The Processing Line

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Bouncing Boobs

Cries and whimpers of alarm rang out as the truck bounced over a speedbump jostling the cargo of naked meatgirls held in the back. Several women fell over, unable to keep upright with the rough movement. With her hands tied behind their back, Annie steadied herself against the woman next to her. Trying not to slip over in the mess of captive women, their sweaty naked bodies pressed up together in the darkness. It was all she could do to not fall over and get trampled on, let alone even think of a way out. Not that thinking of one would do her much good. Everyone knew a meat girl when they saw one and she would be quickly reported to the Department of Population Control (DPC) if she escaped. Annie had always known that ending up in a meat processing truck was a possibility, but she never really believed it would happen.

She had bought a lottery ticket, the same numbers as she always chose. Hoping for a slim chance at a better life with the added risk of having her numbers drawn amongst the losing tickets. It was one of many different acquisition strategies run by the DPC, supplying girl meat companies across the whole country. The strategy was simple: Offer incredible life-changing prizes, with the condition that for every winning ticket drawn 2 losing tickets would follow. While the odds of being chosen of either were slim, Annie had won some minor prizes in the past, a couple hundred dollars here and a free ticket there. However, as the game went it was always stacked in favor of the lottery, and this time her ticket had been a losing one. Contractually her human rights had been removed the moment her number was drawn and soon after, a collection agent had knocked on her door to collect her. Annie didn’t run. She knew that the televised drawing of the lottery was delayed by a few hours to give the DPC a head start on collecting the losers, and the penalty for running was steep. Days of torture televised on premium streaming channels for the sickos who liked watching girls suffer. She didn’t want to give them the pleasure and had complied with the collection officer. Soon she found herself being stripped naked in the street, before her arms were tied behind her back, with a large gag secured in her mouth, and she was loaded up into the collection truck with the other unfortunate women.

The first thing to hit Annie as she stepped up into the truck was the smell, the truck reeked of sweat, piss, and… arousal. The mass of naked women looked terrified huddled together in the truck, but it seemed that at least some of them were turned on by their treatment.

As the ride to the processing facility went on Annie was ashamed to admit that she felt a growing tingle in her crotch and a slight slickness growing between her thighs. The way she has jostled around with the other meat girls, her sensitive skin coming into contact with so many others. The sensation of a pair of breasts pressed up against her back, the overbearing scent of bodily fluids, and the moans and groans of other women struggling ignited a yearning in her that she had never known. When she felt the warmth of another woman’s crotch pressing into her thigh, her arousal only grew. The woman next to her who she had been bracing herself against leaned her leg between Annies, and slowly started rubbing her slick pussy on Annie’s leg, humping her desperately to relieve her own arousal. As best as Annie could make out in the dim light the woman was at least in her 30s, she was about the same height as Annie. But where Annie was pale white, with small perky breasts, this woman had deep dark skin, her large breasts hanging down bouncing against Annie’s as she humped. Her frizzy hair tickled against Annie’s neck as Annie leaned into her, shifting her leg to get a better position to grind herself on. Her wet pussy left a cold trail on the woman’s thigh as she slowly shifted backwards and forward with the woman. The sweat from their bodies and drool from their gags clinging to each other as their breaths become heavy, struggling through their gags. A rhythm started to form, shifting backwards and forwards their bodies pressed tightly together, Annie could almost forget the world around her, lost in the drive to sate her arousal. Humping faster and harder, they shifted back and forth, each stroke bringing Annie closer to her orgasm. The pressure growing deep within her felt like a tidal wave ready to burst. A muffled cry sounded out in her ear and she felt the other woman shuddering against her. A spray of urine ran down Annies thigh as the woman lost control of herself, her orgasm squirting over Annie, and ceasing her humping as she rode out her pleasure. Annie was shocked by the sudden release the woman had, her whole weight bearing down on Annie as her legs struggled to hold herself up. Unable to hold both of them up, Annie slipped, falling to the wet floor and taking her partner with her. They crashed onto the ground with a thud. The other woman landed on top of Annie, still shaking in her pleasure, her drool-covered breasts landing on Annie’s face.

Annie’s orgasm ruined she scrambled to try and get up, but the weight of the other woman, and her hands tied behind her back made it all but impossible. She struggled under the woman, her face pressed between the woman’s large wet breasts, her back pressed into the cold wet floor.

A loud bang sounded as light poured into the truck.

“Alright alright, off the truck meat!” Came the rough voice of a man yelling, as hands appeared to pick up the woman on top of Annie. The woman was lifted off of her and pushed down a ramp off the truck with a line of others. The same rough hands reached down and pulled Annie up, almost tripping her again as the man pushed Fındıkzade Escort her towards the ramp as well.

The cool fresh air hitting Annie as she walked off of the truck only reinforced how horrible the conditions in the truck had been. She took a deep breath in, relieved to be off the truck however as she looked around her relief was short-lived. To either side of her stood a large metal fence guiding the line of women forward towards a large grey concrete building. With other women walking behind her Annie had little choice but to move forward and take her place in line.

The line moved slowly, stepping forward once every 2 minutes or so, it wasn’t until Annie was almost at the door that she saw what was taking so long. Up ahead she could see the dark-skinned woman from the truck being handled by what appeared to be an employee of the DPC. Cuffs were attached to each of her hands before she was untied. The cuffs were attached to a wire that led to some sort of rail above. The woman struggled wide-eyed as the wire slowly retracted, lifting her arms up above her head, exposing her breasts, and gently taking her weight as it lifted further towards the rail. As this was happening the employee was walking around her prodding at her waistline, groping her large breasts and ass, and slipping a finger into the woman’s slick pussy. Just as the cuffs lifted the woman to her toes the employee pulled out a marker and wrote “B Grade,” on the woman’s side before slapping her ass hard, forcing the woman to walk forward a few small steps on her tippy toes. With those first small steps, a click sounded from the rail catching onto a mechanism that engaged it to slowly start pulling the woman forwards, forcing her to take her small steps to keep from being dragged. As the woman disappeared into the building the employee picked up another set of cuffs and began her work on the next girl in line. The line continued on very much the same, some girls crying, some struggling desperately against the employee, but always in the end they were cuffed and forced along the rail. Despite everything that had happened Annie was still turned on, the orgasm she had been denied earlier only served to frustrate her. Before she knew it she found herself at the front of the line.

The cold steel of the cuffs clicked on her wrists as she felt the rope being loosened on her arms. Her arms slowly raised above her head, holding her weight painfully on her wrists and exposing her breasts. A muffled groan of frustration escaped her gag as the employee prodded 2 fingers into her wet pussy teasing her as she tested and pushed against her inner walls. Satisfied with her work the employee wrote “B Grade” on her side and sent a painful slap on Annie’s ass. Annie stumbled forward, hearing the click above her and feeling the slow pull of the rail guiding her along. No matter how she struggled or pulled back, the rail pulled forward with ease, forcing her to walk on her toes as it led into the building. With little else to do, Annie stepped forward following the rail that held her arms painfully above her.

As she stepped inside she was blown away by the sudden change. Men and women rushed about the production line floor, or stood at stations along the line, all wearing what looked to be bright white hazmat suits. Rails and conveyor belts ran in every direction, some carrying live girls, some transporting legs or arms or whole torsos across the warehouse. A deep copper scent permeated the air as well as the smell of cleaning chemicals and soap. Above it all the sound of machinery overwhelmed it all, rhythmic clanging and banging, and the near constant sound of saws buzzing sent a deep fear into Annie’s heart as she struggled against the machine that dragged her ever closer to her doom.

As she looked around in horror Annie failed to notice that the floor beneath her had been split by a small sloped wall, separating her legs as she took step after hesitant step along the rail. Only noticed it when her knee brushed against the wall. As she noticed it the wall widened out forcing her legs to spread. The floor gave out as the wall became 2 separate rails covered with rollers that brushed on her inner thighs, which continued to widen as they took her weight. She felt another set of cold steel clamps click onto her ankles as she continued to roll forward, her legs spread painfully wide as the clamps on her ankles pulled down. Beneath her, an employee looked up to her exposed crotch on the rails, her asshole and cunt completely on display to him. Annie looked down in horror, feeling her face flush with embarrassment, as the employee applied some sort of gel to a pointed hose nozzle and reached up. Annie let out a muffled cry of discomfort as the cold hose nozzle pushed into her asshole, the employee forcing it roughly past her clenched hole. He then attached the base of a hooked piece of metal to the hose and looped the wide hook over Annie’s thigh. Effectively securing the hose against her ass by holding its weight on her spread leg.

As Annie rolled forward on the rails, the hose beneath her turned on, slowly filling her rectum with a soapy mixture of water that stung as it filled it. Her stomach started to bulge out as she was filled to a painful degree. Her arms still held tightly above her, her wide legs becoming sore as they held her weight, her body felt strung out already and the growing bulge in her stomach almost looked like she was pregnant. Just as she thought she was about to explode, her bladder let loose against the growing pressure of her bowels. She cried out into her gag in pain and humiliation as a golden stream of urine spurted out of her onto the floor below, Escort Bayan which was covered with grated drainage holes. As she looked up with tears in her eyes she approached another employee, who reached up to unclip the hook over her leg. As soon as the hook was disconnected the hose burst forth from Annie’s asshole followed by a torrent of soapy brown water. Relief welled up in Annie even as she cried in her humiliation, the sensation of the water leaving her body and letting the pressure go was almost enough to drive her over the edge of her frustrated orgasm. However, her moment of relief was soon ruined as jets of cold soapy water blasted her body from all sides, the droplets stinging as they made contact with her skin. The rail dragging her ever forward through the torrent.

She expected to be happy when the torrent stopped; however, another spray to wash off the suds never came, and as she rolled forward the soap started to sting slightly. The rail slowed down as she reached the next station. Her spread out naked exposed body shivering as the soap stung her skin, she closed her eyes to avoid the soap. The rail crawled forward, at a snail’s pace as an acrid smell built up from the soap. Her skin became accustomed to the stinging sensation as she edged further forward, and her heart beating loudly in her ears as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on. She felt a pair of hands on her head and another from below on her legs, and a scraping sensation across her inner thigh that tickled her sensitive skin. The set of hands on her head started scraping a tool across her scalp as well and she opened her eyes in shock to see wads of her hair coming off with each scrape. With practiced hands the employees moved from her head down her body and across her crotch, making sure to scrape out every last bit of hair from every crack and crevice on her body. Annie sat there dejected, her glossy hazel hair had been one of her favorite features and now they were stripping her of something that she had put care and love into. Something that she defined herself with. She cried as they ran their scrapers over her body, involuntarily jumping or twitching when a scraper hit a particularly sensitive spot. But before long they were done and she was sent shivering down the rail again. She felt no relief when the spray of clean water finally came to spray off the remaining soap and loose hair, her body was completely hairless and felt cold in the water in ways she had never experienced. The way the water tickled her scalp sent chills down her spine as she realized that she now looked like meat girls she had seen in local stores.

She cried as she continued ever forward, wondering if this is how every meatgirl had felt. Every meal she had eaten, every time she bit into a juicy thigh steak, or tasted a girl burger, or even that time she had splurged on an expensive labia sushi roll. She had never thought about the suffering that the girl must have endured. After all, volunteering to become meat had always been seen as desirable, that society expected women to put themselves on the line for the ultimate good of everyone else. She had always thought that it was a much more pleasurable experience than it really was. However now Annie started to recognize that it was a sham, that she had been brainwashed her whole life into thinking that maybe becoming a meatgirl was a good thing. She felt a swell of regret in her stomach at throwing her life away so easily on a lottery ticket.

At the next station a woman stood waiting for her, Annie looked at her with pleading eyes hoping against hope that the woman would take pity on her and let her go. However, the woman only gave her a sweet smile and began her work. To her, Annie was just another in a long line of meatgirls that needed processing, and it was Annie’s fault she had ended up in that line. She looked Annie up and down examining her for any loose hairs. She prodded and pulled at her pussy lips to make sure no hairs got through, before pushing a lubricated finger into Annie’s asshole and pulled her sore hole wide to let a few last drops leak out and roll down Annie’s asscheek onto the floor. Satisfied that Annie had been thoroughly cleaned the woman checked the writing on Annie’s side and pulled a lever switching Annie onto a track labeled “B Grade”. Annie looked back at the woman still hoping that she would help, however as soon as the track started rolling her forward the woman had already put Annie out of her mind, waiting patiently for the next meatgirl.

Dread started to grow in Annie’s stomach as she heard the loud buzzing of saws growing ever closer. Her legs still spread wide and her arms secured above her head she could do nothing when a new rail rose from beneath her and made contact with her crotch. The rail was covered with a bumpy silicone that easily parted her lips forcing her clit into each bump. Her cunt easily slid across the smooth silicone that already appeared wet from the previous girls in the line. The thought of the countless women who had christened this rail with their juices made her want to throw up, but her body only reacted with growing arousal at the touch. As the sound of buzz saws grew louder and closer the bumps in the rail grew larger and the rail started vibrating. The large bumps mashed her clit almost painfully into the rail. She struggled and squirmed which only added to her unwanted orgasm. As she rounded the corner she realized why the rail was vibrating.

Before her lay 2 large buzzsaws attached in a v shape to either side of the center rail. The rail vibrating grew stronger from the spin of the saws as the track pulled her ever closer to the spinning blades. istanbul Escort With adrenaline pumping through her body, and the vibrations growing ever stronger as her clit was smashed against the silicone rail, her body began to shake and quiver as a wave of pleasure crested her sore cunt. With one last cry of fear, she realized that the saw blades were being heated by a torch below. The red hot blades made contact with her thighs just at the joint with her waist. Searing hot pain lanced through her body joining the sensations of her orgasm, her body shook as the smell of cooking meat permeated the air. Her nerves firing in sequences they were never meant to make, confused the searing pain of her bones being sawn with the pleasure of her stimulated clit, and her mind was overwhelmed with pleasure. Annie cried out into her gag in a guttural shriek as her body, what was left of it shook with the waves of pleasure and confused pain that washed over her. As the rail pulled her forward her cauterized legs fell to the side diverting to a separate track as she continued forward. Her arms pulling her along as her sore cunt anchored her on the silicone rail below keeping her running steady on the track. The searing burning pain of the hot saws lingered in the stumps that remained of her legs as she took ragged breaths through her nose.

Ahead she saw the track beneath her coming to an abrupt end, above it another set of hot saws were positioned to either side of the track. Fear gripped Annie as she was dragged forward not wanting to experience that excruciating pain again. However, the track did not relent as her arms were slowly pulled to either side of her, forcing her into a T pose. Her cunt ground along on the slick track still sending confused signals of pleasure to her brain as the saws bit into her arms just below the shoulder. This time there was no buildup, her body simply designated the pain to her pleasure receptors. Crying out in a terrible fit of pain fueled orgasmic release and terror, her arms were shorn clean off, leaving Annie leaning forward off the edge of the rail. The cauterized stumps of her limbs waving wildly around as her shuddering body fell into darkness.

When Annie awoke she was in the light again. Her singed stumps ached as if they were still pressed into the burning blades that had mutilated them. In front of her she could just see over 2 black asscheeks, her face was pressed into the crotch of the woman ahead of her. Her head was strapped into some sort of brace that held her firmly against the other woman. Her mouth lined up with her pussy and her nose pushed into her ass. Her limbs had been similarly cut and little more than stumps remained of the thighs that hugged Annie’s face. With a groggy start, she realized that her own crotch was occupied the same way.

With a sudden shift, the conveyor belt beneath her started moving steadily forward and the sound of a saw sprung to life somewhere ahead of them. The conveyor belt below them began moving forward at a slow steady pace as muffled screams of terror rang out through the line of amputated women. Annie felt the vibrations of the woman behind her screaming into her crotch, and shivers went down her spine as the vibration stimulated her pussy. The woman in front of Annie was shaking and quivering in fear as the sound of the saw got closer and closer. Annie looked on in terror as she peered over the woman’s ass and saw what was coming up. Ahead a large band saw sat right in the middle of the conveyor belt. Fear welled up in her like nothing before. Everything she had been through already was nothing compared to the fear she felt looking at that band saw. Seeing it easily cut through the woman 4 places ahead of her she knew that she would fare no better. She had to do something, anything to take her mind off of the imminent and terrifying death that was about to hit her. Annie started wildly grinding her crotch against the face of the girl behind her, hoping that one last orgasm would help her get through this ordeal. The girl behind her only screamed more as she became able to see the blade, sending even more pleasurable vibrations into Annie’s crotch. Annie could feel the building pleasure growing in her sensitive crotch, her aching body scrambling to rub harder and faster on the poor girl behind her, smearing her slick juices on the girl’s face. The blade came ever closer tearing through flesh like it was butter. Annie thought about all the girls she had eaten in her life, how sexy she had thought the idea was, how she had stayed up fantasizing about it from time to time. Trying to recall the attraction she had once felt towards the idea, as she ground relentlessly against the girl behind. The woman in front let out a muffled shriek as the blade exited the girl in front of her and cut smoothly into her head. A splatter of urine burst out onto Annie’s face as the blade cut through the woman in front. Her body spasming as the blade cut through her rib cage. Annie’s back arched and her stumps writhed as the blade passed through the pussy infront of her, the growing pressure in her own crotch feeling like a mirror to the horror in front of her. Blood and urine splattered onto her face as the pain of the blade touching her fueled the adrenaline pumping through her body bringing her over the edge of her last orgasm. She shook in terror and wild pleasure as the blade cut into her skull, the intense pain destroying her mind as the final neurons of pleasure flooded her body. Her body shook and jittered in its death throes as the blade cut clean through her and into the next girl.

The two halves of her body ran on separate tracks to be cleaned and packaged for sale. Her head was removed and ground to pet mince the rest of her was sent to local shops. A quality assured sticker on the package ensured customers that the meat was tender and sweet, a product of the final moments of fear each meat girl had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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