The Scent of Seduction

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How can someone possibly smell so mind-numbingly attractive?! The thought struck me like a physical blow, as my aunts feminine scent nearly caused my heart to skip a beat. It wasn’t the floral aroma of her perfume, lingering around her, that caught my attention. Although, in all fairness, her preferred fragrance had always been one that I found myself undeniably drawn to.

Lying in her bed, staring at the ceiling while she slept next to me, I’d already taken to breathing slowly and deeply. Mostly to relax myself, hoping that sleep would soon take me, but also to relish in the sweet, light smell of her familiar perfume. It took more than a bit of effort to keep my more… primal thoughts at bay, as I considered our current situation.

My mother’s younger sister was, at 33, only a handful of years older than I was. Though she and mom had never really gotten along in their youth, probably due to their difference in age, aunt Alison had always had a soft spot for me. She’d been supportive of me for as long as I can remember, always there to cheer during my fighting matches, always eager to help me study a difficult subject, always willing to hand out what she called ‘old woman’ advice. The thing was; I didn’t see her as an old woman.

Alison had the kind of figure that had always been extremely distracting. She was only a hairsbreadth shorter than I was, giving her an Amazonian appearance, which was emphasized by her slightly muscular build, a result of her active lifestyle. Her long legs and luxurious raven hair only served to add to this image. What had caught my young single-minded attention, however, were her decidedly feminine curves.

I remember nearly getting caught drooling one summer, when aunt Alison wore heels to my birthday. The elevating effect of her footwear had underlined how toned her rear was, forming a nearly perfect half-sphere in her tight jeans. Her hips tapered up into a narrow waist, which transitioned elegantly into a well-developed upper body. The loose top she’d been wearing couldn’t conceal her large breasts, try though she might. Alison had told me once that she’s uncomfortable showing off her ample chest, which is why she tried not to draw attention to it, but for a young man it had been impossible not to notice the way her bosom shifted with each and every movement she made.

No matter how wrong I knew it was, lately it had happened more than once that the image of her popped into my mind as I neared an orgasm. Now, while trying to sleep next to her, breathing her delicious scent, I was nearly overwhelmed as a remarkably subtle note tingled my nose. It was her own!

Her perfume must be wearing off, allowing her natural odor to mingle with the smell of her fragrance. I thought as I closed my eyes and tried to repress my rising arousal. My heartbeat sped up noticeably. She smelled… well, it’s difficult to find the right words… She smelled warm and inviting. A mildly musky kind of smell, though not unpleasant. If O were a poet I would describe it as a sun-lit forest clearing mixed with the smoldering aroma of a deeply inhaled glass of wine. Delicately seductive, while simultaneously being astonishingly difficult to ignore.

Oh God, this was the last thing I needed, I pondered, as if sleeping in the same bed wasn’t challenging enough on its own! And why the hell is this bed so small!?


Maybe I should explain how I landed myself in this compromising state of affairs…

A few days ago aunt Alison visited us, out of the blue, to attend my “graduation”. Little did she know that I’d failed a crucial class and wasn’t getting my bachelor’s degree until I rewrote my thesis. This not being the first year my studies didn’t come effortlessly, my parents had worried about my building stress and told Alison that what I needed was a bit of relaxation; a few days to clear my mind, so I wouldn’t completely ruin my remaining summer freedom.

Aunt Alison had offered to let me stay with her, in her condo near Daytona Beach. It took me mere moments to mull it over and was ultimately won over by her bright smile and the cold beer she offered me. She stayed with us for another two days, while I wrapped up everything dorm-related and packed my things.

My parents, standing with their arms around each other, smiled warmly and waved us goodbye as we began the long drive from Ohio to Florida. Everything seemed to be going well, a cloudless sky allowed the summer sun to heat the inside of the car to such a comfortable warmth that we drove most of the way with the roof down. We chatted about this and that, enjoying each other’s company and the occasional easy silence.

In due course the swirling winds, that softly cooled us inside the car, drew my awareness to my aunts fluttering sundress. The top of which was pressed closely to her chest, outlining her impressive breasts. I could just faintly make out the raised tips of nipples and quickly looked down, so as not to get ataşehir escort bayan caught staring. Big mistake…

The twisting breeze had gotten a hold of the hem of her light dress, drawing it nearly all the way up her smooth leg. From the corner of my eye I could see a small red line where her panties covered the transition from upper leg to hips. I wonder how she’d react if I were to slowly kiss her legs all the way up to her- I promptly forced myself to look out of the passenger-side window, attempting desperately to think about something, anything else. The faint red line a constant distraction in the back of my mind.

I hoped my sudden stillness wasn’t noticeable. Alison seemed to be relaxed, one arm out of the window, calmly directing her half-lidded gaze in front of us. A small smile seemed to play around the corners of her mouth, giving me the impression she wasn’t aware of me at the moment. I wonder what she’s thinking about? Mmm, maybe she’s planning out the coming days or something?

I decided to place my head back against the rest and closed my eyes. After all, if I can’t see her I won’t be able to fixate on her, will I?. The genial rays of sunlight and the car’s gentle rocking made it easy to empty my mind. With that sort of half-waking trance came images my conscience self would have rejected out of hand; aunt Alison absentmindedly lifting her sundress further, showing me more of her crimson panties, which she drew down just an inch. Aunt Alison pulling her top down, to cool her chest in the wind, halting just short of her stiffened nipples. Aunt Alison placing her hand on my leg, softly caressing, making her way towards my- BANG!.


I was abruptly torn from my wandering fantasies when Alison’s car suddenly started drifting and sliding across the road. Through sheer decisiveness she managed to slow the out-of-control vehicle and parked us on the roadside. A short inspection of the exterior pointed out that two of the wheels had popped, “possibly because of a sharp rock or something,” the mechanic, who showed up 25min later, told us.

“Not uncommon ’round this time of year, the road heats up like a sumbitch, and tires just can’t adjust.” His Georgian accented voice told us. “I can fix it, but not ’till the mornin’. You folks best find a place to spend the night, I’ll make sure you get there.”

I succeeded in finding us a nearby hotel, which wouldn’t make us pay through the nose for a room and the mechanic, true to his promise, dropped us off. The ride took maybe 15min, which passed quickly as we chatted with our amiable driver. We thanked him, making sure he had our numbers, before heading inside, where a middle-aged woman manned the front desk.

“Well, my goodness. How are you this fine evenin'”? The woman asked politely. “Hey”. I replied, master of the vocal arts, that’s me… “I called ahead, we’d like a room for the night, you said you had one that would do nicely”? The matronly looking woman regarded me over her thick-rimmed glasses, lifting an eyebrow in a curiously amused look. “I said it would do in a pinch, hun… Might be a little small for two, but I’m guessing your girlfriend won’t mind.” I began to open my mouth in an effort to protest, but what did I care about what some random woman thought? Seeing as Alison had walked away some distance to look up her insurance policy and wasn’t listening, I saw little gain in correcting the statement. I accepted the largest of the two remaining rooms, payed, received the key and carried our bags up the stairs.

Our room, on the fourth floor, was at the very end of the walkway, which annoyed me to no end after the events of the day. I was already ill-tempered and twisting the key in the lock, opening the door and seeing the inside of the room didn’t improve my mood in the slightest. My dorm might have had more space than this broom closet.

In reality, the room might have been small, a single bed occupying the middle of it, but it was tastefully decorated. The small bathroom had everything we needed, everything seemed spotless and most of all the view from the balcony was stunningly beautiful, as only a thin stretch of land separated the building from the roiling ocean. I dropped our bags at the end of the bed and let myself fall back onto the mattress.

“Damn, this’ll be cozy, then.” I could hear the smile in Alison’s voice without looking. It was only at that moment that I realized what a single bed meant. “Oh… right… shit”. I murmured with closed eyes, honestly distressed by the implications. “I guess I’ll sleep on the floor or something.” I managed to mumble a few moments later. She produced an agreeing purr “Like you’re supposed to, my wise nephew, a bed would be much too good for you.” The humor in her words might have annoyed me if anyone else spoke them, but from her mouth it simply made me grin. “Don’t worry,” she said, “we’ll find a way to fix this later. First; let’s get some dinner, I’m starving.” escort kadıöy She enforced the statement by grabbing my hand and drawing me upright. “Change your shirt, Jason, you’re taking me out to dinner.”


We found a decent place, only a short walk away. The modest restaurant served late, ideal for tourists or local with busy schedules. We sat outside, overlooking the ocean and enjoyed the warble of the waves as they washed over the sand. The day’s heat proved enough to warm us, even in light clothing. We both ordered a glass of wine and a decent meal, at the end of which I felt my annoyance about our misfortune eb away. The sweet, aromatic wine proved delightful, so we requested a bottle to properly aid us in relaxing a bit further.

“So how’s…uhm… Jessie?” Alison inquired slyly, before sipping from her half-empty glass. She wiggled her eyebrow in a suggestive manner. “Jessica. We broke up, turns out being faithful wasn’t her strong suite…” I answered solemly. “How’s Ben?”

“Hahaha, seems we’re in a similar boat then, my dear nephew, I wasn’t the only woman Ben was interested in either.” She tried to play it off like it wasn’t a big deal, but a tiny glint in her eyes betrayed her. “I’m sorry.” I spoke softly. I knew all too well how much it hurt to have your heart broken by someone who didn’t value you as much as you did them. Jessica might not have been my happily-ever-after, but at the time I was convinced she was. The misery of finding out she cheated on me had caused me many sleepless nights, destroyed my self-confidence and made me just a bit more cynical with each passing day. It somehow felt wrong that a vibrant woman like aunt Alison was subjected to the same kind of shit.

“Fuck ’em!” She proclaimed cheerfully, raising her glass, “We don’t need ’em and we don’t want ’em.” Despite my melancholy inflection I felt the corner of my mouth twitching up as I joined her in toasting. Alison had a way about her, something so wild and joyful, that it could always cheer me right up. Her laid back, happy-go-lucky personality was incredibly contagious.

We chatted until the restaurant closed, but convinced the owner to let us stay for a little while longer, emptying the wine and laughing at old jokes or stories. Somewhere between the witty banter and silly questions I became acutely aware of something. Man, she looks cute with that blush on her cheeks… I blanched. What the fuck!? She’s my aunt! Stop thinking things like that. We’re just having a meal and that’s it!

Alison seemed to notice something was wrong. Her smile stayed in place but her eyes softened. “I think it’s time we head home, wouldn’t want to become a nuisance, now, would we?” I simply nodded and we made our way out. I tipped the grey-haired owner graciously, at which he glanced at Alison and winked at me, “Good night, son.” He turned around before he could see the perplexed look in my eyes.


Both a little tipsy, we made our way back to the hotel and tried, ever so softly, not to wake any of the other visitors. Inevitably, Alison accidentally tipped over a small pot, which caused us to burst out in barely contained giggles before we expeditiously hurried towards our room. I slammed the door shut and leaned against it, a fit of laughter doubling me over. Alison lay on the bed, covering her eyes with her hands, belly shaking in merriment. My laughter slowly faded as I pictured her in another, quite interesting fashion. My hands running over her soft- NO! We talked about this!

Alison’s fit of mirth eventually subsided as she looked at the ceiling and tried to breathe calmly, the occasional chuckle breaking her focus. “I haven’t laughed like that in months. Thanks, Jason, I needed that”. She turned her head towards me, her arms spread out on the covers. It could have been my imagination, but it almost looked like she was appraising me, as if seeing me for the first time. A yawn made her turn away before she murmured “I’m exhausted… Could you hand me my bag?” I looked around my feet and tossed her the small backpack she used to carry her luggage.

She went into the humble bathroom, brushed her teeth and ran the water, presumably to freshen up a bit. I unpacked some new clothes and my grooming kit, listening to the sound of her bustling. A minute later she rejoined me and told me “look away, honey.” I drew up an eyebrow, questioningly. “Unless you want to watch me change my clothes…” I chuckled and turned away on reflex. A small part of me wondered why in God’s green earth I wasn’t watching Alison undress, but my better judgement prevailed. I went into the bathroom myself, getting ready for bed, when I realized we still hadn’t decided how to handle that particular problem. I considered this as I threw my clothes on a pile and changed into a fresh pair of boxer shorts.

“Well, don’t you look ravishing”. Alison teased as I opened the door and walked back into the room. “My, my, nephew…” She herself maltepe escort was dressed in an large old t-shirt, that barely covered her upper legs. The loose fit of the garment made some interesting contours. This time I know I wasn’t imagining things when she let her approving glance roam over my body. Years of training, sparring and matches had caused me to develop a satisfying physique, which girls seemed to like. So I let her watch me a heartbeat longer, before remarking “did you find an extra blanket, or something?” She tilted her head a fraction, “‘Fraid not. Hope you don’t mind sharing a bed with you old auntie.” She chuckled “Just don’t hog the entire bed, muscles.” And with that she turned around.

I stood transfixed for a moment, my head still a little woozy from the wine. It’s just sleeping next to her, what’s the harm in that? People do it all the time. I put away my grooming kit, opened the window slightly, turned off the lights and got into bed. Careful not to touch her I drew the blankets over my stomach, leaving my chest and shoulders bare, after all; it was plenty warm in the room.

Alison turned over and kissed my cheek, “Sleep well, honey.” Luckily she couldn’t see me blush in the darkened room, that might have been almost as awkward as the tingling sensation her lips left on my face and the resulting rush of blood to my groin. She turned over once more and silence overtook the room.


And so, here we are. I’ve been lying awake for hours, trying to sleep. Alison’s deep, even breaths indicating that she didn’t share my difficulty finding rest. Her amazing smell driving me insane!

Even worse than that, I could feel a faint warmth radiating from her, which, in the now chilly room, made me want to draw her close to me. The thin blanket didn’t help either. It covered Alison from feet to midriff, but clung to her body, allowing me to discern the curves of her body with little effort. Her breasts were raised with every inhale, pressing snuggly against the fabric of her large sleeping shirt. I have to do something, or I’ll never fall asleep.

My thoughts went back to our drive, specifically to the red line under her dress. I absently reasoned that she’d probably changed her panties before going to bed and an obscene thought popped into my head. It took me all of 3 seconds to debate the pro’s and con’s. I gentle shifted my weight until I could place my feet on the ground and slowly, ever so slowly made my way to the end of the bed. A small pile of clothing lay there, which Alison had been wearing. My fingertips felt the soft cloth of her dress, the metallic braces of her bra and eventually the silky fabric of her underwear. The sliver of moonlight shining into the room was enough for my eyes to confirm what my fingers had felt.

My heart pounding, I cautiously laid back down, paying a great deal of concentration to Alison’s breathing. Her chest still rose and fell rhythmically. Good, still sound asleep.

I lowered my weight onto the mattress, clutching Alison’s underwear in my hand. I waited a while, reassuring myself she wouldn’t suddenly wake up. My cock had by this point swollen, feeling agonizingly restrained by my boxer shorts. I slowly hooked my thumb into the waistband and drew it down over my hip, just enough to let my member spring free from its prison. At this point I couldn’t help myself. I gripped my shaft and softly pumped up and down. I brought my other hand to my face, closed my eyes and pressed Alison’s panties against my nose. Her scent flooded my senses.

I felt almost light-headed as the incredible smell, that had aroused me so easily, was multiplied tenfold. I inhaled deeply, feeling my body react to the bewitching fragrance of my aunts pussy. My hand tightened around my meat, as I frantically tried not to make too much noise. I pictured myself in dozens of risqué scenarios, all centering around Alison. Never in my life had the mere scent of a woman driven me so deliciously mad with lust. My member felt harder than ever before, the veins standing out, my cockhead painfully engorged. I lay there for who knows how long, sniffing my aunts worn underwear, pleasuring myself and loving every second of it, until… I realized… and opened my eyes.

I need to know.

I put her panties away, dropping them next to my side of the bed and berated myself for my poor self-control. I turned to my side, facing the sleeping form next to me. The shirt she was wearing covered her shoulders to her upper legs, but was loose enough… I need to see her tits, just once. That’s not so bad, is it? She doesn’t even have to know. Biting the inside of my lip I carefully lifted the hem of her shirt and gently dragged it upward, intently watching her face for any sign she’d be waking up.

The first thing I saw were her black panties, whose strings seemed exceptionally easy to rip, barely veiling her sex. Oh my God, would she notice if I slid it down just a little? I swallowed and kept going. Next, her smooth, toned stomach and bellybutton. I marveled at how beautiful she looked, how effortlessly attractive she was. I wanted to kiss her belly, run my lips across it, lightly graze it with my fingertips to make her shudder in pleasure. Then came the hard part.

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