The Sexy Little Sister is Addicted

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Zelda’s Sexual Awakening

Zelda waited patiently by the front door as the nerves within her made both her breathing and heartbeats hammer more than they had ever done in her twenty-two-year old life and the pace was so rapid that she thought her womanly curves would overheat with temptation. The sound of the footsteps approaching the door caused her to tremble with excitement and when the footsteps stopped outside of her door, Zelda felt herself sparkle with delight. Moments later, a key turned the lock and in the moment when the door swung opened, Zelda screamed of desire “FINALLY!!” as she leapt into her brother’s arms with her massive cleavage jiggling and she nearly knocked him over with her kisses of desperation.

Sam had to struggle to get inside of the apartment while his goddess attacked his mouth and her massive breasts pressed into his chest, but eventually, he was able to get inside and somehow lock the door behind him, but while he was manhandling his little sister, the regret he felt over not having started this relationship sooner washed over him. To think that Sam could’ve been fucking her when he was nineteen and without any commitments taking up his time, instead of his now twenty-three-year old busy self that practically ran home from both work and the University in order to fuck his sexy little sister that would in a few months be his age, it pained him severely to realise so many years had been wasted, thus, whenever they fucked, it was wild.

The next thing Zelda knew was that her yellow sports bra and her yellow hot pants were ripped off of her as her brother threw her against the door and moments later, her brother fucked her hard against said door like a starved animal. Sam had been at their University from morning until afternoon and every day he came home with thoughts about marketing swimming on his mind, Zelda would attack him in either no clothing at all, or in her sexy workout attire and she would have her gigantic tits in his face the moment he opened the door and moments after that, just like now, he would fuck his bombshell ruthlessly against their door while she screamed at him like this, “UGH!! FUCK!! UGH!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! USE ME!! FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME BROTHER MINE!! USE YOUR WHORE AND FUCKING…FUCK…JUS…UGH…JUST… FUCK ME!!”

In Sam’s mind, it felt like living in a dream. Sam pounded his bombshell of a sister ruthlessly against the woodwork and with every thrust he stabbed her pussy with, those meaty ass cheeks were being brutalized by the hard frame of the door. While Sam fucked the daylights out of his utterly divine looking sister, her curves would tremble against his body as he fucked her so hard that the orgasm she now felt washed over her sexy body and while he was hammering the fuck out of his delectable sex-bomb, Sam would feast on her sultry and sexy mouth. Sam went insane with lust as he fucked his hot little sister so hard he feared her pussy would be torn apart.

Soon Zelda would have lecturers as well, but when the choice was between her brother fucking her or studies, then she knew her choice and thus she stayed at home to let her brother use her like he wanted. In truth, it felt like she was his sex slave on a daily basis, who was offered no wages for her services, but Zelda didn’t care, just like she didn’t care about her English literature studies, instead, all that she cared for was her brother and the way his cock made her feel as it split her in two. The door slammed as a result of their fucking and the sound made the woodwork transparent for the neighbours who walked past their thundering door in order to get home to their apartments. However, if the sound of the hammering door didn’t give it away, Zelda’s screams made it all the more obvious. Luckily, nobody in their building knew of their sibling blood and most just assumed they were a couple the way their fucking went on day and night.

Zelda felt her third orgasm rock her world as her brother sucked on her magnificent breasts and while she felt her pleasure give her mind a spin. Zelda realised that she was addicted to the feeling and sometimes she wondered, after months of their constant fucking, if it was the sexual pleasure she loved the most or her brother. However, it worried her, after all, she had never tried any of the other forms of addiction, like alcohol, smoking or drugs, but here she was, busy being pounded against the door by her nerd of a brother who had never even been with a girl before her and while he was fucking her sexy body into a blissful state, she kept looking forward to the next day and the day after that, and it seemed like fucking was all that was allowed on her mind.

Sam eventually grew tired of fucking her heavenly curves against the door, after all, he had to hold her up while he did it and although she helped him to the best of his ability by wrapping herself around him like he was her present in life, his weak arms tired gaziantep escort bayan reklamları and thus he came inside of her before he dropped his girlfriend to the floor and watched as her hot body was so ruined by the abuse that she struggled to maintain her balance. “I fucking love you Zelda. Will you make me some lunch while I shower?” he asked the love of his life and the goddess purred as she kissed him passionately, thus her wordless answer was received as Sam watched her nude and freshly fucked body walking away from him in the most seductive manner possible and with every step his babe of sister took, she shook her stupendous booty violently until Sam’s captivated eyes couldn’t see the spectacular sight any longer and thus he closed his drooling mouth and went for the shower.

While her boyfriend showered, she prepared his lunch and Zelda always cheated as there was always leftover food from yesterday’s dinner to offer him. Zelda only thought about their relationship while she bounced around the kitchen and as she prepared the dining table for her lover, the thoughts on how she could enhance their relationship kept her busy. Marriage was an option, but it would be impossible with her large family almost certainly learning about it and she couldn’t lose Sam, not now and not ever, thus she contemplated truly committing to the role as his sex slave.

Zelda felt slightly bad about the way she thought of herself and she knew that her brother truly loved her, although he was obsessed with her perfect body, and thus it made her feel like their heavenly relationship was dirtier than it was. When the leftovers of their taco finished in the pan, she quickly prepared the food on the dining table and to finish her preparation, Zelda hurried to the cupboard to retrieve two glasses, but when she attempted to reach the highest cupboard and stood there reaching on her tiptoes with her enormously tight booty pointing outwards, hands seized her breasts as she was pressed against the kitchen bench with something rock hard humping her meaty ass.

“Ah, that feels so good baby, but can you help me, please. I can’t reach your wine and you can always fuck me later” Zelda purred with her naturally cute and adorably girly voice and it made Sam love her even more.

The lunch was terrific, after all, he loved taco and it seemed his little sister would cook anything that he both liked and wanted. The wine was amazing too and all in all, it made for the most amazing lunch he could have ever wanted after such a stressful day, but it wasn’t the food he loved the most. It was the fact that while he was eating from his plate, his little sister was underneath the table, kneeling between his legs and her delicious pink lips that glistened with her pink gloss, was worshipping him as they sucked on his cock.

Sam lived in a fantasy and his love for the fuckable babe between his legs were of the highest sort. In fact, Sam had been planning for a week on how he would go about in marrying her, but like his sister had concluded, his huge family would never allow it and he could trust them to find out. After all, his little sister’s absence at university hadn’t gone unnoticed to their father and although Sam didn’t know how his father had learned of her absence, he knew that his family remained oblivious to his relationship with his fuckable sister.

While he listened to the slurping sounds she made, Sam revisited the topic that had been bothering him. His little sister was an impossibly beautiful woman with the greatest ass in the universe, thus he knew she could have any man or woman she wanted, but she was his possession and he wanted to show her off to the world. After all, whenever they went out, people would question why such a babe dated such an ugly fucker and he could see the question written on their faces, but Sam wanted them to see just how lucky he was and his sister’s terrible fashion sense didn’t exactly help him in that regard.

Obviously, he loved her hot pants and sports bra that made her look like a walking dream as the material would stretch around her assets until they nearly ripped, but she only used them at home or at the gym and Sam never went to the gym, thus he never got the opportunity to see other people openly lust after the impossibly sexy body he was fucking on a daily basis. Her baggy clothing and her love for dressing like it was winter and freezing all of the time, was in his eyes cute options, but he wanted her to show off that insanely attractive body in the sexiest items of clothing possible, thus he decided to use his savings on a new wardrobe for his girlfriend.

Zelda was overjoyed with happiness when he brought her the news, after all, she didn’t work, nor did she have money to buy anything. That was her mother’s job and it was perhaps an attempt on mother’s behalf at hiding the most beautiful woman gaziantep bayan escort reklamları of this world, so that nobody would harm her. After all, Sam had raped her and if he as her brother could do such a terrible thing, then so could the rest of the world, but as they entered the shopping mall, the world would no longer be kept in the dark regarding her divine beauty and Sam would show her off for what she was, the biggest achievement of his life.

At the mall, Sam had lots of ideas, however, he didn’t really like shopping, thus he had given her his list so that she could acquire the items on her own while he checked out the videogame stores. Thus, Zelda found herself alone as she checked out some of the skimpiest mini-skirts she had ever seen. Sam had a strict colour regime which she had to follow and thus, only three colours were allowed and they were black, pink and white. Zelda double checked her list to be sure and while she gazed down her list, she realised that these three colours were all that her boyfriend wanted her in. That meant, she would have to find short shorts, yoga pants, mini-skirts and mini-dresses, tight fitting tank tops, lace thongs and bras and to top it all off, high heels.

Zelda sighed as the list consisted of too much and to make matters worse, clothing wasn’t exactly her field of expertise, thus she didn’t really know much about seizes and such. Luckily for her, one of the employees had spotted her confused little blonde head and made her way over to the beauty. However, if Zelda knew what was in store for her, then she would have run away from the store in haste to remain faithful to her brother, but she wasn’t aware of the employee’s intentions when Mathilda made her presence known.

“Do you need some help?” asked the quite taller woman as Zelda spun around to see who had spoken to her. It took Zelda quite a long time to realise that this was an employee that wanted to help her, thus she giggled so lovely at her own silliness as she nodded to the pale woman.

“I have a list!” Zelda cheered as she presented the freckled woman with her list and while she presented the list to the elder woman, she swayed back and forth with the biggest smile on her face.

Mathilda took a quick look at the items before she asked the blonde beauty that had made Mathilda’s shit day a turn for the better the moment Zelda had caught her attention. “Wardrobe change?” Mathilda asked as she did a quick scan over the horribly dressed beauty in front of her. Zelda wore a grey hoodie and a baggy trouser that glittered in blue, but her horrible attire made her spectacular assets invisible behind the fabric.

“Yes!” Zelda beamed as she danced with her arms in excitement over the prospect of finally not being dressed by her mother and thus she was over the moon with happiness and a feeling of independence. In fact, Zelda was so happy to receive help on this that she just giggled and smiled like an idiot, but she was so happy that she couldn’t help herself.

Mathilda laughed a little at the silliness of the little blonde in front of her, but she had to admit that her smile was infectious as she also smiled. Although the woman in front of her was the worst dressed hot girl she’d ever seen, she found herself holding back reveries that most certainly would consist of the most perfect face she’d ever encountered. In fact, Mathilda wanted to kiss those full lips the moment she saw them up close, but she remained professional and thus she asked for the obvious. “I can help you with this list if you want, but I will need your measurements first, thus, if I may ask, what are they?” Mathilda asked with a polite and respectful tone in case the blonde had issues with her body seeing as she dressed the way she did, but as she waited for the hottie in front of her to answer, she began to lose herself in the blonde’s sparkling blue orbs.

“I would love you to bits if you helped me, but I don’t really know my measurements. You see, mother has always done this for me, which is why I only know the size of my boobs and they are 38 double d’s” Zelda bubbled as she spoke to the woman and while she waited for the woman to answer, Zelda checked out the woman’s appearance. The woman was quite taller than her, but not as tall as her brother. She was pale with freckles around her nose and her eyes were a weak green. Her lips were thin and her eyebrows had piercings, but unlike Zelda’s ears who were decorated in two white pearls, the woman had nothing. The woman’s hair was more of a bob with a little side cut, but the mix of purple and black didn’t really seem to fit her. Other than that, the woman was thin without a hint of curves. Thus, Zelda thought of them as opposites.

Mathilda was a bit taken aback by the way this blonde spoke, but she loved the cute and girlish tune of her voice. However, it wasn’t the bubbly personality escort gaziantep bayan reklamları of the blonde which caused her to struggle with her reply, it was the knowledge that behind that baggy hoodie of hers, lived two ample breasts and Mathilda loved the feeling of big tits, but she had never felt a pair capable of matching that size, thus she felt her mood rise from the abyss it had orbited in. “Of course I will help you, that kind of is my job you know, but enough chit chat, what do you want to start with?” Mathilda said as she listened to the cutest laughter she had ever heard from a woman. In fact, Mathilda had never been with a woman with a face as beautiful as the blonde in front of her, thus she was excited to find out if the body matched and if it did, then her day would be the best ever.

“Of course it’s your job, but I was hoping you could just pick out some pairs of each item for me while I waited by the changing rooms. You see, I’m not very good at this, hence I’d rather you do it. Can you do it please?” Zelda asked the dumbfounded Mathilda.

“You don’t want to choose your own clothing?” she asked the blonde with genuine confusion.

“Well as long as I get the items on the list and as long as they are as tight as possible, you see my boyfriend specified that they had to be like a second layer of skin, then I’d rather you did it. Just take things you think would look good on me and I’ll try them on” Zelda beamed.

Mathilda found it difficult to wrap her head around the request, but still, it would mean she could dictate what this hottie would wear and that thought brought forth an excitement within her 37-year-old body. “Okay. I’ll help you pick, but just to make it a bit easier for me to determine what to pick for you. Which figures would you guess your waist and rear to be measured at?” Mathilda asked in the hopes that the blonde would both make her job easier and also to get an idea of just how hot this blonde truly was.

“Okay! My waist is thin and my ass is quite big” Zelda beamed with pride when she described her body.

“Alright, that will be very helpful, now, while I pick out these items, would you mind finding a changing room over there?” Mathilda asked while she turned and pointed towards the empty changing rooms. However, she received no answer from the blonde. Instead, Mathilda watched in awe as the little blonde bounced like a little girl towards the changing rooms and her long and stunning blonde locks danced behind her.

While Mathilda picked out the sexiest clothing the store had, she kept building up her excitement, but at the same time, she pondered if this blonde could potentially be her biggest conquest. After all, no woman she had ever had sex with had been particularly beautiful and the blonde’s description of her own body had Mathilda’s imagination running wild, but it was the strong impression of gullibility that she had gotten from the blonde that made her think about her customer in such a way. Thus, Mathilda came up with a plan in case her impression was right about the blonde and when she approached the blonde by the changing rooms, she was ready to try it out.

“Right miss…?” Mathilda wanted to know the name of the hot blonde to create a more personal connection with her before she began to put her plan into action.

“Oh! I’m so silly, I forgot to introduce myself to you. I’m so sorry miss, but my name is Zelda!” the blonde said while she first giggled at her own silliness, before she beamed like the shiniest star when she said her name.

Mathilda looked at the adorably cute and outstretched hand and she used a bit more time to take that little hand and those perfectly manicured pink nails in the confinements of her hand, before she eventually replied to the blonde. «It’s a pleasure to meet you Zelda and I hope to make your day a very memorable one. My name is Mathilda» she said before she lowered her lips to the blonde’s secured hand and placed a tender kiss at the back of it. Mathilda’s actions got the stunning blonde smiling a most dazzling smile and Mathilda felt herself be spellbound by how beautiful the blonde became with it formed on her face.

“That was so nice of you! Do you treat all customers this amazingly, or am I your special little princess for the day?” Zelda asked while a giggle or two constantly interrupted her words.

However, the hot blonde couldn’t have been more right as Mathilda was a massive fan of The Legend of Zelda and Mathilda couldn’t count the number of times she’d masturbated to the fantasy of fucking the shit out the elvish princess. However, Mathilda was now determined to make reality out of her fantasy. «Only you my beautiful princess and I’ve brought you gifts to try on. Could you perhaps start with these options of underwear that I’ve picked out for you? And if you need any help putting them on before you model them for me, just let me now and I’ll be inside the cubicle at a moment’s notice to satisfy your needs» Mathilda spoke the words before she gave her princess a graceful curtesy, which resulted in the blonde bombshell giggling so much Mathilda thought she would die from the cuteness, but when the blonde hottie tip toed towards her, only to place a lingering kiss on Mathilda’s cheek, before she took the pile of clothes from Mathilda’s pale hands and bounced into the cubicle, Mathilda felt like she was in a dream.

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