The Rain

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From a distance, you can see the rain coming. Almost looking forward to it since it has been so hot out. Need something to cool it down, cool me down.

I pull slowly into your driveway. You are sitting on the love seat swing, rocking slowly back and forth. You turn and smile at me. I look in my mirror to make sure my hair is ok. I get out of the car and straighten my clothes. I am wearing a thin red cotton spaghetti string sundress with my red heels. You have always loved this dress on me.

I start to walk over to you. You are sitting there, shorts and a t-shirt, lemonade in your hand and a big grin on your face. I can tell you have something stirring in that devilish mind of yours.

I sit down next to you and give you a quick kiss. You tell me how you have been waiting for me. You hand me an extra lemonade you had poured earlier. I take it from you and lay back with your arm around me.

We start talking about things and the weather. You can smell the rain coming. I say to you we should probably go inside and you said not yet, that it was still a ways away.

You take my glass from me and put it down. You look in my eyes and tell me that you have been thinking about me all day. How badly you wanted me, needed me. Then you lean over and kiss me. You lips tightly against mine, your tongue dancing in my mouth. I didn’t want it to end.

You break away from my lips, kissing slowly down my cheek and neck. Your warm breath on my skin makes me want to melt. You slowly move up to my ear and whisper to me. You tell me how you want to make love me, how you want to do it right there, with the rain pouring down on us. Just the thought of it make me quiver with pleasure.

Not more than 1 minute after you say that, I feel a few drops on my skin. You move back down Şerifali Escort to my neck, kissing, nibbling. The rain starts coming down a little bit harder. You take your tongue and start licking the drops off me, still moving your way down my neck.

Our bodies are now wet from the rain. You slowly lay me down on the swing, moving back a little ways to gaze at me. My dress now wet and clinging to every curve on my body. You can tell I have no bra on from the clinginess of my dress and the hardness of my nipples. You look me in the eyes and tell me I am the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. At this point, I am completely under your spell.

You take one hand and pull down the strap and top of my sundress to expose one of my nipples. You lean over and take my nipple in your mouth. I can feel my clit starting to ache, wanting attention so bad. You take your other hand and pull the other side down, then taking that breast in your hand, using your finger to roll my nipple. You hear me starting to moan which makes you play with them more.

You take one hand a move it slowly down the curve of my body. My hips rise up in anticipation. With your mouth still sucking on my nipple, your hands moves past my hips, down my leg and under my dress only to travel back up. I feel the tip of your fingers reach my panties and I let out a very big moan.

You take the side of my panties and start to pull them down. You use the other hand to help and completely remove them. Next thing I know, you pick me up from the swing and carry me over to the picnic table. You lay me down with my ass right at the edge.

You take both of my legs and bend them up on to the table, raise my dress over my knees and kneel in front of me. Next thing I felt is your warm tongue on my pussy. İstanbul Escort I could have cum with in seconds but let myself relax and enjoy your tongue dancing over my lips.

You take your tongue and go up and down my lips, in a circle around my hole and up to my clit. It feels so good. I start to play with my nipples. I feel your tongue on my clit, sending wonderful sensations through me. Then I feel you insert a finger inside of me. I start to move my hip in motion with your finger. Next I feel another one. I don’t know how much longer I can last.

With your tongue flicking my clit and your fingers fucking my pussy, I couldn’t hold it anymore and cum hard. You can feel my juices rush down on your fingers. You were hard before but you became much harder after feeling that. You take your fingers out of me, lick my juices off of them, put them back in and start licking my clit again. I start to cum again, bucking my hips, moaning very loudly.

This time when you take your fingers out of me, you spread my juices on my asshole. Then you take your fingers, play with my clit and lick the juice from my ass. This send shivers up and down my spine. Again I cum hard, bucking very wildly that you can’t even keep your fingers and tongue there anymore.

Laying there, trying to catch my breath wondering, what is next? You pull my legs down to hang off the table and lean over to kiss me. Your crotch is pressed up against me and I can feel how hard you are. I kiss down your cheek and whispering in your ear, begging you to please fuck me. You look up at me and tell me anything you want love.

You stand up and pull down your shorts. I see your big hard cock standing at attention for me. There is a lot of pre-cum at the tip. You take your cock and start playing Ümraniye Escort with my clit. I beg you to please fuck me. I want your cock in me so bad.

You slowly move the head down to the opening of my pussy and push it in just a little. I try and thrust my hips to get more of you inside but you move back. You are going to make me wait for this.

You again put it again in me just a little more and pull out. You can see in my eyes you are driving me crazy and you are loving every minute of it. You do it again, a little deeper this time.

Then you take your hard cock and push it hard and deep inside of me. I gasp from being filled up. You fit so perfectly inside of me. I am so wet and tight, you could feel all my muscles surrounding your cock.

You start moving your hips slow and deep, leaning over every once and a while to lick my nipples or kiss my lips. Then you start to move faster, harder. I hear wonderful moans coming from you and the look in your eyes of pure pleasure.

You pull out and I give you this look of disbelief. You pull me up and turn me around so my stomach and chest are now on the table. You grab my hips and insert your hard cock back in to me. I let out a small scream from the pleasure I feel.

You hold on to my hips and thrust yourself fast and hard inside of me. You are hitting the right spot and I start to cum again. You feel the warm rush on your cock and the contractions squeezing it, massaging it. This is too much for you and you cum deep inside of me, each thrust deeper, moans louder and louder. I can feel you twitch inside of me.

You lay your body against mine. I take my pussy muscles and squeeze your cock. This makes you jump. You like this but it is also too sensitive at the same time, but I don’t stop.

Finally you pull out of me, stand me up, turn me around and give me the deepest kiss I have ever had. It makes me melt in your arms.

You look at me and say maybe we should continue this inside. I just give you a big smile, grab your hand and lead you in the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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