The Princess Steps Out (Part 4)

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She grabbed the heels of her feet and spread her legs wide and as the tip of his
gigantic cock-head pushed against the entrance of her pleasure-raw pussy, she
stiffened with fear. Before she could protest his oiled cock tip penetrated her
cunt, stretching the lips beyond belief. She stared in horror, as the fat, black
pipe began to sink in her blonde-furred hole. The breath rushed from her heaving
chest, and she gasped, almost in pain, as her cuntwalls were spread apart by his
villainness monster. Her body thrashed from side to side; her hands clawed the
mattress, her toes curled and went rigid, but her legs went around his
muscle-rippling ass, pulling him deeper into her taut, straining body.

“Agggggggggggh!” she screamed.

Without warning he had plunged his cock all the way in and seated it deep in her
hole, the head at the very entrance of her uterus! Sweat ran down her forehead
and she twisted her head about. Her chest heaved in exhaustion.

“Your English cunt is made of steel! Never have I felt a pussy this tight! But
you seem to hurt, Princess, shall I remove it?” he asked in a choked voice.

She grabbed his head and pulled it down, kissing him fiercely, her tongue
searching his open mouth. “Never!” she hissed, “Never! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! My
King! Oh, fuck me with your marvelous black cock!” she growled, her face a mask
of lust and determination.

He smiled and began to slowly move his cock in her stuffed pussy. Savagely, her
legs reared up and around his waist, squeezing him with surprising power. He
stiffened his arms and began to thrust.

She remembered being blinded by hot white light and her mind erupting in
brilliant colors. She remembered the lightening bolts of pleasure surging
through her body as each stroke of his massive cock seemed to set off a cum;
each one becoming bigger than the one before it until they all seemed to run
together. She remembered the wonderfully intense pleasure-pain as he plunged the
full length of his shaft into her pliant body. She could recall her hot juices
running down her asscheeks; her legs thrown up over his powerful shoulders, her
hands gripping the sides of the mattress as she held on for dear life. She
remembered the savage pride she felt when she succeeded in sucking his
impossibly large cock all the way down her throat; his spurting cum gushing
straight down her gullet.

Vaguely, she recalled Kunta’s smiling face and lusty eyes; her tongue licking at
the streaking juices being released from her body; the soothing voice that
encouraged her to suck on her big nipples while her body shook with the violence
of her primeval pleasures.

Chuka had been insatiable, and his cock forever hard. He took her everyway
possible, delighting in twisting her body to accommodate his every lust-filled
whim. He had turned her over, face down, on the table and shouted something,
hoarsely, to the others; Jumo and Mantu. Instantly, their hard cock-heads were
pressing against her face, vying for her hot mouth. Her mouth opened wide when
Chuka pushed his cum-covered prick back into her creamy hole, the force driving
the breath from her body, and both men tried to stuff her face. They were
delightfully surprised when her lust-filled brain make her stretch wide enough
to get both giant heads inside the lovely oval of her hot mouth; the scene
faithfully recorded by the all-seeing eye of the camera.

The hot, obscene images her mind had only peeked at began to come alive. Now,
two cocks assailed her willing body; one in her cunt and one in her mouth, each
man taking turns with one of her gaping openings. And Kunta’s willing mouth was
always there, her hot tongue licking and tickling, driving her to even greater
depths of black madness. Laying across her body, she sucked the black goddess’s
pussy while a big cock – she didn’t remember whose – plunged in and out of her
ever juicy cunt; the cum-cream washed off by Kunta’s eager tongue.

Cum washed over her body like a tide. She gulped and swallowed, and licked at
it; rubbed it into her face and into the skin of her body. Cum ran down her
cheeks, down her thighs, dribbled off her chin, to her tits, then down her
stomach. She bathe in it. Reveled in it. She couldn’t get enough of it. Her
tender mind was seared with the magic of black lust!

Later, in a sex induced mist she lay on the mattress, her face up, her tongue
gently licking Kunta’s pink, scalding pussy. Rich cream dripped into her open
mouth, and onto her cheeks. Squatting above her face, Kunta’s body was bent
forward; legs stiff, her ass well up in the air. Dreamily, she gazed into the
steaming caldron of the big woman’s sex, fascinated by the pink cunt walls
surrounded by a jungle of thick raven hair. Someone – maybe Jumo – was playing
with her pussy, fingering her clit, keeping her on the edge. Someone else –
maybe Mantu – had an well oiled finger up her asshole and was slowly twisting it
around, lubricating the deep virgin channel and its’ tight opening. Chuka’s head
rested on her chest, his mouth Bomonti Escort and tongue busy with her perky tits. Lazily, her
hand played with his tight, cap of curly black hair.

She was floating on a wonderful cloud of exciting, dangerous black sex and
wished never to come down.

Chuka said something to Jumo in their native tongue. How she yearned to speak
their lovely language!

Then he whispered, “Take heed, Princess. This will be your introduction to a new
wonder of physical pleasure; one that only the magnificent prick of a Zulu can
truly give you.”

Jumo stopped playing with her pussy. She saw his black bulk hunker down behind
Kunta’s upturned ass, his thick African cock sticking out like a heavy lance.
Kunta was looking back and smiling, a look of lusty anticipation on her face.
She had seen Kunta get fucked before; what was going to be different about it
this time, she wondered. Then she saw Kunta’s brows knit together and her
features tighten in rigid determination. Kunta’s body stiffened and her arms
went out to hold her balance.

And she saw the reason – Jumo was sticking his thick cock up her ass!

Her mouth opened in surprise and wonder; her eyes went wide, as she watched his
thick monster disappear between the round asscheeks, up the dark tunnel of
Kunta’s rear hole.

“Look, my Princess, at Kunta’s face!” Chuka whispered, “Look how it changes from
pain to pleasure! Look how her fat cunt opens and begins to boil in response!
Jumo’s assfucking is making her cum!

“Have you ever seen anything so wondrous? Think how it would feel to have a
beautiful Kaffir cock in your pretty cunt, and,” he hesitated, “one up your
beautiful, tiny ass.”

Mantu wiggled his finger deeper into her bowels, enflaming her mind.
Automatically, she raised her leg to give him greater access – Chuka smiled when
he saw that her wide-open legs were directly facing the camera – but a small
piece of sanity shouted at her: Impossible! She could never take one of their
cocks up her ass; she was too small! Not Jumo’s, not Mantu’s, and, especially,
not Chuka’s!

Jumo’s prick was now seated deep in Kunta’s ass and her deep groans of pleasure
and pain played music on her ears. She stared as Jumo began to draw his fat
weapon out of her hole; pulling it out, then sinking it all the way back in, his
hands kneading the pliant flesh of Kunta’s asscheeks as he did. Her mind reeled
as the heat from Kunta’s cunt poured out of her, and her own pussy began to
squish, throbbing in time to Mantu’s vigorous fucking finger.

You can do it, the lust-filled little voice said to her; you can take anything
they can give you! Haven’t you engulfed their cocks with your mouth, sucked the
monsters all the way up your pussy? Do it, the voice said. Do it! Feel their
huge tools entering your ass, your cunt, your mouth. Give yourself completely!
The voice screamed in her brain.

Eagerly, her tongue licked at the spreading pussycream leaking from Kunta’s
boiling cunt; sliding forward to wash Jumo’s dangling balls as they slapped
against Kunta’s asscheeks. Her eyes were heavy and her chest rose and fell with
her harsh breathing. She kissed Chuka deeply, running her tongue in and out of
his mouth. “Yes, my King!” she said softly, “Yes! Fuck my Royal ass! My pussy!
Wash my mouth with your lovely black cum!”

His strong arms pulled her from beneath Kunta’s trembling body, letting the big
woman fall forward with Jumo’s cock still deep in her ass. Her gasp was pure

Chuka spoke to Mantu, then pulled and pushed her to her hands and knees,
positioning himself in front of her, on his knees, also, his hands holding her
tits firmly.

“Slowly!” he commanded Mantu, who, she saw, was squatting behind her, “Do not
hurt her too much.”

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she moaned. Her body was on fire; her cunt bubbling with
passion, her asshole puckering, but a tremor of fear filled her brain when she
saw Mantu’s rearing prick behind her, poised by her ass. He was the smallest of
the three men and yet his cock seemed impossibly big; too big for her tiny

“Mantu will be gentle,” Chuka said, his hands feeling the trembling fear in her
body. “His cock is oiled and he will open you up for Jumo and for me, then with
our manhoods in every part of your body, you will truly be a Kaffir-loving
wench,” he chuckled. “Here, wrap your Royal lips around my shaft and it will
occupy your mind. Suck!”

She hardly heard him speak, her mind and eyes so enrapt with Mantu’s swaying
prickhead coming closer and closer to her upturned asshole. Her mouth opened of
its own accord and his black prick filled the warm moistness, her tongue
flicking across the burning knob. Without any problems, she had swallowed half
his fat shaft. Her nostrils flared as his man odor filled her senses; hungrily,
she began to suck the hard, slick, black flesh.

Hot flashes of light filled her as Mantu rubbed the swollen prickhead against
her dripping cunt, lubricating it and the Escort Bayan shaft, adding her own body fluids to
the oil glistening on his throbbing prong. Without warning, he pushed his
rampant cock all the way up her yielding cunt, making her mind blaze with lust;
the once huge cock, now just a joy-filling thickness. Her eyes misted with
rapture from the pleasant invasion.

Kunta’s voice reached out to her, the heat of her assfucking making her body
burst with shaking tremors of lust and pleasure, “Oh, yes! Yes, Jumo!” she
yelled, oblivious to the others, “Harder! Fuck my ass, harrrrrrrd!”

The Princess found her mind reeling with envy and desire; her asshole twitching,
agitated by a powerful lusty itch. “Fuck me, Mantu! Fuck my ass! Open me!
Please!” she whined. Her voice was desperate with longing as Mantu pulled his
dripping cock out of her steaming cunt and placed it at her asshole. She felt
the heavy, familiar nudge and her eyes glistened. Her head bobbed frantically;
her mouth sliding all the way down Chuka’s saliva stained prick, then Mantu
pushed the fat knob into the tight ring of her puckered asshole.

“Ugh! Ugggggggh!” she gasped. “Aaaagggghhhhh! . . . oh, Chuka, it hurts! Oh,
God, it’s so big! I’m going to die!”

Kunta’s glistening face was beside her. “Breathe deeply, My Princess,” she said,
“Relax the muscles of your ass, then the pain will go away.”

With a massive physical effort she did as Kunta ordered. The fat cockhead was
in! She could feel the stretched band of her asshole fiercely gripping Mantu’s
vibrating prick, squeezing it, making his balls boil with the urge to plunge his
manhood all the way in the virgin shaft. Her mouth hung open; saliva dribbling
from her mouth, trickling down Chuka’s cock. Eyes wide with lust, he took little
notice as he held her quivering body firmly by her tingling tits.

Mantu’s strong black hands wiggled her trembling asscheeks as he gently worked
his slug-like cock all the way up her asshole. Her vision blurred as sweat
trickled into her eyes; her chest heaved and she moaned loudly, but the searing
pain began to subside, slowly replaced with a new, more intense sensation; a
sensation of perverted pleasure!

A mad itch invaded her cunt and she roughly shoved two fingers up the hot shaft
in a desperate effort to stop it.

“Aaaaaaaah!” she sighed. “Oh, my God! He’s in, Chuka! He’s all the way in!” Her
voice rose to a crescendo and her breath came in ragged gulps as Mantu forced
his throbbing prick all the way up her ass chute. Her body lit up with a
strange, exotic rapture; something never before experienced. She had a big, fat,
wonderful, black cock all the way up her lovely white ass! Her sensory system
erupted with wild pleasure.

Mantu’s body heaved with the pride and exertion of being the first in the
Princess’s asshole. He felt the changes flow through her body; first pain, then
joy, then lust! She was a wonder beyond belief, and his Zulu heart surged with
love and affection.

“Stick her on my cock, Mantu!” Chuka ordered. Laying on his back, his gigantic,
rampant prick stuck straight up like a burning spear.

Gasping in euphoric pleasure, she felt Mantu stand and with strong hands lift
her off the ground – his cock still deep in her shitter! Suspended precariously
from his staunch cock, her legs went back around him as she tried to maintain
her delicate balance. Her cunt was flowing like hot Maple syrup, thick and rich.

Never had she felt so full before!

Her fingers frigged herself, driving her cunt towards release, her mind
oblivious to everything except the heat surging in her body. Chuka pulled her
dripping fingers out of her cunt, and spread the furry lips wide with his
thumbs. She grunted and sucked air into her lungs as his large, angry-looking
cockhead split her gash and wiggled into her cunt. His hips bucked and he
groaned as the searing heat of her pussy surrounded his prickhead.

Slowly and carefully, Mantu positioned her, turning her hips slightly to accept
his Leader’s mammoth cock, never allowing his own to escape her throbbing
asshole. Sweat rolled off his body like small, raging streams as he fought to
control the tightness in his ballsac. How he wanted to flood the lovely
pale-white ass with his Zulu cum.

“Aaaaaaaah! Oooooooo!” she mewed as her cunt was stuffed with Chuka’s massive
dong. “Oh, yessssss,” she moaned, “Oh, yes! . . . so goooood!” Her voice was
choked with primitive passions; her body exploding with each new inch of fat
cock that entered her willing body. She stared outward, eyes glazed, body
sizzling; hardly aware of anything except the delights each black cock was
giving her.

Sandwiched between the two large black men, she was hardly aware of Kunta’s
active mouth, sucking her swollen nipples, adding tingling, tiny pleasures to
the violent tidal waves that crashed over her again and again. Her brain reeled
as Chuka and Mantu stroked their massive rods up her grasping fuck holes,
driving her towards total insanity. istanbul Escort Her fevered brain registered Kunta’s hands
squeezing her mouth open; Jumo stuffing it with thick, throbbing cock; the
pungent aroma and sharp taste of Zulu ass still clinging to it. Like a bitch in
heat, she started sucking on it.

Every hole in her vibrating body was filled with big,thick, black cock!

The rolling camera caught the image of her grinding hips and thrusting ass; her
wildly sucking mouth; heard the choked moans of primitive passion escaping from
her throat. But it could not capture the searing rapture that engulfed her body
and her brain, or see her twitching cunt and grasping asshole squeeze the
pleasure from the pounding cocks.

She felt their pricks stiffen and swell up as their balls prepared to rush the
love-juice into her waiting body. Her body surged as the screams of release
penetrated her whirling mind; hers the loudest of them all. Her pussy exploded
with white-hot heat as hot cum splashed in her cunt and ass, shooting deep;
washing the walls of her love channels with waves of rushing juice; overflowing
her holes with excess. Her lips buried themselves in Jumo’s thick cock-hair; his
cockhead down her throat. She squeezed his dangling balls and was rewarded with
a surge of gushing, sticky-sweet cum.

Each of her quivering love holes milked the shrinking cocks, squeezing the last
dregs from them; her body craving cum like an addict. Along with Kunta, she
licked stray globs of shiny juice from her face and arms. Kunta licked her tits
and stomach, mewing like a cat over a dish of rich cream.

“I love you all,” she whispered softly.

Chuka smiled and nodded to Kunta, “Take her and clean her up; dress her, too. It
is almost time.”

He had watched her stagger away, eying her heaving flanks. If there was time he
had thought, he would sample the tender white ass, too. Marvelous! What a woman!
He had gotten much more than he had bargained for. He had looked at the camera;
still recording. Much more.

Warm water cascaded over her body, soothing her; refreshing her mind and body.
Kunta attended her like a hand maiden; washing her, towelling her dry, then
helping her to dress.

What have I done? she wondered. Fucked and sucked three black Zulu’s; sucked
black Zulu pussy; had my cunt and asshole stretched beyond belief; wallowed in
their cum-juice; debased herself completely. Have I? No, she thought. No, I
didn’t! I just lived the most intense fantasy any woman – even a Princess – ever
had! She smiled and then she heard the noise.

“Hide her!” Chuka shouted, “It’s the Police and the Army, too.”

To her, he said, “We never meant you harm, Princess. Here,” he thrust a video
tape at her, “keep this in remembrance, and try not to think too harshly of us.”

He spate orders at Kunta and then he was gone. She remembered the fear, even
more loathsome than before, as Kunta pushed her into a closet and told her to
keep down. She cringed in the darkness, and then the noise exploded around her.

They found her; the SAS soldiers, apparently none the worst for her experience;
shaken, but seemingly in good condition. They didn’t find the video tape that
she jammed beneath her suit jacket. They were all dead. Even Kunta. The Police
and the soldiers thought the tears she shed were ones of relief.

No, I was not molested. Yes, they did treat me a bit rough, but I was unharmed.
No, I don’t need a doctor, just some sleep. Thank you; I’m ever so grateful.

Later, she heard them say that there had been a leak; an informer who led them
right to them. That’s how it ended; eighteen months ago. But not for the most
wonderful forty-eight hours of her life, she had thought.

“Your Highness? Your Highness we’re here.” There was concern in the faraway
voice and it brought her back to reality. “Are you all right, Madam?”

“Oh . . . yes! Yes, of course. I was just daydreaming. I’m sorry if I startled
you.” She rewarded the man with her famous smile.

They escorted her to the door of Mandy’s flat. She waited until they were safely
down the stair before knocking.

“Hello, old girl,” Mandy said with a wide grin. “How’s things in the Princess

“Bloody horny!” she giggled.

“Well, look what I got for you!” Mandy opened the wardrobe door. Two young,
large Blacks were standing in their jockey shorts, squeezed together.

“It’s about fucking time,” the larger one said, pushing his way out.

She eyed his muscular body, and the thick bulge at his crotch. Heat filled her
cunt with expectation and her smile went wide.

“Hey, it’s no bullshit! You really are . . .”

“No,” she said, interrupting the smaller one, “I just look like her. Everybody
tells me that.”

The large one eyed her suspiciously. “Bullshit!” he finally said. She laughed
and opened the buttons of her blouse. The nipples of her bare tits were hard and
erect. She patted his cheek and rubbed her body up against his hard blackness,
feeling the excitement.

“If that’s what you want to believe, go ahead,” she said groping for his
stiffening cock. “Tie me up to the bed and stick that fat, black cock in me;
make believe you’re getting a Royal piece of ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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