The Poolhouse

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All characters in this story are eighteen years of age.

I’m Jack, 35, married to Nancy. We have kids. Just an average guy. About 5’10, not buff but not soft. I hit the gym and keep it all tight. I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes and, oh yeah, a 7 inch circumcised penis, thick, so I’m told. Nancy is tiny, barely five-foot around a hundred pounds, tiny tits, and a lovely round ass. She doesn’t shave or trim, except during the summer.

We hang out a lot at Nancy’s folks’ house. James is a partner in an accounting firm, and they are quite well off. Dorthy— never Dot or anything else— is a bit formal. James is laid back and can be a funny guy. It’s an odd match. Nancy got a lot more of dad, which is why I married her. Their house is big, airy and Dorthy had it professionally decorated. There are lots of rules about food, drinks, kids, etc. But they have a big in-ground pool with tons of expensive landscaping and a twelve-hundred square foot pool/guest house. Nice place. We practically live there in the summer.

It was last summer. The summer my family’s lives ‘evolved.’

Monday. I was going to work late. My hours vary. Nancy asked me to stop at her parent’s house and get the kids swimsuits. They change in the guest house bathroom, Dorthy’s rules, and had left their suits on the floor. Nancy knew her mother would have a fit, so I was tasked with sneaking in and getting them.

The pool house is on the far side of the pool—the huge yard beyond that. The pool house bathroom has an inside and outside entrance. I parked on the street and walked briskly around the house, hoping to avoid being caught. I didn’t care if James saw me. He’s cool. But Dorthy would interrogate, and I’d get an uninvited lesson in parenting.

As I got to the back of the house, the kid that mows the lawn was just finishing. He lives in the neighborhood. He’s probably nineteen, goes to the community college. Tall skinny kid. A ton of shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. A beautiful young man. It was a hot day, and he was wearing running shorts and no tee shirt. As he got off the machine, I noticed he had cut grass all over him and a sheen of sweat. He was wearing white briefs, the waistband showing as he dismounted. James usually works from the pool house, and the kid was going to get paid. I waited for the kid to go in and start talking. Then I could sneak in for my errand while they were distracted.

I slipped into the bathroom from outside, leaving the lights off. The kid’s suits were on the floor, next to the door into the house. I tiptoed over and picked them up. The door was open an inch or so. I froze and stared. James and the kid, Lance, I think his name was, were standing in the living room talking. No big deal. Except my father-in-law was wearing a light blue speedo, which he rarely does, and his erect cock was sticking out the top. James is tall and lean and has no body hair. Salt and pepper on top and a long cock, with a shiny uncut head, I learned. I knew I should leave. I didn’t.

The two of them talked. James with his boner and the sweaty kid in his running shorts and white briefs showing, with the bulge of an erection that I had missed seeing. Lance moved closer, and my mouth gaped open as the kid put his hand on James’ erection. The boy rubbed James’ cock, pushing the speedo down until it was mid-thigh, then more till it fell to his ankles, and he stepped out.

“Thank you, Lance,” James said. James’ cock was long and thin with a head not much large than the shaft, shaved. This was not the first time for these two.

As Lance ran his hands over the older man’s hairless cock and balls, gently caressing the head of his penis, James reached out and caressed the bulge in the kids’ shorts. He gently gripped the bulge and used his fingers to fondle the teens’ enclosed balls.

“That feels really good, Mr. Conners.” The boy moaned.

My wife’s father put his hands on the waistband of the shorts and pushed them down till they fell at Lance’s feet. He stepped out. James dropped to his knees in front of the boy and rubbed his face against the sweat-soaked white cotton while the boy moaned, gently holding the older man’s head.

I’m not gay. But in college, I was on a project with a guy who was gay and out. No big deal, he’s a great guy. One night, in my room, he just asked me flat out if he could suck my cock. I was shocked at his direct approach. He said he liked me and thought I was good looking and wanted to do something for me. I was curious, always have been, but never did anything. I told him this can’t get out. He laughed and said, ‘if you knew who’s cock had crossed these lips, you’d freak out.’ He refused to even hint, which made me feel better as he undressed me. Me naked him dressed, he sucked my cock. No. He made love to my penis. I came so hard.

The next time we were alone, he asked again. I told him I wanted to try. We ended up naked and sucking each other off. Cum is funny tasting, but I kinda like it. We did that till we graduated. Never did anything with anybody else, and Nancy won’t go near my cock. Her mother pendik escort bayan trained her that nobody puts their mouth where somebody pisses. My college BJ buddy lives in Australia now, so I can’t call him, but it seems James found a solution.

My father-in-law put his lips against that fat bulge. His hands moving up, grasping the wide elastic waistband and pushing the sweaty briefs down. This revealed a hard young cock, a little bigger than mine, cut, with a big fat smooth head in a nest of blond pubic hair. I stifled a gasp, so beautiful. Lance stepped out of the briefs and kicked them away. James stood up and moved to the couch.

He sat at the edge and leaned back, spreading his legs. His erect penis jutting up from his hairless thighs.

Lance came over and dropped to his knees between his boss’s legs.

“I like your cock, Mr. Conners.”

“And I love yours, Lance. Suck me and make me cum so I can suck that hot young cock of yours.”

Lance wasted no time getting his mouth on the older man’s erect penis. My cock lurched as Lance’s lips opened and touched James’ cock, sliding over the head and covering the shaft. I remembered the feel of Gabe’s mouth on my cock. I was so jealous of James right now. I slowly released my erection from my shorts and masturbated as I watched them.

“Oh Lance, you are so good. You’re gonna make me cum.”

Lance paused, “Cum in my mouth Mr. Conners, please.”

It took about two minutes. He groaned, and I heard him, “Oh Lance, my boy. Here I cum.” I watched as Jame’s butt flexed and he held the boy’s head. Lance visibly swallowing.

The boy released Jame’s cock, and they both stood. Show over? No. Lance sat on the couch, and James got between the teenager’s legs and greedily took his cock in his mouth. James liked sucking cock, no doubt about it. He grabbed the teen’s penis at the base, slathered his mouth all over the big fat head before taking every inch into his mouth and bobbing up and down, working hard to get the kid to orgasm. He had a hand under Lance’s ball sack, fondling and, I’m sure, playing with the kid’s asshole. In a few minutes, Lance groaned, “cumming, Mr.Conners.” James stayed right on it and took all the kid could give him. That’s when I came all over the floor. I snuck out the door with the kid’s suits.

Every day I masturbated to that scene. Remembering the warm wet mouth of my college BJ buddy and the hard but soft feel of his cock in my mouth, spasming, cumming all over my tongue. I tried to figure out how to see James and Lance again, but there was no way that didn’t involve many risks. Fate, I thought, gave me an opportunity.

James and Dorthy were going on a trip. He told me he’d leave a stash of cash and would I go over Wednesday’s at three and pay the kid that mows the lawn.

Wednesday was hot and humid. I took a half-day off. Nancy was working, and the kids were in school. I was at James’ pool. I don’t have the speedo body James does, but I wore an old pair of running shorts with nothing under them. Hoping. As I watched Lance mow in just his shorts and those damn white briefs sticking up, I swam some laps or just stood at the edge of the pool. The boy was truly beautiful.

My anxiety ramped up as I heard Lance disengage the blades and drive the big mower towards the back of the pool house. I got out of the pool and walked in to meet him. A coating of pool water still on my body. My cock fatter but not hard. It showed.

Lance was startled by my entrance. He stood, dripping sweat and covered in flecks of grass, his erect cock making a fat bulge in his shorts, the white band of his briefs showing all around the top. The air was full of his sweaty scent. He blushed, aware that his erection was obvious. I stepped up to him, just inside his comfort zone. He didn’t back up. His eyes moved quickly up and down my body, stopping at the small bulge that my slightly excited cock made.

“Hi, Lance. I’m Jack, James’ son-in-law. They’re out of town, and he asked me to make sure you got paid.”

Aware of how close I was, Lance seemed to relax, “Oh, cool.”

I couldn’t bring myself to just reach out and touch that fat cock.I needed to ease into it.

“You look wasted from the heat. Wanna swim?”

Lance was surprised, “Here? Mrs. Conners hates grass and sweat in her pool.”

I turned and headed out the door, “Mrs. Conners is a cunt and out of town. Let’s go swim.”

Lance laughed hard and followed me.

I walked out and dove into the pool. I watched as Lance looked around, shrugged, and dove in, shorts, briefs and all, leaving a raft of grass clippings in his wake. He surfaced next to me. Closer than is considered polite. We stood with the water at mid-chest.

“You’re cool. This is fun.”

“Yeah, really. They don’t go out of town often, but when they do, I come over and swim, usually naked because I know that would piss Dorthy off.”

Lance laughed again, “Yeah, truly. She’s a bit uptight.”

I shoved my shorts off, aware that my cock was now fully erect, and tossed them maltepe escort on the pool deck.

“Hope you don’t mind. It’s just us.”

Lance knew what was going on. He could leave any time. He reached down into the water and came up with his soaked shorts and white cotton briefs, flinging them up on the concrete.

“Too hot for suits, right, Jack?”

“Damn right,” I replied as we swam a few half-assed laps, occasionally colliding.

We ended up at the cast-in steps at the shallow end. Lance sat on the second step, the water just below his waist, his gorgeous hard penis in plain view. As I approached, a bud of pre-cum formed at the tip. I stopped when my feet touched the steps, and my knees touched his. The water was below my knees, and my cock was rampant. I looked into his bottomless blue eyes.

“You seem to have a problem.”

He smiled a disarming smile, “Yeah, looks like you have the same one.”

“Yeah, happens when the wife won’t suck your cock.”

Lance paused, “I’m not gay, you know.”

I put my hand on his knee, “I’m not either. But I learned long ago, fun doesn’t have an orientation.”

The young man smiled and stood. Walking up the stairs and towards the house, his firm young ass flexing, he said, “I like that. I like fun.”

Once inside, Lance stopped and faced me as I walked in, “Jack, I want to suck your cock. You okay with that?”

As Lance dropped to his knees, I answered, “Very okay. But only if I can suck that lovely boy cock of yours after.”

His hand holding my erection, Lance looked up with those bottomless blue eyes, “that would be great.”

I watched as the teen boy’s mouth slipped over the head of my penis. I nearly blew but held back. I had forgotten the sublime joy of having my cock in a willing and wanting mouth. Lance ran his tongue over the head of my cock as he slid down further, his lips caressing my shaft. I filled my hands with his sun-bleached blond hair as his soft hand cupped and fondled my balls.

“Lance, it’s been a long time since I had a blowjob, and you are very good. I’m not going to last much longer.”

He paused and took his mouth off my cock to answer. It felt cool when the air-conditioned air hit my saliva wet cock.His tongue extended, licking the underside of the head as he answered.

“That’s okay, Jack. I want you to cum in my mouth. I like it. I’m hoping we can do this again.”

As Lance slid his lips back over my cock, going all the way to the base, I groaned, “Count on it, young man.”

In no time, I felt the tingle, “Lance, I’m cumming for you.”

He moved his mouth back until his lips just captured the head of my erection. He slathered his tongue all over as he stroked my shaft. I squeezed his head and released, feeling that rush as my cum coursed out of the end of my penis into a teen boy’s mouth. I felt like it came up from my feet. I quivered with lust and came a lot.

Lance kept the head on my penis captured in his wet warm mouth as I came. His cheeks and throat flexing as he swallowed my cum. Knowing that I’d be sensitive, he let my penis slide out when I had shot my final bolt over his tongue. He sat back on his heels, that lovely teen cock just as hard and just as alluring in that nest of blond curls.

“Wow, Jack. You came a lot. Even more than the other older guy I play with. I loved it. I’m not gay, but I like the taste. Is that sick or something?”

I extended my hand, and Lance pulled on it to get up. We ended up face-to-face, our bodies touching, our faces close. He made no move. I put my hand on his waist, loving his soft young skin under my fingers. He put his hands on my shoulders.

“No, Lance. It’s okay to want to try something different. We are breaking rules, though. You have a girlfriend, and I have a wife, so we are cheating. I can live with that. Who’s this other older guy?”

Lance blushed, “I won’t say, Jack. He’s married too.”

I ran my hands up and down his trim body, our mouths nearly touching, “Good, I’m glad you can keep a secret. Now, may I suck your cock?”

Lance sat down on the couch, “Yeah, Jack, please. I’m really horny today.”

Between his legs, I put my hand around his cock. The third cock I ever touched. He was so hard, yet so soft. The head big, fat, purple with need. I licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip. Lance groaned. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pressed my lips over the tip, feeling the soft skin, touching the little slit with my tongue. More, now my lips captured the head and were wrapped around his shaft as my tongue bathed and explored. It took me a few times in college to admit that I liked having an erect penis in my mouth. A barely legal boy’s penis. And it is going to bathe my mouth in cum.

On my knees, I looked up. Lance was watching me, his hands gently holding my head, smiling.

“You suck really good, Jack.”

I paused and answered him while talking around his hard young penis, “I want your cum. Just let it go.”

He groaned again as It wrapped my mouth on his cock and sucked kartal escort like I wanted to take it with me.

He lasted a couple of minutes. Long minutes of bliss for me with this kid’s cock in my mouth.

“Oh, Jack, gonna cum.”

I felt his cock twitch, and I remembered a trick Gabe used. As Lance was about to shoot, I clamped my fingers on the base of his cock, feeling the cum trying to get past. After a second or two, I released my grip, and a bolt of cum rocketed out and bounced off the back of my mouth.

“OH FUCK!” Lance cried as more and more warm cum bathed my tongue.

Knowing he was done, I reluctantly let him slip from my mouth. I sat next to him. His skin was shiny with sweat, and he was still panting. He looked at me.

“What did you do? I’ve never cum like that.”

I explained, and he smiled, “I’m so getting even with you for that.”

I put my hand on his sweaty thigh, “I hope so, young man.”

We sat, side by side, naked on that couch in my father-in-law’s pool house. I told him about Gabe and my mother-in-law’s feelings about oral sex. He told me of his first time with a cousin. After, the cousin wouldn’t talk about it, but Lance had the cock sucking bug. When he first got paid for mowing “that other older guy’s” lawn, he sensed that the guy was hot for him. He teased, and one day the gent touched his hard cock over his shorts, and away they went.

I was done for the day, but I noticed Lance was hard again. Oh, to be eighteen.

“Your cock is hard.”

He gently stroked himself, “Yeah, I haven’t jacked in a few days, so I’m still wired.”

I slid off the couch to my knees, “Stand up. I want to suck another load of cum out of that beautiful cock.”

I took his hard little ass in my hands as I put my mouth on his cock. I worked him hard, wanting my reward and knowing the second time would take longer. I noticed a pump bottle of hand sanitizer on the table and got a wicked idea. With my right hand, I pumped out a pile and, moving around Lance’s ass, started smearing it on his hole.

“Oh fuck, Jack. That’s nice. I play there too.”

He had no idea what was coming. I had his boy pussy lubed. As I swallowed his hard young cock, I slid my middle finger up his ass and rubbed his prostate. He exploded in my mouth.

“OH FUCK! OH SHIT! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

I let him bathe my tongue and only released him when I felt his flanks stop flexing. I could get very used to this.

“Jack, that was awesome. What the fuck was that?”

I explained the ‘boy clit’ as we walked out to get our clothes.

“You gonna be here next week too?”

We were standing, nearly touching. Our soft cocks brushing. I felt the tangle of his pubic hair against my skin.

“Yes, Lance, I will. So, no masturbating.”

He slid on his briefs and shorts, laughing, “I’ll try Jack, but no guarantees.”

Nancy grilled me when I got home, wondering why it took so long just to pay the mower boy. I made up some bullshit about a problem with the mower. I sell insurance. I wouldn’t know a flywheel from a fly rod, but she seemed to be happy.

The following week was just as good. Once again, I got two loads of teen cum, and Lance used my tricks on me to get a fat load out of my cock. We touched a lot—our bodies drawn to each other. I wanted to kiss him, but I was afraid to break the spell. We ended the day swimming naked in Dorthy’s pool, and, standing, our bodies in complete contact, we pissed in my mother-in-law’s pool. Laughing as the water warmed around us. Not a piss guy, but it was fun and funny.

Nancy was a bit distant for a few days. James and Dorthy had gotten home Thursday, and she had gone over. That family has tensions, no big surprise, so that was probably it. We don’t talk as much as we should.

About a week later, we were over at James and Dorthy’s for the usual family gathering. The women and kids were around the pool, and James and I were standing, sipping Scotch in the pool house living room, watching the kids play in the pool. He told me about their trip and asked if there were any problems with the property while he was gone.

I told him everything went well, and I explained what a nice young man Lance was when the TV blinked on.

The camera must be mounted up near the ceiling. It captured Lance and me perfectly, him, on his knees, sucking my cock as I came down his throat. I sat, stunned, and watched the video, we exchanged places, and I took the young boy’s cock into my mouth. The TV clicked off. I looked at James and waited. This was his party.

“So, Jack, how did you know Lance was Bi?”

I told him the truth. How I watched them, about college, and Gabe and my wife who wouldn’t suck cock because of what her mother taught her. The whole thing.

James stepped back from the window into the shaded part of the room. I moved with him. Since the inside lights were off, we were invisible to anyone outside. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I looked down as James unhooked my belt. My cock swelled.

“My wife is a cunt. But the business is in her name, and if I divorce her, I’ll have to start from scratch. I’ve been bi-sexual since college. There’s a group of us that get together at a condo and play. I got a vibe from Lance and took a chance. Now, you and I can play too. You are interested?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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