’s always good if you see any from TV series you know like I’d had the pleasure to see perform in the good old days.

There was one performance I still remember vividly and that was “Les Misérables”. I had meetings with colleagues one day and I asked my local contact to arrange a trip downtown in the evening to see one play or another. He arranged everything, the theatre tickets, and the train tickets. Unfortunately, the whole thing was a total disaster, I should have known when I saw that the train tickets were twice as expensive as the theatre tickets.

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