The Sisterhood Ch. 05

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Sharon sat on the bed and stared at the box in front of her. She had been staring at the box for the last ten minutes and didn’t want to open it. She knew what was in it. It was the pink rabbit vibrator that Patty had sent to her. Her three best friends were strange when it came to sex. Simone was a sexaholic and had had sex with the limo driver at Lucy’s wedding. Lucy was pregnant already and was boasting to her about having sex at least four or five times a day. Patty had lost her job for masturbating at work, but Sharon figured it was also because she had been having sex with her boss. Either way, here she was faced with the vibrator. It was hers to use for the next three weeks until she went up to Lucy’s parent’s beach house for the Labor Day weekend.

Sharon squirmed on the bed. She was wearing black jeans and a purple top. Her brown hair was in a ponytail and she was biting her lip. She rocked back and forth a bit on the bed and looked around. Her room hadn’t changed that much from when she was in high school. The walls were purple and she had purple and pink sheets on her double bed. She had a double bed because she used to fall out of bed a lot and this way she wouldn’t fall out as much.

Her phone rang and she answered it. This at least distracted her from the box.


“Did casino oyna you get it? I put it on your doorstep before work this morning.”

“Yeah. Why did you send it early? What happened?” Sharon was walking around her room.

“I got fired for using it too much. Don’t get addicted. I’m serious.”

“I don’t even want to use it Patty.”

“You’re going to be a virgin forever. Seriously, I have to go, but try it out. See you at Lucy’s in a few weeks.”

Sharon hung up the phone and sat back down on her bed. She might as well try it.

She made sure her bedroom door was locked and then removed her clothing. She took it out of the box and stared at it. She turned it on and was startled when it started vibrating in her hand. She watched the white beads rotate around the base.

“Well here goes.” Sharon spoke aloud to herself and pushed the vibrator against her pussy. She immediately moaned. Electricity raced through her body as her clit swelled. She was so aroused at this moment and had never felt like this before. She lay back and rubbed the tip back and forth over her clit. She was scared to push it inside her, but she loved feeling it against her clit.

Sharon took a deep breath and pushed the tip gently against her opening. She was so tight canlı casino that she had to push a little harder.

“Oh God.”

Sharon cried out and pushed even harder. The tip entered her and she gasped. Suddenly her legs began to shake and she couldn’t breath. She gripped the sheets as she turned the vibrator on high. She was having her first orgasm.

Sharon rolled onto her stomach and rocked her hips back and forth. The vibrator slid inside her completely and the rabbit ears touched her clit.

“Oh God!” Sharon was panting so hard. She could feel the shaft stretching her virgin pussy. The beads were rubbing the entrance of her pussy and she was in pure heaven. She kept gasping for breath, but couldn’t catch her breath. Her eyes were glazing over and she suddenly screamed out.

“Fuck!” Sharon had lost control completely. She got onto her hands and knees and was fucking the vibrator so hard the bed was shaking. She finally turned off the vibrator and lay down on the bed. Her body was covered in sweat. She closed her eyes and tried to rest.


The four girls were sitting around the living room at Lucy’s parent’s beach house. They had three open bottles of wine and weren’t yet drunk, but they were tipsy. Simone was lounging in silk pajamas. Sharon was in a t-shirt kaçak casino and shorts sitting next to Patty who was wearing the same. Lucy was the only one not drinking. She had a bottle of ginger ale, but was drinking that out of a wine bottle.

“So you excited about being pregnant?”

“Yes. The vibrator seriously helped. Chad was so turned on the day he came home and found me playing with myself.

“He watched you?” Sharon was blushing bright red. “I would never let Danny see me.”

Simone coughed and spit out the wine she was sipping. “Who the hell is Danny?”

All three girls stared at Sharon. She was the last one they thought would have a boyfriend.

“Um. He’s a lifeguard at the pool I worked at this summer. We just sort of like each other. He’s cute.”

“Have you fucked him yet?” Simone was always the loud one who spoke her mind. As they were chatting they watched Lucy run to the bathroom to throw up. Morning sickness was not fun and she was not dealing well with it.

“NO. We’ve only kissed. I really like him.”

“That’s so sweet Sharon. I think you should keep the vibrator. Lucy doesn’t need it anymore. Once she has the baby, she and Chad will forget what sex is. Simone had her own little sex toy and I got too addicted to it.”

Sharon looked around at her best friends. “Really? I do sort of like it.”

“Then have it baby. Just one rule. You need to stop being so uptight when it comes to sex.”

Sharon giggled. “Fine.”

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