The Professor Ch. 04

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I usually like to make a strong first impression at the beginning of a semester, come across as a hard-ass and try to scare off the students who are just going to blow off most of the class anyway. But my unexpected tryst with Lauren in my office had me completely out of sorts. It was all I could do to get my notes, syllabi, and roster together and get to class in time.

Consequently, I was so busy trying to mentally get myself together that I barely looked at my students as I walked into class. Pulling out my roster I began to call out names.





And so it went, with the usual amount of no shows.



Something about the voice, the tone, stopped me. The voice was close, in the front row. I looked up and there she was. The mystery girl with the stunning body whom I had seen around campus recently. Her eyes bore straight into me, with just the hint of a grin, a wicked grin. She was even sexier than I remembered. Wearing a micro-mini and tiny tank top she was all smooth, fit, tan, and curves. Her long dirty-blonde hair was pulled back tightly, highlighting her Grace Kelly neck and collarbones. As I caught her eye she casually unfolded her legs, opening them just slightly, teasingly beckoning me like Homer’s sirens. Steely Dan’s ode to the classic momentarily flashed through my head.

Though the danger on the rocks has surely passed Still I remain tied to the mast Could it be I have found my home at last, home at last

I thought I was going to faint right there. Her hazel eyes huge and wide with a mischievous but intelligent glint. Her Roman nose adding the perfect level of character to an otherwise too perfect face.

I felt like I was in a time warp, everything was in slow motion. The rest of the class seemed to fade into the background, and for a split second it was just her and me. After what seemed to be an eternity I pulled it together and got through the rest of the roster. When I handed out the syllabi she let her hand brush mine, and I could smell her, shampoo, soap, and just a hint of perfume. I felt myself getting hard.

The rest of the class was a blur. No matter how hard I tried I kept looking back at her, Angela. She didn’t help by keeping her legs open just enough to draw my eye up her skirt. I couldn’t see anything yet, but like a moth to the flame I couldn’t stop looking.

The next day was cleavage day. Angela wore ultra short shorts, once again highlighting her fit legs, but it was her low cut top with which she tortured me. Continuously leaning forward so her tits were pressed together she was all cleavage, and on a few occasions I was able to get a glimpse of nipple. And so it went. Everyday was either a short skirt or the cleavage. On skirt days I noticed that Angela was slowly opening her legs a little wider each day, until, by the second week of class I caught my first glimpse of her panties. They were a leopard print thong, and she just opened enough for me to see for a few seconds, then, continuing her perfect tease she closed her legs, just to the point were I could just barely no longer see.

By now I was climbing the walls. Angela had clearly taken complete control. I could not remember class, my lectures, but I knew precisely what Angela wore every single day. During the second week the torture grew more intense when Angela started showing up at the Fitness Center during my normal workout times. I had only seen her at the gym that one other time, but now it had become a regular event. She would stroll over, sleek in her Lycra shorts that hugged the most perfect ass I had ever seen. Angela was fit and muscular but completely feminine. At 5′ 4″ she was slender, and sexy, both her ass and tits round and healthy, but high and firm, without a hint of sag. She would say “hi” ask a question about class, or working out and generally stand way too close for comfort. I felt like I couldn’t breathe around her, she literally took my breath away.

It was Friday during the third week of class when Angela took her time gathering her books and then hung around until the last student had left and we were alone in the room.

“Professor Reynolds, I was wondering if you could give me a hand?” She asked softly.

As my mind raced through all the possibilities of where I would like to place my hands I willed myself to focus.

“Sure Angela, what’s up?”

“Its not class, I have a good grasp on things in here” she smiled looking deep into my eyes “But my workout, I’m not really happy with how it is going, think you could spare some time to kind of work with me a little?”

“Uhm, sure” I mumbled as I did my best not to look straight down her blouse “Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I would be happy to help as best I can”

“Oh you definitely seem to know what you are doing” Angela cooed, just briefly, barely, running her hand down my bicep.

Her touch was electric, jolting through my arm.

“I can’t work out until a little later than usual today though” she said apologetically “Do you think you will İstanbul Escort still be there about 5?”

I am usually out of the gym by 5. It was Friday and I was looking forward to a good meal and a cold beer to start off the weekend. Consequently, without hesitation I said

“Sure, 5 is no problem”

Angela broke into a smile that could launch a thousand ships “Great, “It’s a date” and then she bounded out of the room leaving me speechless and hard.

I had grading to do, so I tried to actually be productive with my extra time, but the hours dragged and I found myself spending most of the afternoon fantasizing about Angela. Finally, around 4:45, I changed and headed over to the gym. Angela was no where to be found, so I started my warm-up. I had forgotten that on Fridays the Fitness Center closed at 6, so if Angela was too late we wouldn’t have much time, and I wanted as much time with Angela as possible.

Angela rushed in about 5:20. I’m not a big believer in the supernatural but Angela must have been psychic, because she was wearing my absolute favorite workout outfit. She had those ultra tight Lycra short-shorts that molded to her perfect ass and a matching black sports bra that showed off her C-cups.

“Sorry I’m late” she gushed breathlessly, “thanks for waiting for me.”

I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to tell her I would wait eternity, so I coolly smiled at her “No problem, I’m just getting warmed up.”

We started working out, Angela asked questions, and was seemingly genuinely interested. The time flew quickly as I was completely entranced by her presence. Suddenly the music was shut off and it became obvious that the gym was ready to close up, just a few stragglers remained, gathering their stuff.

“Damn” Angela pouted “I forgot they closed early on Fridays, and I have a lot more I was hoping to accomplish.”

“We can always pick it up again next week” I volunteered, perhaps a little too eagerly I worried.

“Yeah… but we were really on a roll, too bad they won’t let us stay and close up when we are done.”

Laughing I looked around “Unfortunately I’m just a lowly history teacher, I don’t have enough juice to make that happen.”

Grabbing my arm Angela leaned close “Well maybe we don’t need to ask them” she whispered “Come on, I have an idea.”

Before I could protest she led me towards the exit. The Fitness Center manager raised his eyebrows slightly as we walked past.

“Angela what..” I started to ask

“Shhhhh” she whispered, “trust me” and she gave me that grin that both melted my heart and made me hard at the same time.

As we walked down the hall she glanced back to make sure no one was watching and then suddenly steered me into the women’s locker room.

“Jesus Angela”

“Don’t worry” she giggled “he’s going to be gone in a minute, and he isn’t going to check in here, and then we will have the place to ourselves.”

If it had been anyone but Angela there was no way I was going to risk getting caught, but with her pressed closely against me, I literally couldn’t say no. Steering me into a stall she closed the door.

“Just in case” she whispered.

We stayed that way for about ten minutes, huddled together in a stall in the women’s locker room, our bodies close, the smell of her intoxicating me to the point that I wasn’t worried, hell, I didn’t want us to get out of there. Angela was in front of me, and she pressed back into me, giggling and squirming, making me hard, and driving me crazy. Finally, Angela snuck out first, leaving me alone in the women’s locker room, wondering what exactly I would say if I got caught. A few minutes later she came back

“Come on, its all ours”

Angela grabbed a small gym bag out of a locker as we headed back to the empty gym. Dropping the gym bag down next to a bench, Angela spun around and practically jumped into my arms.

“Isn’t this exciting?” she squealed pressing herself into me.

I noticed her nipples getting hard, protruding through her sports bra.

“No fucking way” I thought to myself as I smiled at this young, bubbly, vivacious nymph pressing herself against me.

“Aren’t you excited too?” Angela asked, almost poutingly.

As my cock stirred and began to rise it was all I could do not to lean down and kiss her right then and there. Smiling broadly I looked straight into her eyes. All that came to my mind was Socrates quote on beauty.

“Beauty is the bait which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind” I whispered

Angela snuggled closer.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she purred “I like a man who can quote the classics, especially when it mentions things enlarging”

And with that Angela slid her hand over my shorts and along my shaft. I felt as if someone had punched me in my solar plexus, I gasped for air as her hand began to slide over my cock through my shorts.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she purred again. “Maybe it is time for a real workout”

Turning her head up to kiss me our mouths met semi-open, our tongues slowly beginning to explore each Anadolu Yakası Escort other. Angela moaned her approval as she opened hour mouth wider and wetly began to kiss me, sucking my tongue in her mouth. She pressed her perfect hard body against me, crushing into me, humping my hardness with a desperation that surprised me.

My hands began to explore her body, the most exquisite and exceptionally proportioned body I had ever seen, let alone felt. As hard and fit as she was her skin was completely smooth and soft as silk. My fingers glided over her, over that firm, rounded ass. Angela moaned louder into my mouth as my fingers explored her body. I felt her hands running through my hair as we ground our mouths together. I felt my shirt being lifted, so I raised my hands as she peeled it off and began to lick and suck my chest and my nipples. Now it was my turn to grab her head, playing with her ponytail. Soon Angela was kissing down my stomach and before I knew it this stunning young coed was on her knees peeling off my shorts and sliding her tongue along the underside of my cock.

Angela took her time, licking up and down my shaft, then tickling my balls with her tongue. Looking up at me with her huge liquid eyes she slowly slid her mouth over me, creating a tight vacuum as she engulfed my entire 7″. Wrapping her hand on my shaft she began to bob up and down, sliding her hand along my wet cock along with her mouth. The sensation was overwhelming; her warm, soft, soaking wet mouth lubricating my cock for her hand to slide effortlessly along. My knees grew weak and I literally dropped to the weight bench. Angela didn’t miss a beat, but kept sucking and purring over my stiff dick.

Reaching down I ran my hand along her face down her neck and for the first time over those tits that had tortured me all semester. Big but firm, they were real, and had that incredible combination of softness and muscularity. Her nipples grew larger through her sports bra. Now it was my turn to peel off some clothing. Angela stopped sucking me long enough to let me take off her top, then immediately returned to her ministrations on my cock. Fondling her nipples and tits I began to smell her wetness seeping through her tiny shorts. She smelled so sweet and musky I wasn’t willing to wait to taste her. Lying back on the bench I forced Angela to reposition herself in order to keep sucking me. When she did I grabbed her waist and peeled her Lycra shorts off, and then pulled her ass towards me. Lifting one leg over the bench Angela eagerly returned to licking and sucking my cock as her glorious pussy was now just inches from my face.

She had just a tiny patch of perfectly trimmed hair glistening with wetness. Running my hands over the curvature of her ass I pulled her to my face and slid my tongue along her, parting her lips. Angela groaned loudly onto my cock as my tongue began to explore her. Our bodies fit perfectly together, and we began to rock in perfect 69 rhythm on the bench. Angela was able to open her throat and take me deep into her mouth, which she did with unbridled enthusiasm, alternating her deep throating with wet, sloppy licking and sucking up and down the shaft and head. Meanwhile I was completely engrossed in her pussy. She was soaked, pouring out wetness, coating my face. She tasted sweeter than any woman I had ever tasted, and I couldn’t get enough. I slid my entire tongue along her, parting her lips wide and lapping up and down her pussy, from her ass up over her clit. Moving my whole head along with my tongue Angela groaned and pushed back harder and harder, panting heavier on my cock the more I lapped at her. Just when I thought she might go over the edge I changed tactics, flicking just the tip of my tongue over her clit, the sudden change delaying her orgasm but sending her on a new elevator of rising passion.

On and on we went, licking sucking nibbling eating sweating grinding panting moaning groaning rubbing until we both could take no more. As the first wave of her orgasm hit her I sucked Angela’s entire pussy into my mouth, which caused her to jolt and flood me with her juices. Simultaneously my cock swelled and grew, my balls laden with cum. With a giant upward heave, I released, shooting the first of many thick ropes of cum deep into Angela’s mouth. As I sucked and licked her cum, Angela ground her pussy and ass into my face, while massaging my balls. Angela milked as much cum out of me as possible, she literally could not get enough, swallowing as fast as she could so as not to miss any. We both came in numerous stages. First our orgasms were so hard and intense that we almost blacked out, our brains literally drained of blood from the force. Then, as the initial explosions subsided we enjoyed the longevity, until slowly we drifted into the gentle aftermath. Still in a 69 on the bench, but both of us much gentler towards our ultra-sensitive partner.

Eventually Angela climbed off me and kneeled next to the bench, kissing me deeply. Her nipples were still rock hard and swollen. Despite having just cum torrents I Üsküdar Escort was still semi-hard, my cock red and still wet from her saliva and my cum. We kissed for a while, just enjoying the sensuality of the moment, tasting each other, allowing our tongues to explore at their own pace.

Angela broke away and reached into her gym bag, pulling out a bottle of massage oil. Without saying a word she poured a large amount of oil onto my chest and began to massage it over my body. As she rubbed oil over my nipples I could feel myself getting hard again. Angela took her time, spreading oil over my entire body, massaging me, allowing her fingers to touch and slide over every inch of me. Reaching down and covering my hands with ample amounts of oil I began to rub it on her, massaging her tits and nipples, watching her tight, tanned skin become slippery and glisten with oil.

Soon we became a blur of hands, flesh, and oil. Sliding off the bench we were on our knees, facing each other, coating every inch of our bodies with oil. We leaned forward and kissed as our bodies began to slide against each other. Her tight body so smooth and slippery, sliding against me, her nipples over mine. Coating my hands with copious amounts of oil I moved behind Angela and began to massage her flawless ass, covering it thickly. The more I kneaded her ass the more aroused Angela became, squealing in delight with every touch. Leaning forward she placed her elbows on the bench, arching her back to give me better access. Sliding my finger down her ass Angela moaned deeply as I let my finger linger at her entrance. The more I played with her there the more she arched and pushed back until my finger easily slid into her ass.

As soon as my finger penetrated her Angela became an animal.

“Yesss” she growled fiercely

“MMMMMM, You like that?” I teased her

“Yesssssss, fuck yes ooohhh OOHHHHH” she yelled as I slide another finger into her ass.

“You like my fingers in your ass?” I asked, “You like me finger fucking your oil coated ass?”

“God yes, so full, so tight, OOOOHHHHHH FUCK”

By now my cock was aching. The sight of Angela bent over the bench, arching her ass into the air as my fingers fucked her was erotic beyond any fantasy. Pulling my fingers out of her ass I moved closer, sliding my cock along her ass.

“OH, YES” was all she said

Despite all the oil Angela was tight, so I proceeded slowly. Just the head at first, allowing her plenty of time to adjust to me. Angela growled and hissed, less patient than I she kept pushing back, desperate to feel me buried in her. Sliding my hands up her body, over her oil covered tits I gave a final thrust and buried my cock deep into her ass. Angela screamed in pure passion.




Every once in a while two people reach a certain level of sexually ecstasy that defies description. The level of passion, and pure carnal lust is so intense that it becomes the most powerful force in the world. That is exactly what happened to Angela and I at that moment. As I began to slide in and out of her we were both overcome with such animalistic passion, that we literally evolved to our most basic primal state. Massaging her tits, our bodies slid along each other as I fucked her ass. Any pain she initially felt was long gone and was replaced by a fullness that completed her being. The oil allowed us to fuck faster and faster, sliding deep into her and all the way out.

Angela had begun to climax as soon as I entered her, I could feel her body spasming with small contractions, and she continued throughout, with her orgasm slowly growing and building in intensity. Sweat began to cover us as we quickened, my cock filling her ass completely, sliding in and out of her in smooth effortless rhythm. The tightness of her ass coupled with the oil was the perfect combination, so warm and engulfing and slippery. Her tanned body was the perfect sight, her back arched, ass high in the air, her tits pushed forward, glistening with oil, her nipples hard and sticking straight out, head back, eyes closed, completely lost in the moment. Once again I could feel it building inside me, my stomach tightening. Angela looked so sexy, so beautiful and yet so fucking slutty with my hard cock sliding in and out of her ass.

“Ohh fuck” I yelled as my orgasm built.

“YEESSS” Angela screamed her minor orgasm culminating in a tsunami of contractions.


By now we were both bucking hard and fast. Angela was pushing back against the bench with both hands, fucking me as hard as she could. I had grabbed her waist and was slamming into her as fast and furious, our bodies a blur of motion.

The force of my first ejaculation caught Angela by surprise. She could feel me spurting deep into her and she began to cry with satisfaction and passion. Pushing back as hard as she could she impaled herself on me, no longer moving as she buried me as deep into her as possible. Holding onto her waist for dear life I pushed forward with one final thrust and continued to empty myself into her. Her glistening body arched in a perfect tableau of animalistic passion she smiled as I filled her ass with my cum.

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