The Ride Of My Life

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Big Dicks

As I waited for my friend Lisa to finish up her tennis match, I straightened out my short black tennis skirt and gray spandex top. I could see the guys waiting for their lesson staring at me as I flipped my head over to put my hair up in a ponytail. I must say, I did look pretty hot in my tennis outfit. The short skirt complimented my long legs, and the tight top accentuated my 34b breasts. I saw Lisa finish up and I called to her to hurry up.

We jumped into Lisa’s convertible and began talking about the impending weekend.

“I’m so excited for Mike’s party tonight!” Lisa exclaimed.

“I know, me too. I can’t believe he’s the last of us to turn 18! I really hope I get some ass tonight too. All that working out has made me really horny.” I said

“You are such a slut!” Lisa said jokingly, knowing that she wanted ass just as badly as I did.

I went home and stripped off my tennis panties, skirt and top. I jumped in the shower and let the hot water cascade down my body. As I began to soap my body, I was getting extremely aroused thinking about the night to come. I pulled on my quarter sized nipples making them stand out like pencil erasers. I then slid my hand down to my pussy, and inserted one, then two fingers into the burning hot wetness. Since I was so hot, it took only a matter of minutes before I was coming all over my hand. I then felt a lot more relaxed as I finished my shower and dried off.

I started to get ready for Mike’s party. I pulled on a black lace thong and a short, tight black miniskirt. I decided to go braless since my tits are firm enough to stand up on their own. I wore a red shirt that was cut low and ended above my navel, showing off my belly button ring. I made my dark hair sleek and straight, and outlined my hazel eyes with black eyeliner. I finished the outfit off with my favorite “fuck me” black 3 inch sandals, and looked in the mirror before I left. I quickly sprayed on some vanilla scented perfume, Göztepe Escort and I was ready.

I got in my car and drove to mike’s house, getting wet with anticipation of the night to come. I’ve had my eye on a cute senior named Josh, and I was hoping that tonight I would finally seduce him. He was your typical all American high school boy. Tall, football and lacrosse player, blonde hair, blue eyes, adorable dimples. I parked my car at Mike’s house, took a deep breath, and went inside.

The music was blaring and people were dancing and drinking like crazy. Mike’s parents were out of town for the weekend, so everyone was letting loose. I quickly found Mike, gave him his present and a happy birthday kiss on the cheek.

“You look gorgeous Carls” He said using my pet name.

“Thanks babe, you don’t look too bad yourself. Happy Birthday sweetie” I replied.

I then went on my quest to find Josh. I saw Lisa grinding with our friend Jake, and I winked at her, knowing that she and him would be quite busy later. Then, I saw Josh standing near the beer cans. I walked over to him with a small, seductive smile on my face, ready to take action.

“Wow Carly, you look hot.” He said looking me up and down appreciatively. “Thanks babe.” I purred “you look good enough to eat!” and he did! He was wearing a black tight t-shirt that accentuated his defined chest and stomach, and a pair of jeans.

“Want to dance?” he asked me.

Instead of reply, I took his hand and pulled his arm around my shoulders. I then walked with him over to the dance floor just as a slow song came on. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear “sweet and slow, just the was I like it.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled in close. He let his hands wander over my ass, and then took his other hand and grabbed my face and tilted my head up. He slowly kissed me while letting one hand travel under my short skirt. He felt how wet I was and I kissed him İstanbul Escort harder. Lisa, who was going upstairs with Jake, sang out to us “Get a room!”

“Let’s take her advice” I said in a husky voice as I pulled away from the kiss.

Josh looked at me, took my hand, and led me upstairs. WE went into mike’s bedroom and locked the door. Since Mike is a musician, his room is soundproof, so we couldn’t hear any of the music and yelling from downstairs. Josh went over to the stereo and put on some music. He then came over to me and kissed me, slow and gentle. The kiss began to escalate and become more intense, until finally he laid me down on the kind size bed in the room. He then pulled away from me and kissed down my leg to my ankle, where he undid the strap on my sandal and pulled it off. He then did the same on the other leg. He slid back up to my mouth, and I pulled his shirt off. He then pulled off mine, and held me tight, so our chests were crushed together. I could feel my nipples stiffen just from being so close to him. He then began massaging my breast and pulling on my nipples. He moved his face to suck on my neck, then down lower to my breasts. He put one nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it. It felt soooo good. As he was doing this, his other hand slipped down in between my legs.

He stopped sucking on my nipples to pull off my skirt and thong. He looked at me appreciatively when he saw that I had shaved off all my pubic hair. He kissed me hard as he slid his hands up my thighs and began to stroke my dripping wet pussy.

“Oh baby, you are so wet.” He said to me with a look of pure lust in his eyes.

“and what are you going to do to help that situation?’ I asked.

He didn’t say another word, but dipped his head between my thighs. I felt his tongue snake out of his mouth and into my hot wet pussy. He licked as far as he could, then pulled out and began to flick my clit. All of the sudden, he jammed Anadolu Yakası Escort two fingers into my snatch, and I screamed out in pleasure. He began to stroke his fingers in and out of me while flicking his tongue over my clit. Finally, he sucked my clit into his mouth and twisted his fingers up to hit my g-spot. I was in orgasmic bliss. I started shaking and felt a gush of cum flow out of my cunt.

“Holy shit, that was amazing!” I said to him as he came up, his face glistening with my juices.

“My turn?” He asked with a gleam in his eye.

I pushed him back, hard, onto the bed and climbed on top of him, kissing him fiercely. I reached down and began to unbutton his jeans. I pulled away from him and pulled off his jeans with one quick pull. I then pulled off his boxers and swallowed his cock in one quick gulp. It had to be about 8 inches long and two inches wide. I couldn’t wait to feel it in my pussy. I began to use my tongue to massage the under part of his shaft, while deep throating his gorgeous cock. He began to moan and entangle his fingers in my hair. “baby, I’m going to cum” he said. I just sucked harder and grabbed his balls. This sent him over the edge, and I swallowed every last drop.

He then pulled my face up to his and kissed me, long and hard. WE continued kissing while he got hard again and I got wet again. As soon as that happened, he pulled on a condom and said “get ready for the ride of your life”

I squealed in anticipation, as he pushed my legs up over his shoulders as he positioned his cock at my pussy. With one quick thrust he was in, and it felt incredible. “you are so tight carly” he said. I could feel my pussy walls clenching onto his cock, trying to keep him in. He began to thrust in and out, slowly, but hitting my g-spot every time, sending waves of ecstasy throughout me. He then reached down and began to massage my clit, which drove me crazy. I began to orgasm, and the feelings were too much for him because he began to cum too. When we were done, we lay there in each others arms, and fell asleep. A few hours later we woke up, and with a kiss went our separate ways. We fucked a few times after then, but it was never as great as that one night at mike’s house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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