The Summer Internship

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I want to give thanks to gustavca for editing this story


My name is Dave Stone and I was in my second year of college and it was getting close to the summer semester. This year I was could either just take the summer off and take a summer job, or sign up for a management internship with one of the companies listed at the college and get credit and a grade for a class.

After talking it over with my student advisor, I decided to take the internship. From reviewing the list of companies in the program I found out that one of the companies from my hometown was in the program.

I filled out all the paper work for the program and asked if I could get assigned to the company in my hometown. I explained it would be a good fit for me because I could live at home while working there.

I didn’t tell them my mother also worked for the company thinking it would be better if they didn’t have that information. I wanted to get the position on my own.

I kept calling my advisor to see if I was accepted into the program. It was now getting close to the end of the spring semester when I finally was notified that I got the position and had to fill out some more paper work.

I called home to let my mom and dad know. My dad was very happy for me knowing I would be home taking the internship. Even though I wouldn’t be getting paid while receiving school credit.

My mom on the other hand wasn’t all that happy about it. She just told me they are very strict. She was worry I would get a bad taste in my mouth about management and wanted me to see if I could get a position somewhere else. I told her it was too late for that and I was now committed.

On my first day of work, or should I say class, I found myself filling out more paper work.

After lunch I found out I would be working in building D which was not the same location as my mom.

The manager, Tom Hill, who I would be working for grabbed me up from personnel and took me over to building D. He was in his thirties and impressed me right away. He had a great personally and we talked about my classes and what I wanted to get out of the internship.

He told me “you could learn a lot from me or not. It all depended on what you want to put into the work while your here.”

After we got to his office he then explained “We run a very tight ship. I’ve notice that your a local from looking over your paper work. That is why I asked my boss to have you assigned to my section.”

Guess I was feeling relaxed because I let it slip “my mom also works for the company but in building C.”

“That’s ok since this is a small town we have a lot of family also working here. It shouldn’t be an issue even if you two worked in the same building.” Tom informed me, he then continued ” What does she do?”

“I’m not 100% sure what she does but I know she works long hours.”

“You did say Building C is where she works? Her name wouldn’t be June Stone now?”

“Yes and Yes” I answered.

“I’ve been trying to get her and her friend Mary Anderson to come and work for me for over a year now.”

“I known Mrs. Anderson, she lives across the street from us.”

“Enough about personnel. I want you to understand while you’re working for me that I’m the boss and I’m in charge. I also have high standards and your internship is to learn more about management, therefore, you’re going to learn my standards and help enforce them.”

“Yes sir,” I replied.

“Hope you learn quickly.”

“I don’t think I will disappoint you.”

“Good. I think you will do well here.”


I’d now been working for about two weeks and really been enjoying myself when Tom walked up to me “Guess what?”

Answering him very sarcastically, “I’m doing such a good job you’re going to let me go home early today.”

Now chuckling, “Not hardly. Just wanted to tell you I made a deal with Mary Anderson’s boss and she will be moving over here to work. I don’t think she is happy about it.”

“Really!” was all I could say.

“She should help brighten up the office,” said Tom as he walked off

As I was thought about his last statement I understood what he was talking about. Mary was about 42 years old. She always had a smile on her face and was not bad looking. She wasn’t a super model but she sure was one of the better looking women in this small town.

Monday morning Mary walked into the office with a big smile and a brown box with all of her personal items she brought with her from her old desk.

She was wearing a green skirt which came down to her knees. A white pullover top which showed off her cleavage. She also was wearing nylons with high heels. Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail today.

Tom walked up to her, “Good morning, Mrs. Anderson, and welcome to our team. I’m Tom Hill istanbul escort your new team leader.”

Smiling, “Thank you, Tom. Or do we call you Mr. Hill here?”

“Just call me Sir and we will get alone just fine,” Then he spoke loudly, “Dave come over here!”

I walked over from the other side of the room, “Yes sir.”

“Mrs. Anderson, this here is Dave Stone my summer intern.”

“Oh, hi, Dave.” Then looking at Tom, “We know each other, he lives across the street from me.”

Before I could say Hi back, Tom jumped in, “Mrs. Anderson, that’s nice but here at work he is representing me and you will give him respect and also call him sir.”

Then I said, “Hi Mrs. Anderson.”

She had a surprise look on her face from what Tom just told her still looking at Tom, ‘Yes sir.” Then turning to me, “Sorry Sir I didn’t mean to be disrespectful.”

“Dave, show Mrs. Anderson to her desk.”

“Yes sir,” Then looking at Mary I said, “Please follow me.”

She followed me down the little make hallway between the cubicles. When we finally stopped at a open cubicle with a large desk. I said, “This will be your area to work from and welcome aboard.”

She looked around then whispered in my ear, “Be careful. I hear Mr. Hill can be very mean. I mean he has a bad reputation about how he disciplines his employees when they are found to be at fault or not performing to standards.”

“Well I’ve been here for two weeks now and haven’t seen him miss treat anyone. You know the rumors could be wrong.” Then I walked off letting her get settled into her work area.


The next day I was in Tom’s office getting my morning instructions from Tom. When he was finished, “Sir, I need to ask you about a rumor that I been hearing since I’ve gotten here?”

“Go ahead and ask, Dave.”

“Well, I’ve heard that you can be a little ruthless when it comes to correcting your subordinates for failure to perform to standards.”

“Hmm, Dave, let me put it this way. We are in a small town and the bosses don’t want to fire anyone, for two reasons. One is it is hard to replace workers since most eligible workers already work here. Second, it would hurt the local economy if we fired people because of mistakes. So the owner of the company would rather we come up with some kind of discipline instead of firing them. So, I guess I’m more hard core on the way I make corrections on people.”

“How does it work?”

“The boss has given us a lot of leeway into how we do this. Only rules I know is after we bring them into the office and informed them what they did wrong, we have to ask them three questions.

First one, do they want to take what ever punishment I have come up with. Second, if not would they rather quit. Third, if they don’t want to quit or take the punishment then we can fire them or demote them.”

“I hope to see you counsel someone one day.”

“Don’t worry, Dave, if I ever have to I’ll let you watch.”


Tom never asked who told me about the rumor but I think he knew. As the weeks went by he kept giving Mary a larger work load. She ended working longer hours just to keep up. After a few weeks she started to get bogged down and falling behind with her work.

I was talking with Tom when Mary walked up, “Sir, I seem to be falling behind on my work and was hoping you can have someone to help me.”

Looking annoyed, Tom replied, “I’m not sure how things are done in your last office but here I expect you to do exemplary work, to be on time, to be efficient and professional. I will tolerate nothing less. Your workload is the same as everyone else. Yes, my standards are high, very high!”

I noticed that most of the other workers’ eyes were now on us. Tom also noticed this, then added, “Now stop complaining and get your reports finished.”


A few days later Tom was reading one of the reports from Mary and he didn’t look happy. “Dave, go tell Mary I want to see her now.”

I acknowledged Tom and went down to Mary’s cubicle, “Mary, Mr. Hill wants to see you right now.”

“Ok, let him I’m on my way.”

When I got back to Tom’s office, “She’s on her way.”

“Good. I want you to stay. I’m not happy with this report and you did want watch how we counsel a person here.”

Just then Mary knocked on the door.

Tom using a commanding voice, “Come in.”

Mary walked in and stood before Tom as he flipped through the report she’d given him.

“This is not acceptable, Mary,” he sighed. “But, given your performance lately I’m not surprised. You have such a good reputation as a hard working person with high standards.

Now, there has to be some kind of repercussion for your actions. You’ve been with the company for a long time now so I know you understand what is going to happen now.”

Mary shaking escort bayan a little and in a soft voice, “Yes, sir, but does Mr. Stone have to be present?”

“Mr. Stone is here to learn how to be a manager, therefore, yes I want him here to watch how I handle insubordinate personnel.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You can quit right now or take the punishment. Which one would you like to do?”

Mary looked over at me then back to Tom in a low voice, “Sir, I can’t lose my job. I’ll take the punishment.”

Tom now in total control, “OK. This is how we’re going to do this you’re going to receive 20 whacks on your bare bottom with my belt. Do you understand?”

As I looked at Mary her legs were trembling and she looked a little frightened.

She replied, “Yes, Sir. I understand.”

“To make sure, I want you to look at me and answer again. You understand I am going to spank you with my belt and you agree.”

Mary looked Tom in the eyes, “Yes, Sir.”

“After each stroke you will call out the number and say ‘Thank you Sir’.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tom then stood up and moved over to the couch which was right behind Mary and I then heard him undo his belt. He sat down on the couch, reached up and grabbed her by the wrist.

Turning her around, he then pulled her down over his knee. He placed her so her hands were touching the floor, her boobs were hanging on one side of his legs and her feet were touching the floor.

She was started to fight a little and Tom yelled, “Maybe I should fire you right now! Settle down now and take your punishment or you will be without a job. Understand!”

Mary stop struggling, “Yes, sir, I understand.”

Tom then pulled up her dress and her modest white panties which covered her ass came into view. He then hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them over her round ass cheeks. He picked up his belt and brought it down hard on her now quivering ass cheeks.

“Oooouch, One. Thank you, Sir.” Mary whimpered.

After the fifth whack Mary forgot to call out the number. Tom waited a while and said, “We’re going to start over. Just in case you don’t understand you forgot to call out the number. If you don’t call out how many smacks you’ve received everything we’ve done doesn’t count.”

Mary just nodded her head.

He then gave her a sharp whack with his leather belt. She yelped again but did remember what she needed to do.

“One. Thank you, Sir.”

As I watched I notice Mary’s ass had turned a bright red from the spanking she was receiving. I thought I need to stop this, but I was afraid Tom would get mad at me and I would lose my grade and class credit for this internship. So I didn’t say anything and watched my mom’s friend getting her ass spanked.

By the time he got to the last whack on her now red ass she was just sobbing softly. Tom let her slip off his lap down to the soft-carpeted floor. Her dress was still up above her waist as she sat there.

Tom just looked at her for little while, and then with a firm voice, “I want you to show us how sorry you are for making me do that to you.”

Mary, still sitting on the floor with her eyes cast down, surprised me when she moved up to her knees and began to rub Tom’s large bulge in his pants. She then moved her fingers to his zipper and pulled it down.

She looked over at me and smiled. Turning back to Tom, she moved her hand inside his pants and pulled out his cock which was now semi hard. She started stroking it until it got fully hard.

She then moved her face closer to his large hard cock. I couldn’t believe it, here was my mom’s best friend playing with the boss’s dick. I was now also getting hard and wanted to pull out my Johnson and stroke it.

I had a very good view of what was going on from where I was standing. She then moved her lips to his cock kissing and licking it.

She did this for a while and then she opened her mouth and was about to stick his cock into her mouth but Tom stopped her. He grabbed her hair, she was now looking up at him and he said, “What do you want?”

Mary with a pleading voice, “I want to show you how sorry I am by kissing and sucking your cock.”

With that he let go of her hair and I watched this mature women lick over the head of his hard cock and then she took about half of his cock into her mouth and move up and down in a fast gliding motion. After what seemed about ten minutes, I could tell from Toms movements that he was very close to cuming.

I watched as his hips lifted off of the couch as he came. Mary seemed eager to receive the warm white cream coming out of Tom’s cock. She made sure she didn’t spill one drop and swallowed every last drop.

After she was done swallowing, she licked his cock clean making sure she didn’t waste any of his cum.

When she had finished she sat Kartal escort there on the floor not saying anything. Tom then said, “I think you need to make sure Dave knows how sorry you are also by crawling over to him.”

Mary looked my way and started to crawl. As I watched her all I could think was how sexy she looked on her hands and knees. When she finally got over to me, in the best commanding voice I could come up with, “Stand up and remove your clothes.”

“Who the hell do you think you are, Mr. Stone? You are not the boss of me and I don’t have to accept anything from you.”

Before I could say anything, Tom yelled, “You better do as you’re told and accept his authority! You are not done with your penance.”

Before Mary had time to say another word, I raised my voice, “As you were informed when you got here, I’m your boss and you will do as I say. NOW REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!”

This outburst even caught Tom off guard but he didn’t say a word. Mary then stood up and started to remove her clothes. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She didn’t do any kind of fancy show, she just let it drop to the floor.

Since her panties were already gone, I was now able to get a great view of her pussy. It was nicely trimmed. As I moved my eyes up her body I noticed she had a little tummy but she wasn’t fat. Then I came across her modest white bra there was nothing sexy about it.

As my eyes met hers, I said, “The rest.” She moved her hand behind her again and unhooked her bra and pulled her arms from it. As the bra fell to the floor her boobs bounced a little. She just stood there before me. “Now turn around slowly,” I said.

She turned around and Tom now could see her fully nude now. Then as she finished turning around and was facing me again, in a firm voice, “You can now finish showing me how sorry you are.”

Mary didn’t say a word and just got down on her knees. She then looked at me and if I wasn’t mistaken she had lust in her eyes. At that moment she reach out with her hands grabbing my belt and started unbuckling it,

When she was finished with my belt she unzipped my pants and they fell to the floor. Next she pulled down my underpants. This was not the action of a woman being forced any more but that of a woman now enjoying herself. As my average-sized cock came into view, she pulled it into her mouth and started sucking.

As I looked down at the action I just couldn’t believe I was getting a blowjob from my mom’s best friend.

I then put my hand behind her head and started to pushing her head up and down my cock. I can remember fantasizing about this woman giving me a blow job and now I understood how badly I always wanted this. Oh, boy, it was now happening and how right it seemed to feel.

I let go of her head, “Fuck yeah, suck my dick.” I groaned, “Suck it, suck my cock! Oh fuck yes!”

She gently sucked as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, getting into a rhythm as Tom watched us. As I was watching her sucking my cock all I could think about was how good it felt. What was really turning me on though was how she kept her eyes locked on mine the entire time she had my cock lodged in her dick-sucking mouth.

“You like that, Dave?” She asked teasingly, popping my cock out of her mouth for a moment and giving it a slow hand job.

“Oh yeah!” was all I managed, trying not to let my knees buckle.

She lowered her head back onto my cock and was now quickly moving up and down the length of my shaft. After a few minutes that seemed to last like hours I felt myself getting close to an orgasm.

Mischievously, I figured I wouldn’t warn her and just let my cum shoot into her mouth. Grunting, I climaxed and unloaded my sperm into her mouth. Like a good slut, it didn’t seem to bother her at all as she never slowed her movements.

She kept bobbing up and down on my cock as my cum filled her mouth. She appeared to be smiling as she swallowed all of my cum. When Mary was done, she just looked up at me and smiled, licking her lips.

Taking back control over the situation, I said in a commanding voice, “Get dressed and back in front of the desk.”

As Mary was putting her clothes back on I also pulled my pants back on. When Mary was done she made sure she got right back in front of Tom’s desk.

“Mary, I hope we will not have to counsel you again any time soon. Everyone in this office will finish their work load daily and to my standards.” Now glaring at me, “Remember all counseling done here is kept here. We do not talk about it to anyone. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied with Mary right behind me “Yes, sir.”

“Now, both of you get back to work!”

That was my summer internship. I never was part of another counseling session but I won’t ever forget about the one I was part of.

On my last day at work before I returned to school, Tom pulled me into his office, “Dave, you did a good job for us and I will give you a good report for school. Maybe next summer you can come back and work for us again.”

Then he smiled and continued, “I hope to have your mom working for me by then.”

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