The Princess’ Peasant Boy Ch. 01

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In 1638

Princess Arellano sighs as she walks along the cobblestone road. As the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Melvina, the 18 years old member of the royal family could easily travel anywhere inside her parents’ realm in a luxurious carriage, pulled by the most majestic horses. She could have columns of guards paving the way for her, with multitudes of people forced to kneel down before her procession. But that is not how she is traveling today. Very far from it, in fact, for the girl is actually disguised. And what a disguise it is, transforming the blonde royalty into a pauper, with a dirty cloak she bought from an old lady begging for alms outside a church in the village. No one would ever think that she is the King’s and Queen’s beloved daughter.

It’s not because she wants to struggle that she’s chosen this disguise to come out and travel by herself. On the contrary, this gives her more freedom, as there is no one around to prevent her from enjoying herself completely. It could be rather troublesome to have her maids and the soldiers fussing over her every movement, not letting her do anything for herself. The blonde princess is happier this way, with no limits to her movements, getting to know how her people live from her own eyes.

She has managed to hide her beauty rather well, smudging dirt across her oval shaped face and concealing her curvaceous figure beneath the baggy robes. The cloak effectively hides her huge, round breasts from lewd stares of ruffians, along with her firm buttocks, the natural result of a great deal of time spent horseback riding. Indeed, the gorgeous Princess Arellano has always been an excellent equestrian, one with great skill that is widely recognized, along with a more than capable fencer, having been trained by the best of the best in the Royal Guard Corps.

Right at the moment though, to all people concerned, she is a mere beggar. It’s part of the reason she wanted to go on this little trip outside the palace walls. To see how much differently the people would treat her if they didn’t know of her true status. And it doesn’t disappoint, showing her how vain they are. No one has bothered to give her even a single coin when she beg them for money to buy food with. Not a single person toss her scraps when she beg for food. It distressed her to see how spiteful they often are to her because she is, as they presume from her attire, filthy poor.

It is still a fun experience for her though, getting to be outside on her own without people clamouring around her and trying to get a glimpse. She isn’t disgusted by them but just doesn’t like being constantly surrounded, preferring some time to herself, every once in a while. This is the perfect occasion to fully take in life outside the confines of her gilded cage, as she has taken to describing it in her mind. Oh, she loves the luxuries according to being a princess. All the Persian rugs, Chinese vases and other decorations, along with her chambers and having servants catering to her every needs. But roaming outside like this holds its own appeal.

Suddenly, a boy around her age walks up to her from behind and taps her on the shoulder. The princess spins around to look at him and finds that, to her surprise, he is holding out a loaf of bread, extending it towards her. “You can have this. I don’t want you to go hungry.” He is around medium height and thin, a sign of not having much to eat, and yet he is still extending food to a complete stranger, when he could be the one eating it himself. It is at this moment that Arellano, without even knowing it, falls in love with the boy.

“Why are you giving it to me?” she asks, tentatively taking it from the boy. She looks at him curiously, tilting her head to the side as he smiles lightly at her, his beautiful black eyes radiating warmth to her. It makes her feel flushed as she looks at his kind face. There is something about the boy that draws her towards him irresistibly and she doesn’t know what it is. All Arellano knows is that she wants to get to know him more and talk to him, about anything. Anything would be fine, as long as he is here, talking to her.

“Like I said, it’s horrible to go to bed with an empty stomach. I don’t want you to go through that,” he replies, about to walk off. The boy stops, though. “Where do you live?” She quickly gestures around to tell him that she lives here, in the streets, wanting to see how he would react to this lie. “Come with me. My home isn’t very big. You can use my bedroom and I’ll sleep outside.” He looks at her expectantly as she gapes in shock. This boy just invited her to come stay at his house after she told him she’s homeless. His kindness makes her heart beat wildly in her chest as she walks after him.

She follows him to his house, which is more of a shack, listening to him tell her about his family. He tells her his name is Richard and asks her to tell him about herself too, but she doesn’t, not wanting him to know she is the Crown Princess. It might güvenilir bahis intimidate him and stop him from being casual with her like this, and that is something she wants to avoid. No reason to make him start acting formally and ruin what is going on right now, whatever it is. Princess Arellano still couldn’t figure out exactly what she is feeling for Richard.

Minutes later, she is sitting in his tiny living room, in between his bedroom and his parents’. There is nothing else here. It makes her feel very bad for him, knowing how much he struggles out here while she’s got a life of comfort and never having to worry about anything back in the palace. Being the favourite child of the monarch, she’s always had everything she wants handed to her on a gold platter, ever since she could remember.

The young princess looks at him out of the corner of her eyes as he makes tea and prepares to cook a light meal for both of them. She sits down patiently, observing his every movement. Princess Arellano can’t tear her eyes away from the cute teenager. Looking at Richard inspire a feeling of longing in her heart, one that feels like a gaping hole that has always been there but has only been exposed now, his presence making her feel tingles all over her curvy body.

The powerful girl smiles at him as he brings over the food. “My hand’s injured from trying to carry a heavy load,” she complains. He quickly rushes over to find some medicine for her. It is cheap but the gestures hows that he cares and that is more than enough for her. As a matter of fact, she is not even injured and is only looking for an excuse for them to touch. The princess finds herself very happy when he takes her right hand in his left, and uses his right to apply the ointment. After that, he also uses the spoon to feed her, making it difficult for her to resist the temptation to kiss him on the back of his hand. No, that would be moving way too soon.

It gets interesting when his parents return home after a trip to a neighbouring village. They were gone for several hours, Richard tells her, and won’t be back home for a little bit of time, giving the two teenagers some time to get to know each other more. She keeps getting more and more obsessed with the adorable teen who turns out to be her age like she guessed. Not that it would have mattered if he was older or younger ; she’d still feel the same way about him.

“Who is this girl, son?” a middle aged woman asks, entering the small house, followed by her husband. Richard’s mother and father has returned. They are staring at the filthy teenager sitting at the table with Richard, confusion etched on their faces. Both of them feel as though they have seen her somewhere before but could not place it, having seen the princess when she was in a carriage from a distance and when she was completely clean. Their son has never been out at such a time before and does not feel there is anything familiar about her at all.

“Her name is Arellano,” he tells her. “She has nowhere to stay or go. Could she stay with us? Please? I’ll work twice as hard to provide.” He gives them his best begging eyes, looking very cute as he does so, so that their hearts soften and they nod in agreement, making him very happy. Arellano, too, is quite delighted by the arrangement, since it will allow them to be together at his place.

“Good afternoon, sir and madam,” Princess Arellano greets her politely, partly because she is a naturally polite person and also because she is becoming enamoured with their cute son. Even if she has royal blood in her, the teenager is far from arrogant and always act humbly, trying to live below her means wherever possible, only allowing herself some excesses every now and then. Yes, she enjoys the gold and silver, but does not abuse her position to accumulate more wealth than she is entitled to, and is always respectful to other people below her station in life.

Both of Richard’s parents are nice enough and completely fine with her staying at their place, not able to resist their son’s puppy dog eyes as he pouts. He shows her to his room and tells her “You can sleep in my bed. I’ll be on the floor outside in the living room.” The Crown Princess blushes from how chivalrous he is being, watching him lie down outside his own room while she sleeps in it. She wishes she could persuade him to come share the bed with her, but that would be pushing it too far. However, she does manage to convince him to come in, though he only does so after telling her that he will still be sleeping on the floor.

As she lays in the bed, the beautiful princess slips a hand through her robes onto her vagina. She rubs the clitoris gently, teasing it. Drawing a circle around the button with her thumb, Princess Arellano teases herself to get her nectar flowing, making the juices leak out of her warm slit. Her hairy pussy is throbbing with arousal as she thinks about the adorable Richard sleeping just a couple of metres away on the floor.

She masturbates güvenilir bahis siteleri as quietly as she could, biting down on her lower lip to stifle the moans threatening to escape. It feels so wonderful to take such a risk, thrusting her fingers in and out of her moist orifice with the sleeping boy in the same room. Her pussy juice is freely seeping out of the hole now as she pumps four fingers in and out of the tight vagina, playing with herself. Fucking herself with her hand, she spasms on the bed in orgasm, gushing out all over her fingers as her vagina contract powerfully.

When she’s recovering from her orgasmic high, the young royalty looks across at the endearing boy, her eyes filled with intense emotions. She could still hear her heartbeat as she eyes the cute teenage peasant, who’s been so very kind to her, even when she’s dressed like a street rat. The boy is definitely something special and she has no intention of giving him up. It is at this very moment, in the aftermath of her rather blissful release, that Princess Arellano realizes something.

She has fallen completely and irreversibly in love with Richard.


The next day, after waking up in Richard’s bedroom, Arellano watches his sleeping face fondly. She gets up off the bed and onto her feet, and then bend down to place her face very close to his. Her nose almost touches his as she observes his beautiful sleeping face, trying hard not to breath too loudly, fearing that she might wake him up. The Crown Princess finds it so relaxing to watch the cute boy sleep. Richard just looks so innocent and at peace in his slumber that she wants to keep watching him forever. It occurs to her that she has only known him for a day and is already head over heels smitten with the teen.

Suddenly, his eyes flutter open and he cries out in shock, rising up and bumping his forehead against hers. The regal teenager yells too, stumbling backwards for a bit. Once she’s recovered, though, Arellano begins giggling. The way he jumped up was just so cute and makes Princess Arellano want to tease him about it, just to see him blush in that adorable way. What she does regret is not copping a feel of the package hiding between his legs while he was out, but that opportunity will come again. She is already picturing a royal wedding ceremony where he will be pronounced her Crown Consort and she can take him into her, no, their chamber, and then make love to him all night long.

Her pussy is getting lubricated from her arousal as she begins to think dirty thoughts about it. For the first time in her life, Princess Arellano is thinking of taking advantage of her status as the King’s daughter to force him to marry her if he doesn’t want to. But then she quickly dismisses the idea, figuring that her great beauty, what with perfect alabaster skin and a slender yet curvy figure, along with her charisma, will be able to win him over.

“You are very cute when you panic, Richard,” she informs the blushing boy not unkindly, taking pleasure in how flushed he easily becomes with the right words. The girl’s eyes crinkle with amusement as she continues “Why don’t you go make breakfast for us? I want to watch you cook again. He nods, heading to fetch some ingredients and getting to work, quickly distracted by the relaxing sounds of chopping and crushing herbs and mixing them together with the scarce amount of meat they could afford.

Watching the object of her desire work, Princess Arellano knows that she can make life much easier for him and his family when the two of them get married and he moves into the castle with her. His parents would also get their share of the wealth for raising such a fine boy who’s grown up to become her Crown Consort. They deserve to be rewarded for giving birth to the boy who she is going to make her husband and sex slave. Just the thought of having her way with him makes her nectar leak out again. Her royal vagina is really hungry for Richard’s cock.

She decides not to bed him yet though, instead telling the boy “I’m going hunting today. Do you have a bow and arrows?” Her guards have also trained her in archery alongside the way of the sword, although she prefers the use of the rapier. Still, Princess Arellano is quite a competent archer, having received instructions from the finest teachers in the realm. The boy looks at her for a moment, as the elegant teen waits patiently for his reply. He shakes his head apologetically with a coquettish smile.

“I’m sorry but we don’t have any such weapons here,” he informs her, not very pleased with himself for how he is disappointing her. The boy looks so adorable as he fidgets nervously, clearly hoping he hasn’t made her upset, which could never happen. He can never make her angry at him. All she needs is to take a look at Richard and she knows that this is the one she has always been waiting for for her entire life. The beautiful royalty pats his cheek gently, petting his head in a super affectionate way, intending iddaa siteleri to slowly make the sweet boy more used to physical contact with her.

“Don’t worry about that, my pretty boy,” she tells him, enjoying how his face is rapidly suffused in redness at her words. “I can persuade someone to lend me theirs.” Truthfully, she has hidden a purse of gold coins on her before departing from the castle grounds and intends to go out and buy hunting equipment, but she doesn’t want him to suspect if she really is who she appears to be. Not now. She’d rather have him be kind to her and take care of her first, before rewarding him for that when she takes him as her Consort and make sure he lives comfortably for the rest of his life.

“Should I come with you?” he asks, concerned. Arellano shakes her head, telling him that he should continue preparing the first meal of the day, and that she should be back within a couple of hours. Then she departs from the small house, ready to go out and catch some wild animals for lunch. Every step she takes away from Richard hurts but she reminds herself that she will be back there soon if she hurries and quickly does what has to be done.

The young princess heads to the nearest store where she can purchase a set of bow and arrows, and then go out into the forest. During her walk, she takes in the wonderful scenery, looking up at the clear blue sky with birds flying across the vast expanse, and the dense foliage surround her from every direction. Inhaling the scent of the grass, she walks along the muddy path, carefully looking for fresh prints on the ground. Ideally she’d return with a boar but that might be a bit too much to hope for, since she’s gotten a bit out of practice over the past couple of months.

Arellano has also gotten herself some fruit for lunch. She likes what apples does for her flawless alabaster tone, making her glow positively. Being careful with what she eats this way also ensures that she maintains her perfect body, something that she has never been more glad about before than she is now. The girl would need it to entice Richard into her bed and make him unable to stop himself from making love to, no, fucking her. I really have to stop thinking this way, Princess Arellano tells herself as her excited pussy is creaming her silk panties.

Over the next hour, she doesn’t find any creature except for a flock of geese. Quickly drawing an arrow, she manages to shoot a goose through the head, ensuring a clean kill. With a smile, the Crown Princess retrieves it and slings her catch over her shoulder, walking back along the same trail she used to stroll through the woods when she arrived. Pretty soon she has exited the forest and is heading back to the village the same way she came, whistling to herself exuberantly, glad that she hasn’t really lost her touch and could still do it all well enough.

She is feeling warmth coursing through her body every second she thinks about Richard, wanting to just drag him back to the castle and have her father order a wedding immediately. But being out here with him brings its own benefits, as she can molest him far away from the prying eyes of nobles and her relatives. The boy makes her so horny she just wants to lock him in the room with her and take advantage of him for hours without letting him get out at all. One day she’ll see to it that he won’t be wearing any clothes when they are alone together. That ought to teach him that he belongs to her.

Once she’s back in, Arellano walks up to him from behind and slaps his ass, palming the boy’s buttocks lecherously. The teen gasp in shock before turning around to see her there. She smirks at him devilishly before sliding her hand around to feel up his thigh. His face is red hot with embarrassment at being groped and also for getting aroused by it, a visible tent forming in the cloth, making her smile. Yes, this is what she expects from him. Pretty soon, this adorable lad will be slamming that pole into her royal pussy.

“Look what I caught, Richard,” Princess Arellano now says, deciding not to focus on his hard shaft right now, given that it is probably still too soon to to ride him. She shows off the wild goose with pride, her heart swelling when he praises her skill. The girl sets it on the table as he writes down a list of the ingredients he will need to buy to cook a decent meal with it. He can only afford some of it though, not having much money at the moment. Arellano wishes she could tell him she’ll pay for whatever she wants, but it doesn’t seem very prudent to her, given that she wants to pretend to be a beggar for just a little longer.

“You did great, Rella,” he says, using the nickname she asked him to use. It sounds much more familiar and that is what she expects them to be. They already kind of are familiar, bonding really quickly over the period of just a day, but she wants them to be familiar enough to get him to fuck her. That is what she has set her mind upon and none of her schemes has ever failed. She has never schemed a way into a boy’s pants before, but it really shouldn’t be too difficult since Princess Arellano is the most beautiful girl in the Kingdom. Everyone says so, and not just to please the royal family.

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