The Project Pt. 04

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“What did Delilah put in that last drink?” Chris thought. “Perhaps I had too many, but what crazy dreams I had! They seemed so vivid and real!”

Chris’s dick swelled as he recalled the previous night and a wave of pain hit him.

He reached down to touch his dick but found nothing to grab. Panicked he ripped the covers off and looked down.

“Oh no, no, no!” He shrieked.

Chris jumped out of bed and ran to the only open door he could find. He flicked on the lights and there staring back at him was a blonde haired brown eyed woman with a thin pointed nose, high cheek bones and red plump lips. Upon her chest were full D cup breasts, balanced by wide hips, a round firm ass and tight thighs.

His dick was nowhere to be seen, instead a smooth mound with a small part in the middle, was now in place of his manhood.

He could feel his cock inside the sheath harden at the sight of his body. Quickly his erection subsided as he winced in pain with what felt like tiny pins on his penis.

“Ouch!” He half cried and moaned, with a pornstar like inflection.

Spots appeared in his eyes, he could feel his head getting light, and then everything went black.

When Chris woke he found himself laying in the floor of his bathroom. He heard the click of the door and someone shouting.

“Miss Chloe! Miss Chloe! Are you alright?” A woman yelled entering the bathroom.

Chris looked up and saw that it was Fiona.

“Oh Fiona! What have they done to me?”

Fiona did not respond, but helped Chris to his feet.

“There you are,” she said. “Are you hurt? I don’t see any blood. Did you hit your head?”

“I don’t think so,” Chris responded.

“Here, let’s get you to the bed,” Fiona insisted holding Chris around the waist with his arm around her neck.

“There you are Miss Chloe. Rest here and I’ll get the doctor to check you out.” She left, the door locking behind her.

Chris sat up in his bed. His hands began to wander over his body caressing his chest and pausing to squeeze his nipples. This sent a pleasing sensation to his loins where again he felt pins in his dick as he became aroused. He continued to explore sliding his hand down his side and xslot around to his ass. The skin was taught and smooth yet supple and gave easily with a firm squeeze.

Slowly Chris’s have moved towards his reassigned sex. He probed his pussy with his index finger. The skin like rubber parted easily and he pushed it in deeper, feeling his fingernail scraping against the wall of the prosthetic vagina. He thought he could feel the scraping on his dick but the vibration was muted by the thick sheath surrounding his penis.

“Well I see we’re enjoy ourselves,” Mistress Dee interrupted, causing Chris to jerk his hand from between his legs.

“I’m glad to see you awake. It’s been quite some time and you’ve been much more resistant to my treatments than I had anticipated. However, I am very excited to see the progress you’ve made,” she continued.

“Why are you doing this to me?!” Chris responded.

“Ah! And your voice is finally fully healed and so sweet and natural. I must comment Doctor Anastasia on her fine work!”

Mistress Dee produced a small box from her lab coat. She held it in front of Chris’s face and with a click, a bright flash of red light blazed in his eyes. She held the button and after fifteen seconds the light shut off.

“Now then Chloe. How are you?” Mistress D questioned in a low breathy tone.

“Good morning Mistress D. It’s nice to see you this morning.” Chris responded without hesitation. “I feel wonderful today Mistress. What shall you require of me?”

“Wait, why did I say that?” Chris said, without feeling his lips moving.

“Ah yes! Chloe! You are absolutely perfect! And such wonderful manners! As a matter of fact, I do have need of you. Please be ready promptly at 10 am and I shall have nurse Fiona retrieve you for your day,” Mistress Dee replied with a sing song cheery tone.

“What’s happening?” Chris said again, but no one seemed to pay attention.

Chris rose from the bed and walked toward the bathroom as Mistress D and Fiona left the room. He tried to follow them to the door but his body kept moving towards the bathroom. It was as if he was no longer in control of his body!

Chris looked in the mirror and instinctively xslot Giriş started brushing his hair. He could feel the brush in his hand, and his fingers running through his long blonde locks but he was not in control of the movements. It was as if he was watching a TV show from a woman’s point of view.

The primping continued completely out of his control. He expertly applied eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara, shaped his eyebrows, contoured his face and painted his lips a flat dark red, all in about 20 minutes.

“Wow.” He thought,” I’ve never been able to do that in less than 2 hours.”

Next his shapely figure carried him to a dresser wear her opened the top draw to find it filled with underwear. He selected a black thong and slipped his smooth legs through the holes.

Next he chose a deep plunge black bra with lace trim. Hooking the back, he pulled the molded cups up his chest and threaded his arms through the shoulder straps. Then he slipped his hand into the bra and arranged his tits in the cups creating a deep chasm of cleavage. The bra lifted his already perky chest, forming a vast shelf of tan firm flesh.

Chris glided to the closet. Upon opening the doors, a light illuminated neatly organized racks of clothes, shoes and boots. Seeing the selections before him, Chris marveled trying to take it all in. He tried to scan everything but his body had is own agenda choosing a high waisted, dark black pencil skirt and a long sleeved, white form fitting top, with a deep v-neck.

Slipping into the clothes, he zipped up the side of the skirt and bent down to retrieve a pair of shoes. His hand impulsively reached for a pair of shiny stiletto pumps, but out of the corner of his eye were knee high, black pointed toe boots. Chris’s hand froze on the pumps. He wanted the boots, but his body was trying to pick up the pumps.

Chris concentrated on the boots, his hand still gripping the pumps. He could feel his fingers clutching the leather in the heels. Focusing his thoughts to his finger tips he tried to fight the preprogrammed instinct Mistress D seemed to have instilled in him. Slowly he felt his fingers relaxing.

Engaged in trying to regain xslot Güncel Giriş control of his body, Chris did not hear Fiona entered the room. Fiona saw Chris frozen in a squat in her closet. She approached Chris silently and clicked a device in Chris’s ear. Chris grabbed the shoes, set them on the floor, slipped them on and turned around, smoothing his skirt.

“Oh, hello Fiona. I didn’t hear you come in.” Chris said in a surprised feminine voice.

“Ready to go Chloe?” Fiona responded, ” You look stunning!”

“Why thank you, Fiona! You are very kind.” Chris immediately replied.

“Come with me.” Fiona motioned with her arm, “Mistress D is awaiting you in the study.”

Chris’s heels clicked on the floor as he made his way to the door.

“Miss Chloe! Don’t forget your purse.” Fiona said.

As she handed it to Chris she leaned in , “Mistress D said your mental reconditioning might still not be 100% effective. We use these clickers to short circuit glitches when you try to regain control. I know you can hear me Chris.”

Chris grabbed the purse and slung it over his shoulder awaiting Fiona outside the door to his room. He tried to force his body to run but he did not have time to concentrate enough before they were moving down the hallway.

Fiona led the way to Mistress D’s study with a quick clacking of her heels on the wood floor. She opened the door stepped in.

“Mistress D, Miss Chloe is here for you.” Fiona announced motioning Chris in with a wave of her arm.

“Thank you Fiona, that will be all. Chloe, will you please have a seat.” Mistress D directed Chris to a chair in front of the desk she was seated.

Chris obediently sat down, back straight, ankles crossed and hands on his lap.

“Chloe, I’m so excited to have you and to begin your training.” Mistress D said with a slight smirk, ” I have a very special position for you that will make use of all your assets.

“You will begin your training at once, but first would you please join me for breakfast?” Mistress D asked.

“Mistress D, thank you for the opportunity. I’m very much looking forward to my training and the new position. I would be delighted to join you for breakfast.” Chloe said in response.

Chris wondered what training he was to receive and what she meant by using all his assets. He tried to concentrate on his legs to make them move but the conversation did not allow him.

“I’ll have to wait until I’m alone,” he thought.

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