The Road Trip

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Tommy and Sarah had been best friends since kindergarten. Sarah lived across the street from Tommy and over the years their families had grown close and Sarah and Tommy had always been like brother and sister.

It was mid-June and Tommy and Sarah had both just graduated high school. To celebrate the families planned a long road trip down to the beach as one last hurrah together before everyone went off to school.

Tommy’s dad had a big SUV and Sarah’s dad had a large sedan. The trip would include Sarah’s parents, and her two brothers in the sedan, and Tommy’s parents, his little sister, and Tommy and Sarah in the SUV.

Everyone was loading the cars and getting ready to go. Tommy had on board shorts and was ready for the beach. Sarah had on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt over her bikini.

Tommy’s dad had just finished loading the back of the car when an uber pulled up. It was Tommy’s older brother and his girlfriend. They heard about the trip and wanted to go.

Of course dad was excited to see them, but he was also annoyed because he had to reorganize the whole car. For starters, Tommy and Sarah now had to sit in the third row.

Everyone piled in the cars, starting with Tommy and Sarah. After a few minutes of cursing, Tommy dad poked his head through the back of the car.

“Hey, you guys, this might be a little awkward, but is there any way that you can share a seat? The cooler wont fir unless I fold part of this seat down?”

Sarah smiled. “Sure, Mr. S.” she unbuckled her seatbelt and sat sideways on Tommy’s lap.

Within moments, the last of the gear was crammed into the car and Tommy’s dad was starting the engine. “Everyone buckle up!” He shouted, checking the rear view quickly.

Sarah drew the seat belt around them both and clicked it into place. Tommy made a joke of reaching his arms around Sarah and saying “click”, as if he were a seat belt. When he did, he acutely noticed something he hadnt paid attention to before – his best friend had boobs.

He wasnt touching her breats, his arms were under them. But they tugged and pulled on her shirt in a way that was undeniable. Tommy gulped. He tried to push the thoughts of a womans breasts out of his mind. Never mind that this woman was his best friend, and never mind that she was sitting on his lap.

Tommy could feel the beginnings of an erection forming. When had his friend become so…woman? He hadnt noticed. He guessed that since he saw her every day the gradual changes went unnoticed.

“Think about anything else,” Tommy thought to himself. He started thinking about strategies to beat a level of a Anadolu Yakası Travesti video game he was stuck on and felt himself relax.

Tommy thought about anything other than Sarah so hard that he tuned her out. He didn’t realize she was talking to him until she tapped him on the arm.

“Hey, earth to Tommy. I asked if you can hand me a soda from the cooler.”

“Oh, uh, sure,” Tommy said, reaching over and handing her a cold bottle of soda.

They made idle chit chat about how weird it was to be graduated and how they weren’t really sure what they wanted to do with their lives.

Everything was good until they hit a pothole. Sarah as mid-drink and the bump caused her to drop the soda, which spilled all over her sweats. “Shit!”

“Everything ok?” Tommy mom asked.

“Yeah, I just spilled my drink,” Sarah explained.

“Sorry about that,” Tommy’s dad said, “I didn’t see it until it was too late.”

“Its okay Mr. S,” Sarah said. She looked at Tommy and spoke more quietly. “Can you get to the towels?”

Tommy shook his head. “They’re all the way at the bottom, behind the seat.”

“What about paper towels or napkins?” Sarah asked.

Tommy shook his head and frowned. “No, sorry.”

“I cant ride the whole way there in wet pants,” Sarah said. After a moment she said, “unbuckle the seatbelt.”

“What?” Tommy said, not sure he heard her correctly.

“Come on, unbuckle. I need to get out of these wet pants.”

Tommy unbuckled the seatbelt. Sarah hooked her thumbs in her waistband and lifted off Tommy’s lap. He watched intently as she lowered her pants and exposed her bikini-covered ass.

God, it was so sexy. When had Sarah developed such a sexy body? Why was he thinking of his best friend like that?

Before he could answer himself Sarah sat back down on his lap and pushed the sweats down her long, sexy legs, onto a heap on the floor.

“That’s better,” Sarah said, settling about trying to find a comfortable seat again. She ended up sitting with her back against Tommy’s chest. “Buckle us?” Sarah asked, reaching the seatbelt around them both.

Tommy was very aware of her nearly-naked ass pressing against his cock. It was all he could do to fight his growing erection. He gulped and clicked the seatbelt.

“Well?” Sarah asked, in mock annoyance.

“What about my other seatbelt? You want me to be safe dont you?”

Tommy chuckled and muttered an incomprehensible response as he wrapped his arms around her stomach, suddenly very aware of her breasts again. “Click”.

Tommy tried to relax, but no matter how much he Antalya Travesti fought it, he could not get the thought out of his mind. Sarah was sitting on his lap, almost naked. She was basically in her underwear, and Tommy definitely noticed.

Luckily, Sarah wasn’t sitting far enough back to feel Tommy’s hard cock. She leaned back against him, prattling on about something on Facebook. Tommy noticed how graceful the curve line of her neck was and the smell of her hair.

Before he realized what he was doing, he moved closer and nuzzled her neck, and held her a little tighter. Sarah didn’t stop. She reached a hand back and touched Tommy’s face gently, and sighed when she was done speaking.

They sat like that for a long time, Tommy’s hot breath on the nape of Sarah’s neck, her hand on his head, his arms wrapped around her. Eventually, Tommy released his grip a little and his arms dropped to Sarah’s thighs. He felt the heat of her naked skin through his hands. He wanted to pull away and was simultaneously compelled to leave them there. His compulsions won out.

Sarah sighed again. They rode in silence for a long time, oblivious to the chattering of the other passengers in the car. At some point Tommy became aware of the fact that he was rubbing Sarah’s thigh, gently caressing it. How long had he been doing that? More interestingly, Sarah didn’t stop him.

Then it happened. Tommy’s dad hit another pothole. Tommy’s hand slipped, right between Sarah’s thighs. Sarah gasped. Tommy Started to pull his hand away, but Sarah grabbed his wrist and kept him there.

At first Tommy was still. He hugged her tightly with the other arm. She stroked his face and sighed. Tommy got the hint. He kissed Sarah’s neck gently and began slowly running his fingers over her pussy. Her panties were damp. How long had they been like that?

Sarah began stroking Tommy’s arm as he fingered her clit through her bikini. She reached down and pulled her bottoms aside allowing Tommy’s finger to make contact. It was electric. Sarah shivered at the touch. Tommy ran his fingers up and down her pussy lips.

Tommy reached up with his hand and snaked it under Sarah’s shirt. He cupped her breast and squeezed it as he kissed her neck and played with her pussy. She moaned tightly and grabbed his arm.

Tommy just started to part her pussy lips with his finger when the car hit a bump. Tommy’s finger went deep inside Sarah in one thrust. She gasped and grabbed his arm.

Tommy’s boyfriend’s sister half turned to look. “You okay back there?”

“Yes,” Sarah half moaned. “Tommy has bony knees. They Ataşehir Travesti hurt hitting the bumps,” Sarah said quickly.

“Sorry,” Tommy’s dad called back. “These roads are terrible.”

Sarah put her hands on Tommy’s legs and readjusted herself. She scooted back more against him; felt his cock pressed against the crook of her ass.

Tommy pinched and rolled her nipple in his fingers and started thrusting his finger in and out of her pussy. There were four other people right there, and all of them were completely oblivious.

Sarah wanted more. No, she needed more. She reached back behind and grabbed Tommy’s cock through his pants. It was so hard. She squirmed to get access to the buttons and undid his shorts, snaking her hand inside.

Tommy’s cock twitched as Sarah touched it. Her hand was warm and soft and Tommy moaned in Sarah’s ear.

“What are you doing?” Tommy asked as Sarah pulled his cock out.

She rubbed it along her pussy, arching her hips back against him. “I need you,” she whispered to him. She lifted her hips and pulled Tommy’s finger out. She guided Tommy’s cock to her pussy and sat back down, impaling herself on him.

Sarah started to moan, but Tommy stuck his finger in her mouth and she sucked it clean. Then she turned to face him and they kissed passionately. Sarah was trying to figure out how to rock on Tommy’s cock without drawing too much attention.

Just then, the car turned onto a poorly maintained road that led to the beach. The whole car started to shake and vibrate on the bad road, which had the effect of making Tommy’s cock shake and vibrate inside of Sarah.

“Almost there,” Tommy’s dad said from the front. For a second Tommy wondered if he meant they were almost to the beach, or almost cuming. He was nervous and excited at the thought of someone catching them.

“Yes, definitely almost there,” Tommy’s older brother’s girlfriend said with a subtle hint that indicated that she wasn’t talking about the beach.

Knowing that at least one person knew what they were doing turned Sarah on. She started bouncing on Tommy’s cock harder, and harder. She kissed him and moaned into his mouth as he assaulted her breasts. They no longer cared who saw what.

Tommy gripped her tightly. “I’m going to cum,” he whispered into her ear.

“Good,” Sarah said, slamming down on his cock over and over. “Cum in me.”

She felt Tommy tighten his grip, he cock swelled and seemed to get hotter, then spurt after spurt of Tommy’s cum filled her.

They arrived at the beach and Tommy’s parents got out of the car. Tommy’s brother and his girlfriend turned and said. “That was hot, thanks for the show. You’d better put yourself back together before mom or dad see you.”

After they got out of the car, Sarah turned to look at Tommy and kissed him, his cock still twitching inside of her. This was going to be a very interesting vacation.

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