The Power of a Stamp Ch. 02

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Anal Fucking

My head was throbbing. I had a pillow pulled over my head to drown out the light from the window. Why was his room always so bright in the morning? I couldn’t think about anything, my head was so wrecked. I looked over at my nightstand and saw I was smart enough to put out a glass of water and some aspirin. I started to move under the covers and realized I was naked. I always slept in boxers. Some glimpses of a night out flashed to me, but quickly dissipated. Must’ve been a crazy dream. My head was killing me. The back of my hand stung fiercely for a moment. I looked at it, a flashback of a largely built black man stamping my hand came over me. As I checked it out, there was no stamp, just was a little red in the middle.

“Crazy dream” I said to myself as I groggily downed the aspirin and water. With that, I promptly went back to sleep.

Sunday turned into a day of nothing. I couldn’t remember anything that happened the night before, or how I got home. All I knew was my keys and wallet were on my nightstand, my car was parked outside, and my clothes were in a pile on the ground. Did I even go out? I thought I was going to the city to party. I couldn’t remember anything at all.

I worked at an advertising agency and was pretty successful. I had some very successful accounts and always working on more. I was finishing up my work day, closing on a new contract and my phone Text ringer went off.

Hey Jay, how are you doing? 3:48PM -Myra

Myra? She sounded vaguely familiar.

Ok I suppose. I’m not sure how I know you – 3:49PM me

I was confused but wanted to be done with work so I went back to it. Not 30 seconds later my phone buzzes.

I don’t blame you for wanting to forget that night. – 3:49PM Myra

All of my muscles tensed. Forget what night?

You were really having a good time. – 3:49 Myra

I don’t know what you are talking about – 3:51PM Me

The next message was a selfie she took of the two of them at a bar. I was so confused. When did I meet her? How did this happen?

Anyway I’m sorry it ended the way it did. I just wanted to make sure you are okay. I liked you and we would have done some dirty things. You obviously have other desires. -3:52 Myra

I’m sorry i still am lost. 3:54PM Me

Obviously. You are finding yourself though. Have fun, talk probably not soon. 3;54 PM Myra

What the hell was that? Obviously I met someone and put their number in my phone, but I couldn’t remember for the life of me.

She didn’t text anymore and I was finished up work and headed home. When I got to my apartment there was a package outside. Must be something I ordered. I picked it up and took it inside and set it down. I started doing some chores that took me a while and just as görükle escort bayan I was finishing up, I heard my text message tone go off again. Myra again? I grabbed my phone and sat down before looking.

Hey Jay – 7:42PM Unknown number

I definitely didn’t recognize the number.

Who’s this? – 7:45Me

T – 7:46 unknown

T? I don’t know anyone named T. Must be a wrong number.

I think you might have the wrong number – 7:46PM

I don’t think so, is this you? – 7:47P T

A picture of me followed. I was passed out in the backseat of my car. Laying there peacefully. My heart sank. The time stamp on the picture was Friday night at 3AM. I woke up Saturday in my bed with all my clothes off. I never even picked them up off the floor. I was in shock, I sat there for a while before the phone went off.

So it is you then – 7:58PM T

How did you get that picture? -7:58PM Me

My hand itched. I looked down at it and saw I had smudged something on it. I went over to the sink and washed it and the smudge didn’t come off, it got bigger. It was a Spade from a deck of cards with a large Q carved out of the middle. He wasn’t answering, my anxiety was through the roof.

I was so confused. What is happening?

Did you get a package? -8:10 T

My mind went to the package and I looked right at it.

No – 8:10PM

Open it- 8:10PM

For some reason, I reluctantly walked over to the box and picked it up. I brought it back to where I was sitting and grabbed my pocket knife. I set both down and picked up my phone.

Leave me the fuck alone whoever this is. Myra? This isn’t funny. – 8:15 PMMe

Do what I say. Send me a pic of what is in it. – T

Fuck you – Me

I see you want to play hardball. Check this out – T

As I read the message and looked at what followed, my heart sunk. Before my eyes loaded a 45 minute video of my dancing. At first I’m dancing with Myra, getting heavy with it too. Then a black man grabbed her hand and pulled her away. She nodded and began to make out with him. The video panned back to me standing there dancing. A black man walked up behind me and held me by the waste and we just started grinding and dancing. Kissing. He was grinding on my ass like a stallion. We just danced and grinder and kissed for what seemed like forever. I got lost in the video. At some points I was bent over almost grabbing my ankles while he dry humped my ass. He rubbed me up and down the front but I never opened my eyes. The way that I worked my ass into his crotch had me mesmerized. Before I knew it my small cock was erect and dripping with precum.

I watched the entire video from beginning to end without stopping. The front bursa otele gelen escort of my pants was a sopping mess. Right before the music went off, the man put something in my pocket.

You should be about done. 9:01PM T

What the hell is this? – Me

Open the package. – T

I looked at the package and looked back at the phone.

What if I refuse? – Me

I will send this video to everyone you know – T

My heart sank. I’m not gay. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why this is happening. I started to cry. I felt powerless.

Ok – Me

I picked up my knife and opened the package. It was fairly large and weighed a bit.

When it is open, stop – T

Luckily I grabbed the phone.

Ok I stopped – Me

There is a packet of pills on top, take them now. – T

I found the pills. I hesitated. There were 6 of them. I was feeling worse and worse. The video phone rang. T was calling. I didn’t know what to do so I just let it go.

Pick up the fucking phone. Camera on, like a good gurl – T

The phone rang again. I was terrified at what was going To happen. I picked up the phone. And a disguised voice came over.

“That’s a good little gurl, now if I ever call you again, I expect you to pick up immediately. Take the pills.”

I stared at a blank screen. He could see me though.

“Um, ok.”

“You will call me sir or Daddy you little bitch.”

“Um yes sir.”

“Try Daddy”

I was mortified. “Yes Daddy”

“Oooh I like that. Yes I do, you will call me Daddy. Now take the pills”

The blood had drained from my face. This situation was whipping wildly out of my control. I took the pills.

“Empty the box”

I dumped out all of the things in the box into a heap on my bed. There were a few bundles of clothes, a weird cage thing, a collar, a bunch of fine chains, and… dildos? There were like 8 of them, all varying in sizes.

“Show me”

I picked up the phone and showed him the contents.

“Excellent. Now put me down so I can see your whole body, make sure there is good light.”

I set it up as best I could, with extra light and T seemed satisfied.

“Now strip”


“Do you want this video going out? Take off your damn clothes.”

I did as he asked and removed everything. I was standing there embarrassed with a now flaccid barely 1″ dick. I slowly turned toward the camera. I had a very nice physique, very tone and skinny. Nice plump butt. All of this was commented on as I faced the camera. I could now here multiple voices. In the speaker. I was so terrified I was shaking.

“Ok little bitch boi, grab that cage and put it on your dick. Don’t get hard, bursa escort bayan it will just hurt. Tuck your balls and put the extra skin in the cage.”

Tuck my balls? Like a cross dresser? I had seen some videos on the internet about this kind of stuff, but I never thought of doing it. I wriggled and awkwardly positioned my balls so they were tucked up into my body, then I was able to bunch up the scrotum and penis and jam it in the cage. The cage was small. My dick barely for in it. I had to position the head of the dick so it could pee and eventually it snapped on. Buttoned up all tight, you could barely see my dick. I didn’t see a release mechanism on it, it just snapped into position. I started playing with it.

“Stop that, you can’t take it off. Only I can open it with this remote that’s in my hand.” He flashed a remote control.

My dick struggled against its cage. As it grew a bit, it hurt.

“I can also do this if you don’t listen to everything that I say. ” He pressed a button on his remote. Nothing happened. I was about to start messing with it again when an electric shock ran through my entire body, starting at the cock cage. I almost fell down on the floor. I was out of breath. I couldn’t move.

“Are you ready to listen baby gurl?”

My mind was still ringing from the jolt. “What?”

He cursed and pressed the button again. Nothing happened but I knew what was coming. My mind sharped and words started blurting out. I was on my knees in front of the camera.

“Yes daddy I am ready to listen” The jolt hit and put me back on the floor. I don’t know how long I was down for but I came up mumbling to the camera “what next daddy?”

“That’s much better. Now stand up and grab that collar. Put it on.”

I did exactly as he asked with no questions.

“Now take that chain and loop it through the toil of the cage. Good, now pull it back through your legs and pull your pathetic little clitty into your ass crack.” I was so embarrassed. I did as he instructed. Eventually hooking the chain to the collar so that it not only kept me completely tucked, it also choked me a little.

My senses were getting a bit weird. I had a mirror next to the phone. My vision was getting a bit blurry but as I stood there looking in the mirror, I thought I saw a nice looking girl with a nice body. Flat chested but a nice looking pussy, from afar. The person in the mirror had her legs together and bent over just a bit. Totally ready to be fucked.

“Stay like this until I call you back. You can take the chain off to pee, but that cage is never coming off. Inside one of the bags of clothes you will find several more pills. Take one packet per day. If you get more packages, text me immediately or you will be shocked at what happens. Send me a video every morning of you, your cage and taking your pills. Do not think you can deceive me. Do everything so say and the shocks will be kept to a minimum.”

“Yes daddy”

“I own you now my little sissyboi “


Please comment and let me know what you think. story will keep going if there is interest.

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