The Support Group

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I have tried to write this story several times. I’ll call it the support group.

My shrink suggested I go to a co-dependence support group. I found one at the church near me. At the first meeting two things happened. 1 I sat in the back and didn’t say a thing. 2 80% of these attendants were women, something I appreciated.

I went to this class for over a year. All during this time I was living with my girlfriend. She came on to me at a singles gathering. I hadn’t actually met her, but I had seen her around. I was introduced and asked if she might like to get some…”Yes” she said before I finished. We met, and on the 3rd date we fucked each other’s brains out.

Th Sicilian woman had all the charms of any hot dark haired olive skin babe AND the passion. Years later she turned out to be very combative, another Sicilian trait.

At any rate, over the months of attending this class, I got to make a couple. We went for drinks a couple times. One, a younger lady named Carol was friendly. I was early forties and she appeared to be early to mid-30. We were both attached, but talked about the class and our struggles.

One night she came in with a friend. I was introduced to a nice little blond girl. We chatted after the meeting and left. The next week, Carol told me that both thought me sexy. I stopped me dead for a few seconds and I said thank you.

To describe Carol, she was about 5 4, 125 lbs, with nice C cup tits that drooped a little, but still got my attention. Dirty blond curly that ended below her ears and a sweet smiling face. With my attachment to Linda and being a good boyfriend, I hesitated and thanked her and walked off.

Next week she turned up wearing a nice pair of black pants, that hugged her ass just right. A slinky loose long sleaved black and almost glittery white top. We went for drinks, about 6 of us. She waited for me at the entrance to the bar, and taking my arm and escorted me in. She sat close to me and we got tipsy and flirty. She told me of having an affair, with a contractor they had used on their house. How she would arrive at her restaurant at 4:30 am to “get set up for the day” ( which is what she told her controlling mean husband. A body builder that was probably on steroids.)

The contractor would meet her there, ” and take me on the sacks of potatoes in the stock room”. One time she invited him over to “check out her furnace” bursa escort and they fucked with her kids and playmates upstairs. Leaving the bar that night, she clutched my arm in a possessive manner, and salaciously rubbed her body against my arm. We hugged and left.

At the next meeting, she arrived dressed in an outfit that caught my attention. Pleated skirt just above the knees, button down dress blouse. Very nice but not flashy or slutty. What got my attention was her red matching lips nails and toes. That got me, and all the fantasies I had ever dreamed of her flooded into my brain. I watched her, the looks she gave me with just a touch of a sultry smile got me. At the break I approached her in a gentlemanly voice looked into her brown eyes and said I’m going to fuck you”. I gave her directions to an out of the way church office, where supplies were kept, and was used for private conversations. “Go to the restroom, then meet me in the office.

This is one of the fantasies that I dreamed often, and was about to act it out. I had given her very sexy looks and she blushed and hurried to the bathroom. I was hoping her panties were getting wet, as I had a plan.

When she closed the door, I stood in front of her. Her breasts barely touching my shirt. I bent over and whispered in her ear, “do not say a word and do exactly as I say. Don’t move till I tell you” Stand over by the desk and face me. Her wonderful ass just at the edge, I walked up to her and looked into her hungry eyes, both of us breathing a little heavier.

Slowy I went to my knees while still focused on her eyes. Both breathing a little heavier I pulled down her bikini pink panties and set them off to the side. I rose and again held her eyes in what seemed like a minute. Again slowly, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped all while holding her attention and the lust in her eyes building.

I put my hands on her bare ass, lifted her up on the edge of the desk and spread her legs in one salacious moment. My 7 in cock rested on her very wet lips. I held her eyes to mine and started rubbing my cock into her lips, I entered her in incremental inches. Her eyes grew wider the deeper I went, her mouth responded in a soft high pitched ooooooooooo. Her eyes closed and her arms went around my neck

I quieted her, while holding my cock in her buried to the root and not moving. My hands went bursa escort to her modest pull over top. I ran my hands up her bare back and unfastened her bra. All this time my eyes never left hers. I cupped her breasts and gently squeezed.

‘Now show me how you like to kiss”. Her first kiss with gentle passion lightly touched my lips, then her tongue brushed my lips. I followed her lead brushing my tongue barely inside her mouth. Her hips were swaying sensually and she squeezed my cock with her hot dripping pussy. Then like a dam bursting, her moaning lust took over and she pushed deep into my mouth and rotated her tongue. It was at that time I pinched her nipples. The more she moaned the harder I pinched. She immediately came all over my dick and moaned and groaned harder, her legs clamping around my back, and her ass moving in a cha cha like rhythm.

As she was coming down our kiss slowed, but still breathing heavy. “I’m going to suck you off and I’m going to come in your mouth. Her senses ran wild as she ground against my cock and still holding her tits I was massaging them. “but first…” I lifted her ass and proceeded to piston in and out gaining speed and passion. Our breath was approaching that of a sprinter crossing the finish line, in a low voice, ” You are a hot sexy bitch aren’t you. You love cock, and now you are my slut. SAY IT, ” “I am your slut, fuck me,fuck me, orrrrrrroommmmmmm. She came really hard, dripping our juices on the floor.

I held her tight and hammered very short strokes for several minutes, then she slowly came down. I held her tight, still moving in her.

Look at me

She smiled

Did you like that

YES>> in a breathy voice

I increased my pace Uh Uh Uh Uhcame her reply.

Then I stopped. My cock was literally burning. I had not come yet. I held her, removed myself and put her feet on the floor. She was still a little unsteady

You have a beautiful body and you have a great cock she said

We kissed like hot lovers for a few minutes, then she immediately went to her knees and took me in her mouth. I put my hands on her head. I normally had a slow trigger. Seeing her eyes, she took me out of her mouth, smilesd “feed your slut…give me your cum, fuck my face, my mouth is your cunt. ” The she took me, all of me, and sucked while massaging my dick with her tongue. I shot almost immediately. bursa eskort She sucked harder, swallowing and sucking me, I came in 5 or 6 bursts. She swallowed it all. As she raised up, one hand went to her breast, the other to her hair. I kissed her like a sailor just off the ship. I took hold of my dick and started to massage her lips.

How do you feel

O god I have never been fucked like that. I am still dripping.

Mmmm I am not sure I believe that. A hot mother like you should be getting that often

OH I really never have but, I intend to..very often.

I put 2 fingers in her again slowly. I have since studied tantra to hone my skills

The soft smiling satisfied look on her face immediately changed looking at me like I had shot her with an electric current

You’re going to come one more time

OOOOOOHHHH she smiled at me while I found her g spoy, UGH AAA MMMM

I am going to eat you and fuck you with my tongue and fingers.

I immediately went to my knees, threw her leg over my shoulder and went in for a lusty meal. I sucked the dripping wetness off her lips. I inserted my index finger and went hunting for her clit. Fingering and licking and sucking all around her nub, avoiding it at first. I moved to suck her and bit her ever so lightly, She was squirming in a circle on my fingers. I then sucked her clit with my tongue as fast as I could.

She squirmed a little faster and made hurry up noises. Removing my fingers, I started the alphabet on her inner lips. I got to f when the waterfall started. Knowing what came next, I reinserted my fingers, I sucked on that clit and chewed a little. A guttural chesty oooooohhhhhoohoooooooocame from her, she was shaking, hysterically fucking my fingers and face. He cream was literally flowing on my hand. Massaging with my 3rd finger I entered her ass and she trembled, shook, and groaned. She couldn’t get enough. I kept going and she came again….3 times she flooded my face.

Coming down she was still shaking. I stood and held her close. Tight while she regained her composure.

When are you going to fuck me again? I looked at her and thought. “You know I am living with someone” “And I am married with 2 kids she smiled, still a little wobbly.

MMMM and you want more?

Oh YES.. You are very good and treat me kindly, sensually.”

“Please tell all your friends” I smiled, and she smiled back.

We finished dressing. Knowing the meeting was soon to be over, we found a back entrance and left. I took all but a shower in the gas station restroom and went home to my girlfriend. I started having early morning restaurant visits the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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