The Pull Toy

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Although we had been to several “play parties” since I had come to live with Anne, I had been fortunate to have never been “singled out” for any particular attention. I usually got to watch the other submissives get whipped or otherwise discomfited, but my main function was to serve as Anne’s personal maid. When Anne prepared me for our attendance, I had inkling that perhaps this was about to change. Although she dressed me much as always, this time she used a latex corset, accessorized by latex stockings, and latex gloves. An open-faced latex hood was laced onto my head, leaving my hair in a ponytail, extending from the hood. The final addition was a combination cock ring and latex sheath that laced tightly down the length of my engorged cock. Near the tip of the sheath was a loop with a “D” ring, to which she attached a leash. I stepped into the pumps, (only five-inch heels?) and she led me out to the car.

A half an hour later we arrived at the site of the party. Anne led me in, and a friend of hers, and her submissive met us. Anne’s friend, who like to be called “The Goddess”, said that her submissive was to be my attendant for the evening. I was told to be seated and after I sat, her submissive “Toy” slipped my pumps off, and accepted a pair of locking ballet-heeled ankle boots from Anne, and laced and locked them on my feet. I was getting worried now; I had very little experience in walking in them, and didn’t want to embarrass Anne or myself by a bad performance, by falling on my face. I needn’t have worried, for a small square cart, the like of Anadolu Yakası escort which is used to transport furniture was brought up in front of my chair, and I was told to kneel on it. Fortunately the leather covered cart turned out to be nicely padded so my knees would not be taking a beating that evening, but it had fittings that worried me.

At the back of the cart was a female pipe fitting bolted to the cart, with another one about three inches in front of it. The one towards the front had an inflatable dildo/vibrator screwed into it, and I was directed to sit on it. Thankfully, It and I were well lubed with KY, and it slid right in until my hips were resting on my ankle boots. A pair of straps were drawn across each folded leg, and secured tightly and locked with my legs slightly apart exposing my tethered cock. The lead was momentarily removed, strung through a ring at the front, and re-attached to my sheath. This did not look good for me. While this distracted me, an iron post had been screwed into the after female pipefitting.

To this was attached an armbinder, and my arms were drawn back around the post, and the armbinder was zipped up and locked. “Toy” stepped in front of me, and showed me what was on a small post, which was to be attached to the post, my arm was bound to. Oh my! It had: A Ring Gag, A Penis Gag (with an 8 inch extension on the front) A Chin Dildo, A regular Ball Gag, and a gag with a funnel attached to it! She slid and locked the post with all of the toys attached, into a receptacle, and Anadolu Yakası escort bayan then grabbed the leash. Twirling on her 6-inch heels, she started to walk away, pulling me behind her. Fortunately the Cart must have had roller bearing wheels, because other than a slight pull on my constricted cock, there was no real pain.

We approached the dance floor, and in front there was a spotlighted area with a microphone, with The Goddess and Anne standing near it. After having gotten everyone’s attention, Anne announced that I had been getting a little “mouthy” lately, and that as a consequence, I was going to get to use my mouth all that evening! “Toy” promptly inserted the Ball Gag into my mouth! The Goddess took the mike, and told everyone that I was to serve everyone who asked for my services, and that “Toy” would see to it that I was cleaned up and properly prepared for each new user!

At this point tickets were passed out to the attendees, and I was towed over to a man sitting in a chair. His cock was already out, and he smiled at me as he stroked himself. “Just take out the gag, and let the sissy blow Me.” he said. “Toy” complied, and pushed the cart right up to his chair, right into his drooling member. Knowing the “drill” I opened my mouth and started to suck and lick him. When he wanted some throat, he would seize my ponytail and used it like an impromptu “tapper”. Finally with a roar, he began to spurt in my mouth, filling it so that some escaped around his cock, and left me drooling cum. “Toy” promptly escort bayan stepped around and wiped my mouth, of the excess, and plopped the ball gag back in.

Over the course of the next two hours, I licked and sucked, and was mouth fucked by every male in the gathering. This also included having the ring gag in and being brutally mouth fucked, and sucking off a slave who was being whipped. He gave me a real load! Interspersed were a selection of women, who I either served with my lips and tongue, or the dildo extension gag, or the chin dildo, while I licked the clit of the woman being fucked by the dildo. Fortunately, there were only two persons, one male and one female who wished to avail themselves of the funnel gag. I thought I was going to be sick when they relieved themselves into the funnel.

As the crowd dwindled, my sheath was unlaced, and the dildo in my ass was activated. It had been regularly inflated during the course of the evening, and now it started to thrust into my much abused and stretched orifice. I was towed into the spotlight, and Anne got the benefit of my now exhausted tongue, holding my face tightly into her cunt, until finally she came. When her flow exploded onto my face and into my mouth, the dildo in my ass finally forced a massive cum from my freed cock. “Toy” performed her last cleanup of the evening by licking my face and cock clean, and kissing me before I was released, exhausted, and helped to the car by Anne and the driver. So ended my evening of being a “Pull Toy”.

I won’t say I didn’t enjoy some of it, because, after all, I am a slut, but it definitely cooled my fires for a week or so. Needless to say, I also was very careful about what I said to Anne, who would try to provoke me during the coming weeks, and I got a sly grin from her each time I responded correctly. She knew full well that I had learned my lesson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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