The Succbus’ Milky Bounty Pt. 03

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I wake up to the melody of birds outside as the sun has risen on a beautiful day. I must have instantly passed out after that insane orgasm she gave me last night. I’m still snuggled up to my scarlet lover (well, not scarlet at this moment), listening to her breathing and light snoring as she sleeps. Her warmth envelops me like a blanket, and I want this moment to last forever cuddled in her arms. But I desperately have to pee and I’m so thirsty.

“Sabrina? Could you let me go? I have to pee so bad.” I whisper to her, not sure if she heard me.

I see her stir a little as I feel her arms tighten on me. “I’ve gotta go so bad, baby. Please, I’ll be right back.” laughing as I try to wriggle my way out of her grip. After a few more seconds of holding me close, she finally relents. I practically run to the bathroom, my chest bouncing with every movement. Finally emptying my bladder, I go back to the kitchen for some water. I use the same cup that’s in the sink as I watch it fill and start to daydream about last night. Holy fuck, it was so good. I’m a bit surprised she didn’t meet me at the sink again. I figure she must be as spent as I am, which I’m thankful for. My body is so sore and I need to recover, though I feel my tits are reaching critical mass. I’m gonna need them drained soon.

I finish my water and put the empty cup back in the sink as I make my way back to my bedroom. Entering the doorway I see her lying there; her lithe body in a deep slumber as her beautiful pale skin reflects the morning light. Making my way over to the bed, I sit down next to her as I examine the sheets. Almost completely soaked from the amalgamation of our lovemaking, but that’s a problem for later. My eyes return to the immaculate form peacefully sleeping beside me. I want to let her sleep, but I’m in need of her wonderful mouth.

“Baby? I’m sorry to wake you, but I’m so full. I need you to drain me, please.” I softly say, running my nails along her sides as I watch goosebumps raise along her skin.

She doesn’t move, but after a few more seconds of my tender touch she stirs. She stretches like a cat, before slowly moving off of the bed, heading towards the door. “Gotta pee.” I hear her grumble. Guess she needs her morning coffee. I can provide the creamer, at least! She returns a few minutes later, her figure in the door almost scaring me because I can never hear her footsteps.

“Much better.” She says with a relieved tone.

I love her demonic form, but her human side is equally beautiful. Those long, shapely legs that flare out into the cute curve of her hips, concaving again along her toned stomach before flaring out once more as it reaches her pert, sexy boobies and her lean arms. And how could I forget her gorgeous face? Every feature was as sharp as a knife. Her jawline, her cheekbones, her nose, adorned with those steely blue eyes that could make you do her every whim.

But there’s something else I’ve barely seen in our time together: that beautiful, hairless pussy. Her huge cock had given me so much pleasure but I haven’t had a chance to play with her bald kitty. She notices my staring. “Like what you see?” She giggles as she makes her way over to the bed. She stands right in front of where I’m sitting, her hands on her hips looking down at me.

“It’s gorgeous.” I say, almost breathlessly.

My tits are begging to be drained, but I need to have my way with her cunt first. I bring my hands up to her body, touching every inch of skin that I can before I make my way down. I feel her hands come to my shoulders for support as I close in on her folds. I grab her ass with one hand to pull her closer as I reach her entrance. I capture her puffy lips between my fingers and squeeze them together, beginning to roll them around in my grip as I pull a sigh from her. I see her nipples staring at me as they become erect from my touches. They look so suckable; like tiny erasers. And I indulge. I take one into my eager mouth as I swirl my tongue around the areola and trace every bump.

“That feels so nice, but shouldn’t I be doing this to you?” She says, putting a hand on my head and massaging my scalp while I suck.

“It can wait.” I say between sucks.

Is this what it feels like when she’s servicing me? This is fucking hot! After I’ve got her properly warmed up, signaled by the moisture collecting on my fingers, I start to tease her slit; dragging my two fingers along her gash from bottom to top and then down again. Occasionally I bump her clit which makes her body shiver.

“Oh fuck.” She squeaks as I slowly start to enter her.

I’m switching back and forth between her tits, sucking and biting her nipples each time as if she can give me milk. The thought of that brings my attention back to my own chest as the engorgement becomes painful. I feel her walls twitch, putting pressure on my fingers as they adjust and I ease in further until I’m finally knuckles deep. My hand squeezes her ass as I begin a curling motion into her with my fingers. After a bit of probing I find her g-spot, london escorts signaled by a sudden “Oh!” from her. Sabrina’s insides are like an oven compared to her abnormally warm skin. I continue my ministrations on her insides as I feel her walls contracting over and over, seemingly trying to suck my fingers deeper.

“Alex, that feels so good. Oh shit.” I hear her moan. Her hand on my head tightens it’s grip, mashing my face against her tit. I’m fingering her furiously now but the pain in my chest is becoming unbearable. I’m trying to pull back from her boob in my face but her hand keeps me there. Slowing my fingers and releasing my hold on her ass cheek I tap her leg, hoping to get her attention. She looks down into my eyes as I have a mouth full of her titty and relinquishes her grip on my head.

“I’m so sorry Sabrina, but my tits are about to explode. I need you to drain me so bad. Please.” I beg.

There’s a hint of disappointment in her expression as she’s enjoying the pleasure I’m bringing her, but it doesn’t last long as she realizes the prospect of drinking more from me. She gets back onto the bed and assumes her position. I slide up next to her and cradle her head in my left arm while offering up my left breast. “All for you, my love. Drink up.” I coo, tenderly stroking her face as she takes the nipple into her mouth. It’s a bit painful as it takes a few seconds for my milk to release, but bliss immediately follows.

“Ahhhh.” I sigh loudly as the relief is almost instant.

She always knows how to coax out my milk perfectly. Guilt pulls at my heart for asking her to drain me, but at least I can still please her from this angle. I look down her body to find my target again, noticing it glistening with her moisture as the light from outside hits it perfectly. It’s beautiful. My hand finds it’s mark to resume my fingering, and she moans into my tit as I begin plunging in and out of her sopping hole. She’s so wet!

“Oh fuck. They’re so full, but you drain them so good, baby. Drink it all.” I whisper as I plant kisses all over her forehead.

I know drinking my milk will bring back her demon form, so I need to make the most of my time with her pussy. I quicken my pace with my fingers, while engaging my thumb to apply pressure to her clit. Her hips start to buck against me as I ram my fingers in and out of her moist oven.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum for me.” I encourage her, never slowing the pace of my fingers.

Her eyes have been looking into mine but they suddenly squeeze shut, and she emits a muffled cry into my breast as she descends into orgasm. I keep up the pace with my fingers and strum her clit with my thumb to extend her pleasure, and she’s furiously bucking her hips into my hand as she writhes from the sensations racking her body.

Finally coming down from the peak, I slowly pull my hand from her drenched hole soaked in her juices, and I bring my fingers to my mouth to have a taste of her secretions. Is there any part of this demonic goddess that doesn’t taste good? It’s so sweet!

Her suckling has stopped, and I’m a bit worried she’ll drown as my milk is still actively filling her mouth. I find her Adam’s apple and swirl my fingers around it a few times to try and coax her to swallow. She finally gulps before resuming her role as a vacuum on my nipple.

Sabrina looks so peaceful with her eyes closed while drinking down every mouthful. I can feel the muscles in her neck diligently working to drain every drop from me. I’m a bit worried that she might fall back asleep after I had just made her cum, coupled with the fact that her belly is filling with my sweet ambrosia, but she soldiers on. I watch as she peacefully nurses and this moment feels so surreal; this beautiful demonic entity pulling the life giving elixir from my body as we bask in the soft light of the morning sun.

She pops her mouth from my nipple, searching for the other one as I shift my body to get into a more comfortable position. I can feel her tongue lapping at my nipple begin to change shape as it playfully coils around the nub over and over, and sure enough I see her red skin returning and a horn slowly invades my grip on her head. I see her flag pole raise to full mast in my peripheral, and I turn to see it in all it’s glory. The sight of that majestic phallus is making me more wet, but my poor pussy can’t take anymore from it. Not today.

We sit like this for another 5 minutes as she drains my right tank, and the moist ribbon in her mouth lashing at my nipple gives me an idea. I pull my tit from her mouth and sit up beside her.

“I wasn’t done with that.” She pouts with a few drops of milk still on her lips.

“I know.” I laugh as I slowly make my way up her body until I’m straddling her chest. “But I wanna feel that tongue inside me again.” I say, not exactly asking.

Her face lights up at the idea of being smothered by my cunt. The wild look in her eyes is making my pussy throb, and I know that tongue is gonna have me seeing stars. My thighs are on both london escort sides of her head now, and she takes a huge whiff of my musk before I see it. That wet snake makes it’s way out of it’s cave, slowly slithering towards my waiting entrance. She’s circling my folds like a shark, coating my mons with a thick layer of saliva as she makes her way closer. Her hot breath against my vulva is making me so wet, and I can feel my clit pulsating as her tongue encroaches.

Her tongue makes it’s way below my slit before taking one long swipe to the top, bumping my clit and making me lightly jolt. I hear her smack her lips as she tastes my liquid arousal, and I place my hands on the headboard in preparation. She begins thoroughly exploring my puffy lips, slurping up my juices and digging into every fold where a drop of my nectar may be hiding. Her work on my cunt continuously provides even more juices for her to devour. It feels so fucking good. After an even exchange of my juices and her saliva on my labia, she begins her long swipes once again.

“Oh fuck!” I breathe out, every flick of my clit making me slightly tremble.

My legs are becoming weaker with every swipe and flick and I can’t hold my body up any longer. She places her hands on my thighs and accepts my body taking it’s place on my crimson throne. I’m fully sitting on her face now; her lips locked with my pussy in a passionate kiss as I feel her tongue slowly pierce the veil of my labia. It grazes every inch of my walls as it delves deeper and deeper, before finally reaching my cervix and smacking it like a whip.

“Oh!” I groan at the contact. It feels as though my womb is bruised from the delicious abuse it’s received.

Tingles begin pulsing through my body from her spelunking in my moist cave, and I begin rocking my hips along her face. My movements cause me to bump my clit repeatedly against her nose, and I start grinding harder into her face to increase that friction on my button. A subtle pressure in my core makes itself known as my orgasm waits in the wings. With my entire body weight on her face coupled with the force I’m exerting with my grinding, I’m a little worried I might be suffocating her. Maybe we should have had a safe word?

My thoughts are interrupted as her tongue bumps my g-spot. She’s also beginning to to tilt her face to meet my grinding, adding even more pressure as my clit brushes her nose. That heat in my core is growing and I feel a light sweat break out on my skin. Her hands leave my pillowy thighs to grab onto my heavy chest, making them slowly start to drip. I’m panting heavily as the masterful tongue probing my insides coupled with her warm touch on my skin is lighting my entire being on fire. I’m barreling towards an explosive orgasm with the triple threat on all of my pleasure spots.

“Oh my God, Sabrina. Your tongue feels so good! I’m gonna cum!”

I can feel her smile against my moist lower lips as I say this, and her tongue coils around itself to make a wet, hot spear to attack my g-spot. Oh shit. She starts to poke with that moist weapon and every jab sends a pulse of bliss that reverberates through my entire body; every stab adding more and more to the pressure in my being like a balloon. I grab the back of her head to push her face harder into my pussy as I’m grinding like mad.t

I’m getting so close and I shut my eyes in anticipation. A simultaneous pulling of my nipples, jab at my g-spot and bump against my clit from her nose; my trifecta of pleasure points stimulated all at once create the perfect dart to pop the pressure balloon that’s been growing in my core.

“Ohhhh shit!” I squeak like a mouse.

I squirt all over her face. My mind numbs from the overstimulation of my body as I explode with orgasm and my body convulses as wave upon wave of euphoria crashes against me. I can feel her tongue still lapping at my insides to extend my pleasure and my milk is shooting out against the headboard as she continuously tweaks my nipples. It’s a bit difficult for me to keep my balance as the pleasure enraptures my body, and I feel her hands move to my back to support me as I softly fall backwards. She directs me a little to the left so I don’t slam onto her red monument like a hammer to a nail.

My head comes to rest on her toned thigh as I descend from the peak of my climax. I finally breathe, not realizing I was holding my breath the entire time. I hear her take a gasp of air as well now that her face isn’t fused to my cunt. She still laps away lazily at my slit; cleaning my juices from my explosion and swiping my clit a few times, making me jump as she bumps my sensitive bud.

My breathing and heart rate slow as I notice a pulsating warmth against my cheek. My eyes open as a red tower of flesh fills the right side of my vision; so hard and veiny. I turn my head and the phallus seems even larger from this angle as I examine it up close. The musk fills my nostrils; her own unique stink mixed with a faint hint of my juices from last night. The scent is intoxicating, london escort agency and I can’t help but take an inquisitive lick along the shaft. It’s so fleshy and warm.

I shift my body off of Sabrina and I need to have this cock in my mouth. I move down in between her legs, and I gently trace a nail from her frenulum, along her shaft and between her balls. “Ooooh, Alex.” I hear her groan and her cock throbs at my touch. My hands encircle the thick shaft (well, almost) and I begin to slowly stroke. My hands and her cock are mostly dry, so I spit in my hand before I resume my handjob.

“Ohh, baby. That feels nice.” She sighs.

As my hands rub along her hot rod, I see a bead of precum forming on her tip. I need to taste it. I drag my tongue from the bottom of the shaft to the top, tracing the veins along the way, before I envelop that fleshy bulb between my lips. I swirl my tongue around the tip, a hint of salt coating my taste buds. My cheeks hollow as I suck on the warm head before I slowly put more of her into my mouth, determined to take her down my throat even though she’s fucking huge.

“Yes, my sweet. Your mouth feels amazing. Oh shit.” She moans as I descend down her pole.

I explore her length with my tongue as I take more of her into my mouth, but it’s getting to be too much. She’s reaching territory I’m not quite used to and I’ve barely taken over half of her length. Her hand finds the back of my head to push me further and I’m trying not to gag as the head hits my throat, but it’s not giving way. Tears fill my eyes as I try to take more, but it’s no use. I tap her leg for mercy and she takes her hand off of my head.

“Holy *cough* fuck. It’s too *cough* big!” I can barely get out as I try to catch my breath.

I see a smile threatening to break across her face at the compliment, but her concern for me wins over. “I’m so sorry, Alex. Come here.” I move up closer to her as she wipes the tears from my eyes and rubs the back of my neck. She reaches for my throat and catches my lace choker with one of her nails. I’m a little worried she’s going to cut it and I grab her wrist, but it remains steady against my pulling. I hear her softly chanting something, and she snaps the choker back against my neck. It’s really warm now, almost hot against my skin.

“What did you do?” I ask worriedly.

“You’ll see, my love. Want to try again?” She asks me, not demanding but reassuring.

I nod, and she directs me onto my back with my head hanging over the side of the bed. She stands in front of me, and I look down (well, up) to meet her gaze. She notices the nervousness in my eyes, and leans down to kiss me.

“You’ll be fine, I promise.” I appreciate her words but it doesn’t do much to ease my nerves.

Sabrina gets back up to a standing position, and I’m now face to face with that pulsating mass. It’s almost like staring down the barrel of a gun. I gulp, and she brings it towards my mouth. She only grazes my lips with the shaft as she brings her heavy balls front and center. The heady musk is enticing, and my tongue thoroughly bathes the weighty nuts; so full and heavy with cum. They’re a little salty from the sweat that’s accumulated from our passion, and I can’t get enough. I take one into my mouth as my tongue explores and I suck on it hard, feeling her cock twitch against my face with every suck and pull. I inspect every wrinkle of her sack with my licks as I switch back and forth sucking on the low hanging fruit.

“Oh my God, Alex. Your mouth on my balls feels wonderful. They’re so heavy with cum fo- oh shit!” She yelps as one of my sucks are a little too eager.

The heavy balls exit my mouth with a pop. “Easy, girl.” She says, taking them out of reach. A few seconds later I feel a hard smack against my face that echoes through my bedroom, and then another. She’s slapping both sides of my face with that fleshy bat, abusing my cheeks as that solid mass crashes against my skin. I’m loving the abuse and I hear her giggling like a child as she does this; she could probably knock me unconscious if she swung hard enough.

After she’s had her fun slapping me around, she realigns her twitching battering ram; my mouth the castle gates. “Are you ready, my love?” I hear her say. I nod nervously. I look up to her to say, “If I tap your leg, please take it out immediately. Okay? I need to breathe.” She leans down for one more kiss. “Of course, Alex. You’re safe with me.” She reassures with a wink before standing again.

I’m determined to take her entire length this time around, and I open my mouth in preparation. Her hand cradles my neck as she begins moving towards my mouth. The head enters and my tongue bathes it in saliva as I lick all around it, savoring the precum that’s pooled around the tip. I coat her shaft as more enters, examining every throbbing vein before she gets to the point we were at previously. I feel my throat quivering but I try to relax. Her head bumps against the muscles in the back of my mouth and it makes me gag. She prods a few times and it’s bringing tears to my eyes again. My salivary glands are in overdrive against the red invader, and spit is spilling out of the side of my mouth. The muscles in my throat aren’t yielding after a few more agonizing thrusts, and she pulls back out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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