The Really Complicated Family Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

Here’s part three, sorry it’s taken so long to get to the dirty stuff but hopefully it’ll be worth in the end. Mind you, I’ve no idea where the end is yet.


I drove back to Manchester with a real feeling of trepidation. My hidden message to Tim, if he read it right, basically told him he was going to lose his ‘technical virgin’ status to me at some stage over that weekend.

I’d known that I would do the deed with him, if I was honest, right back when I’d walked in on his naked body and had my first glimpse of that huge cock of his. Love her or hate her, Mum had known a good thing when she saw it and I had to agree that I wanted some of it.

I wasn’t in love, I didn’t want his babies, but I knew that I needed that huge cock in me and, like the idea of making love to little Debs after my first glimpse of her crotch, it had taken up quite a bit of my fantasy time in my big bed.

I had lain on my bed with my vibrator trying to get an idea of what his penis would feel like in me, and I tried to remember how big it was. In the grocers I found myself looking at the cucumbers and trying to guess which was the nearest and did I have the nuts to buy one, take it home and wash it prior to squeezing the thing into my pussy.

I did buy one of course, even going so far as to buy tomatoes, lettuce and other salad stuff just so the smiling lady behind the counter wouldn’t think I was buying it for any other reason than a nice salad.

I got it home, washed it, dried it carefully and took it to my bedroom. I took a shower and washed and dried me, even adding a little perfume to my neck and lay on my bed staring at it for a full ten minutes before I decided what I was going to do with it.

I put my clothes back on, went down to the kitchen and made a huge Greek salad — if I was going to have something that big in me it was going to warm and attached to a man that would force it in and out of me in until he came at the same time as me. Tim was gaging for it, so was I, we’d pretty much done everything but, and… hell, what was the worst that could happen.

So I went to my Doctor, and asked to go on the pill. I’d been with his practice for years and he asked me if I was in a relationship and what other precautions was I taking; AIDS was being taken seriously by that time. I said that it was part of a committed relationship with someone that I trusted and knew his sexual history. The doctor smiled, took my blood pressure and wrote me a prescription there and then.

As if by magic my period started two days later and I took the first pill as instructed and that was that. I had finished the first pack, gone through the withdrawal bleed and started the second pack. According to the doctor and medical science I was ready — ready to fuck, to fuck Tim, to fuck my little brother.

But the preparations though; Every now and again, I’d take a Saturday with my last remaining batchelorette mates and we’d do the town centre, have lunch in the department store, look at shoes and get all girly.

On this particular day, there was a wedding event on and I noticed the white underwear looking sweet, sexy and just virginal enough to make it a bit exciting. We all had a bit of a chuckle at the basque’s, the teddies, the babydolls and various other conglomerations of silk, satin and lace that could be put together for the discerning bride to be, and the pleasure of her husband.

While we giggled, there is that bit in every woman that wants to be a bride and have all of that and our joking wasn’t the way it would have been perhaps teen years previously when we were in our late teens and very early twenties. I did pine for what might have been when I passed wedding dress hire shops, but was enough of a realist not to pine too much.

The idea of that sexy underwear, and the concept of that all-important first night of love stuck in my mind for the rest of the day. Saying a fond farewell to my girls and a little before five o’clock, a calmly walked back towards the department store as I said I had some groceries I wanted to buy in the supermarket. Once out of site I dashed towards the department store, one of those old fashioned oak and walnut clad ones that you just knew would have the ladies stood at the door at 5.28 with the key ready to lock up until Monday morning — no Sunday trading for those places,not in those days.

I made it with fifteen minutes to spare and spent a lazy ten of them walking around the almost deserted lingerie department selecting a few different looks, that I hoped would set the scene for Tim and make losing his virginity a bit more special; OK, now I’m happy to admit that it was for me as well.

The next week I booked an appointment to get my hair done on the Friday afternoon of my next visit.

So it was with some real sense of trepidation that I slipped my door key into the lock of Mum and Tim’s place and opened the door.

“I’m here!” I called out to the house.

Tim was there in seconds; with a huge smile and a peck on the cheek for me, something gaziantep escort bayan ilanları we’d never done before. I could see a change in him. Gone were the long sleeve shirt and flannel trousers, he wore jeans, probably for the first time in his life, a Fred Perry T-shirt and, amazingly of all, trainers. Not only had his hair been cut, it had been styled, and no glasses — his absence of squinting telling me straight away he’d gone for contact lenses like I had.

He took my hand and led me into the front room, no longer a hallowed locked-door mystery but a downstairs bedroom for Mum until she was well enough and recovered from her hip replacement to venture upstairs. She smiled at me and I kissed her proffered cheek.

“I’ll get some tea Mum,” he said. Again, this was a change; up until a few months ago, this would have been ‘SHALL I get some tea Mum’. She nodded, and indicated I should sit in the high backed day chair that had obviously been supplied for Mum when she wanted to get out of bed.

She told me of her operation, her recovery, coming home in the ambulance, being carried in by the big ambulance men and how she reckoned she’d not be able to manage being upstairs for quite a while yet. This was typical Mum — she loved attention, and the thought that she had to be waited on and have all sorts of special measures in place for her would have absolutely made her year.

Tim came in with a tray and three mugs, and a packet of chocolate biscuits — another first, biscuits being served on a weekday, chocolate, I looked around to see if royalty were due. After we chatted for a while, Tim said he’d take my bag up declaring that I was to sleep in his room and he would be in Mum’s. I could see that Mum had a bit of an issue with that but all the time she wanted to maintain her illness privileges she couldn’t make too much complaint.

Following him up the stairs, I noticed that the colour scheme had changed — everything had changed. Gone was the heavy utility furniture that we’d had all of the years of my growing up, and those miserably, grotty greens, browns and creams that had been ‘landlords colours’ and what I had been used to until I bought my own house.

The upstairs hall was bright and airy and yellow! Walking into his bedroom I was stunned, the miserable brown embossed wall paper and yellowing white gloss had been replaced. The walls were light blue, the gloss was painted a bright, flst, matt white and the faded nets and dark curtains had been replaced. His room was like a bright oasis.

Spell bound I walked around his room grinning, stopping to touch the small television he’d installed. “I haven’t told Mum,” he said, “I’m not sure she’d be impressed with a second TV!”

“Wow Tim, I like the new look,” I said, walking closer to him, “and I like the new Tim.” I whispered touching his cheek.

“I missed you Lainey,” he said with a silly smile.

“No you didn’t,” I giggled, “You missed my body and what I let you do to it.”

“Yeah, well there could be a bit of that to it as well.” He looked at the floor, “I got your card,” he said.

I grinned and bit my bottom lip, “Really,” I said grining.

“Really,” he replied with a new confidence I was just getting used to, “both of them in fact. I’m hoping the present you put in for me is what I think it is.”

“Depends on what you think it is Tim,” I said lifting my bag onto his new double bed, which was arranged with a duvet rather than the blankets, eiderdown and coverlets we’d always used.

“I THINK,” he said, “it’s a packet for contraceptive pills.” Then it struck me that he’d probably never seen one or had the kind of conversation that would enable him to find out about them.

“You are right Tim,” I said, “it was the packet for contraceptive pills, I’m now on my second packet by the way,”

“So,” he said with a faint gulp, “so we… we can err…”

I patted his cheek with my hand, “Yes Tim,” I whispered, “we most certainly can, and you know what, I want to do it in here, in your room. I want your cherry Tim.”

“It’s all yours Lainey,” he said with a faint tremble to his voice. Moving closer to each other our lips were just about to meet when Mum shouted from downstairs that she wanted to use the commode. We laughed, squeezed each-others hand and walked downstairs to help Mum.

We sat in her room until she started to nod off, and switching off her light and kissing her goodnight, we left her room switching off the the other house lights as we went.

At the top of the stairs Tim whispered, with a hint of a nervous gulp that I could use the bathroom first.

“Oh no,” I said, “you go first, I absolutely insist.”

“Well,” he began, “I have some things I want to get sorted,”

“So have I,” I said thinking of my bag and what it promised.

“OK then,” he said in a voice I had rarely heard, “You go into the bathroom, do what you have to while I wait in Mum’s room. Once you have finished you escort bayan gaziantep ilanları go into my room and knock the door, I count to ten then go into the bathroom after you.”

I wasn’t having that — after all I had gone to an awful lot of trouble for this night, more so than any other man I could think off, more so than losing my own virginity, which had been one Friday night after a great night in the student union bar with my first proper boyfriend.

We were both living in halls of residence and the comings and goings of men and women students ignored pretty much. We’d been going out for a few weeks and were only seeing each other.

We’d sailed across the dance floor until our lust, kissing, caressing and doing everything we could legally get away with, with the lights down.

“I want you Elaine,” gasped Peter my boyfriend.

“I want you Pete,” I gasped breathlessly into his ear, “let’s go…”

We went back to my place, a single room off of a large corridor, struggling with our ardour and the door keys until we were in, falling onto the single bed and then struggling to get out of our clothes and stay in the mood.

Eventually Pete rolled on top of me and gently eased his penis towards my wet vagina.

“Pete,” I hissed, “I’m a virgin, please be careful…”

Hearing this he got all manly and considerate. He was so gentle and sweet it kind of spoiled it a bit for me. I wanted fucking, while he just wanted to know how much it hurt when he pushed his erection in. It didn’t.

Upon reflection, I realised that my years of being a gymnast at school had probably shredded my hymen years before, and he seemed a little disappointed that I didn’t gasp like a Mills and Boon Victorian maiden when he sank into me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was very nice but Pete was newish to intercourse in the same way that I was and fully expected tears, and for his penis to taste blood. I didn’t and it didn’t — we had a really nice fuck, and he stayed the night. We repeated the whole project the next morning and in the day light it was even more fun, for me being able to watch what was going on and we experimented with some more positions over and above the usual missionary we had tried the night before. I still remember him getting me to rest on my hands and knees for the very first time, and the delight, almost abandon of sitting facing away from my lover with my pussy and bottom on display to him. So much so that first time doggie still made up part of an occasional masturbation fantasy of mine.

But now, all those years later here I was in the bathroom of my old family home, redecorated as it was, ready to do pretty much the same thing. I was so excited I was almost buzzing. The night before I’d sat in my bath with a razor and gently scrapped away at the sides of my bush leaving just a heart shape brown patch — something I’d read about in Cosmo and always fancied doing. I cleaned my teeth, took my borth control pill, sprayed myself with my favourite body spray, did my makeup, applied lipstick before one last spray of perfume. This done, I slipped into my silk negligee, matching panties and stepped out into the hall knocking on the door as promised.

But I didn’t go into his room as planned; I stood inside my old room still full of his model railway, and listened. I heard the chink of glasses knocking together and guessed he had got some wine. I heard him open his bedroom door and walk in. I gave him long enough to put down his tray. After all I didn’t want him to drop it when he saw me!

I tucked my hair back behind my ear and slowly walked to his room, than tapped lightly on his door.

“Are you ready for me Tim?” I said at the door.

“Yes Elaine, in you come…”

I swung the door open and slid through, pleased to find that the room was lit with bedside lamps. I looked across to where he sat on his bed, resplendent in black silk boxer shorts and his body looking fantastic! I don’t know if he’d been working out or whether it was just all of the decorating and furniture moving he’d doing, or if it was just the fact that I fancied the shit out of him and wanted a good fucking.

Whatever it was he had a huge smile for me, so I stalked across the room slowly allowing him to take me all in. Stopping at the foot of the bed I gave him a twirl causing the negligee to swirl out slightly. It was pale pink, drawn tight under my tits giving enough cleavage to make it interesting and swirling enough at my hips to expose the matching string that I bought to go with it.

“Wow, Lainey!” he said, “you look… you look fucking gorgeous!”

I blushed and smiled,

“You don’t look so bad yourself Tim,” I said, stepping forward. He reached across to a bedside table and lifted a glass for me. One look told me it was champagne. On a small bowl next to the bottle was a bowl of strawberries, he had pushed the boat out for me!

I took the glass, walked around the side of the bed, and stood gaziantep bayan escort ilanları before him, “Tim,” I sipped from my glass for some Dutch courage, “Tonight I’m all yours and you can do to me whatever you will. With reason,” I added with a cheeky smile.

He reached out to me and took my glass, placing it with care next to his, the pulled me towards him, and as if it was the most natural thing in the world we kissed; hard, long passionate kissing that had my already lit fires raging and by the feel of his penis against my thighs the same was happening to him

He pulled me down on to the bed and rolled slightly so he was half over me. I was surprised at his confidence, but happy to let him do what he wanted,stroking my sides and my hips, my breasts, everywhere and the feeling through the silk was fantastic.

I will confess that as I a bit of an amateur seamstress, I had tailored the thing to fit my curves exactly and even lift up my boobs the tiniest bit. I had made it easy for him though, and he gave up his stroking for a moment, to pull at the tie holding both sides of the flimsy garment together and he gently lifted each side, peeling them off of my breasts and exposing each to his hungry gaze.

“Wow,” he said, “Lainey, you are so… you’re perfect, I don’t…”

I grabbed his face and pulled him down to kiss me and he rolled over on top of me to rest on me, and falling naturally between my thighs that I opened to greet him. Being of an equal height, his erection pushed down onto my silk clad pussy. The fear of pregnancy was out of the way and with the excitement and tension rising, I had the urge just to rip off my knickers and his boxers and just feel him inside me, but tonight was all about him so I let him make the pace.

He slid down to my now bare breasts and feasted on my nipples, chewing on them as if he was starving man, I cradled the back of his head and stroked his cheek, sighing with the intensity of the moment giving him enough encouragement to let him know despite his nerves he was doing just the right thing.

I reached down to his try and reach his penis, and he got the message and came back up to resume our necking, and I was able to reach inside his boxers. After an absence of just five weeks I’d quite forgotten how huge he was and I began to stroke and gently pump this monster that was about to service me.

I pulled at the sides of his shorts to indicate I wanted them off and he raised up a touch to allow me to do that, and he wriggled out of them, his hot penis coming into naked contact with my thighs. Tim rolled to one side and reached up to our champagne glasses.

I pouted,

“Lainey, I want this wonderful night to last as long as possible so…”

“So do I Tim,” I said, “you don’t think I’m going to let you get away with only fucking me once do you?” He smiled and shook his head. I reached out for my glass and craned up to sip mine, “Well then, when you’ve quite finished I for one would very much like you to pull my knickers off of me and fuck me.”

“Your wish is my command,” he said, and moved down the bed to pull at the string that was covering my pubis, and I slipped out of the pink lace of my teddy. We were both naked, it felt perfect.

“Please Tim,” I said, hoping I was sounding like the romance books and movies he’s copied his style from, “please make love to me.”

He glued his mouth to mine rolled on top of me and I felt his hard cock pressing against my cunt; shit, it was going to happen after months of thinking and agonising and preparation that huge cock was going inside me. Eventually…

It suddenly occurred to me that he’d only fucked on hands and knees and probably wasn’t sure about the mechanics of the missionary position.

Putting him out of his misery I reached down between us, raising my thighs for good measure, and took his bone hard dick and guided it as best I could to the swollen went entrance of my womanhood. It was too long, and of course so hard it wouldn’t bend.

“Down a bit Tim,” I said, trying to keep any suggestion of humour out of my voice, and he took his weight on his arms and moved fractionally until I felt him at my labia. Thankfully for me, nature took over and he pushed up automatically.

“Christ!” I gasped out loud, “fuck!” I could feel his bell end pushing through into me to a depth I’d never known, until I was sure it was touching my cervix.

“Lainey, you OK?” he burst out, stopping moving, even pulling out a bit, “you want me to stop?”.

“NO!” I gasped touching his face and smiling, “Oh God, no,” I reassured him, “Tim, it’s perfect Darling, absolutely perfect, please carry on and ignore any gasps of passion that you may hear.”

“I’ll try,” he said, and resumed his slow screwing of me.

It was my first male-female fuck in at least two years, and such a joy to feel a man inside me again. And fuck, what a man! He started to quicken the pace and the contact with my G-spot, A-zone and all the other bits that Cosmo discuss at such great length, began to take effect. My excitement was building to a crescendo point and my orgasm began.

“Oh Tim,” I cried out, “Tim, please… oh God, Tim keep going, harder, harder, I’m so close.”

My urging was enough and raising himself slightly he upped his pace and fucked my poor puss as hard as he could, and I gasped crying into what was probably my most intense orgasm ever — so much so my toes still curl to this day when I think of it.

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