The Retreat

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The sexual tension had been building all weekend and tonight she was finally going to get some relief. She hoped. It was an incredible stroke of luck that a snowstorm was predicted overnight and gave her an excuse to stay the night on campus. As a chef at a small college campus she had the benefit of being able to stay in a dorm room if weather might make it difficult to make it back in for the breakfast shift. However, this weekend the small dorm was not occupied by college students. A men’s group was using the space for a long weekend retreat. The group was comprised of much older men with the exception of one man noticeably younger than the others.

And noticeable he was. With his dark hair, warm smile, and pleasant conversation he had caught Sarah’s attention on their first day there. As the weekend went on, and interactions became slightly more flirty, she got the feeling Craig was having similar thoughts. Tonight at dinner she made sure to drop the fact that she would be staying the night on campus. And which room she would be in, the furthest from the men’s cluster. Now it was all in Craig’s hands and she really hoped he wouldn’t disappoint…

As the men headed off to their rooms, Sarah closed down the kitchen, showered, and headed to her own room. She slipped into panties and a tank top, and, leaving the door to her room unlocked, grabbed her vibrator out of her bag and climbed into bed. She had at least come prepared to take care of herself in case Craig let her down.

She immediately turned the bullet vibrator on low and began to tease herself through her panties. She was already wet in anticipation of what she hoped was to come. She slowly slid the vibrator back and forth across her clit with one hand while her other pulled down one side of her tank top to find a nipple. Her clit was already throbbing, her panties damp and clinging to it as she continued to tease herself with the toy. She could already feel the impending first orgasm, she was so turned on by the weekend’s build-up. She closed her eyes, gently pinching her nipple as she turned the vibrator up a notch and couldn’t help letting out a small moan as it intensified. As she kicked her blanket back to be able to spread her legs wider Maltepe Escort on the small dorm bunk she opened her eyes and realized her door had opened. Craig was outlined in the light from the hall and let out a small gasp as he saw the position she was in. As he closed the door he was already pulling his own shirt off, quickly followed by his boxer briefs being pushed down. As they locked eyes and he grabbed a hold of his quickly hardening cock, Sarah started to take the vibrator away to focus on Craig, but he stopped her.

“Please, don’t stop! I want to watch you make yourself cum before it’s my turn,” he pleaded.

“Mmmmm…gladly!” She slid her panties to one side and moved the vibrator back to her clit. Craig came closer to the bed, slowly stroking himself, clearly enjoying the show. He kept one hand firmly around his cock, stroking all the while as he reached out to slide his free hand up her leg, her thigh, her stomach, to her breasts. He kneeled down beside the bed and took one nipple into his mouth as he gently pinched the other. Sarah let out a moan as he flicked his tongue over one nipple then the other. He moved up to kiss her intensely on the mouth. He pulled away and resumed stroking himself as he took the other hand and trailed it down her body. He teased his fingers up and down her thighs, and as he moved up and slid a finger inside her, then two, she came almost immediately. She turned the vibrator off and tossed it to the side, pulling Craig down on top of her. They were like teenagers in their excited groping, wanting to touch every inch of each other’s bodies.

He pulled away and slid down her body, fondling one breast as his tongue found her clit. He was like an expert as he hungrily lapped at her clit and then slid his fingers back inside her. Sarah couldn’t help grasping his hair with the other as she pushed his face harder against herself.

“Oh my god Craig,” she moaned, “I’m gonna cum. Fuck, you’re gonna make me cummmm…” the moan became more of a cry as the huge wave hit her. She pulled him up and hungrily pressed her mouth to his, tasting herself all over his face. She grasped his cock with one hand and used it, rubbing it against herself, sliding it up and down Ümraniye Escort her now dripping wet slit. She moved him to the bed so she could get on top of him. She continued to slide back and forth across his cock, not letting it enter her yet, just teasing him and using him as her own toy. She slid down and took his cock into her mouth, just the tip at first, and slowly, slowly, running her tongue up and down his shaft, licking off every bit of herself. Then, cupping his balls, she quickly took him all the way in, deep throating him.

“Oh fuck, Sarah! Holy shit that feels so fucking good,” he gasped. Sarah genuinely enjoying giving blow jobs. And it showed. She brought him just to the brink of cumming multiple times, always seeming to know exactly when to pull back or switch actions to keep him going. She licked and sucked and stroked and all the while was getting more and more turned on herself until she needed his cock inside her.

She gave his shaft one last lick and moved up with a smile. She straddled his cock, again just sliding herself back and forth over it without putting it inside. She leaned over him, letting him suck both her nipples as she slowly slid his cock inside of her. My god what relief to have that cock filling her up after days of anticipation! She sat back and rocked slowly back and forth as he grabbed her ass and pushed himself even farther up into her.

“I am going to ride this cock the way I want until I make myself cum,” she breathed, “and then….mmmmm…then I want you to use me. I want you to tell me exactly…mmmmm, oh my god…how you want to fuck me.”

“Oh jesus Sarah!” he grunted, “Your pussy feels so fucking good. Your mouth felt so fucking good. You are amazing. I want…unnnnhhhh…every inch of you. I…oh my god…don’t know if I can last much longer..!” he gave a big thrust up into her just as he pinched both her nipples and it put Sarah right over the edge. She let out a sharp cry as her pussy shuddered in orgasm around his cock, “Oh myyyyy god, Craig!!” And that was too much for him. Watching and feeling her cum put him over the edge. He grabbed her waist and furiously pumped up into her, exploding inside of her. He held her there, leaving İstanbul Escort his cock inside of her, pulling her down toward him in a passionate kiss. He moved his mouth to her neck, making her whole body shiver as he kissed and tongued her neck and ear lobes.

He moved his mouth to her ear, whispering, “Do you still want me to tell you exactly what I’d like to do?”

“Oh my god yes!” Sarah’s body was already responding again. Attention to her ears and neck were her biggest turn-ons. With the exception of dirty talk. He was pressing every one of her buttons and she was already slowly rocking back and forth on him again without even realizing it. Until she felt the first twitches inside of him re-hardening.

“What I’d want would be for you to move down and lick all of yourself off me again, that was so hot and your mouth felt amazing. I need to feel your lips wrapped around my cock again,” he breathed into her ear. My god she was already so turned on again! She immediately got goosebumps all over her body and her nipples hardened to pebbles.

“Once you have me rock hard and close to cumming, I want to lay you down on the bed and I want you to spread your legs wide for me,” he continued. “I want to fuck you while watching you rub your clit and play with your nipple,” he whispered. Jesus, she was so close to cumming again already just from the things he was saying and his breath on her ear. She had also steadily been rocking more firmly on his cock throughout while he had gotten fully hard again inside of her. “I want to be able to see your face as you make yourself cum. I want to be able to see my cock sliding in and out of you while I fuck you,” he was breathing harder now, they both were. She was fully riding him again, he was rhythmically pushing up into her, whispering more quickly as he described how he was going to take her. “I want to fuck you so hard. And I really want to…oh my god…pull out at the last second and…oh fuck!..cum all over those beautiful tits…unnnnnnh!!” he had barely finished speaking as her body exploded with yet another orgasm and he slammed up into her with one final thrust and filled her up again, panting. He immediately looked sheepish, and as she slid up off him and moved down, starting to clean him off with her tongue, he started apologizing for cumming before actually doing what he was saying. She took her mouth off his cock for a second and grinned up at him, “Just something to look forward to, right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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