The Pool Party

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It was Samantha’s 21st birthday party. A pool party, she called it, because it was too explicit to call it a bikini party. That was the real purpose, however. The last few months of diet and exercise had cost her a cup size from D down to C, but she’d received abs in return. She needed a subtle way of showing, not only that she had nice abs, but that all her friends didn’t. Well, her female friends anyway. A couple of her friends, Greg and Paul, she suspected had nice abs, but she had never seen them without a shirt, until they arrived.

Literally, they arrived leaving the same car shirtless. It was a lot to take in at once when she opened the door, but she quickly gave them both a thanks-for-coming-I-hug-everyone-like-this hug, showed them her parent’s pool, the food, the drinks, then ‘left them to it’ as she retreated to cool her head and think of her next move.

Greg and Paul were both stuck in the friend zone, or maybe she was stuck in the friend zone. She wasn’t sure most days, but she knew that a friend zone was definitely involved somehow. Maybe no one was in it, and they were stuck either side of it. She promised herself she would ‘see where it goes’ with the first of them to make a move. ‘See where it goes’ means ‘keep him around until I get a reason not to’ which for her sometimes took months, days, or once it only took seconds. She had a fantasy of ‘see where it goes’ lasting a lifetime, but a lifetime where she was free to drop him any second without consequence.

Both Greg and Paul were inseparable, but got to know almost everyone at the party, mostly by listening to their stories and discussing how things could have been funnier. While the sun was still shining the party had been filled with people of all ages, but by sunset, everyone remaining were of drinking age and mostly under 30.

Paul called out to Kelly, Samantha’s younger sister, asking if there was a spa. There was, and Kelly showed both boys to it before turning to return to the buffet.

“Do you want to join us?” said Greg, a little bashfully.

“Maybe later,” said Kelly, too polite to refuse outright. She hardly knew these guys, and there were friends she had been meaning to catch up with.

“We already knew where the spa was,” said Paul, “There’s just something we want to ask.”

Kelly knew where this was going, and didn’t mind playing matchmaker for her sister. Back when she was in high school, boys would constantly ask her for advice on how to seduce her sister. Kelly was helpful, yet honest. She often suggested clothing, attitude adjustments, local gyms, and sometimes even medical procedures, before said suitor could be worthy of her sister’s affections.

She’d always promise never to tell Samantha, and break said promise within an hour of making it. This made Kelly ‘the best sister ever’ in Samantha’s opinion.

“Okay,” said Kelly, switching on the spa and climbing in after them.

“Why doesn’t this Spa smell like chlorine?” said Greg, perhaps subconsciously hoping to delay the real question.

“It gets emptied every time it’s used,” said Kelly, “That wasn’t the question, was it?”

“No. It wasn’t.” said Paul, with a bit of a cooler head, “Which of us would you prefer?”

“Um…” Kelly wasn’t expecting that question, “As a person?”

“That was question two,” said Greg, “Question one is: Do either of us have a chance at all?”

“With Samantha?” This got an odd look from both of them.

“With you, dummy!” said Paul.

Two years younger than Samantha, Kelly had accepted as fact that she was two years less of a woman than her. She looked somewhat like Samantha did before her recent transformation: a cup size bigger, but abs hidden behind a thin layer of fat. It would be exaggerating to say that Kelly looked exactly like her sister, but twice that day a distant family friend or relative had wished Kelly a happy 21st, giving her a gift addressed to Samantha.

Those who knew them could tell, even from a distance, that Kelly was the one with the ponytail. It seemed right, that a younger sister would have a ponytail, while an older sister would wear her hair down.

“You both know Escort Sincan Samantha worships the ground you two walk on, right?” said Kelly, immediately regretting releasing that secret.”

“We know,” said Paul.

“Don’t get us wrong,” said Greg, “we both like her too, but…”

“You mean this is a competition!?” said Kelly, louder than socially appropriate, “Loser dates Sam!?”

“Shhh!” said Paul.

“I knew she wasn’t interested,” said Greg, “breathe a word of this and we’ll deny everything.”

“No-no-no,” said Kelly, her voice slowly transitioning to a whisper, “I’m sorry. It’s our secret. We can tell her she was chosen first.”

Paul and Greg’s muscles started to relax then, when they remembered they were competing, their muscles began to flex again.

“So who do you pick?” said Paul.

“I don’t know yet,” said Kelly, “Stand up.”

The waterline slid down to their waste as they stood. There were no major differences between them. Greg had blue eyes, Paul had brown. Greg’s dark hair and light skin were both a shade lighter than Paul’s. Greg was slimmer, at least an inch shorter, and had nice arms, while Paul had arms that some girls (not Kelly) would describe as ‘too big’.

Both boys tried what they thought to be sexy poses. Some of the poses were sexy, but most were more ‘pathetic yet adorable’. Paul was focusing so hard on posing that he hadn’t even noticed when Kelly untied the bikini string behind her neck.

“Now, sit down.”

They obeyed.

Kelly’s hands waved underwater, trying to connect with theirs. Once successful, she led both hands to her uncovered breasts, bikini top still connected around her back.

“Are you going to choose one of us or not?” said Greg, pulling his hand back because his fingers touched Paul’s at her sternum.

Kelly laughed at Greg’s homophobia. “Are you saying I should choose him?”


Greg didn’t get the hint, so Kelly had to find his hand again, giving him a look suggesting that if he pulled away once more, he’d end up with Samantha.

Seeing her mother approach, Kelly slouched down, hiding her shoulders from view. Under the bubbly water, it was impossible to know if she was wearing her bikini top properly or not.

“Kelly,” said her mother.

Greg’s hand left her breast. Paul’s didn’t.


“Where are the extra plastic cups?” Her mother was looking straight at her. Either her mother had no idea what was going on, or did and approved. Kelly wasn’t sure which explanation she hoped was true, but she had a car, so even if she did get caught, she could always finish somewhere else.

“The cupboard above the refrigerator,”

Kelly’s Mum entered the room from outside, then left through the door that led to the kitchen. They heard her footsteps get distant, “found them”, then footsteps getting even more distant though the sliding glass door to outside.

Kelly gave Greg a disapproving look, which he didn’t understand until she looked down and back at him. His hand quickly returned to her breast, triggering an approving smile, which she tried to share exactly equally between Greg and Paul.

Sitting back up, she put her arms on the edge of the spa behind both of them. The water line was now sitting slightly higher on her than a typical low-cut shirt.

“Come on,” she said, to neither of them in particular, “they should be at least two handfuls each”.

This time Greg was quicker on the uptake, being the first to use both hands.

Both her hands now went underwater. The direction of her eyes and head gave no clue as to where her hands went, but the look on her face did.

At first touch, one of Greg’s hands shot downwards reflexively protecting his testicles. Another stern look from Kelly had it return back up to her breast where they should be.

With each hand down a different pair of shorts, Kelly only got a quick feel to make sure neither was wearing anything underneath. She returned both hands above the water and around their shoulders.

“I haven’t decided yet,” she said, “so take your shorts off”.

Neither really wanted to, but neither wanted to end up with Samantha Eryaman Escort either, so they both reluctantly removed their shorts. Kelly collected the shorts, tied her bikini top back up, and then took both pairs of shorts outside.

“Hey, Kelly, where have you been?” said Samantha, trying unsuccessfully to lose the young man that was talking to her.

“Greg and Paul have changed out of their shorts,” said Kelly, “Put them somewhere safe.”

Samantha acted as if it were perfectly normal to hold wet shorts against her mostly dry bikini-covered chest. It was clearly the most efficient way of carrying shorts, and had nothing to do with maybe wanting to know if they had a smell to them or not.

“So, do you think I should talk to them now?” said Samantha.

The young man Samantha was speaking to earlier still believed that his conversation would continue after this interruption.

“No,” said Kelly, “if you put the shorts somewhere away from the crowd, they’ll have to spend time alone with you if they ever want them back. You don’t want them to think you’re clingy. Just give them their space, and if they leave the party, that’s even better. It means they need to arrange a convenient time for you to give them back, if you know what I mean.”

Samantha giggled, then turned to her patient guest, saying, “I’ll be right back” knowing perfectly well that she wouldn’t.

Greg and Paul were naked, in a spa together, completely alone.

“Do you think she’s coming back?” said Greg. He looked worried.

“Dunno,” said Paul, not looking worried, but Paul never looked worried.

“If she doesn’t?”

“Then you wait here. I’ll run outside, jump over the fence, get my spare pants out of the boot, walk back in, grab my keys, drive off and let you walk home naked.”

Paul’s sense of humour was sadistic, but he’d never abandon a friend in need. Greg was glad there was a plan.

“Sorry about that,” said Kelly coming in from outside. She locked the door behind her in several places, including a bolt that could only be slid free from inside.

When locking the door that lead out towards the kitchen, she said, “The trouble with this door is it can be unlocked from outside with a coin, unless a hairpin goes right here.” The hairpin clicked into place.

Once back in the spa, Kelly removed her bikini completely, dropping both pieces on the ground. She smiled, knowing that although both boys had touched her nipples, neither of them knew what they looked like yet. Both pairs of eyes were clearly straining to see beyond the bubbles.

She felt around under the water. They were both hard, just like last time she checked, but now she could tell that Greg was slightly longer and wider than Paul. However, she wasn’t sure if this was because Greg was slightly too big, or if Paul was slightly too small. She’d have to find out eventually, but she wanted some fun first.

Kelly let go of Paul to put her hand behind his head. Still holding onto Greg underwater, Kelly firmly thrust her tongue into Paul’s mouth and held it there, like a wine expert judging an international competition. Warm; a minty taste that’s strong yet not overpowering; detecting a delicious yet subtle saltiness; and every single tooth tastes clean and well flossed.

Her hand was back on his cock before the kiss was finished. Now it was Greg’s turn: Slightly warmer; same minty taste as before, definitely the same brand and probably from the same packet, knowing those two; more of a sweetness this time; every tooth tastes spotless.

Hands back on both cocks, Kelly pulled a few interesting faces indicating that she was attempting something challenging. Neither Greg nor Paul knew why until they saw the rubber plug floating on the surface, and the water level dropping.

“What are you doing!?” said Greg, looking panicked.

“What’s the matter?” said Kelly, “Haven’t seen each other’s dick before?”

“No,” said Paul, “and I can’t say that I want to either.”

“Well then,” said Kelly, positioned with her back to Paul, but reaching between her legs for his cock, “You’ll have to hide it somewhere where he can’t see it, Keçiören Escort won’t you.”

She slid it into place and then commanded him to stand up, slowly, so it doesn’t fall out.

“Aren’t we going to use contraception?” Paul asked.

“I’m on the pill” said Kelly, mentally adding, ‘and even if it fails, there are worse things in life than being knocked up with a handsome looking baby’.

The water hadn’t dropped far yet. Kelly’s legs stood upright, but she was bent over, flat as a table, breasts exposed, but nipples only just under the bubbling water, lapping at her like many tongues as Paul thrust in and out. This was how high she liked the water, which is why she had put the plug back in at just that moment.

Kelly’s left hand extended forwards to the spa’s edge to support her weight. Her right hand found Greg’s cock and lifted his floating body off the seat by it. This was the sort of trick that only works under water. If she were strong enough to do that out of water, she would’ve ripped his cock right off him.

Kelly’s mouth found Greg’s cock before his feat found the ground. She was still holding and stroking it full fisted, but finger by finger, she let go of Greg’s cock, forcing it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She aspired to fit the full thing without gagging, but still required her thumb and forefinger to hold the final centimetre her lips couldn’t reach.

For a moment, she removed his cock to say, “If you sit down and put your dick underwater, I will bite it off, understand?”

“No sitting down,” said Greg, who preferred instructions without threats attached, “no problem.”

Although Greg and Paul were doing their best to ignore each other and avoid looking at each other, their motions became synchronised. They would both thrust in together, and then pull out together, leaving Kelly powerless to do anything but remain perfectly still and try not to choke.

After some time, it was Greg who lost his load first. Feeling it in her mouth set Kelly off, but Paul was still going. Having finished, Greg’s natural response was to pull out and sit down, but this dragged Kelly’s head underwater, causing her to bite down a little. Not enough to injure, but enough to send the message.

“Sorry, I forgot,” said Greg, his soft cock now tingling from the suction as Kelly was sucking extra hard for fear of him trying to pull out again. It was soft, so Kelly didn’t need her hand around the base of it anymore. Both her hands were firmly planted on his buttocks. Soft or not, there was no way that cock was going anywhere but in her mouth.

By the time Paul had lost his load in Kelly, Greg was fully hard again. Her vagina stretched to accommodate his larger cock. She was glad she saved him till last.

Kelly then flailed her hands around underwater, searching for Paul’s soft cock, and tried lifting him up by it, but couldn’t get a firm enough grip.

“Sorry,” said Paul, “You’ll have to give me a few minutes to get hard again.”

“No,” said Kelly, “I don’t care how hard you are or aren’t, you are going inside my mouth!”

Pauls natural response to people he could lift with one arm telling him what to do is, ‘Or else what?’ so he consciously had to remind himself that this was something he wanted to do anyway.

Once inside her, the suction tingled to the point of almost hurting. He wasn’t soft for long, and even once completely hard, her lips could reach all the way down to the bottom.

Still tired from before, both boys lasted longer than their first run, so it was Kelly that finished first, her moans setting off Greg insider her for a close second.

Once Greg pulled out, Kelly wrapped both arms and both legs around Paul’s legs, quickly sliding her head on and off his cock like a woodpecker. By the time he lost his load, Kelly was going so fast, her head looked like a blur.

Greg was staring at the wall trying not to look, but realized they had finished when the splashing stopped.

“So, when do we get our shorts back?” said Greg, trying his hardest to not sound ungrateful.

Kelly reached outside the spa to a drawer filled with Mentos.

“When both of you are completely worn out,” she said standing and chewing, proudly displaying all her nakedness now. She dropped back down and flailed her arms underwater, eventually finding Greg’s semi erect cock.

She smiled and said, “and I don’t expect that will be any time soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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