The Start of Something Great Ch. 01

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After a hard week of work, I was all set for a romantic weekend with my girlfriend Joan. When I got home there was a telephone message from her telling me she had to go on assignment this weekend and was sorry and would make it up to me.

The thought of me having great sex with her evaporated. So much for a nice weekend I thought.

I showered and put on my jeans and shirt and headed down to my regular restaurant on Cherry Street for a quiet dinner. The place was crowded so I sat at the bar and waited for a table.

A beautiful red head sat next to me and said hi and introduced herself to me. She said her name was Ruby. She looked like she was in her early thirties, about 5’7″, maybe 115 pounds and green eyes.

She ordered a drink and we chatted. She said she had seen me here with a beautiful woman before. I told her that was my girlfriend but I was alone this weekend because she had to work.

We chatted for a while and before I knew it, my table was ready. I asked Ruby if she cared to join me for dinner.

With a sexy smile, she accepted my invitation and we headed to the table.

As we ate, we discovered we had a few things in common and it felt natural to talk to her. We even got into the topic of sex. We both admitted that we loved it.

Before we finished dinner, Ruby asked me, “John, I have to ask you something. Is your girlfriend bi-sexual?”

I almost fell on the floor but I sheepishly told her she was. Then I asked her why she wanted to know.

She told me that she fell in love with her the first time she saw her. She then asked if I would like to come to her place for a nightcap, to which I agreed.

Ruby lived a short distance from the restaurant and we walked over to her place. We went upstairs and she showed me her apartment, which was very nicely furnished.

I sat in the living room and Ruby got us some wine and then she sat next to me on the couch.

We started talking about Joan and sex. I then asked Ruby, “Would you like to see some pictures of Joan?”

Ruby’s eyes lit up and just gushed out a big yes. I told her that I thought she would like to see them and laughed.

I took out my cell phone and started showing pictures of Joan to Ruby. I gave her Joan’s stats. I told her that Joan was 5’8″, about 125, brown eyes, 38c tits with big nipples, long, black curly hair and a smooth pussy.

I think she was shocked that, as she started seeing them, there were nudes of Joan in various positions, including very sexy pictures.

Ruby asked where the pictures were taken, as they were mostly outdoors. I told her that we were nudists and often go to the resort. She said she would love to try it sometime and smiled.

After Ruby finished looking at Joan’s pictures, she asked where my pictures were. I told her I didn’t have any. Then, she asked if I would like her to take some of me. Not being shy, I told her I would like that.

She told me to get comfortable and she would be right back. I got undressed and just kept on my black thong.

After a few minutes, Ruby came out wearing a see through bra and a sheer thong. She was beautiful. Her tits must have been as big as Joan’s, at least a 38c and her nipples were as big as Joan’s too. Her red pussy hairs were neatly trimmed.

She came over to me and took my cell phone and started taking pictures. Then she told me to get naked and in no time my thong was off and my cock hard.

She took a ton of pictures as she laughed.

Then she put down the phone and took me to her bedroom and her canopy bed.

She told me to lay on the bed with my legs spread. She then said, “I am going to give you the best hand job you ever had and I want you to enjoy it.”

I watched as she knelt in front of me. Every now and then she blew warm air over my cock. Then she would gently caress my shaft, moving her hand up and down ever so gently. She placed her other hand abidinpaşa escort on my balls and gently played with them.

It sure didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. Ruby slowed the pace as she could feel that I was ready to shoot my cum.

She then knelt straight up and undid her bra and her tits just flowed out of their confine. She moved her tits down to my cock and let them play with my hard on. My cock got lost between her tits.

She was now masturbating my cock with her tits and it felt so good.

I kept telling her that I wanted to cum but she kept squeezing my cock so I couldn’t shoot my load. It was torture but I was loving it.

She even ran her tongue over my cock and balls and then started jerking my cock again. This time she picked up the pace. I was ready now and she knew it. A few more jerks and I shot a huge load of cum all over her and myself. I never came so much and I was still spurting cum for minutes afterwards.

Ruby smiled and took her finger and scooped up some cum and slipped them into her mouth. Then, she did the same to me. She had me roll on my phone side and took a finger full of my cum and slipped it in my ass and started fucking my ass with her finger and my cum.

Then she straddled me and I watched as my cock got lost in her cunt. She started riding me as her tits bounced up and down. Then I pushed her off of me and made her get on all fours. I moved behind her and lined up my cock to her asshole and slowly inserted it until it was completely in her. I started fucking her ass while pulling her hair back. She started moaning and I knew she was ready to cum. A few more thrusts and her body started shaking with orgasm after orgasm. Ruby squirted all over and the bed was soaked. We both collapsed in exhaustion.

I told her that she was wonderful and the sex was great and I wanted more.

She then asked if I would like to stay the night, which was an offer I could not refuse.

We rested a bit and had some wine and Ruby asked me if she thought Joan would be interested in meeting her. She continued by saying that Joan was so sexy and she would love to have sex with her while I watched and then join in.

I told Ruby that I thought that her and Joan would hit it off. Ruby asked me if it would bother me if she had sex with Joan. I told her that it wouldn’t bother me and that I would encourage it, as long as there would be room for me at some point. Ruby said she would make sure I was involved and smiled.

That night Ruby and I fucked several times and I even took nude pictures of her. It was great having a woman squirt on me when she came.

The next morning as we were having breakfast, I told Ruby that me and Joan were going to the nudist resort next weekend and that might be the way to meet Joan and see where it goes.

Ruby said that sounded great and after a morning fuck, we planned out the meeting.

I told Ruby how to get to the resort and what to expect. I told her that Joan and I had a cabin for two nights, Saturday and Sunday and that she should come up Saturday. I told her that we would be by the pool and to meet us there by accident and say hi to us and introduce herself and that she saw us in the restaurant. I also told her to tell Joan that this was her first time here and wanted to stay over but there were no more rooms.

I told her that Joan would definitely ask her to join us at the pool and to hang out with us. I told Ruby to ask Joan if she would show her around the resort. I reminded her to repeat that she wanted to stay over but had no room.

Ruby agreed and for the next day and a half, the two of us fucked, took pictures and even took videos of our time together.

Before I left, everything was set for the weekend and I told Ruby I would stay in touch with her.

Late Sunday night, the phone rang and it was Joan. We talked a bit altındağ escort and she said she would make it up to me at the resort next weekend.

The week went by quickly and before we knew it, Saturday came around and we were off to the resort.

We got there early and checked in. The weather was hot and we undressed and headed to the pool.

Within the next two hours, I spotted Ruby coming through the pool gate. The show was about to begin.

As Joan and I were lounging naked, Ruby, who was also naked with her pussy at eye level with Joan, stopped in front of us. She then said, “Excuse me, but I know you two. You guys go to that little restaurant on Cherry Street. I have seen you there. My name is Ruby.”

I looked up and said hi as did Joan. I noticed Ruby looking Joan up and down. Joan was also eyeing Ruby up and I knew then that there was a spark.

Then Ruby said, “I am new here and wanted to stay over but they were all booked.”

Joan looked at her and said, “Why don’t you hang out with us? We come here often. It will be nice to talk to another woman.”

Ruby sat on the lounge next to Joan. The women complimented each other on their looks and Ruby said that she liked Joan’s smoothness and said she was thinking of going smooth too. Joan said she would help her with that, if she wanted to go smooth, and smiled.

Ruby then asked Joan if she would show her around and tell her about the place. Joan was quick to agree and the two women got up and Joan took her on a short tour.

After about a half hour, the two women came back and I noticed that both of their nipples were hard.

As it was hot, the three of us went into the pool to cool off.

Ruby said she loved the place and wished there was a room for her. Joan looked at me and said to Ruby, “Look, it’s a long ride home, so why don’t you spend the night with us?”

Ruby looked at me and then Joan and said, “I don’t want to inconvenience you two. I am sure you guys will want to have sex later and I will be in the way. I don’t think you want an audience.”

Joan answered, “Ruby, you can stay, really. If John and I want to fuck, we will. It wouldn’t bother me if you were there and I am sure it wouldn’t bother John either.”

Ruby looked at us and said, “I don’t know what to say. You guys are terrific. As long as you are sure I wouldn’t put a damper on your sex.”

I looked at both women and said, “Look, I can handle both of you, one at a time or together, if you like.” Then I laughed.

Joan snapped back, “Ruby, what do you think? Could he?”

Ruby replied, “I don’t know. From what I see, he looks like he can, but I would be willing to see if he could.”

We all laughed and enjoyed the afternoon at the pool.

When we left the pool, Ruby brought her stuff to the room and settled in. We showered and got dressed for dinner.

At dinner we talked about nudity and why Ruby was trying it out. I told Ruby how I got Joan into it in the short time we had known each other. I also was honest and told her that it was a good place to make good friends, if she knew what I meant. Ruby said she did and that was one reason she wanted to try it. She said that meeting men and women was difficult for her.

Joan was quick to reply. “Ruby, you are gorgeous. You should have no trouble meeting men and women. Hell, I like you a lot and we only met.”

Ruby got red in the face and said, “If I had friends like you two, I wouldn’t go looking for others. You guys are great. I am just looking for a partner or partners to enjoy life with. Maybe you could adopt me.” We all laughed and had a great dinner and conversation.

After dinner we went back to the room to undress and go back out. It was then that I heard Ruby tell Joan that she was beautiful.

I could see Joan blushing as she accepted Ruby’s compliment.

The three of us went bahçelievler escort to the hot tub and got in. I sat on one side of Joan who had Ruby on her other side. We chatted and talked about the neighborhood and the people. Ruby said she loved being nude and planned on joining the resort.

Joan said that would be terrific and that she and Ruby could spend women time at the resort.

Just then I saw Joan give a kiss to Ruby on her cheek. I knew then that the rest of the weekend was going to be great.

After about an hour we left and headed to the pool where we stayed until it got late then headed back to the room.

As it was a nice night, I deliberately left the door open and only locked the screen door which allowed anyone passing by to look in.

In the room, we had some wine and relaxed. By that time, my cock started to get hard and it became noticeable to both women.

Ruby looked at Joan and asked her if she should leave. Joan looked at her and told her “Ruby, you have seen us naked, so what’s the big deal. I am sure you have seen people fucking before. John isn’t going to mind. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind either. After I finish with John you could join us if you like, However, I would like to get to know you better first.” Ruby quickly said she would like that.

As she said that, Joan took Ruby’s hand and they got on the bed together while I sat in a chair opposite the bed.

I watched as Joan took Ruby’s face and kissed her on her lips. Ruby returned the kiss and soon the two women were in an embrace. Their naked bodies pressed against each other. Joan had her legs wrapped around Ruby’s waist as they kissed and felt each other up.

As they played with each other, I took pictures and videos of the new lovers which they saw me doing and smiled.

Joan and Ruby got into 69 and all I could see were their tongues darting in and out of their cunts.

Then Ruby mounted Joan and they started grinding their pussies together. Ruby’s tits and nipples were in Joan’s mouth as they rubbed themselves. It didn’t take long before they were both having orgasms. I could see Ruby’s juices squirting out and all over Joan. Ruby fell to the side, exhausted and Joan was completely wet from Ruby.

As they rested, I joined them on the king sized bed, I got in the middle. I kissed Joan and mounted her. As Ruby watched, I slid my hard cock into Joan’s wet cunt and started fucking her as Ruby watched.

As I was fucking Joan, I kissed Ruby as she was playing with Joan’s tits.

I pulled out my cock from Joan and slid it into Ruby’s cunt. I started fucking her and Joan told me to fuck her harder. I was pounding Ruby’s cunt and was ready to cum when I pulled my cock out and sprayed both women with my cum.

That night we all fucked ourselves to sleep.

When I got up to pee at four in the morning, I came back to bed and saw Joan and Ruby having sex again and they didn’t mind it when I stood over them and jerked off and came on them.

Around 8:00 a.m., we all finally got out of bed and showered and got ourselves together for breakfast, for which we could go without dressing.

At breakfast nobody said anything. There was just silence. Then I asked if everyone had a good time last night. The women broke out in smiles and both said they did.

So then I said, “OK ladies, what shall we do from now on? What happens after we get home?”

Ruby started out by saying she would like to continue the three way relationship. Joan said the same thing.

I asked where I fit in and they both said they wanted to share me and I could have them one on one or both together or we could have it the same way as last night.

I asked about the living arrangements. Joan said she thought the three of us could get a place together and share everything. Ruby thought that was a good idea and I agreed.

I then said that it was all settled. Then Joan said, “Not quite. Ruby and I decided that the three of us should identify ourselves as a threesome. So, today, Ruby will get her pussy smooth and then we will shave you smooth too. Then we will get a tattoo near our pussies and near your cock to show everyone that we are a threesome.”

Look for Chapter 2

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