The Present

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It seemed simple enough. She had asked me to come over after class to tutor her with her for Advanced Chemistry. 18642 Drover Ave., Suite 130 is what the address she had written down said. I walked up the block looking for it for nearly twenty minutes before I found it. Then I saw the door, on the backside in a corner. I walk up and ring the buzzer and wait for an answer.

“Who is it?” said a young woman’s voice.

“Uhhh.. Luke. Lucas Manfrey,” I said, “I am the tutor from the college. I spoke with Julie earlier today.”

“One moment.”

I waited. After a minute or two there was a buzz at the door and I opened it up. In front of me there was a waiting room with a large desk with two doors behind it. The woman sitting there was attractive and friendly looking. Still it was odd. I had never been given an address before to tutor at an office. Usually these things are done in their home or on campus. I needed the money though.

I smiled at the girl at the counter and tried to act as professional as possible. It was hard. She was talking on the phone and not paying any attention to me. I sat down and grabbed a magazine. I opened the magazine and pretended to read, as I looked over the pages. Her cleavage was enticing, just low enough to be seductive… but professional. She caught me staring and I buried my eyes back into the magazine. It was then I realized I was reading Seventeen, looked up and saw her still staring at me and I put it down in embarrassment.

“I saw you looking,” she said.

“Uh, uh, no I wasn’t…I w- w- was just looking,” I stammered.

Why do I always get nervous around women?

She just giggled and said “Julie will see you now.”

The back right door opened and there was standing there was a woman wearing nothing but dark red panties and a sheer over garment that hid next to nothing. She was in the doorway leaning against it and pulled her long dark hair out a pin and winked. gaziantep rus escort

“Happy Birthday, teacher” she cooed.

I must admit I was dumbfounded. I had not expected this. I was wondering who sent her and if I had to pay.

She smiled and walked up to me. Then the other girl walked up behind me.

“My friend’s named Macy and she wants to play with us, is that ok?” Julie said.

I, of course, answered yes. I felt their hands all over me, groping and pulling. My zipper was being undone and my cock was free. Julie leaned forward and kissed me, while her hands drifted down my chest. She pushed me back down on the couch and Macy checked the blinds. Julie was above me, leaning over and I reached forward to grab the string on her outer garment.

“Not yet, mister” she giggled.

She whipped her hair forward and swooped her legs on top of me so that she was sitting on top of my stomach looking down at me. I could feel Macy taking down my pants. I waited, not knowing what to expect. I was obviously not in charge here. Macy came around to my face and kneeled down beside me. Her light strawberry blonde hair was down now and she was wearing nothing.

“What would you like?” she asked me while stroking my hair.

Both girls’ eyes were on me, waiting expectantly. I refused to stammer, which I knew I would do if I opened my mouth to speak. Instead I pulled her from the back of her head to me to kiss her. She let me and my tongue entwined with hers. She has the taste that she had been drinking a dark wine and I wanted more. My hand led to breasts and I groped them and continued to kiss her. I could feel the weight of Julie’s body moving lower down mine, until she was huddled on her knees between my legs. I felt the sensation of her hands and tongue on my cock. She was licking it and I was ready at full attention.

I let her play with it gaziantep rus escort bayan and stroke it. My hands wandered to Macy’s waist and the to her ass. I grabbed her ass and she lifted slightly. She brought her head up and her breasts were right in my face. Behind her I could see Julie’s head bobbing up and down as she sucked me. Macy brought her body up and sat then on my chest. Looking down at me I could see what she wanted and I was happy to oblige. I pulled her from her hips over my face. She moaned loudly as my hands slipped under her and moved back and forth from vagina, over the small area of skin in between and then to her ass crack. I buried my face in her pussy. My tongue was searching for her clit as my finger placed a slight pressure on here hole. She bore herself into me and two fingers slipped into her ass with only little friction. I continued to softly lick her clit. I placed my free hand on her hips for guidance and sunk into her further.

Julie continued to suck me. Her hands roamed up my stomach, and scratched. She found Macy’s ass hole and I slipped my fingers out. Macy slip down a little to meet her and she began pumping herself into Julie’s hand. Julie had stopped sucking. My cock was rested between her breasts, slowly being moved back and forth with her and Macy’s movements. In front of me Macy was grimacing with ecstasy and her breasts were moving up and down. I watched them for an instant, until I could tell that she was nearly there.

I reached up and sat slightly and guided her hips by her waist to sit her on my cock. She grinded into me as she moaned out loud and I knew I was doing something right. From behind I saw Julie’s hands wrap around and grab Macy’s breasts. I leaned down and bit at them. She gave it to me and as Macy bounced on top of me, Julie’s finger seductively teased my lips.

Macy’s moaning was getting louder and I escort rus gaziantep could barely stand it anymore. She held me tight. Her breasts were tightly against me with Julie’s hands slowly slipping out. She buried her head in my neck, and then released backward. I could feel her release all over my cock. She slowed down and her breathing decreased. She kissed me on my mouth slowly lifted herself off of my still hard cock. She moved to sit behind me on the couch and I lunged forward. Julie was laying back, her legs open and inviting. I had only a little more and I was going to finish inside of her. I moved forward. My hind legs were resting on Macy’s and my front on Julie. I lifted up Julie’s legs and opened them wider. I pushed myself inside of her and began to pump her. She liked it, I could tell. She leaned back and moaned, then grabbed the back of my hair and guided my head to her perky and erect nipples. I teased them while fucking her slowly. I bit harder and harder the faster I went. She arched her back again and I was nearly holding her up with my own arms by now.

I was grinding into her as fast as I could and I could feel that I was almost there. I was almost there dammit. I could feel myself in her. Her wetness was perfect and I could feel it as she came again and again on my cock. And then I was there. I let myself go inside of her and she moaned. This was ecstasy.

As I climaxed and came down all three of us rested together on the couch. I laid my head and lowered myself onto Julie’s stomach and I could feel the weight of Macy leaning on my legs. Her hands were outstretched and softly caressing my ass.

I couldn’t help but wonder who had bought me this present. I would have to thank them later. For now, I merely rested for the moment. Julie sighed a little and the silence was broken.

“Happy Birthday again,” she sighed “Next time, just give me a call, and I think we can arrange something for free.”

“Do I get to know who it was from?” I asked.

Both girls laughed. I would find out later I assumed.

We all got dressed and as I was ready to be leaving, Macy looked up from the front desk and asked, “Shall we schedule you in for Tuesday afternoons for now on?”

“Sure, that would be perfect. Everyone needs a tutor right?” I replied as walking out the door.

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