The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 13

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The beginning of the end.

When I started writing this I really didn’t think I would get this far before I lost interest and found something better to do with my spare time so I never really gave much thought to how to write this next part. I think I was planning to make it look like it all carried on the same, putting in some of the better sex bits, and then put in a few big quick events to justify the fall of the gangs, and in some ways that is what happened, but it was really a slow decay, most of the next year in my life was devoted to watching it and not trying to stop it. The truth is that without the slow fall I wouldn’t have become the person I am, and it wouldn’t be the right way to tell the story. So the next few chapters are going to be a little bit darker and I little bit harder, hopefully I will still be able to put in the better sex bits.

Most people blamed the beginning of the end on the immigrants, asylum seekers shipped up north and put into the vacant flats on the estate because no one else would live there, they where soon joined by a far few illegals who lived with them. Most where Islamic Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan all pumped out their fair share and despite their internal differences by the time they reach the estate they were all Pakies too us. If the is one thing the poor do well is finding a sub class to hate.

Their kids didn’t want to join our gangs and we sour as hell were not going to give up territory to them, so we treated them badly. Their adults didn’t want to mix with ours so they didn’t try and stop it. And what was more important they didn’t follow the estates rules and that made tension. They did help the end come quickly but it was on its way before they became a problem. They were just easy to blame afterwards.

No I put the blame for the beginning of the end, or at least the end as it affected me in one place, with an 18 year old southern girl call Kate. Kate never went to the estate, she didn’t know its name, she knew no one from it, and had no ill will towards us. Her only contact with it would come more than a week later when she met me but still the blame lies with her.

Kate wasn’t good looking but that is not to say she was ugly, she was in a middle ground that quit a few girls fall into and convince themselves they are hideous, most girls are attractive in some way you just have to find a guy who has kinks that way. She was a brunette which she hated, her boobs where too big for her body but I have never heard a guy complain about that, her teeth where just a little too big for her mouth and she had a thin nose which made her look smug all the time but she had great skin and she loved her arse even if I did find it a little flat.

It started on a Friday night, it was the last day of Fresher’s week at Liverpool University which puts it at my second week of term. Kate was a Fresher at Liverpool that year, she had been raised a good girl in a posh southern suburb, had gone to a private school, had gone to church on a Sunday, she had never done anything bad other than to lose her virginity to a boy she “truly Loved” back home and as such had come to University and her first taste of freedom with the soul purpose of being bad. She was determined to try new things and over the last week she had tried as many as she could think of, she had got drunk off her face most nights and had had sex with 5 different boys in the last week, one of which must have been 30 and two one after the other against a wall in the street, she had tried weed and had taken an Ecstasy pill, she had even made out with a girl from her halls.

So this new Kate had jumped at the chance to go out Friday night with some second years from her course. They had taken out a dozen girls from first year to show them the town. Kate had gone down on one of the lads in a club bathroom, even swallowed, which was fine until he told everyone as soon as they “came” out. One of the second year girls had cornered her after and told her he was her man, she had twisted her nipples hard and told her she would make Kate her bitch if she did it again. The new Kate wasn’t all that sure that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be the girls bitch but it wasn’t to be. With the point made the second year girls made sure to lose Kate the next time the change clubs but even that was ok.

As often happens to young, drunk girls who is not very attractive but nice enough, she was picked up by a group of guy. Things could have gone bad for her again as they went to more clubs and got drunker as the guy where starting to talk about taking this posh slut back home and tying her down so they could take turns with her. The new her pretended not to overhear as she was tempted to let them, until they started to talk about things they could put in her, which not only included a 14 year old girl who live down the street but one of the men’s dog she bailed the next chance she got.

But when one is young and at a University in Liverpool a night out can’t end there, a night out must end in The Razz, this is not whole true, you can go home anytime, but lots of people seem to end up there. The Razz was a real dive of a night club and we had some pretty bad one back home. The upstairs wasn’t so bad but the basement dance floor was truly terrible. It was cheap to get in, had cheap drinks, bad music and slutty girls so students love it. No one went there sober, no one headed out of a night to go The Razz but somehow, some way they found themselves there.

Kate found herself there, all dressed up, in her most slutty clothes, drunk, alone and looking for fun. The fun she found was named Robby. Robby was a parasite, he used his good looks and his charm to convinces impressionable, emotional, damaged girls he loved them and then he used them up. They would buy him things, lend him money that he never paid back, most of which went into an ever present hole of his gambling debts, he would steal from them, separate them from their friends and he would violate them. He would come up with way to humiliated, degrade and damage them sexually and convince them they liked it and they would look passed it all because they LOVED him. When they ran out of things to give he would move on and if they got wise t him before he was done with them he got mean.

Robby had heard of the estate but he never listened when he was told otherwise he wouldn’t have done what he was about to do. He was almost Ataşehir Escort done with his last girlfriend, he had done things to her that a monster like me found disturbing even among the gangs we had some standards. He had taken her in every way he knew, stripped her of everything she was, he had sold time with her body to his friend and when they would no longer pay he had passed her around for free, a night with her had paid off half his debts and her pussy and paid his rent. He had almost had her fuck his lecturer so he could pass a course but he liked being in second year, this would be his fourth time, just being kept his parents off his back. He had given her to the lecturer anyway in the end. He hit her all the time, told her it was her fault and she believed him, she loved him.

All it would have taken was one phone call and he would never have touched her again but she never made it. So now Robby was done with her but that didn’t mean he would let her go, not till he found a new girl to make his whore. He loved Freshers so young and naive and willing to please, most don’t even know what a real relationship was like and it was so easy to make them see it his way. Kate had prey written all over her and Robby moved in to take his go.

It cost him too drinks to get her to make out with him, less than £5 for a kiss and it didn’t cost him any more to get her on the dance floor, without the thin fabric of her panties the dance would have been classed as third base. She was so drunk that he didn’t need his charm or his looks to get her to go the toilets with him, he was half worried she would pass out because it is no fun if she doesn’t know. He pushed her into a cubical in front of him.

He pulled off her top and broke the hooks on her bra getting it off. He liked her breast, he knew guys who would pay big to play with them if this worked out. He ran his hand up her leg and beneath her skirt taking a tight grip on her panties. He didn’t try to pull them down but pull them out, giving two sharp tugs until there was the tearing sound of the seams going, Kate gave out a little squeak as they did. He pulled the tatter pieces of fabric from her, dragging it between her legs over her pussy lips. He forced them into her face and had her smell herself on them before dropping them to the floor.

Robby spun her around and bent her outs so that her body was over the toilet, her face and cheat pressed hard into the graffiti covered wall. Robby pushed her skirt up over her arse exposing her pussy, Kate wasn’t all that wet, he had to push hard to penetrate her deeply, he knew that he had hurt her but he didn’t care, it was best to be rough the first time. She would know what she was in for and get used to it or just be some slut he fucked once. He took her hard and fast, reaching around with his hand too twist, pinch and pull her nipples painfully. Even with the pain this new slut was getting wet and hot, her body responding. He was pounding her to hard of to get breath to moan so she just grunted with each thrust.

He wasn’t going to last long at this pace so he moved one of his hands down to Kate’s clit. He didn’t care about her pleasure but wanted her to cum for two reasons firstly if she came she was more likely to come back for more and more importantly for a girl to feel truly violated, truly degraded, her body had to enjoy it even as her soul felt dirty. He knew how to use his hands, forcing a girl to cum was one of his specialties, if this slut became his he would send a night with her tied up and do it until she promised to do anything if he would stop. She had a forced, dirty climax. When the old Kate came back she would cry about it and feel used of a long time but the new Kate was too far gone to care.

Robby didn’t want to cum in the slut cunt, she hadn’t earned that yet. So he span her, forcing her to her knees and shot his loan into her mouth, he made sure to pull out before he had done getting it on her face and chest. He leaned down grabbing a handful of her hair “You mine now” he spat at her. Kate just nodded dumbly. It was in this state that he led her out of the toilets, hair a mess, her skirt still pulled up showing off half of her arse, no bra, no panties, and bits of his cum face. Even then it could have all been ok but another girl saw him with her then and that girl talked and soon people would know.

Two days later the girl who knew the estate, a girl who was born there and with luck and hard work had made it all the way to University, even if it was paid for with drug money, a girl who up until two nights ago had been convinced Robby loved her, that is why she let him do those things to her, A girl who had spent all summer working in Liverpool just to be near him ran herself a bath. She had cried a lot over the last days, she had taken the drugs to stop crying but they made it worse. She hated herself because of what she had done for him, she hated herself more because she would do anything to have him back.

She wasn’t going to leave a note, the people that needed to know why she had done it would know, she had wrote it all down in a diary, everything and she had just mail it and the dog collar he had made her wear to the one person that would understand. She knew this wouldn’t be the end, Robby did not know what hell he had invited. She slipped into the hot water, trying to let it clean the dirt off her skin but it would never come off. She picked up the blade and pressed it into her skin, it took her 4 tries before she cut deep enough and the blood started to flow, she tried to do the other arm but her finger wouldn’t work. She started to feel sleepy… she started to drift off to sleep…

Her name was Lisa. She was found later that night by her roommate, she had told Lisa what was being said about Robby, she had thought she was helping and blamed herself for it. She was a nice girl and didn’t deserve that kind of gilt but I am not sure if Lisa didn’t plan it that way. She called the police because that is what normal people did and they came and did their thing. They were more interested as to where she had gotten the drugs than by the suicide. When they rung the police around out way to get someone to tell the family they were certainly more interested in the drugs. Lisa was Lacy’s older sister, it was his drugs money, the money coming off the corner that paid for her education. A real reason to ask Ataşehir Escort Bayan an estate gang member about drugs was not something to pass up.

A lad came running down towards the corner Monday afternoon “Rave there are pigs at Lacy’s flat, what do we do?”

I sent a lad to find Lacy, I knew where he was, I knew the flat he shot up in so I sent him there and I walk to Lacy home. If the police where on the estate they had a good reason to be here and I was going to find out what is was. It was the first time I had been to Lacy’s flat, despite his growing habit and me running his corner he worked hard to keep his family away from the gang. He had done a good job because his front door was open by a girl I knew.

Her name was Charlotte, she was in my form, she didn’t talk much and I had never gave her a second look, now that I did she was quite pretty in a child like way, very petite with a mass of uncontrollable blonde hair and big, sad, blue eye. I was shocked to see her there, I should have known if she was related to Lacy but I didn’t and if she was why hadn’t she joined up by now. All of these questions could wait as there was a police car outside.

“Hi I am Rav…”

“I know who you are, I know what you do” she cut me off coldly “Get my brother here now.”

“I have sent someone to get him, can I come in and wait?”

“They are not here for him, you don’t have to act as a buffer just get him here NOW!” she slammed the door on me. It was the first time I had heard Charlotte say more than two words and I liked her from then on. I found Lacy quickly and hustled him home, he was relatively clean. I forced my way through the door after him, I wanted to know what was going in. His mummy was crying, as the police told the story again of Lisa being found dead, how she killed herself, the where two PC and a young detective, he worried me. Charlotte didn’t cry but Lacy did, I would have to keep him out of sight if he kept it up, dead sister or not it was a show of weakness.

It would have gone ok but the detective brought up the subject of the drugs, how could she have got them, did they know anyone who could have sold them too her. His thinly valid accusation got Lacy mad, that was good so I let it go a bit far. I watched him lose his temper, I was big enough now to stop him from doing anything but the police left quickly. I really didn’t like the look the detective gave us as he left, pigs should be scared of us here.

That would have been that, her family would have been sad, but it would have really touch me but for the package Lisa had sent. I was summoned to the YMCA that Friday by Bex, I walked past the typical seen of depravity that was the lower room on a Friday night without even looking. The upstairs was empty as I walked down the hall, the room at the end looked like a bomb had hit it. The tables and chairs had been smashed, the porcelain that was still on the walls was broken, and the rest of it was scatted across the room. From the way he was pacing you could tell that the bomb was called Bob. I didn’t look at anyone in the room but walked over to him, it was our job to watch out for each other and seeing him like this was rare. I place my forehead gently on his and held him there, if he wanted he could have move, he could have ripped me to pieces but he didn’t he was close enough to come back, I looked deep into his eyes as he forced calm on himself with ragged breaths. I turned to look at the room, Lacy was sunk down in one corner his knees pulled up to his chest, Cain had a cut above his left eye from his own attempt to calm Bob down, Bex was white not used to her brother losing control.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked. So they told me, Bex had got a package from Lisa. Lisa had dated Bob back in the day and even if it didn’t work out Bob had loved her but she had got real close to Bex, they were like sister before Lisa had left for a better world and Bex had fallen out with her over it. She had sent Bex her diary believing Bex would be the only one to understand. Bex had read it, the last six months had shocked her, had made her anger, the writing of the last two days had made her cry. I have read the diary, and the last two days where truly bad. That is why we were here to hear the story.

Bob had loved the girl and had taken it badly “He slaved her out” was all he kept saying over and over.

“So what do you want me to do?” I asked. Bex passed me the diary, on top was a photo of Lisa sitting next to a man who was looking away from the camera.

“That is Robby” she said “you are going to Liverpool, you are going to find him.” I looked at Cain half excited, was this going to be my first kill. He shook his head ever so slightly.

“Lacy wants to have a word with him about the miss treatment of his sister, you are to take him not kill him. Take Tazz with you, Mark will look after Lacy corner while you are away” He said. I nodded and started planning, I would need help so as well as Tazz I would take Mike, I would like PayDay but we needed to leave some people on the corner.

Killing someone is easy, all you need is some time with the person, hell you don’t have to be alone if you don’t have to be alone if you will risk it. Taking someone whole and not getting court doing it is hard, especially in a town you don’t know, when you are trying to control a drug addict who wants it now. You need a place you can control to take someone , picking them off the street has to many risks and you need time to plan. Finding Robby was easy, we had his name and all it took was sweat talking a secretary to get his timetable. I sat outside his lectures until I saw someone that matched the photo and then we followed him.

I followed him for 4 days on and off, I learned a lot about him, and what I learnt made me sick. Most things he did looked innocent but I had read Lisa diary by this point, I knew what kind of person he was. I watched using people in small ways. He owed a lot of money to people that I wouldn’t owe money to for any reason, which was good as they would be the first to be looked at by the police. It took me a day to work out the only place we could take him was his flat but getting him there was the hard bit, he was so erratic it was hard to plan.

This was where we met Kate, Robby had her bad, he spent most of his nights with her, had her do things slutty in public, Escort Ataşehir humiliated her on more than once while I watched. I needed him in one place and Kate was going to put him there. I had taken a student ID off a lad the first day by bumping into him, I had given him back the rest of his wallet so he would just think he had lost it. I used it to get into the library after Kate that Friday morning, I walked up behind her and grabbed her arm.

“We need to talk” I said with a grin “You scream and I will hurt you.” She didn’t scream, she didn’t fight, and I think Robby had broken her of that. I took her to the stacks, the where places down there that didn’t get used more than twice a year, books that never got read, the place was full of places to have a quite chat. I forced the diary into her hands and commanded her to read, it took her the best part of an hour and a half to finish, and she was white by the end, shaking. She told me her story, crying all the time, she told me everything Robby had had her do over the last 2 weeks, how dirty she felt. She told me she would break it off, never see him again, for what he had done to her and to Lisa. She just wanted to go back to being the old her again, she hated who she was, and I could sympathise with that but it wouldn’t help me.

I told her that Robby would get his but I needed him at his flat tonight and she was going to get him there, it was a risk but I was tired of Liverpool, I wanted to get home. She didn’t need much to agree, she hated him now, he had used her like so many girls before. So I left her and went to wait of Robby to come home. We had been smashing shop front windows with silent alarms near Robby’s Flat for the last four nights, the fastest police response time was 8 minutes, which was more than enough if some call 999. The compound was made up of two L shaped buildings with two entrances, a security guard had a hut at one end and a CCTV camera coved the other entrance so he could watch both, or it would have if we hadn’t taken it off the wall two nights ago and it hadn’t been replaced so we could come and go as we liked.

I watched him go in with Kate from a van across the road, Mike had stolen it yesterday, I gave a slow ten count before getting out. Tazz and I crossed the road towards the block. The front door was quite and complicated lock, it would have taken me 5 or 10 minutes to pick but I had taken a set of keys off a lad leaving earlier that night. I had my bat held flat against my arm, waiting for the lift seemed to take forever but once on it we reached the floor in no time.

We slid our hoods into place, I pulled a bandana up over my nose and mouth. I stood just to the side of the door and let the bat slip down my arm until my fingers gripped the Knob on the end, I pulled it up until my other hand gripped it a few inches from the other end then I swung it like a ram. The trick is to aim just below the lock in order to get the best leverage. The lock was ripped from the wall sending the door crashing inwards. Tazz went first, I followed, one of Robby’s flat mates was pushed over a coach as we pushed in. I pointed the bat at him like a sword, I had read the diary and this guy where little better than he was, I was deeply tempted to hit him but that was why we were here. “Stay the fuck down, we are only here for what is owned” I hear myself yell but I don’t remember thinking it.

The door to his room came off with a kick, it wasn’t even close to the one at the front. He was standing there in just his pants, Kate was naked on the bed, he had been working fast. I hooked the end of the bat into his stomach making him double over, I drove the handle into his neck pinning him to the wall, and I pulled the picture from my pocket and held it up. I didn’t look at it, ever line was burned into my mind but some things had to be done. I threw him to Tazz who dragged him from the room, I looked at Kate taking in her nakedness with a smile under my mask “You look good, next time don’t get drunk and pick a jerk like him, and you might want give us a few minutes before calling the police. Oh and tell them we asked about money” I said as I left the room, the flatmate was still on the floor where we had left him. We took the stairs down, Robby begin he was paid up all the way.

Mike swung the van around and met us coming out, we threw Robby in the back and he promised us everything to let him go, he even promised us Kate. We head of an run down industrial estate on the outskirts, one run down warehouse in a sea of run down warehouse around Liverpool, I am not sure I could find it any more. Mike stayed in the van, god I wish I had, and we dragged him inside. Lacy was high, he was always high now and he had set up tools. I was bad, I did bad things, I got hurting people for information or as punishment, I got that sometimes in that world people have to die, but what Lacy did that night… well I still have dreams about it. He got Robby’s story out of him, one scream at a time, everything he had done to anyone he could think off. For the first 15 minutes I thought he would kill him, for the next I swore he would kill him, for the last I hope he would kill him. I member the screams, but I didn’t turn away, I watch it all. Robby was scum but no one deserved that, he would be using his looks to get things any more.

Lacy was done with him and he told us to take him to a hospital, he wanted him to live with it. We dragged the barely breathing, bloody mess that had been Robby to the van. I carried him into an A and E and dropped that piece of flesh on the floor. A young nurse ran up a look of horror on her face.

“What did he do?” she asked. I looked over my shoulder feeling cold and dead.

“He cheated” and I ran back to the van.

We burnt it on a piece of waste ground, I like fire, if it wasn’t for the whole set of other problems I would say I was a pyromaniac, but watching the flames gave my on emotional release this time, I move closer as the full tank blew, I pull the blood cover hoody off and threw it into the flames, the heat was intense I could feel the hairs on my arms and chest fizz and melt and still nothing. I began to move closer, I don’t know what I would have done if Tazz hadn’t grabbed my arm and pull me to the car.

We drove home in silence, Lacy had used again and was too stoned, Mike had heard the screams and seen the mess we had pulled out and Tazz and I had seen too much. We got home later and left Mike to burn out this car, I walked to the flat, Faye was asleep, I didn’t wake her, I didn’t try to sleep, I just sat on the end of the bed starring at the wall.

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