The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 5 Reposted

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The Slaver Gets his Wish

Chapter 5

The Outing Part 1

I was munching on a tuna salad sandwich as I planned our evening, making reservations at our various stops for the evening. Loreena had banshee upstairs, getting ready. It was almost two in the afternoon; the Limousine would be pulling up in one half of an hour. Julia kissed me on the cheek as I handed her three hundred dollars for the housekeeping service. “Have fun, tonight.”
“I’m sure we will,” I said as I watched her get dressed in the foyer. It was a shame to see her lovely shaved pussy and pert breasts go back under wraps, though she was as ravishing clothed as she was nude. Popping a mint into her mouth from her purse, she waved a little goodbye and was about to open the door when her mouth suddenly became an astonished ‘O’. I turned to see what had grabbed her attention.

Loreena had on black rimmed glasses, her hair was done up in a tight bun. Her makeup was impeccable, barely noticeable, but emphasizing her dark eyes and full lips. Her lips looked as though she had dabbed them with blood. She wore a no-nonsense blouse, unbuttoned almost to her navel. No bra, but then, her breasts didn’t really need support. You could just barely make out her nipples. Her black skirt went to her ankles, but I could tell that she had a pair of thigh high boots under the skirt because her left hand held the hem of the skirt to her hip, flashing mostly leather, but a little skin….and the tiniest hint of cherry red panties. In her right hand she held a ruler.

banshee was good, keeping her eyes downcast, but her makeup was brilliant. Loreena had cleverly overdone it, just as a young girl would, with garish colors. Her lips were a brilliant shade of hot pink, with glitter in it. Her rouge was cherry red, and her eyeshade was a type that changed from dark red to bright blue depending on how the light hit it. Deep black eyeliner made her eyes seem impossibly large. Her hair….oh how this reminded me of when she showed up on my doorstep, her hair was in pigtails. The rubber bands holding up her pigtails had little glass beads, bright red. Her blouse was as frilly and extravagant as Loreena’s was plain. Hers was actually unbuttoned completely, and tied right below her navel. An inch of skin, and then the waist of her plaid school girl skirt. Only this was a mini skirt. It stopped just short of revealing her pussy. Then white stockings that came up to her mid-thigh with garters disappearing under the miniskirt. A pair of black mary janes on her feet really completed the outfit. she was in proper slave stance, her hands at the small of her back.

“Damnnnn” escaped Julia’s lips. Loreena popped banshee’s ass with the ruler. It made a nice ‘thwack’ on bare skin. So banshee wasn’t wearing any panties. How very naughty.

“Turn,” Loreena instructed banshee, who obeyed immediately, turning so that we could see her back. Loreena smacked her firm butt one more time. “Bend over and grab your ankles.”

Slowly, banshee bent over, her hands sliding down the length of her teenage legs before grasping around her tiny ankles. As she went down, the skirt slid up until the curve of her ass and the lips of her virgin pussy were exposed to our hungry eyes.

“Spread,” Loreena continued, this time inserting the ruler between the girl’s legs mid thigh, prying her legs open until her feet were about two feet apart. That banshee accomplished this while holding tightly to her ankles was no mean feat. I was impressed. From a pocket in her skirt, Loreena produced a stainless steel butt plug that had a candy red jewel embedded in the base. Loreena spit on the business end of the plug and then spit a little on banshee’s rosebud asshole. Carefully working it in until banshee’s sphincter was dilated to the maximum size of the plug. A mewl came from banshee, and I could see the excruciation on her face as she bit down on the scream that she had to hold back.

Then Loreena tapped the jeweled end of the plug with the ruler and it seated itself with ateşli gaziantep escort a little slurp noise, as though banshee’s butthole was sucking at the jewelry. “I think that does it.” Loreena announced.

“Assume the position.” banshee stood and turned back to us. Her eye makeup had smeared a bit with tears, but it just made her sexier.

Julia applauded. I joined her. “What a great way to start the evening.” I observed.

Julia checked her cell phone for the time. “its 2:26 and I’ve got to go. Ta,” and she left. Loreena rubbed my crotch through jeans.

“Do you want to collar her?” she asked.

“I knew something was missing,” I said. I went to the table beside the door and looked through the drawer where I keep collars. I found a red leather studded collar with little steel spikes. I went behind banshee and put her collar on. “This tells everyone that you are in training. If we meet someone tonight and they give you an order, you are allowed to check it through Loreena before following through. Some Masters aren’t scrupulous, and will try to take advantage of your pliable state. Loreena is tasked with making sure that doesn’t happen.”

“May i speak, Mistress,” banshee asked.

“Yes,” Loreena allowed.

“Do I follow your orders without question, J?”

I choked back a sigh. she really wanted to belong to me, but I couldn’t trust myself with her. “No, you must always check with Loreena,” I said. I saw a little tear form in her right eye as she nodded.

I heard the honk of the Fleetwood Cadillac Limo outside. “Let me make sure that your family isn’t hanging out.” Her family lived only three doors down. I pulled on a suit coat as I went outside. The coast was clear. “Let’s go,” I said.

Loreena had attached a silver chain to banshee’s collar which was how she led her out to the Cadillac. But banshee stopped all of the sudden.

“It’s pink!” she exclaimed in an amused child’s tone. A look of consternation flew across Loreena’s face, but then she broke into laughter.

“You’ve never seen a pink Limo?”

“No!” then she got a hold of herself, “i’m so sorry mistress. Will you punish your undeserving slave for her transgression?”

“Come on girls, let’s not raise the awareness of the neighborhood,” and with that, we were in the back of the Limo. As we adjusted ourselves, Loreena hiking her skirt to her waist so that banshee could sit on the floor between her legs, and me opposite them just to their right, the glass came down.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

I went white. So did banshee. A quizzical look came over Loreena’s face. I quickly handed the driver the itinerary and pushed the button to raise the privacy shield.

“Did he see me?” banshee whispered to me.

“I guess not, “ I whispered back. I found a bottle of champagne and started to uncork it.

“I don’t get it,” Loreena said.

“That’s my….”

“That’s her…”

“Uncle,” we whispered in unison. I poured us each a flute of champagne to calm our nerves.

“I’ve never,” banshee started.

“Just drink it, darling,” Loreena told her. banshee took an experimental sip, and then finished it in two drinks. I took the flute away from her. “You’ve just had your limit, I think” Loreena observed. For the first time since she had come to my house to be trained, banshee smiled with complete sincerity. Her eyes sparkled with teenage exuberance…and then she remembered her place, and she stared at my black dress shoes.

Loreena and I stayed quiet until we came to our first stop. Now, normally, we would parade our young charge into the establishment, a clothier who was aware of my occupation. But I didn’t want Joey, banshee’s uncle to recognize her. I slipped off my sports coat and handed it to Loreena.

“Get her inside.” I said. And, as they left the Cadillac, I lowered the privacy screen. “Oh, hey Joey,” I said almost casually, bakımlı gaziantep escort trying to create a distraction.

“Hey J,” he said, his hand coming over the back of his seat. I flinched, then realizing he had extended it for a handshake. I shook. “Wow, we’re going to be out all night,” he said, looking over the itinerary.

“Yeah, pretty much, “I said, noticing that the girls had made it inside the boutique. “well, see you in about an hour,” I said.

“Yeah, okay,” he said as I started getting out. “Hey, J?”


“Is it true that you bought Rachel from Tory?”

I almost threw up. “Yeah, it’s true.”

“Oh, okay.” He said. Then he started fiddling with the radio and the privacy screen went back up.

Inside the boutique, they girls had already started. They were near the back of the store, choosing lingerie. The shop owner, Oscar, in his neat pinstripe, was instructing his son how to properly measure a naked girl without being lecherous. “Oh, Oscar, let the boy cop a feel,” I joked as we shook hands.

“He has sex on the brain too much as it is,” Oscar said, his Italian lineage coming through his accent. Oliver, his son, was measuring banshee’s bust. His cheeks were a deep crimson, and I think banshee was blushing as well.

She looked up at me. “I’ve never been fitted for clothes,” she whispered. Loreena popped her butt with the ruler.

“Sorry, Mistress,” banshee apologized. Oliver measured her waist, then her hips. His hands were quivering as he brushed her shapely butt. Loreena reached out, grabbed Oliver’s hand, and put the palm under the curve of banshee’s butt. banshee jumped.

Oscar frowned as Loreena squeezed her hand around the boy’s, getting him a nice handful of ass. “How old are you, Oliver?”

“Thirrrrteeennn…” he stammered. Loreena looked at Oscar, who just threw up his hands and went to find lingerie that would fit banshee. I laughed.

“On your knees, banshee, this young man is hurting and it’s all your fault,” Loreena said.

“Yes, Mistress,” banshee obeyed, kneeling in front of the boy, clawing at his belt. She soon had Oliver’s pants down. The kid’s five inch cock looked like it was attempting to take off in flight. Loreena put the ruler against the back of banshee’s head and leaned her towards the boys waiting cock. That’s when I noticed Joey.

He was standing just behind me on my right, arms across his chest. He sported a pretty mean frown. By this time, banshee was bobbing her head on the boy, gently tugging on his nearly hairless balls as she had been taught. I didn’t make a move, but Loreena quickly came over to Joey. “You, too, big boy. You’re next,” Loreena had Joey’s pants down even as he protested…

“No, she’s my niece….”

“No, she’s a slave, a piece of meat, a collection of pleasure holes, and you will be privileged enough to get to use her pretty mouth.” Loreena said as she stroked Joey, whose cock was obviously more interested in getting sucked than he expressed. It was slightly larger than mine, thicker, anyways.

“I can’t,” the protestations continued.

“I’m sure that’s why you came in, to say that you don’t want your niece to mouth fuck you.” Loreena chuckled.

Oliver blew his load post-haste, and banshee let his cock out of her mouth as the boy slumped to the floor, completely used up. Her eyes found Loreena’s. “Let’s see it,” Loreena ordered. The cum in her mouth gleamed like an oversized pearl. “Go ahead and swallow, your Uncle is ready for his,” Loreena commanded.

“I can’t,” Joey said again.

As banshee swallowed the Oliver’s cum, Loreena issued another order. “banshee, your Uncle Joey doesn’t want to put his cock in your mouth. Make him want to.”

Before he could move away, banshee stood, came over to him, and looked deep in his eyes. “Please Uncle Joey, please fuck my mouth. i used to peak at you in the shower, even when I was eleven, and your cock always fascinated me…” he had been pushing bayan escort her hands away, but he relented and she wrapped her hands around his quivering dick.

“Want to?” She whispered, suddenly the underage slut that could not be denied, not even by the most pious of men. “Want to mouth fuck me? Uncle Joey? Then i can show you this neat trick…”

Her mouth was over the head of his cock, and she began twisting the shaft with her right hand while she massaged his balls with her left. “She’s way too good,” Loreena whispered in my ear. “There’s more to our banshee than meets the eye.”

“I think you’re right.” Had she been trained before? By whom?

In the meantime, Joey had his hands around banshee’s pigtails and he was face fucking her in earnest. She was gagging down nine or ten inches of her Uncle’s cock, balls deep. Tears were streaming from her eyes.

“God, rachel, I’m going to cum in your mouth…” but banshee had other ideas. She pulled out his cock, and aimed it at her face, continuing to pump it vigorously.

“Come in my eyes, Uncle Jo…” but she didn’t get the rest out because he was spraying down her face like a firehouse. she dutifully held her eyes open, taking most of the come in them. When he was completely done, she licked the end of his cock.

“Don’t ever call me rachel. my name is banshee,” she said as she scooped the cum from her eyes, licking it from her palms as she had been taught.

“banshee!” Loreena admonished. “Assume the position.”

Joey sat down next to Oliver and they looked at each other like they had just been on a particularly jaw wrenching carnival ride together.

“Grab your ankles and count them out,” Loreena said.

Who had trained her? She did as she was told, and dutifully counted out nine strikes from the ruler, one for every word she had allowed slip without instruction. The ruler didn’t leave damage like a whip, but Loreena put some muscle into the spanking, and banshee was quivering in pain when she finished.

Oscar put the damper on the party. “So, if we are done getting spunk all over my Shoppe, shall we try on some clothes?” He had lingerie in every color draped over his arm. Oliver ran to the bathroom and returned with a warm, wet towel so that banshee could clean up.

There wasn’t one piece of clothing that did not look good on her. Every teddy, every pair of panties, French cut, normal, or thong, did something to make her look sexy in a different way. Bras were chosen not because she needed them, but to accentuate the outfits.

Next we moved on to blouses and pants. Again, every color, every type of fabric was represented. Everything flattered her. Dresses and skirts were next. We stuck to miniskirts, but she also got two nice floor length evening gowns.

Then, hose, garters. My cock strained against my jeans, she was too damn sexy. But I was saving myself for something special later, so other than stroking her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples occasionally, I didn’t touch her. Of course, I got Loreena’s permission for every touch.

Finally, she got footwear. Thigh high boots, six inch come-fuck-me heels, one or two pairs of something sensible, and riding boots. They were the last pair of footwear I requested, and Loreena looked at me with a knowing look.

Soon, Joey and Oliver were packing the car with our purchases.

“Are you sure you don’t want to use her, Oscar?” Loreena asked him for perhaps the seventh time.

“Bah, I’m too old,” he insisted for perhaps the eighth time.

banshee was back in her school girl outfit. “Are you sure, Mr. Salvatore? i’m real good,” our young coquette said seductively, but also with a sing-song playground voice.

Loreena’s eyebrows went up again, but she kept back the ruler.

“Young lady, here is the only thing I would like to stick in your mouth,” Oscar Salvatore flirted, producing a large cherry lollipop from behind the counter. Giggling, banshee took it, unwrapped it, and gave him a little show with her tongue. He chuckled back.

“On account, J?” Oscar asked.

“If you don’t mind,” I said.

“Of course, have a good evening.”

It was Seven at night when we left Oscar & Son Boutique. We were running late, but I was sure that our table would be kept for us. After all, special preparations had been made.

To be continued…

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