The Seduction of Stacey and Tyler

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Stacey shifted nervously from side to side as she stood waiting for her drink at the poolside tiki bar. She had been trying to tactfully get away from Jax, a tall muscular black man, for over an hour to no avail. He wasn’t a bad guy and truth be told he was very good looking but she had a boyfriend.

“I know right?” She replied. She wasn’t even sure what Jax had said. She had been lost in her own thoughts and was trying to get him to take a hint that she wasn’t interested but he was either unable or unwilling to grasp the simple concept.

Stacy grabbed her red rum punch and a beer for her boyfriend Tyler and walked back to her seat with Jax in tow like an eager puppy. She could feel him staring at her ass and it simultaneously irritated and excited her. She was usually a bit of a flirt and she may have made a few easily misconstrued comments earlier in the day.

Tyler had been no help in getting rid of Jax and in fact he had added fuel to the fire by buying him a drink during their previous round. He could be clueless at times but they had been dating for more than a year and she loved him even with his foibles.

Stacey sat down on the chaise and handed Tyler his Bud Light as she made a disapproving face. She liked beer but hated bad beer and Tyler was a Bud guy through and through.

Jax stood in front of her, ignoring Tyler, as she laid back in the hot sun. Beads of sweat glistened on his milk chocolate flesh. His big strong body blocked the sun from her eyes and she was thankful for his presence for the first time in nearly an hour. She had enjoyed his company at first because he was merely friendly but once he was comfortable he had started to openly hit on her right in front of Tyler and that had made her extremely uneasy.

“So what are your plans tonight?” Jax asked confidently, holding Stacey’s gaze as he smiled knowingly. He had nice warm, dark eyes and a disarming smile. Stacey had never dated or hooked up with a black guy. She’d grown up in a small southern town with little diversity and she’d spent four years at an all girls nursing school before getting a job at the hospital in northern Virginia, outside of Washington DC where she’d met Tyler.

“Not sure yet,” she replied forcing herself to smile. She paused and waited for Tyler to interject but his face was buried in a book. Her eyes quickly darted to her left at her boyfriend and then she caught a glimpse of Jax’s well defined body as she looked back at him. Jax and Tyler had similar builds. They were both over six feet tall with broad shoulders and strong arms and legs but Jax was more muscular while Tyler was somewhat soft and doughy. She’d also discretely noticed the prominent bulge in Jax’s swim suit several times and she was at least a little intrigued.

Tyler had a nice dick and their sex life was very good but he’d been preoccupied with work in the weeks leading up to their trip and he’d seemed distracted even after they arrived in Pensacola for a week of fun at the beach.

“My buddy’s having a party at the hotel next door. You guys should come,” Jax said with his eyes locked onto Stacey’s. She had big blue eyes and a pretty oval face framed with long dark hair. Her face was strikingly beautiful and her body was thick yet toned with full curvy hips, a narrow waist and what looked like the nicest natural tits Jax had ever seen. They were big and firm and to his delight her simple one piece bathing suit struggled to contain them.

“That sounds good,” Tyler said, poking his head out from behind his book.

Stacey grinned and her cheeks flushed in anger. He had been silent when she wanted him to speak up and send Jax packing and then when she had an opportunity to do the job herself he had spoken up and stolen her moment. She sighed and looked through Jax for several long seconds as she lost herself in her head again.

“Great, rooms 1008 and 1010 at 8pm at the Hilton. It’s gonna be great. I’ll see you there,” Jax said as he ran his hands over his sweat soaked body.

Stacey’s eyes followed Jax’s big hands and her bottom lip curled into her mouth. She had an odd fascination with guys hands. She liked big strong thick fingers and he had some of the finest she’d seen. His brown hands moved over his chiseled abs and her pulse quickened. She hated the effect he was having on her and she felt her cheeks flush as his fingers brushed against the front of his swim suit.

Jax turned and paused, giving Stacey a nice view of his profile and then of his muscular round ass. He flexed subtly and then stepped towards the exit of the pool deck. He left her wanting just a little more and she was angry at herself because of it.

‘Thanks a lot dick head,” she whispered once Jax was out of earshot. She glared at Tyler and fumed. Her head was swirling with a complicated mix of interest and anger. She wanted to drag Tyler upstairs to their room and beat the shit out of him. Then she wanted to throw him on the bed and fuck the hell out of him.

“What it’ll be fun. It’s ankara escort not like we weren’t gonna drink around a bunch of strangers tonight anyway. This way we know that we will at least know one person and I like Jax. He’s cool shit,” Tyler said with his best “awe shucks” smile.

“Whatever,” Stacey replied tersely. She quickly finished her drink and stormed off to the hotel, her thick juicy ass swaying from side to side with angry step.

Tyler knew that he was in trouble though he had little idea why. He closed his book and followed her like a puppy into the elevator. He loved Stacey and he liked to please her.

“You’re an asshole,” Stacey barked loudly, once the doors closed. She closed her fist and hit him lightly in the chest. It felt good to get her anger out and she hit him again, slightly harder as she stepped close. Her blood was boiling and she had a fire burning in her belly.

“Why?” Tyler asked with a furrowed brow. “Jax is cool. It’ll be fun. I promise.” He pressed the button for their floor and then stepped close and kissed her. His body inched closer and his hands moved to her slender wrists. He grabbed them tight and pinned them against the wall over her head as he looked sternly into her eyes.

Stacey inhaled sharply and her heart raced. Her eyes widened and a lust filled glaze crossed her pretty eyes. She loved it when Tyler took charge and she let out a quick mouse like squeak as she stared up at Tyler with wanton desire. Tyler was the kinkiest guy she’d ever been with and he had expanded her once narrow idea of acceptable sexual acts significantly in their time together.

She could feel his hard cock against her flat tummy and she pressed hard into him. He moved her hands together and held them both in his right hand as his left moved to her throat.

Stacey’s heart thumped wildly in her chest and her body tingled from head to toe. She felt a flood of wetness soak her ravenous sex and her big eyes rolled back with ravenous desire. He squeezed her throat, restricting but not stopping the flow of oxygen into her lungs, and held her against the wall. She could barely breath and her knees felt weak. Her body trembled.

The elevator chime rang and Tyler released his grip on her throat and she gasped for air. He adjusted his erection and stood behind her, hiding his bulging cock from would be eyes as the doors parted. Then he walked behind her, his dick brushing against her body with each step until she stopped at the door to their room and inserted the key card. Her hands were shaking and her breasts and cheeks flushed crimson.

Tyler slipped the straps of Stacey’s suit down her shoulders freeing her big breasts as she fumbled with the door. Her heart was racing and her juices were flowing. He pushed her suit past her full hips while she swung the door open and it dropped to the floor. Stacey stepped into the room and Tyler stepped in behind her, leaving her suit in the hallway outside of their room.

Stacey turned naked to face Tyler and hurriedly dropped his trunks to the ground. She gripped his cock and squeezed it tight in her small hand. He was rock hard and she milked several drops of precum from its tip before dropping to her knees.

“May I?” She asked in a low raspy tone. Her wide eyes gazed pleadingly at him and she stroked his dick with both hands. Her lips parted and she sucked his balls into her mouth. She and Tyler had occasionally toyed with bondage and dominance and she had embraced her role as a submissive to his dominant. She’d had submissive tendencies her whole life but Tyler had brought them to the surface.

“Yes my Pet,” he grinned. He laced his fingers into her silky brown hair and watched her wrap her full lips around his turgid cock. She gave great head. She’d been tentative when blowing him when they first started dating but she had grown to like it and he’d even gotten her to swallow though she seemed to prefer when he came on her big tits.

Stacey sucked and stroked Tyler’s big beautiful cock. She slobbered on it, soaking it with a generous coating of viscous saliva as lube. She held it in her throat until she choked and gagged on his throbbing dick. She knew he liked that and she did it several times before he pulled her aggressively to her feet and guided her towards the balcony. Their room overlooked the pool and the Gulf of Mexico from the top floor of the Holiday Inn Resort.

Stacey tensed momentarily as Tyler pushed her, naked, onto the balcony and bent her forward at the waist. She grabbed the railing and grunted deep and low as he slid into her from behind. She was usually loud in bed and she chewed on her bottom lip to quiet her urgent moans so she didn’t attract the attention of the resort guests below.

His body slammed hard against her fat, juicy ass and she felt her climax starting to build. She glanced down at the pool deck and her eyes grew wide as they focused on Jax. He looked straight at her and smiled brightly as he nodded. ankara escort bayan Knowing that Jax was watching made her feel ravenous and wicked. She imagined that it was Jax’s cock thrusting deep inside of her. The intense image pushed the sexy brunette over the edge and her body shook violently from one of the most powerful climaxes of her life.

“I’m gonna cum,” Tyler announced. “Where do you want it?” He liked finishing inside her pussy but she was forgetful about her birth control so he always asked.

“Pull out,” Stacey panted. She had missed one of her pills and didn’t want to get pregnant at 23 even though she hoped to marry Tyler one day. She wasn’t ready to stop partying and be a mom.

Stacey turned around and dropped to her knees. She knew Jax was still watching and she inched close to the railing so he could see Tyler explode onto her big alabaster tits. She could feel Jax’s eyes on her as she gazed lustily up at her sexy boyfriend.

Tyler grunted and spewed copious ribbons of sperm onto his Stacey’s big breasts. She had the nicest tits he’d ever seen and he loved painting them with his cum. He reached down when he was done and rubbed his sperm into her skin like lotion. He liked to play with his cum. There was something visceral about rubbing it over her soft curvy body and he continued to stroke his spent dick until it went soft.

Stacey stood naked beside the railing and looked down towards the pool deck, making eye contact with Jax. She finished rubbing Tyler’s cream into her skin as she held Jax’s gaze from below. Then she turned, giving him a nice view of her shaved pussy and big ass, before heading into the room to shower before dinner. She liked teasing almost as much as she loved pleasing a man.

Several hours later Stacey still wasn’t sure going to the party was a good idea but Tyler was insistent that they go and she rarely denied him when he was passionate about something. It was after 9pm and she could hear a crowd inside. She shifted nervously from side to side as she often did in uncomfortable situations. She was acutely aware that Jax had seen her naked and she regretted the show she had given him even though she had really enjoyed doing so. She knew that he’d be hitting on her all night and fending him off would be exhausting.

Jax opened the door and smiled. He was dressed in loose fitting cargo shorts and a tight tee shirt. A shiver ran down Stacey’s spine when he looked into her eyes. She felt vulnerable and exposed. She was, despite her inner protests, very attracted to him and she was afraid that both he and Tyler would see it on her face.

“Hey you two,” Jax said warmly as he welcomed them inside. “I was hoping you would come.” He glanced briefly at Tyler and shook his hand before blatantly checking Stacey out and giving her a quick hug.

His strong arms and warm body made her shiver slightly and she breathed deep drawing the fresh clean scent of his body into her lungs. He stepped back and his eyes moved down her curvaceous body to her tan legs and then back up, lingering on her prominently displayed cleavage before he made obvious prolonged eye contact with the pretty brunette. His eyes held hers for several moments and she giggled nervously like a school girl.

“We wouldn’t have missed it,” Tyler replied anxiously, ignoring his girlfriend’s uncomfortable laughter. He had never been especially comfortable in large groups but he seemed, to Stacey, even more awkward and eager to please than usual.

Jax led them over to a makeshift bar and Tyler grabbed his usual cheep, watered down lite beer from an ice filled tub. Jax poured himself a rum punch and when Stacey nodded he poured one for her as well.

“What did you guys do after the pool?” Jax asked with a knowing smile. He glanced briefly at Tyler before again making, and holding eye contact with Stacey. His interest in her was obvious and it frustrated her that her boyfriend was so clueless to his advances.

“Not much,” Tyler replied. He tended to monopolize conversations, shutting Stacey out. It was, to her, one of his most annoying qualities and her cheeks warmed in anger.

Stacey gritted her teeth for a few moments and then quickly downed her drink to calm her nerves and quell her frustration with Tyler.

“Careful,” Jax warned as he refilled her fruity drink. “Those are much stronger than the drinks at the Tiki Bar. It’s my special recipe.” He smiled playfully at her and nodded.

Stacey defiantly took a big gulp of her refreshed drink and flashed him a sassy grin. She despised being told what to do outside of the bedroom, even if Jax was right. She could taste the alcohol and there was more than just rum in the punch. She took a second defiant gulp and then smiled playfully. She could already feel the alcohol in her system. She’d had a few glasses of wine at dinner and her nervousness quickly evaporated as Tyler and Jax moved away from the bar.

Several hours later hour later Stacey stumbled out escort ankara of the bathroom. The party was winding down and there were only a few people in the kitchen and living area of the main suite. She was a more than little buzzed and her eyes scanned the room for the two people she knew before walking towards the connecting door to room 1008. She had been introduced to a few of Jax’s friends but she couldn’t remember their names and in her cloudy state she was eager to find a friendly face.

“There you are,” she said. She grabbed Jax’s arm as he stood alone beside the couch in beside the door to the balcony. The two connecting rooms were a single and a suite. Jax was staying in the single and his friends Kevin and Max were sharing the two room suite. Stacey could feel Jax’s bulging biceps and triceps and she was impressed. “Damn,” she giggled as she squeezed his arm. She leaned into him and inhaled his musky scent. Her long eyelashes batted up at him and she sighed contently. He wasn’t a bad guy and he was so good looking.

Jax flexed and then put his arm around her trim waist. He could feel the gentle swell of her hip and his fingers slipped under the hem of her shirt, touching her warm silky skin as he led her to the couch.

“Where’s Tyler?” She asked. She felt Jax touching her bare skin and she deliberately ignored it as she looked up into his warm, pretty eyes. She was drunk and horny after fending him and a few other aggressive guys off for most of the night.

“He’s in the other bedroom getting stoned with Kevin and Max,” Jax replied. His fingers began to trace small circles on Stacey’s skin and she pressed slightly tighter against his strong torso.

“Oh,” Stacey said. “You’ve got nice eyes.” Her mind was spinning and she felt conflicted. Jax was hot and he knew it. She didn’t like arrogance but she loved confidence and he straddled that boarder nicely.

“Thanks,” Jax said. His fingers moved higher, lifting her shirt and exposing her hip and midriff as he settled onto the couch, pulling her down beside him.

“You like me don’t you?” Stacey asked softly. She followed his lead and slipped her hand under his shirt, feeling his taut abs as she snuggled beside him. She felt her pussy moisten. She knew she should stop but her rational mind was overruled by her needy body.

“I do like you,” Jax said in a calm soothing tone. His deep voice made her shudder and she was struggling to maintain her composure. He slid his fingers along her stomach just under the waist of her shorts and Stacey sucked in her soft tummy giving him room to play. Her mind was reeling and her body was on fire.

“I like you too. Did you enjoy the show earlier? Did you like watching my boyfriend fuck me on the balcony?” Stacey teased. She felt another surge of fluid soak her ravenous sex and she breathed deep and steady catching a faint whiff of her arousal. She felt his long thick fingers approach her hard clit and her breath caught in her chest.

“I did,” he grinned. His fingertip touched her swollen clit and a low, involuntary moan slipped from her quivering lips.

“Wanna know a secret?” Stacey asked with a nervous laugh. She gazed into his pretty eyes and sighed. She had never even considered cheating on Tyler but she was having a hard time denying her attraction to Jax in her highly buzzed state.

“Sure,” he replied with a wry grin as he continued to toy with her pussy. He could feel her clit, hard and wanton and he rubbed it slowly while looking into her beautiful blue eyes. His dick grew semi erect inside his shorts making them tent noticeably.

“When I saw you watching I started to imagine that it was you fucking me,” she confessed. She chewed on her bottom lip and sighed. Her hand moved from his flat stomach to the bulge in his shorts and she moaned softly. He felt big and while big, in her experience, was not a guarantee of good sex it didn’t hurt the odds of success.

“Do you want me to fuck you now?” Jax asked. He pushed his hand deep inside her shorts and pressed his finger against her engorged labia, parting them and breaking the seal, allowing her juices to flood her cotton shorts.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Stacey gasped in a fleeting moment of clarity. She weakly brushed at his arm. A shiver ran down her spine and she spread her legs wide in direct opposition to her unconvincing protest. Her head was swirling with indecision and conflict and her body shuddered as his palm rubbed against her hard clit.

“What if we include Tyler?” Jax asked in a low soft voice. He eased two fingers into her dripping canal. His thick fingers felt wonderful and she smiled at the thought of having two men at once. She had secretly fantasized about having a threesome for years. Her fantasies had, at first, been about a threesome with another woman. They’d been fueled by her secret bicuriosity, but more recently she had thought about two sexy men satisfying her every carnal desire even more than her sapphic curiosity.

“Mmm,” Stacey moaned soft and low. Her legs spread even wider, granting Jax unfettered access to her wanton sex. “That would be amazing,”. Her eyes closed and a euphoric expression danced on her pretty face. Her eyes hovered half closed and her bountiful breasts heaved rhythmically

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